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"Соседи"(Австралия) - резюме серий на английском языке

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1 сезон -1985 год

Episode title: 0001
Australian airdate: 18/03/85
UK airdate: 27/10/86
UK Gold: 02/11/92
Writer: Reg Watson
Director: Mark Joffe
Lorraine Kingham: Antoinette Byron
Mrs. Kingham: Christine Kanan
Mr. Kingham: James Taylor
Dr. Lawson: Andrew Gilmour
Summary/Images by: Pete & Sal/Sayaka
Ramsay Street
Some ominous music plays, and a tree is blown by the wind to reveal an orange sun behind it. A bright glare fills the screen, and the camera pulls back to reveal that it's the headlights of a car. It is now dark and Max Ramsay steps out of the car, looking stern, and slams the door shut.
Another car starts its engine, and its headlights turn on. A shirtless - and very sweaty - Danny Ramsay turns at the noise and looks fearful. Another set of headlights come on and Maria Ramsay gets out of the car and starts to laugh.
Danny continues to look really troubled as another car comes into view, and Julie and Paul Robinson step out of it. They both start laughing. Danny turns again, and sees Scott Robinson and Helen Daniels emerge from cars and join in the laughter.
They all continue to laugh at Danny, apart from Maria, who looks slightly concerned. We can now see that Danny is only wearing his pyjama bottoms. He goes over to Max who initially laughs in his face, and then grabs him roughly around his throat. Danny pushes his hand away and runs off. Max laughs as he watches Danny leave.
Danny sprints down Ramsay Street as the residents close on him. He appears to float towards the end of the street, and Danny looks into the sky.
DANNY: Shane?!
Shane - who is wearing only swimming trunks and is stood atop a diving board - waves at Danny and smiles. Shane dives and Danny screams at him.
Number 24
Danny sits upright in bed, screaming, "No!" He calms down as he realises that he's in his room and that he'd been having a nightmare, although his face is still covered in sweat. He unhappily lies back down.
Doctor's Surgery
Danny is being examined by the doctor. The doctor tells him that everything seems ok, and quizzes him over how his family life is. Danny seems a bit surprised and says that everything is fine. The doctor presses on, wondering how his school life is. Danny insists that that is fine too.
DOCTOR: What about nightmares?
DANNY: So that's it. I thought this was just a check up?
DOCTOR: This *is* just a check up. And you're a very healthy young fella. But your father's worried about those nightmares.
DANNY: He's only worried because I yell a bit in my sleep and wake *him* up!
Danny dismisses the nightmares as just dreams - and everyone dreams. The doctor asks if he can recall them, but Danny tells him that he can't. The doctor asks if he has any other problems.
DANNY: Yeah. My father doesn't understand me(!)
The doctor laughs and lets Danny leave.
Ramsay Street
The credits start - Danny rides into shot and surveys the street. He rides around the street, and passes Des Clarke and Paul Robinson as they unload groceries from the car outside Number 28. Danny bikes over to Number 26 where Scott Robinson is sitting outside.
SCOTT: Where have you been?
DANNY: Doctor.
SCOTT: Why, are you sick or something?
Danny tells him it was just a check up. He asks why Scott is sitting outside, and apparently, he's waiting for Julie to give him a lift into town.
Number 26
Julie Robinson emerges from the bedrooms of the house and calls goodbye to her grandma. Helen Daniels walks in from the kitchen with a dress covered in dry cleaning plastic. She tells Julie not to crush it, and to run an iron over it in the morning. Julie kisses Helen goodbye, and says she'll see her after the wedding.
HELEN: Tell Lorraine I'm sure she'll be a beautiful bride.
JULIE: Yes, she will, won't she? Des is a lucky man!
Julie leaves. Helen shuts the door, leans against it and exhales loudly!
Ramsay Street
Des and Paul continue to unload the car and are talking about Lorraine's fears about Number 28 being messed up due to the buck's night. Paul thinks her fears are unfounded, but Des decides to ring her as he won't get chance once the boys all arrive.
Julie shouts over from the driveway of Number 26, and asks if he has any last minute messages for Lorraine. Des says he's about to ring her, and Julie warns him not to drink too much. Des tells her not to worry, and Julie gives her dress to Scott, ready to leave.
Paul shouts over to Danny, and tells him to tell Shane to get a move on. Danny agrees and cycles up the path of Number 24.
Number 24
Shane Ramsay is on the phone. On the bookcase behind him, we can see photos of him winning trophies by a swimming pool, and some of the trophies on display. Shane asks if the caller is Daphne. When it is, he tells her that he's having a buck's party for a mate and wants to know if she's available. Daphne asks what it entails. Shane says it's just dancing, but Daphne thinks that it's short notice so she can only make it after midnight. Shane says that's fine.
Danny enters and tells Shane that Paul wants him. Maria Ramsay asks Danny if he went to the doctor. He says yes, and goes towards his bedroom. Shane smiles and hangs up the phone. Maria follows Danny.
Number 24 - Danny's Bedroom
Danny walks into his room and lies on his bed. Maria asks what the doctor said. Danny is annoyed that the doctor asked about his nightmares, and thinks that it was out of order that Max told the doctor about them. Danny insists that there's nothing wrong with him.
Shane saunters in, eating a sandwich. He says he's off, but Maria thinks he should take the time to eat a decent meal. Shane tells her that buck's parties take a lot of organising, as it's got to be something that Des'll remember for the rest of his married life.
MARIA: Yes, but why in this street? You know what your father's like about noise.
SHANE: We'll be so quiet, Mum, you won't even know we're in there! I promise!
Ramsay Street
Loud stripper music blares from Number 28 and multi-coloured lights flash through every window.
Number 28
Inside, a stripper is performing a strip act, whilst a group of men are all drinking beer and enjoying the show - including Des, Paul (who is definitely getting into it!) and Shane.
Lorraine's House
Lorraine and Julie are preparing for bed, and Lorraine's wedding dress is on a mannequin, ready to be worn the next day. Lorraine's mother - Mrs Kingham - enters and tells them to sleep and not to stay chatting through until midnight. Julie assures Mrs Kingham that they'll get to bed.
LORRAINE: How's Daddy?
MRS KINGHAM: Still sulking.
JULIE: (breezily) Oh well, Lorraine is his only daughter.
MRS KINGHAM: Yes, never mind. He'll get used to her being married.
Mrs Kingham leaves. Lorraine files her nails and Julie tells her to perk up.
JULIE: Come on! Tomorrow is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, remember?
LORRAINE: I just wished Daddy liked him, that's all.
JULIE: The thing is that you love him - that's all that matters! You know, Lorraine, I really admire you. Nothing your father can say can change your mind - you love Des. And look, *so* many girls get married and y'know, they're not really sure. Look at us - when I was going out with Des, y'know, I just knew. I just knew he was not right for me. And then you started at the bank, and you just knew.
LORRAINE: Why wasn't he right for you?
JULIE: Oh. Oh, I don't know. Um, I don't know. Well, he isn't really a spunk, is he? I mean, y'know, he's nice. He's ordinary. Um, he'll make a great father, for sure. He's a little bit set in his ways and um, I suppose that's a good thing. Although...
LORRAINE: Although what?
JULIE: (smiling) Lorraine! Look what we're both doing! We're picking our poor old Des to pieces the night before the wedding. No, no, no, no, no! You love him! I mean, he's one of my best friends. You're going to be our neighbours and we're going to live happily ever after.
LORRAINE: Yeah. Daddy hates him, y'know.
JULIE: Mmm, I know. Oh well, he isn't the one that has to love, honour and obey him, is he? You know, Lorraine, I just hope that when I get married that I love my guy as much as you must love Des.
LORRAINE: (unconvincingly) Yeah.
Lorraine's House - later
Lorraine is on the phone. She tells Julie that it's still engaged. Julie tells Lorraine that it's 2am, but Lorraine is desperate to talk to Des. Julie suggests that he's taken the phone off the hook so that he can get a really good sleep. Lorraine dials again.
Number 28
The phone is off the hook, but the party is still in full swing. The boys whoop and cheer at the stripper.
Ramsay Street
Number 28 is still brightly lit up. Number 26 is in darkness, and then the living room light snaps on.
Number 24 - Danny's Bedroom
Danny is asleep, and clearly having another nightmare. We see flashes of the dream, which involve Shane falling. Danny starts yelling, "No, no don't!" The lights come on and Max storms in, followed by Maria. He shakes Danny awake and orders him to cut it out.
MAX: Get back to sleep, will ya? And shut up, for pete's sake - it's two in the flamin' morning!
Max leaves and Maria comforts Danny. In the silence, Danny hears music playing and wonders what it is. Maria tells him that it's the buck's party and Max is intending to break it up. Danny thinks that Max should leave the party goers alone. Maria has sympathy for them, but thinks that they should've turned it down after midnight. She asks if he can recall what he was dreaming about. Danny says that he can't.
Number 24 - Living Room
Max is annoyed about the buck's party. He picks up the phone and dials.
MAX: It's Max. Now listen - what are you going to do about them bloody neighbours of yours?
Number 26
Inside 26, we see that Jim Robinson has answered the phone.
JIM: Oh, come on, mate. It's the poor guy's last night of freedom. They'll pack it in soon.
Helen walks past with some drinks.
Number 24
Max continues to rant.
MAX: Oh, they'll pack it in all right! If you don't tell them to belt up, I'll be in there myself!
Number 26
Jim tells Max to leave it to him and puts the phone down. Helen peers through the window and wonders what a girl is doing at the buck's party. Jim thinks that it's probably a stripper. A loud wolf howl can be heard.
HELEN: That sounds like your son again. I hope he doesn't remember that tomorrow(!)
Helen wonders if the stripper really leaps out of a cake but Jim tells her that only happens in Hollywood! Helen asks how Max was and Jim tells her that he said he'd sort it. He thinks that if they don't stop soon, Max will be over there like a wild bull.
Lucy Robinson emerges from the bedrooms, saying that she can't sleep. Jim tells her it will be over soon. Lucy dobs Paul in to Helen for telling dirty jokes, but Helen says they're not dirty - just silly.
Scott comes through the door and closes it really quietly. He looks around and is surprised to see Helen.
SCOTT: Grandma, what are you doing up?
JIM: (sternly) More to the point, what are you?
SCOTT: Dad. Lucy.
Jim thought that Scott was in bed asleep. Helen wonders if he's been next door, but Scott insists he wasn't. He's worried that they were waiting up for him, but Helen tells him that they can't sleep due to the noise of the buck's party. Scott tells them there are lights on at 24 too. He tries to sneak off to bed, but Jim calls him back.
JIM: You were supposed to be in by midnight. Where have you been?
The phone rings and Scott quickly grabs it.
SCOTT: Hello?
MAX: Who's that?
SCOTT: It's Scott.
MAX: Put your old man on.
Scott gives the phone to Jim and goes to bed. Jim says he'll talk to him in the morning. The phone cuts between Jim in 26 and...
Number 24
Max asks how Jim fared.
JIM: Give them another fifteen minutes, mate.
MAX: Like hell I will! Some of us have got to work in the morning, remember?
JIM: (sighing) Tomorrow's Saturday, Max!
A dog starts to bark.
MAX: Cripes! Even the flamin' dogs are at it now! Ok, ok. I'll stop it myself!
He hangs up.
Number 26
Jim realises that Max has hung up. He turns to Helen.
JIM: Sometimes I'm very grateful for Max Ramsay and that temper of his!
Ramsay Street
Max leaves 24 and storms over to 28. A dog starts barking and fussing around him, which Max shoos off.
Number 28 - outside
Max bangs angrily on the door.
Number 28 - inside
Daphne - the stripper - puts her coat on and storms over to the door. She opens it and Max starts ranting and raving. Daphne is already ranting at Des, telling him that they've picked the wrong girl.
MAX: I want a word with youse lot!
DAPHNE: Drop dead!
Daphne storms off, and Des greets, "Mr Ramsay". Max storms into the living room and yells at the boys.
Number 26
Jim, Helen and Lucy look rather amused as they can hear Max's diatribe.
Jim sends Lucy to bed. Helen says that she feels sorry for Des, as he did ask if they minded him having a party. Jim reminds her that Des said it'd be all over by 1am, and by the sounds of it, it could've carried on until it was time to go to Church! They wish each other goodnight.
A loud, persistent banging gets them to return. Jim opens the front door and is greeted by Max holding up Paul, who is completely drunk - and is dressed in a nappy, bib and bonnet.
MAX: I believe the best man lives here.
Helen looks shocked.
PAUL: Hi, Dad. Great party.
He falls out of Max's arms and into Jim's! Jim laughs.
Ramsay Street
Max walks down the stairs in his pyjamas and dressing gown. He sets out across Ramsay Street and is attacked by a small dog, which he kicks off.
Swimming Pool
Max is waiting by the pool. Scott and Danny arrive, and ask where Shane is. Max tells them that he's getting changed, but he's acting like an old woman due to the party! Max thinks that it's going to have harmed his training. Shane asks where the girls are. Max is confused, and Shane explains that Scott and Danny have come to look at girls - not to watch him train!
Scott asks what the matter is with Danny. Scott wonders if he's sick, but Danny tells him he's fine.
Shane gets up on the 10 metre diving board. Danny looks up, but he sees the image of Shane in his nightmare. He looks concerned. Max yells up at Shane.
MAX: Take your time now.
DANNY: (panicked) SHANE!
SHANE: Yeah?
DANNY: Be careful, ok?
MAX: (furious) LOOK, WHAT ARE YA?!
Danny looks rattled and apologises. Shane dives into the pool. There's a tense moment before he resurfaces.
SHANE: (grinning) That was better, eh?
Danny tells Scott that he's going home. Scott follows him.
Number 26 - Kitchen
Jim shouts Paul up. Paul replies that he's up already. Jim tells Helen that he's probably suffering. Helen thinks Des is in a similar position, as there's been no sign of life from next door. Jim says that Paul's the best man, so Des is his responsibility. He thinks they'll be holding each other up at the wedding!
Paul walks in looking awful. Helen offers him eggs and bacon, but he's not keen! Paul settles at the counter, holding his head and Jim gets him a mug of coffee. He deliberately bangs an empty mug on the counter, making Paul jump. He hunts for the coffee, picks up two saucepans and bangs them together next to Paul's head.
HELEN: Leave it, Jim! I'll do it.
JIM: Thanks, Mum.
The phone rings.
JIM: Oh, that'll be the phone.
He leans over to Paul and shouts down his ear.
Jim goes to answer the phone and Helen pours Paul a coffee.
PAUL: He's really enjoying himself, isn't he?
HELEN: He certainly is!
Number 26 - Living Room
Jim answers the phone to Des. The scene cuts between Number 26 and the bedroom of Number 28, where Des is looking worse for wear.
Jim cheerfully winds him up about leaping the fence and joining them for breakfast. When Des says he wants to speak to Paul, Jim deliberately yells for Paul down the earpiece of the phone, which makes Des recoil.
Des and Paul talk about Jim's sadistic streak. Des tells Paul that something is wrong - Lorraine called and she's coming over with her parents. Apparently they all want to talk to him, but he doesn't know what about.
Des asks if Julie has said anything, but Paul tells him that she's still at Lorraine's - doing the bridesmaid thing. Des and Paul think that Lorraine coming over is a bit strange, not to mention bad luck. Julie walks in the door and Paul starts to tell her about Lorraine and her parents.
Number 24
Before Julie can shed any light on the situation, Des has to hang up because he's heard a car pulling up.
Number 26
Jim and Helen go into the living room.
PAUL: Julie..!
They ask her what's going on and Julie insists that she doesn't want to talk about it.
Number 28
Des opens the door and Daphne is on the doorstep.
DAPHNE: (cheerfully) Hi!
DES: Yeah?
DAPHNE: You don't remember me? I'm Daphne.
DES: Daphne?
DAPHNE: The stripper. From last night!
DES: Oh yeah, I didn't recognise you.
DAPHNE: With clothes on, yeah, I know! Do you mind if I come in?
Daphne walks in without Des saying a word! Des doesn't look too unhappy about it though!
Number 28
Daphne marches into Des's messy bedroom looking for her watch that she left last night. She reckons it means everything to her. Des tells her to keep looking for it, but as he's expecting visitors, he's going to start cleaning up the living room.
Number 26
Paul is furious at Julie. He's very annoyed that his best friend is due to get married and yet, the bridesmaid doesn't know why the wedding is off.
HELEN: *Why* did Lorraine change her mind, Julie?
JULIE: (in a small voice) I don't know.
She raises her voice and says that after Lorraine's parents went to bed, she and Lorraine got talking about men and love, and then Lorraine woke her at midnight to tell Julie that she wasn't sure if she loved Des. Julie says that she told Lorraine not to be so stupid as she wouldn't be getting married today if she didn't love him.
PAUL: Ah yeah, and then what did you say?
JULIE: Oh now, look, don't you go blaming me for this, Paul! All I said was with me, right, WITH ME, it'd be love or nothing. Like it was with Mum and Dad.
HELEN: And then what happened?
JULIE: (almost triumphantly) Well, then about 2 o'clock she woke me up to tell me I was right. She was marrying Des for all the wrong reasons. And ever since I haven't had a wink of sleep(!)
PAUL: She's done it again!
JULIE: Done what? What have I done?
PAUL: You're always telling other people how to run their lives!
JULIE: I am not! She asked me for my opinion - I gave it!
JIM: Is that all you said?
JULIE: Well, no. I mean, once she had decided the wedding was cancelled-
Jim and Helen smile wryly at each other.
JULIE: -the obvious thing to do was reason with her, isn't it?
PAUL: Oh and give your opinion?!
JULIE: Oh, well, you tell me, Paul! *How* do you reason with someone without giving your opinion?
PAUL: I'll tell you how to reason with someo-
JULIE: (interrupting) No! Everything I said, I sincerely believe to be right. And there's Des to consider - remember that.
JIM: Yes. There is poor old Des to consider.
Number 28
Des is tidying up, although the place still looks a mess, especially with the sofas on their backs! There's a knock at the door and Des answers it. Lorraine and her parents enter, and Lorraine is horrified when she sees the state of the living room.
LORRAINE: Oh no! What have you done to our home? My furniture!
DES: It'll be all right, Lorraine.
MR KINGHAM: Perhaps this'll help you realise you made the right decision this morning.
DES: (surprised) What's going on here?
Lorraine starts to speak, but her father silences her, saying that they agreed that he would do the talking.
MR KINGHAM: Lorraine isn't going to marry you. I can't say I'm sorry. In fact, I'm *delighted*. For all our sakes.
DES: Will you just hold on a minut-
MR KINGHAM: No, please, let me finish. This family's always been prepared to face up to things. That's why the three of us are here this morning.
Daphne emerges from the bedroom, clutching a black blow up doll, clad in a wedding dress.
DAPHNE: Hey, look where I found it!
Mr Kingham looks at her in shock.
DAPHNE: Mr Kingham!
Lorraine and Mrs Kingham look at him and Des in horror.
MR KINGHAM: What are you doing here?
Des looks at everyone and is speechless.



Episode title: 0002
Australian airdate: 19/03/1985
UK airdate: 28/10/1986
UK Gold: 03/11/1992
Writer: Reg Watson
Director: Mark Joffe
Guests: Lorraine Kingham: Antoinette Byron
Mrs. Kingham: Christine Kanan
Mr. Kingham: James Taylor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mr Kingham asks Daphne awkwardly what she's doing there. Lorraine is angry and wants to know what Daphne was doing in her and Des's bedroom. Mr Kingham tells them that Daphne worked for the firm.
DAPHNE: Yes. That was before the sexual harassment act.
Lorraine still wants to know what Daphne is doing there, so Daphne tells her that she was the stripper at last night's bucks party. Lorraine storms out, followed by her father.
Mrs Kingham tells Daphne that she knows what her husband is like, and has quite a different opinion about Des than either her husband or her daughter.
MRS.KINGHAM: Des, Lorraine doesn't know how lucky she was.
She kisses Des on the cheek.
Helen and Julie are looking out of the window, spying on the Kinghams leaving. Julie wants to go over to comfort Des(!) but Paul and Jim tell her to leave it.
Des is sitting in the wrecked living room looking gutted. Daphne is just leaving but when she sees how sad Des is she offers to make him a coffee. She sends Des off to have a shower.
Paul comes in and says he didn't recognise Daphne with her clothes on(!) He is looking a bit rough too.
Paul goes into Des's wrecked bedroom and tells him how sorry he is about Lorraine dumping him. Paul says he'll ring round and tell some people - including Des's mother if he wants. But Des says if Paul calls Eileen it'll be the last call her ever makes(!)
Daphne brings in the coffee and Paul gratefully starts to drink it. He starts to ring round while Daphne looks round the wrecked room.
Paul gets through to a bloke called Gary to tell him that the wedding is off. He laughs, so Paul puts the phone down.
Des comes back looking even more depressed - someone turned off the hot water!
Later at Des'
Des is lying on his bed gutted. Paul says that Lorraine wasn't good enough for Des anyway(!) Anyway, Paul has heard that Lorraine only got engaged to Des to spite her old man. Des is concerned at what his mates will say.
Suddenly Des realises that the honeymoon is still booked, so Paul goes off to ring the travel agent.
Maria comes in to see Helen and Jim - they tell her what happened with the wedding. Maria said at one time they were expecting Des to marry Julie. But Helen says Julie and Des were only ever just good friends.
Ramsay Street
Des has to pay $800 to cancel the honeymoon. He's fed up - he's stuck with this bill as well as the cost of the house and the furniture. Paul suggests that Des goes on the honeymoon on his own - at least he'd have a holiday!
Shane comes up and commiserates with Des about the wedding. Shane is interested to hear that Daphne is in the house.
Shane comes in and tells Daphne she was supposed to come and watch him train this morning, but she says she didn't think he was serious. Daphne continues to vacuum, but agrees to come and watch Shane train sometime. Shane says that he really is an Olympic hope if he trains hard enough.
Scott comes in and wants to know why the wedding was cancelled. They explain, but Jim is more interested in why Scott has been out all night.
Jim takes Scott into the living room and says he can talk to him - there's no trouble Scott could be in that Jim wouldn't help him get out of. Then Jim asks Scott if it's a girl(!) Scott admits he likes a girl from school.
Danny is hoovering (must be an epidemic!) when Julie comes in. Julie has come to get some more jamjars from Maria. Julie starts telling them that she's glad Des's wedding is off. But Danny reads between the lines and realises that Julie was jealous of Lorraine.
When Julie has gone, Danny muses about marriage. He says he knows Maria walked out on Max once. But Maria says she just went on holiday and Max didn't want to go. This is clearly a lie though.
Shane is helping Daphne to put the furniture back. They admire their handiwork.
DAPHNE: I'd love to live in a place like this!
They chat about Lorraine and her father and Daphne tells Shane that Lorraine's father is a nasty piece of work. They talk about stripping and Daphne says she never gets involved with customers. Shane looks downcast.
Later at Des's
Jim and Paul have come to commiserate with Des again. Max comes in and laughs at Des a bit about the wedding.
Jim is trying to work out Des's accounts now that he's only got one income. Max suggests that he gets some lodgers in.
Daphne is just leaving and Des thanks her. Max makes lewd comments and suddenly Daphne realises that Max is Shane's father.
Ramsay Street
Daphne is a bit cross - she says Max reminds her of her own father. Shane says he wants to see Daphne again, and she says she wants to see him again too!
Helen is sketching a plant when Julie comes in. She says Lorraine has called her to ask what Des is up to and wanting details about the stripper who stayed there overnight(!) Helen explains that Daphne only came back this morning to get her watch.
Julie says that she might go over and see Des. Helen asks her point-blank if she wants Des back. Julie says she doesn't, so Helen tells her in that case, she should keep out of it all.
Danny is listening to his walkman while Shane prepares to go out on a date with Daphne. Shane asks Danny if he's still having nightmares. Shane leaves on his date, but Max isn't too happy about Shane getting involved with a stripper. He tells Maria that Daphne is the wrong type.
When Max has gone, Danny wants to know what girl is the right type! He thinks Daphne is OK - you wouldn't pick her for a stripper. Danny demonstrates to Maria what happens during a strip (bursting out of a cake etc!) but stops when Max comes back.
Shane and Daphne are having dinner. He says he'll bring her some roses from a garden he works on - the owner likes him and spoils him rotten.
Shane tries to get some details from Daphne - all he's got so far is that she likes roses and was brought up in New Zealand - she only came to Australia five years ago. Daphne asks how Des is doing. She says he shouldn't have rushed into marriage - now he's in debt too. Daphne is interested to hear that Des might be getting lodgers in. She says she might ask him about a room. Shane looks a bit doubtful, but then says it's fantastic - she'd only be two doors down from his house.
Jim goes to lock up and go to bed. Helen tells him off for being in a rut - always doing the same thing every night. He should get out and do some stuff. Jim tells her to practise what she preaches!



Episode title: 0003
Australian airdate: 20/03/1985
UK airdate: 29/10/1986
UK Gold: 04/11/1992
Guests: Mrs. Armitage: Marion Heathfield
Kim Taylor: Jenny Young
Marcia Taylor: Maureen Edwards
Dr. Willis: Arthur Barradel-Smith
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Swimming Pool
Shane has come to practise diving and Daphne and Max are watching. He dives off the high board and Max approves of his technique.
Danny is watching the diving board thoughtfully and asks Scott if he ever sees accidents in dreams.
Shane is still diving and Max says he's doing better. Max tells Daphne that Shane will do well as long as he doesn't get mixed up with the wrong crowd(!)
Daphne mentions that she's off to see Des about the room and Max is appalled. Max shouts that he doesn't want a stripper living in his street - the street was named after his grandfather. Daphne laughs and politely bids Max goodbye.
Scott talks to a girl called Kim and tells her that Shane is a very good diver. Scott offers to teach Kim to swim, but she doesn't have time today.
Shane's training isn't going so well now. Danny introduces Shane to a girl called Sharon. Max tells Danny off for distracting Shane and there is a bit of a scene.
Jim is digging the garden with no shirt on(!) Daphne comes up and asks if he's seen Des. She asks if Jim would approve of her renting a room in Des's and he says it's none of his business what Des decides. He says he hopes Daphne gets it though. Daphne is pleased.
Des says that he doesn't want Daphne living there - he doesn't want to rent to a woman. Paul tries to talk him round but fails. Daphne says that she's not trying to seduce him - just rent a room, and she can provide references and a bond. Des says no - he knows what women are like, but Daphne says he doesn't know what this woman is like! Des is also worried about what the neighbours will say, but Daphne is only interested in what Des thinks. She suggests a one-month trial.
Max is recounting his encounter with Daphne to Maria. Maria says Shane can make his own choice about who he goes out with. She tells Max to lay off Shane.
Jim comes in to help Max with his living room ceiling which has been damaged by a leaky bath running (apparently No.28 has an upstairs!!) Jim tells Max that Daphne seems very nice, but Max is more concerned that she's a stripper. Jim says he doesn't care what she does for a living. Max is appalled!
Front Garden of the Robinsons
Helen is painting and Jim is doing some work in the garden. Daphne comes up with Paul and tells Jim that Des has agree to let her rent a room in his house. Jim and Helen congratulate her. Julie isn't too chuffed with this turn of events.
Lucy asks Julie what happens to all the food when a wedding is cancelled. Lucy thinks Daphne is pretty but Julie thinks Daphne will give the street a bad name. Julie says that Des had better watch who he rents a room out to, or he won't ever get a decent girl for himself.
LUCY: What's the difference between a decent girl and a stripper?
JULIE: Well, I'm a decent girl and she isn't. That's the difference.
Outside the Swimming Pool
Scott is talking to Kim but she dashes off when she realises she has to get home for dinner.
Paul opens the door and a woman called Mrs Armitage runs in and tells Paul to shut the door behind him. She says her husband is in a bad mood. She regales Paul about her marriage woes, much to his discomfort.
Paul suggests that she has some counselling. Helen tries to creep past but Mrs Armitage sports her. She reluctantly goes to make a cup of tea.
Shane comes in from the pool. Maria asks him if he's seen Danny, but Shane hasn't. Shane tells Max off for embarrassing Danny at the pool but Max is unrepentant.
Danny is telling Des that he's fed up of his father picking on him. Danny says that Max is a failed athlete (a runner) so he's trying to live his ambitions through Shane.
Shane comes in looking for Daphne - Des says that he's given Daphne a one-month trial. Shane tells Danny that Max is always over-reacting, but he'll protect him.
Julie is setting the table and saying that she doesn't know if she wants to go away on holiday that weekend. Scott comes in and answers the phone to Kim - she tells him that she had a good time that morning. Scott asks if she wants to go out on Saturday. Kim agrees happily.
Kim's house
Kim's mum comes in and Kim tells her that she's going out on the weekend with a girlfriend. Kim's mum says that she doesn't like Kim going out on the weekend. Kim says she's going anyway!
Outside the Robinsons
Lorraine has turned up and greets Helen happily - she says she's going over to Des's. Scott asks Helen quietly if Daphne has moved in yet.
Des is on the phone trying to cancel the honeymoon tickets when Lorraine lets herself in. Des isn't too chuffed to see her and says that things are over and done with between them. Lorraine flirtily tells him that it can't be easy going to bed on his own every night(!) Lorraine says she might have made a mistake in calling off the wedding, but Des isn't impressed. Lorraine says she really misses him and wants to make it up to him.
Just then Daphne comes in and Des introduces her to Lorraine.
DAPHNE: I'll just go on through.
LORRAINE: Go on through where?
DAPHNE: I live here!
Lorraine is very unimpressed with this. Des tells her that it's none of her concern - she was the one that dumped him! He says he has to pay off the debts Lorraine left him with somehow, so he's taken in a lodger.
Daphne starts to make them all a cup of tea!
Kim tells the doctor that she wants to go on the Pill.



Episode title: 0004
Australian airdate: 21/03/1985
UK airdate: 30/10/1986
UK Gold: 05/11/1992
Guests: Lorraine Kingham: Antoinette Byron
Kim Taylor: Jenny Young
Marcia Taylor: Maureen Edwards
Neil Taylor: Bruce Kerr
Eddie Sherwin: Darren Boyd
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Kim's house
Kim comes home and sits down to read a teenage magazine. Her mother wants to know where she's been all the afternoon. She says she was over at Betty Regan's house, but her mum says she already rang Betty. Kim says she went over to Oakley on the bus. Kim's mother tells her not to lie to her, but Kim says she never stops interrogating her.
Scott is daydreaming about swimming with Kim in the sunlight and giving her a pash. He asks Helen why she got married at sixteen (nearly seventeen) and was she pregnant! Helen is a bit takenaback, but says that she wasn't. Scott asks if she had sex before marriage. Helen is rather surprised at this line of questioning!
Lorraine wants to know if Des is trying to make a fool of her by moving a stripper into his house. She says that Des is being stupid and childish. But Des says that Daphne is staying. Lorraine says that she paid for all the furniture, and Des will have to buy it off her! She walks out. Des tells Daphne that Lorraine has done him a favour by dumping him!
Jim tells Helen that he saw Lorraine leaving Des's in tears.
Scott comes in and tells them that he's taking a girl out to dinner tomorrow night. Jim looks a bit surprised.
Kim's house
Kim's father has come home and they are chatting about Kim's mother's teaching at school. Kim and her dad think Kim's mum is putting kids off Science.
Kim tells her dad that she's going to the cinema, but her mum says she's not allowed.
Ramsay Street
Jim and Daphne greet each other.
Des gets up find breakfast waiting on the table for him, much to his surprise.
DAPHNE: Didn't I tell you - I love cooking!
DES: What a coincidence - I love eating!
He sits down in wonder.
Ramsay Street
Jim is gardening shirtless again(!) and Max leans over the fence and starts going on about Daphne again.
Scott is all dressed up to go on his date with Kim, much to Danny's surprise. Helen comes in and says he looks marvellous and Jim wishes Scott luck. Danny goes off in bemusement.
Jim gives Scott some money to take Kim out - he seems very approving. Scott warns Jim not to ring Kim's mother because she doesn't know. Jim says that Scott had better help Kim sort things out with her mother.
Kim's house
Kim's mother says that Kim's friend Betty is promiscuous and Kim shouldn't hang around with her. Kim says she's going out for a walk.
Shopping Mall
Scott meets Kim, but she says she can't stay long enough to go out to dinner. They decide to have an icecream instead.
Danny and his mate are watching them from a distance, smirking.
Icecream Parlour
Scott and Kim are eating an icecream and Danny mocks them from behind a plant. Scott isn't impressed and walks off with Kim. Danny and his mate follow.
Garden of the Robinsons
Helen and Maria are both painting. Maria says it's a pity that Jim never married again.
Lorraine walks by with two hunky guys saying that she's come to pick up her stuff from Des's. Helen, Jim and Maria are concerned to see a removal van outside Des's house.
Lorraine has taken away all of the furniture and Des is standing alone in the middle of a completely empty living room! He looks around in resignation.
Jim comes in and Des tells Jim that he's had a narrow escape(!) Lorraine has left a note sniping at Daphne.
Daphne comes in at that moment and is surprised to see everything gone. Jim says that he and Helen will help out with some bits and pieces until Des can get his own furniture.
Des apologises to Daphne for this latest development, but she's completely unphased - she tells Des that she once lived in Japan, and it's just like that!
Ruined Monastery
The sun is setting as Scott and Kim explore. Scott hides in the ruins for a joke. He kisses Kim but she's not impressed at his antics and decides to go home. But she comes back and says that Scott has got her money in his pocket! He apologises for his actions and they have another pash. He asks Kim to sit down with him, but she doesn't want to. Kim says that Scott brought her to the ruins for sex. Scott doesn't deny this(!) Kim admits that she's asked the doctor to put her on the Pill, but he wouldn't. Outside, Danny and his mate are taping their conversation
Des and Jim are setting up some folding tables. All Lorraine has left is one bed! Max comes in and mocks Des for his lack of furniture.
Danny and his mate (Eddie) come in. Max says that Danny has to help him with something that evening, so Eddie takes the tape off.
Outside Kim's house
Kim thanks Scott for a lovely day and kisses him goodbye.
Kim's house
Kim comes in. Her father greets her and says that her mother was only trying to protect her earlier. Kim tells her father that he doesn't have his own opinions. She wants to know what will happen when she meets a boy, but her dad says it'll be a while until she's grown up enough for that.
Kim's mother comes in - apparently she's been out looking for Kim. Kim won't tell her where she was. They argue and Kim shouts that her mother doesn't own her.
Kim's father suggests that Kim's mother gets off her back a bit. He suggests that Kim could invite her friends over, but Kim's mother isn't having any of it.
Des comes in to find all his furniture is back. Daphne says that she'll tell him what happened over dinner.



Episode title: 0005

Des and Jim can't believe what Lorraine has done. Des shows Jim the letter she wrote. Daphne enters and is shocked.
Scott and Kim are at the monastry, Kim tells him that she has seen the doctor to go on the pill, while Danny and Eddie are outside laughing, and recording their conversation.
Des comes home, shocked, to see that Daphne has replaced all the furniture.
Maria and Helen are making jam, laughing about the events at Number 28. They laugh about Max's hatred for Daphne, when Paul comes in, and tries to taste the jam, but Helen tells him to go to the fridge, there is some there. They go on to tell him about Lorraine taking the furniture from Des' house, but don't tell him about Daphne replacing it. Paul leaves for 28, saying that Des had a lucky escape not marrying Lorraine. When he has left, Helen jokes that she should have told him the rest of the story, but he's always playing practical jokes on her.
Daphne angrily dumps a tray (with a rubber chicken!) in front of Des on the table. Des complains that he is not hungry. Daphne angrily replies that she was trying to do him a favour by replacing the furniture, and tells him all she has got from him is abuse because of it. She continues that the furniture is under her name, and if she does move out, which could be that night, she would take all of it away with her. Des angrily wonders what the neighbours would make of that, and Daphne accuses him of worrying about the neighbours. During the argument, Paul comes round, and asks if anyone is there. "NO!" shouts Des, but Paul comes in anyway. He is puzzled why there is furniture there, and asks Des why he is sulking, Des denies that he is. Daphne tells Paul about the whole story. Paul is shocked that Des doesn't like it. Paul then gives Des the jar of jam that Helen and Maria made. Des then leaves in a mood. Daphne is hurt that Des doesn't like her kind gesture, as Paul sits down and tucks into Des' meal. He tries to explain Des' behaviour, by telling her that Des is still sensitive about the whole debacle with Lorraine, and says that he is sure that Des does appreciate her kindness and he tucks into the meal.
Maria and Helen have finished making the jam, and are making small talk, when they hear Max and Danny yelling at each other from Number 24. Maria is surprised that they are so loud that the Robinson's can here them. Maria wishes that the Robinson's would complain, so that Max and Danny could quiten down. Helen jokes that they are Maria's family and they are her responisbility. Maria then says that Helen is her best friend, and Helen wonders what brought that comment. Maria reminisces that it was the jam, reminded her of it, as that was what Helen gave her when she first met her. Maria goes on to remind her how she saved her marriage, and wonders if she should tell Max the truth about Danny. Helen doesn't think it is a good idea. Maria wonders if Max has suspicions about Danny not being his son, and that's what is causing the tension between them. Scott then comes through the door, and says hello to his Gran and asks Maria where Danny is. She tells him that he is helping Max with the ceiling at Number 24, and says he can go over and help if he wants.
Max, Jim and Shane, are holding up the piece of ceiling with broomsticks, Max shouts Danny through to help, complaining, despite Jim's protests, that it's his fault that they have to repair the ceiling any way. Danny comes through, and reminds Max that he asked him to put the kettle on, but Max replies that it doesn't take all night to put a kettle on. Scott enters, and Shane asks why Scott is so smartly dressed. Danny explains that he had a date with the school teacher's daughter, at the ice cream parlour, but while he is telling Shane this he lets the broom down and covers Max in plaster. Max coughs and splutters, and yells at Danny. Shane says it wasn't Danny's fault, and Max protests that nothing ever is Danny's fault, and continues that he doesn't know how Danny could hold down a job. But Danny shouts back, saying that he will get a job and leave home. Max replies that he is always promising, and when he does he will be "in the gutter with all the other dead beats!" But Danny yells back that anything will be "better than this dump!" and storms off to his room. Jim tells Max he is being too hard on Danny, but Max tells him to mind his own business.
Danny complains about Max to Scott in his room. Danny asks him if he wants to hear the tape edit he did of Max and Maria arguing. He explains that he recorded Maria yelling at Max and Max yelling at Danny. They listen to it and think it's hilarious. Danny then tells Scott that Eddie is editing a tape, and he should hear it. Scott doesn't know it is the one of him and Kim at the monastry.
Helen answers the door and Mrs. Armitage comes running into the house in her dressing gown, apologising for calling on her, but says that she can't put up with her husband's abuse any longer. Helen, trying to find a way to get rid of her, agrees that it can't go on any longer. Maria, comes through to the living room, and tries to go home, but Mrs. Armitage stops her, saying that she wants to talk to them about her husband. She says that she has always put up with Mr. Armitage's abuse because of the house, but it is obvious now that one of them has to leave. Helen jokes that it will be Mrs. Armitage leaving, but she corrects Helen, and says that it is her husband that has to go. She tries to get their "husbands and boys" to throw him out. Helen tells her that they can't do that. Mrs. Armitage is shocked and claims that Helen has known for years that he "belts her up". Helen says that their families aren't going to interfere in her business. Mrs. Armitage looks hurt at this, and asks how they are going to live with her death on their conscience. Helen then says that Mrs. Armitage knows how to strain a friendship. She leads her to the phone, and tells her to phone the police. Mrs. Armitage says that she doesn't want the police interfering in her affairs, and hurriedly leaves and tells both Helen and Maria, that she wont be bothering them again. Helen shuts the door and laughs that Max is worried because "a quiet, little stripper has moved into the street."
Des is back, and Daphne comes through in her dressing gown. She says that she was waiting for him, she offers him a cup of coffee. She apologises for upsetting him, but Des apologises to her saying that the house looks great, and explains that because of Lorraine, he is wary of accepting gifts. Daphne asks him if he wants her to take the furniture back. But Des replies, not if she has paid for it. Daphne smiles, and bids him goodnight. But Des stops her and asks if Paul ate all the chicken, because he is starving. Daphne goes to get him some, when the phone rings. Des answers, and it is Lorraine. She asks him how he likes his surprise! She says that the furniture is in her bedroom. Des jokingly berates her and tells her while she is in comfort, he hasn't got a cushion to sit on. Lorraine tells him that she is willing to negotiate with him if he comes round to see her. Des tells her not to hold her breath, and puts the phone down. Lorraine looks shocked.
The next morning, Paul comes through topless, asking Helen if his shirt is ready. Helen says it is ready. Jim is reading the paper, and asks Scott and Paul what they are doing today. Scott says nothing, and Paul says he doesn't know yet, and steals the paper off Jim. Jim shouts Lucy, and asks Scott if he wants to go to the zoo with them, but Scott declines the offer. Lucy says that she always has a great time at the zoo, and they both leave. After they have gone, Scott phones Kim. It's Mrs. Taylor who answers the phone, and he hangs up. As he is doing that Helen, asks if he is sure that he doesn't want to go to the zoo with them, but he is positive.
Marcia puts the phone down, while Kim looks concerned. Marcia reckons it was one of the "young idiots" from school. She complains that the headmaster is too soft on them. Kim asks if she can stay in. Her parents ask her if she is illl, but she says that she just doesn't want to go out.
Scott is still sitting at the desk in the lounge, staring at the phone. Paul come through telling him that he is going out, and leaves looking at Scott. He is still staring at the phone.
Daphne is making breakfast for Des, and he tells her he has to stop spoiling him, but Daphne enjoys cooking, and agree that he will do the washing up, and occasionally might go to a restaurant. Daphne thinks that it is a great idea. Paul comes in and observes that Des is in a better mood. He asks Daphne if she wants to go to the beach today, and Des, assuming that he is invited, says that it is a good idea. But Daphne reminds him that he has a stack of washing up to get through, and accepts Paul's invitation. Des looks upset. She goes to get ready. Paul reminds Des that he was like an ungrateful kid the previous night. Paul asks him if he minds not going to the beach, and Des lies and says that he is got a lot of work to do. Shane then comes in, and comments that the house looks better than ever. He then asks if it is Daphne's furniture. Shane asks how she is, and invites her to watch him train. She declines and tells him that Paul has invited her to the beach. She and Paul then leave. Shane sits down with Des and they look at each other.
The next morning, Paul, Scott and Lucy are having breakfast. Scott tells Paul that he didn't hear him come in the previous night. Paul says it is because he is very considerate while Scott wakes the whole house, while he is very quiet. Helen agrees. Lucy says that she had a great time at the zoo, and that Jim might get her a dog. Helen tells her she will get one as long as she looks after it. Jim comes into the kitchen about to leave for work and asks Scott to walk Lucy to school. Scott complains, but Jim is insistant. Lucy then says that Scott doesn't want to take her to school, but Jim tells her to rise above it, and leaves. Lucy asks Scott if he is ashamed of her, and Scott says yes.
Shane is working on his car, when Daphne gets dropped off. She says hello to Jim, as he leaves in his car, and starts chatting to Shane. He asks her if she is just coming home, she says yes. She apologises about yesterday and tells him she would like to see him train again. Max then comes down the driveway, looking grumpy, and Daphne says good morning, Max replies. She goes back to No. 28.
Des is pacing around the living room at No. 28, and is looking out the window, and sees Daphne walking up. He pretends he is reading a magazine when she comes through the door. She asks if he has had breakfast, and he says he hasn't and assumed she moved out. He gets annoyed, and asks if she spent the night with Paul, Daphne tells him it has nothing to do with him. Des continues that he was worried that some of the "loonies" she was stripping for was "carving her out in a back alley" but sarcastically says he will keep out of it. Daphne gets annoyed. Des goes on to ask her if a phone call occasionally is too much to ask. Daphne informs him that she didn't phone becuse she didn't want to wake him, and she says she will next time. Des tells her to forget it, agrees it has nothing to do with him, and tells her to lead her life the way she wants to, and leaves.
Scott meets Kim on the way to school, and apologises for being late, and explains he had to take Lucy to school. She asks what he did the day before, and says nothing, but he tried to ring her. Kim asks if it was around 9.00, and Scott says yes. She explains that her mother had answered it. Scott asks if she wants to go out with him some other time, and she says she does. They look at each other for a few seconds, and then Scott says they better hurry up or they will be late for school.
Marcia is walking around the classroom, while the pupils are getting on with their work. Danny is chuckling quietly, and listening to the tape Eddie made of Scott and Kim via a head-phone. Marcia notices this, and removes the head-phone from Danny and lifts the tape recorder onto Eddie's desk. She asks Eddie to play the tapes for the whole class to hear, but he refuses. Marcia insists he does what he is told. The tape starts, and she is shocked to hear Kim and Scott's conversation. And after the way Danny and Eddie have edited it, it makes Kim sound she is asking Scott to pay her for sex. Mrs. Taylor tells Eddie to switch it off, while Kim runs out the classroom, humiliated, followed by Scott. Marcia watches them with a look of horror in her face.



Episode title: 0006
Australian airdate: 25/03/85
UK airdate: 03/11/86
UK Gold: 09/11/92
Director: Mark Joffe
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Danny tells Max that he'll get a job and move out - anything would be better than living with Max.
Lorraine wants to meet Des to negotiate the return of his furniture. He tells her not to hold her breath.
Danny and Eddie make a tape that makes it sound like Scott is paying Kim for sex. Kim runs out of the room. Then Scott does too.
Scott catches up with Kim - she's very upset. Scott says they've done nothing wrong and he'll explain to his parents, but she shouts at him to keep out of it.
Scott comes in, very downcast and goes straight to his room and lies on his bunk. Helen follows him but he tells her he's alright.
Taylor house
Kim's mother wants to talk to her. She says she's taking Kim to a doctor so that Scott can be charged with rape. She tells her mother that it was nothing like that - Eddie and Danny edited the tape to make it sound worse than it was. Kim's mother wants to know why Kim wanted to go on the Pill. Kim says she tried to talk to her mother about it, but she just started ranting about promiscuity. Kim's mother says she's ashamed of her and she'll regret the day she ever got involved with Scott.
Jim comes in and goes straight to Scott's room. He's heard what happened at the school - the headmaster rang him. Danny has apparently admitted that the tape was doctored. Scott says that nothing happened between Kim and him, and Jim believes him. Jim suggests going over to Kim's house to talk to her parents. Scott doesn't want to, but Jim says he must - Kim's mother has called her husband back from Inter-state and are going to press "Carnal Knowledge Charges" against Scott.
Swimming Pool
Shane is practising his diving while Max directs him. Danny comes up to have a word with Max. He tells him that the headmaster wants to see him about Danny's behaviour. Max rages that Shane is a credit to the family and Danny can't be trusted even to behave at school. Danny stalks off.
Danny comes in looking for Scott, but only Paul is there. He tells Paul he didn't mean to get Scott and Kim into trouble - the teacher was never meant to hear the tape. Paul suggests that Danny keeps his head down until Jim has sorted things out with the Taylors.
Taylor House
Jim and Scott have arrived. Kim's father has arrived back from Interstate and they all sit down together. Jim wants Kim to be a part of the discussion as well. Mr Taylor agrees, but Mrs Taylor protests. Kim comes out anyway and sits down with them.
Mrs Taylor is very hostile towards Scott, saying the tape recording is damning. Jim says the tape was edited as a joke and wouldn't stand up in court. Suddenly Scott says that nothing happened, and even if it had, it only concerns Kim and him. He agrees to answer some questions though.
Mr Taylor asks him point blank if he had sex with Kim and Scott says he didn't. He says that he asked Kim out because he loves her. Mrs Taylor says he's being ridiculous. Scott runs out, telling them he's told them the truth.
MRS TAYLOR: Keep your son away from our daughter.
Scott is telling Jim that he felt sorry for Kim - she has had a hard time in school. He started talking to her because she was on her own. They got on well and he fell in love with her. Jim says he understands - he fell in love with Scott's mother when they were sixteen. Scott says he's loved Kim for a couple of months now - he doesn't know what to do.
Jim explains that when Anne died, he turned to Helen for help. He thinks he and Scott should do the same now.
Later at the Robinsons
Helen explains to Jim and Scott that she too was married young. That's why she made Jim and Anne wait a little while. But she says she was wrong - if she could turn back the clock, she would let Jim and Anne marry when they wanted to. That way they would have had a few more years together (aww - so emotional :-( )
Jim says that Scott and Kim don't want to get married, they just want to keep seeing each other and things are much tougher these days with careers and so on.
Just then the Taylors call round to tell Jim that Kim has run away. They want to talk to Scott. Jim says that Scott is in bed.
Scott's room
Scott can hear the Taylors and Jim talking about Kim. Mrs Taylor calls the police.
Living Room
Scott comes out and says he has no idea where Kim is. Jim sends him back to bed. Jim insists to Mrs Taylor that Scott has done nothing wrong.
The police ring back and say they're sending a squad car.
Jim goes to get Scott from his room, but when he goes in, Scott has gone - climbed out of the window.
Ruined castle at sunrise
Scott is calling to Kim. He goes into the room they usually meet up in, but she isn't there. Scott sits down and sighs.
Robinsons - breakfast time
Jim is asking Paul if Scott said anything about running off. He's very worried about Scott. Paul says he can't blame Scott for shooting through with all that's being said about him. He tells Jim not to worry though - Scott is the solid citizen of the family and will be back.
Just then, the phone rings. Jim answers it hoping it's Scott, but it's just Julie. He doesn't tell her about Scott and tells her to have a good holiday.
Ruined Castle
Scott has dozed off, but wakes up when Kim comes in. They hug each other.



Episode title: 0007
Australian airdate: 26/03/85
UK airdate: 04/11/86
UK Gold: 10/11/92
Writer: Reg Watson
Director: Mark Joffe
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Scott tells the Taylors that he loves Kim.
Kim runs away. Scott runs away too, to look for her!
Scott finds Kim at the ruined castle. They hug.
Ruined Monastery
Kim tells Scott that she ran away because she couldn't stand her parents going on at her. She slept under a bridge. Scott tells Kim that the police are looking for her. But noone will find them there.
Ramsays - Danny's room
Maria brings Danni a hot drink and asks how he's sleeping these days. She wants to know if his sudden illness has anything to do with the business at school(!) She says that it was a silly joke to play. Danny goes on to say that Max doesn't like him - he's always bawling him out, yet is nice to Shane. Maria says that Shane doesn't fight for the last word like Danny does.
Maria makes Danny go off to school.
Ruined Monastery
Scott and Kim are putting together a shopping list. Scott wants to ring Jim to let him know they're OK - he won't say where they are. Kim is glad that Scott gets on with his parents - hers are so old-fashioned.
Mrs Taylor comes round for a little rant. But Jim isn't there, he's had to go to the office. Helen says that if Scott's with Kim, he'll take care of her. Helen says that Scott is level-headed and mature, but Mrs Taylor scoffs at that.
Scott rings at that moment and Mrs Taylor shouts that she wants to know where her daughter is. Scott hangs up.
Ruined Monastery
Scott and Kim are cooking some sausages on an open fire. Scott tells Kim that she'll have to go back home - they can't survive on their own. Kim says that she can't go back - her mother has watched her like a hawk all her life. Also she called Kim a liar and threatened to take her to a doctor.
Later at the ruined monastery
Kim has calmed down a bit now and Scott gives her a hot dog. He still wants Kim to go back to her parents, but since she won't, he'll stick with her.
A road
Max sees Danni approaching on his bike and waves him down. He shouts at Danny for not going to school. He says Danny he'd better go and face the music.
A man on the television is talking about the runaway statistics for Australia - 25,000 a year. Then he holds up a photo of Kim and starts interviewing Kim's mother. Kim's mother says she'll search day and night until she finds her. She describes Kim as a sweet and innocent girl. The Robinsons watch gravely.
Helen says that Mrs Taylor is being very hypocritical. Paul says that Scott needn't end up in a squat. Helen agrees - Scott will come home. Jim muses that noone cares about runaways these days.
Ruined monastery
Scott is telling Kim that she has to face up to things. He suggests that she comes back with him to the Robinson house. But Kim tells him that the police are probably after Scott about the accusations against him. Scott says he only ran away so he could look after Kim. He lies down and tries to go to sleep.
Kim starts to cry, so Scott gets up and comforts her. They curl up together and fall asleep.
Julie has heard about Scott and Kim in the papers, but Helen has convinced her not to come home from holiday(!)
Just then, Max and Danny come round. Max apologises to Jim for the situation with the tape. Max makes Danny apologise too, and he does so, very sincerely. When Danny has gone, Max tells Jim that Danny mentioned an old monastery this morning. Jim asks Paul if he knows of an old monastery. Paul looks thoughtful.
Ruined monastery
Jim drives up in his car and quietly makes his was into the monastery. He calls out to Scott. Scott calls back and Jim hugs him in relief. He tells Jim that Kim won't go back, and he can't leave Kim. Jim says they're in all the papers so they can't go on the run. Jim says that everyone makes mistakes, including Kim's parents. Jim tells Scott about the runaway statistics - 25,000 a year. All kids who have ruined their lives - he doesn't want that to happen to Scott and Kim. Jim says that Kim's parents have been too strict with her, but they do love her. Jim asks Scott if he can talk to Kim too.
But Kim has overheard their conversation and done a runner.
Jim and Scott search all over the monastery for Kim, but they can't find her. They head off home.
Julie has arrived home early. Helen is surprised to see her, but Julie says she belongs there with the family.
Just then, Scott and Jim come in and Julie hugs Scott. Helen is nearly crying with relief. Jim sends Scott off for a bath. Then he heads over to the Taylor house to tell them what's happened.



Episode title: 0008
Australian airdate: 27/03/85
UK airdate: 05/11/86
UK Gold: 11/11/92
Director: Mark Joffe
Guests: Marcia Taylor: Maureen Edwards
Father Barry: Wayne Cull
Kim Taylor: Jenny Young
Street Walker: Mickey Camilleri
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mrs Taylor makes a televised appeal for Kim to come home.
Jim finds Scott at the ruined monastery, but Kim has gone.
Jim brings Scott home.
Jim heads off to tell the Taylors the latest on Kim.
Swimming Pool
Shane is teaching Danny how to dive. He dives from the high board and performs quite a reasonable dive.
Just then, Max comes up and tells Shane off for watching Danny instead of training.
Danny does his second dive, but Max puts him off and it goes wrong. Shane tells Max off for not encouraging Danny. Max says that Danny doesn't have the staying power.
Taylor house
Mrs Taylor is moping about the house feeling worried about Kim. There's knock at the door and it's Jim. She lets him in. Jim tells her what happened, but apparently Kim has already phoned home. She told her mother that she wasn't coming back and asked her to let her go. Mrs Taylor sits in despair. Jim offers his support. Mrs Taylor asks him why her child that she loves hates her so much. She starts to weep.
Des is mooching around looking for something to do. He sits down dejectedly and tells Daphne that he's "fine". She goes back to her book - "Pilgrim's Progress". Des finally admits that he's got a problem - with Lorraine. Apparently she's leaving the bank and Des feels rotten about it. Des says he could have hacked being friends. He says he doesn't want her back though. Daphne thinks that if Des did want Lorraine back, he could get her. Daphne tells him that he's "pretty sexy" and Des perks up, saying there's plenty more Lorraines in the sea!
Helen tells Julie that Lorraine called - she didn't know she'd asked for a transfer at the bank.
Jim asks Helen if she's still thinking of taking on some students. She says she might.
Paul and Scott come in from looking for Kim - no luck. Julie rants at them for being late for dinner. Paul tells her to belt up.
Paul tells Jim and Helen that the squats they saw were awful - but he can see how easy it would be to disappear.
A street in the city
Kim is sitting on the floor. A woman approaches and tells her she'd better move - this is HER area, and she'll only warn her once. Kim quickly walks away.
Garden of the Robinsons
Danny climbs over the fence to see Scott. Scott tells him to rack off, calling him a sicko for what he did with the tape. They start to brawl.
Jim and Max run out and separate Scott and Danny. Jim tells Scott off, but he says that Danny started it. Max shouts at Danny and tells him to get home. Max doesn't know what to do about Danny, calling him a moron.
Danny's bedroom
Shane invites Danny down to the pool with him and Max, but he doesn't want to - he's fed up of Max yelling at him. Shane says that Danny got bored of diving a couple of years ago, so he can't blame Max for being dismissive now.
Swimming Pool
Shane does an excellent dive and Max is very pleased. He tells Shane it was just "not bad" though!
Danny is moping about. Maria encourages him to try to make up with Scott. She suggests he goes over to the Robinsons to apologise. Danny moans that Max is always putting him down. Maria advises him to stop trying to get the last word - to let Max win occasionally. Danny agrees to try.
Just then Max and Shane come in from diving. Max says that Shane is heading for Olympic glory. Danny tries out his new technique - he apologises to Max for the fight this afternoon. Max just shouts at him and tells him to go and apologise to the Robinsons again. Danny tells Maria that he tried.
Garden of the Robinson
Scott is moping about (everyone is today!) Paul comes to talk to him. They chat about Kim and her poor relationship with her parents. Paul invites Scott over to Des and Daphne's, but he'd rather stay and mope.
Daphne is going to cook chicken in beer for tomorrow night. Des is still moping and suddenly asks Daphne to find another job - he's got to know her and thinks she'd make a fantastic wife for somebody - but no guy would marry a stripper. Daphne protests that she doesn't strip, and anyway, it's none of Des's business. The guy who marries her can take her as she is or get lost!
Paul comes in while Des stews over Danni's last comment. Daphne says she knows some people - she'll ask around and find out if anyone has seen Kim.
Danny is listening to music. Shane is heading out to dinner with "a lovely lady". When he's gone Maria awkwardly tells Max that Shane is going out with Daphne.
Des is still in a foul mood when Shane picks Daphne up for their date.
All the Robinsons are having dinner together. Julie is being a nuisance as usual and Jim tells her off. Lucy answers the door to a priest - apparently Daphne has sent him round. Paul immediately excuses himself and heads off out with the priest.



Episode title: 0009
Australian airdate: 28/03/85
UK airdate: 06/11/86
UK Gold: 12/11/92
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ramsay Street
Paul and Father Barry get into the car - they're off to look for Kim.
A squat
A girl tells them that Kim was there, but now she's gone. Paul explains that he's Scott's brother. The girl calls into the back, and Kim is there after all.
Kim insists that she won't go back. Also that it has nothing to do with Scott - she's often thought of running away. Paul says that she can't go on living here but Kim says she'll get a job and survive. Father Barry says she can get in touch if she needs anything. Father Barry drags Paul away.
Helen and Jim are wondering who the priest was. Helen thinks it might have been a priest-a-gram!
Just then Paul brings Father Barry in and explains that they've been to find Kim. She's in a squat in the city, but she won't go home. Father Barry says they can't tell where she is or she'll just run away again - he has much practice at this in his line of work. Father Barry suggests that Paul could help them as a volunteer, but Paul says he's the wrong religion. Father Barry says it doesn't matter about religion, they have all sorts of volunteers.
Father Barry explains that he knows Daphne and thinks she's a great person.
Des is reading in bed when Daphne and Shane come in giggling. Shane kisses her on the neck and asks her to put some music on. Daphne agrees as long as it is quiet. Shane puts on some very loud music and Des shouts out from his room.
Daphne and Shane sit on the sofa together as Des glowers in his room. Daphne and Shane kiss.
Des's, the following morning
Des is glowering over his breakfast when Shane comes in to return Daphne's purse. This makes Des glower even more(!)
Paul rings up to speak to Daphne - to tell her thanks for last night.
Des then answers the door to Father Barry who is looking for Daphne, Just then Daphne comes up and hugs Father Barry. Des glowers even more and goes back to his breakfast, rolling his eyes!
Scott and Paul's bedroom
Scott thanks Paul for going to find Kim.
Daphne and the priest are laughing together. Des doesn't realise he's a priest and is still glowering.
FATHER BARRY: Nice to meet you, Des!
DES: (unenthusiastically) Yeah.
When Father Barry has gone, Des tells Daphne that she knows a lot of guys(!) Daphne tells Des that he was a priest, but Des is unmoved - he says there's loads of things he doesn't know about Daphne. Daphne says she doesn't know much about Des either. Daphne says that Father Barry is one of the best friends she'll ever have.
Ramsay Street
Shane is trying to fix the lawn mower. He offers Julie a lift to work and she accepts, rather reluctantly(!) She looks over at Des's house and sighs.
Shane's car
Shane is asking Julie how her holiday went. They also talk about Shane's training. Shane teases Julie at Des, but Julie says she and Des have only ever been friends. Shane says that he thinks Daphne is fantastic, and she spoils Des rotten. Julie says Shane might have to chose between Daphne and the Olympics. They also chat about Danny - Shane thinks he's misunderstood.
Second-hand shop
Danny and Eddie are looking at tapes. However, a man pulls Danny back into the shop.
Swimming Pool
A man gives Shane a piece of paper with a telephone number on it and tells him to call Danny on it immediately.
Second-hand shop
Danny comes the phone and tells Shane he's in trouble - he needs him to bring him $50.
Swimming Pool
Max is looking for Shane and is told he's gone to make an urgent phonecall.
Second-hand shop
The man behind the counter asks Shane for the $50. Shane wants to know what's going on. Apparently Danny has been accused of shoplifting , but Danny swears he hasn't.
A road
Shane has apparently paid the $50. Danny explains that Eddie stole the cassette and then took off. Shane is cross that Danny made him pay $50 for something he didn't do. Danny says he can't turn to anyone else but Shane.
The Bank
Julie is serving on the counter. Outside, a dodgy-looking bloke gets out of his car and goes into the bank. Des is at the counter too, now. There is a customer there, so the dodgy bloke lurks until she has gone. Then he goes up to the counter and asks for withdrawal forms.
Julie asks Des to give her a lift home tonight - her car is being serviced.
The dodgy-looking bloke goes out of the bank and gets back into his car. He's got an accomplice there. He gets a gun out of the glove compartment and tells his accomplice that they'll do the bank in the morning.



Episode title: 0010
Australian airdate: 29/03/1985
UK airdate: 07/11/1986
UK Gold: 13/11/1992
Writer: Reg Watson
Director: Mark Joffe
Summary/Images by: Dave (Slugger)/Sayaka
- Paul and Father Barry visit Kim in a squat; she's adamant that she's never going home.
- Shane and Daph kiss. Danny tells Shane what really happened at the shop.
- Gordon Miller surveys the bank.
Des and Daph are eating breakfast, talking about life in general and work, in particular. The scene is stolen by Daph's pink T-shirt, surely a precursor of the great "cool cat" jumper. The other point of note is how protective Des is of Daph. She tells him not to worry about her stripping. They then discuss the mystical prospect of what they'd do with a million bucks. [More tangible for Mr. Miller, perhaps!] Daph then asks if she can transfer her account to Des' bank.
The atmosphere is tense at The Ramsay House, where breakfast is taken in silence. Maria answers the phone, at which point Max challenges Danny about 'the bloody wailing' which kept him awake all night. Danny snaps that he can't help having dreams. It was a client on the phone: Max has to go to work; Shane will have to get himself to training. Max and Maria squabble over the boys' secrecy. Typically, Max is adamant that Danny is to blame. Maria, half-jokingly, hopes that Max never sits on a jury for Danny: he'd have Danny found guilty before he'd even entered the courtroom.
Danny is in his room, where Shane interrogates him about the nightmares. Danny defensively says that they are just dreams.
Outside, Julie joins the Ramsay boys. She's grateful for the lift to work, but she isn't happy about having to sit next to Danny!
Unknown Flat
The prospective bank robber answers his phone groggily and tells the caller to come over. Trouble is brewing. No doubt Julie will be in the firing line!
Shane, Danny and Julie are in the car. It isn't long before an argument starts. Danny asks Julie if Scott will be coming back to school. She doesn't know but scolds Danny for his part in the tape prank and avers that if Scott doesn't want to go back to school to face 'stupid kids' she doesn't blame him. Shane wryly observes that it's going to be a lovely day.
The bank-robber deliberately loads a gun, as he stares at his refection in the mirror.
The lads drop Julie off at the bank. Shane tells Danny that they used to call Julie "bossy-boots" at school. Danny finds the nickname hilariously funny.
[The pace quickens at this point.]
The bank-robber is still preparing himself, putting on his suit.
Shane is practising his diving technique at the pool. He isn't in form and Max is disernibly unimpressed. Max's mood worsens when Danny arrives to spectate during his lunch-break.
Marilyn answers the phone and tells Julie that the call is for Des. A shrew-like Julie tells her friend that Des is busy. Moreover, he's "Mr. Clarke" at work!
Two men are sitting outside the bank in a car. One is our besuited friend. He heads out with a briefcase and goes inside.
Shane continues to dive.
Julie serves a customer, and then calls the next. The man walks up and puts his briefcase on the counter. Julie watches him with a mixture of suspicion and intrigue.
Shane continues to dive. Max is more impressed this time.
The robber suddenly spins his case round and points a gun at Julie. He camly tells her to do what it says on the note and all will be fine. Julie does as he says, but she's clearly chastened. Marilyn looks over nervously.
Shane dives.
Julie frantically puts money into a bag.
Shane gets out of the pool, as Max says that he's got to get back to work.
Julie is still putting money into the bag. Before she hands it over, she pushes the alarm button with her knee. The robber grabs the bag and runs to the getaway car. The villains drive off, relatively slowly given the circumstances.
Danny is pestering Shane to drive him to the beach; he says that one afternoon off school won't hurt.
As the getaway car drives off, the villains toast their success.
Shane has clearly relented, as he and Danny are heading to the beach. Nonetheless, he's still worried about Max's reaction, should dad find out. Danny tells him to stop trying to appease "Mad Max" all the time.
A police car receives word of the bank robbery, at which point the getaway car drives past them and they follow. The villains realise they are being trailed and a chase ensues. Meanwhile the Ramsay boys are in better spirits, as they drive in the opposite direction. The getaway car swerves erratically; Shane is unable to avoid a collision as the villains' comes hurtling towards him.
The villains' car is overturned. More crucially, there's an arm hanging out of the door of Shane's car, whilst Danny's body is covered with a blanket. Danny regains consciousness, but whilst the policeman tells him not to worry, his only concern is his big brother. The robber is trapped under his car. By perverse logic, he blames the police for the crash: if they hadn't given chase none of this would have happened.
Helen is painting as a shaken, but still prim, Julie comes home. Initially Helen wonders why her grand-daughter isn't at work, but her mood turns to one of concern as Julie relays the day's events. She's particularly worried that Julie fainted and she's anxious to call a doctor. Julie shuns the offer, however, and sits down to read a letter which has arrived from Grandma Robinson.
Maria answers the door to a police officer who tells her that there's been an accident. Understandably she's shocked and fears that it's Max, but the officer says that the names he has are Shane and Daniel. The officer asks if she's got a neighbour with whom she can go to the hospital, but Maria is too shaken to think clearly. Her actions are confused as she wanders off to phone Max.
Julie is sitting in the front room when Scott comes home. He is immediately subjected to a lecture from his older sister who tells him to go back to school. He's more concerned with Bess' letter and indeed Helen's whereabouts. He's shocked to hear that there's been an accident. It's worth noting that Julie refrains from telling Scott about his best mate's accident for a considerable period of time!
Helen is on the phone, leaving a message for Max. She then goes to comfort Maria, who, despite making little sense, explains that Danny is out of theatre: He's broken a few ribs, but he'll be fine. The chief concern is Shane, however. Maria laments that Danny should have been at school.
Dr. Lockhead (Stephanie Danile aka Ruth Wilson and Chloe Lambert) visits Danny. He immediately asks about Shane, but there's no news. The doctor tries to calm him, saying that he'll be the first to know should there be any progress. Danny bewails that he should be in Shane's shoes. His thoughts swiftly turn to Max's reaction. Despite being informed that his dad has arrived, Danny is adamant that he won't see him.
Dr. Lockhead goes to meet Max and Maria. She explains that Danny will be fine, but regrettably informs that Shane is fighting for his life. Ever irascible, Max becomes increasingly angry and searches for a scapegoat. He avers that it must be Danny's fault. It always is! His mood looks set to worsen, but Helen's presence tempers his wrath. Maria informs Max how supportive Helen has been.
The very pretty Nurse Stevens (Gloria Ajenstat, aka as Susan Cole) is trying to cheer up Danny. She wants him to see his father. He steadfastly refuses: mum yes, dad no.
Out in the waiting room, Max, Maria and Helen anxiously await news of Shane. The specialist comes out: Shane is going to be all right...but there's damage to his spinal cord.



Episode title: 0011
Australian airdate: 01/04/85
UK airdate: 10/11/86
UK Gold: 16/11/92
Writer: Reg Watson
Director: Mandy Smith
Guests: Dr.Lockyer: Stephanie Daniel
Dr.Rowlands: Tom Travers
Nurse Stevens: Gloria Ajenstat
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Julie is the victim of a bank robbery.
Shane and Danny crash their car.
The doctor tell Max and Maria that Shane will be fine, but there's damage to his spinal cord.
Des comes in and tells Daphne about the hold-up at the bank. Then he awkwardly tells her that Shane and Danny have been hurt in a car crash
Shane's hospital room
Max is standing over Shane when he wakes up. He's flat on his back. He immediately asks about Danny. A doctor comes in and explains that Shane has broken a few ribs - it's why it's difficult to breathe.
Danny's hospital room
Danny is telling Maria that he had dreamt about the accident. Maria tries to reassure him.
Maria goes off to see Shane. Max goes in to talk to Danny. He asks awkwardly if Danny is alright then goes back to Shane. Danny calls him back and begs Max to tell him the truth about Shane. Max tells him that Shane has a ruptured spleen and spinal damage - he might not walk again, let alone dive. Danny says it should have been him - it wouldn't have mattered so much. Max doesn't disagree.
Hospital Waiting Room
Daphne has arrived in the hope of seeing Shane. Max and Maria explain Shane's injuries.
Shane's hopital room
The doctors are trying to get Shane to move his hands and feet, but he can't. A Chinese-looking doctor insists Shane isn't paralysed, it's just bruising.
When the doctors have gone, Daphne comes in. She kisses him and jokes he'd better not drag her into the hospital bed with him!
SHANE: THey've just told me I won't be diving again.
Hospital Waiting Room
The doctor is telling Max and Maria that Shane will be alright with some physiotherapy - but he shouldn't dive ever again because it might paralyse him permanently. Shane will have to rethink his life - anything strenuous is out.
Shane's hospital room
Daphne is telling Shane cheerfully that now he can plan lots of new things - like getting married and stuff. Shane says he's not interested, even when Daphne hints that she is!
When Daphne has gone, the nure comes back.
NURSE: She seems nice. Is she your girlfriend?
SHANE: Not anymore...
Scott has decided to go back to school and Helen is very pleased. Scott is worried about Danny and Shane though. Scott wonders if he should go and see Danny - he wishes they hadn't fought now. Helen advises him to tell Danny that.
Danny's hospital room
Shane has sent a message that he wants to see Danny. But Danny doesn't want to see him - he says he doesn't feel up to it. Danny has not touched his dinner.
Scott comes in to visit Danny - (Danny's got broken ribs and a few stitches.) Scott eats some of Danny's meal since it's going begging(!) He apologises about the fight and sits down to chat to Danny. Danny is quite unforthcoming. He tells Scott he'd thinking of shooting through after this - he asks Scott if he wants to come with him up North.
Daphne is watching the news. There are articles about the bank robbery and Shane and Danny's accident.
Des comes in. Daphne is looking very down - she says Shane is putting on a brave face but he still can't move his legs. Des tries to encourage Daphne - saying these things take time and Shane is a real fighter.
Scott tells Helen that Danny blames himself for the accident. He says that Danny might do something stupid like running away. Julie is having a lie-down - she is finding it hard to come to terms with the bank robbery.
Max is clearly very upset about Shane but is bottling it up. They chat about the bank robbery. Then Max starts to cry, saying that Shane could have made the Olympics. Jim says that at least the boys are alive. Max says that Danny thinks it should have been him being injured - and he was right. Max is upset that he's been thinking that way.
Jim can't understand what Max has against Danny - he's a bit wild, but he's a really nice kid underneath. He says that Danny used to come and unburden himself to Jim, but he doesn't anymore - he's clammed up. Jim says maybe Danny reminds him too much of himself - Max used to be a ratbag himself as a kid. Max gets cross and says Jim doesn't know what he's talking about. He heads off back to the hospital.
Jim comes to see Des about Julie - she's crying that she doesn't want to go to work. Des says he'll go and have a word with her.
Daphne comes in and tells Des she's sorry she hasn't been home all night. Des doesn't comment and says he'll see her tonight. They smile at each other.
Danny's hospital room
Maria has brought a picnic for her and Danny. Danny says he's not hungry. The Chinese-looking doctor tells Danny that either he eats or they'll have to put an intravenous drip into him. Danny starts to cry and says it should have been him, not Shane.
Shane's hospital room
The doctor tells Shane that Danny is blaming himself for the accident. Shane thinks he's being silly and can't believe Danny won't come in and see him. The doctor shakes his head and tells the doctors to start feeding Danny intravenously.
Danny tells Shane that he's his brother and he's the only one he can turn to.
Shane concentrates and manages to move his fingers a little. Then he manages to clench his hand a little. He calls to the nurse. (The clever doctor, of course, planned all this!)



pisode title: 0012
Australian airdate: 02/04/85
UK airdate: 11/11/86
UK Gold: 17/11/92
Director: Mandy Smith
Guests: Anna Rossi: Roslyn Gentle
Peter Kirk: Peter Mochrie
Nurse Stevens: Gloria Ajenstat
Bank Customer: Rosemary Barnes
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Daphne sees a news article about Shane's accident - he may never dive again.
Max thinks that Danny should have been injured, not Shane.
Shane manages to move his hand.
Maria is excited to hear that Shane has some movement back. But Max is still upset that Shane's career is ruined. Maria tells Max that Danny needs to talk to him, but Max doesn't want to.
Danny's hospital room
Danny still isn't hungry. And also wearing a fetching pair of pink pyjamas(!) Scott has brought a card signed by everyone at school. He tells Danni that running away is no answer - and anyway, Maria would be awfully upset. Danny says Scott had better not tell anyone his plan or he'll punch his face in.
Paul and Helen are chatting about Danny. Paul wishes he could chuck in engineering, but that Jim has worked hard to keep him at University.
Just then, Maria arrives. Helen offers her a cup of tea. She's worried about Danny - it's as if he's lost the will to live.
Shane's hospital room
Shane is moving his hands now. He tells Max that there's lots of things he can do instead of diving - just as long as he isn't paralysed. Shane is worried about Danny though. He asks Max to tell Danny that the accident was just bad luck. Shane asks Max to drop in on Danny, but he doesn't want to.
Danny's hospital room
Danny still isn't eating, despite Maria's best efforts at bringing in home cooking. Maria tells Danny that she's worried about him - she wants to know if he's quarrelled with Max again. Danny says that Max hasn't come in. Maria tells Danny that Max loves him, but Danny says he doesn't - and he never will.
Julie is still upset about the bank robbery apparently, but will go into work tomorrow. Paul and Daphne chat about Shane. Daphne seems a bit depressed about Shane.
Shane's hospital room
Shane is worried about Max - he tells Maria that Danny will be alright - he's just had a bad fright.
When Maria has gone, Shane asks the nurse if she'll do him a really big favour.
Danny's hospital room
The nurse pushes Shane in in a wheelchair.
Shane wants to know why Danny is on hunger strike. He says he isn't - he's just miserable because the accident was his fault. Shane tells him that he's carrying on like an old woman. Shane says now it's Danny's turn to help him - he wants to take off and go camping with Danny. Danny is really surprised, but pleased.
Paul comes in looking for Shane. They tuck in to Danni's uneaten food(!)
Shane spoonfeeds Danny some potatoes and he accepts.
The Bank
Julie is very jumpy. She tells Des that a man in the bank is making her nervous. Des agrees to keep an eye on him.
Jim has been gardening while Helen work on a painting.
Max comes in to see Jim - he's had an urgent call for work and his van won't start. He wants to borrow his jump leads. Jim and Helen ask after the Ramsay boys, but Max hasn't been to the hospital today.
The Bank
The shifty-looking guy is back. Des calls the police.
Lucy is watching TV while Helen and Jim comfort Julie in the kitchen. She's come home from work, upset.
Jim tells Helen quietly that Julie might need to change her job. Helen says that Paul might need a change too - his heart isn't in engineering. Jim says he wants Paul to have a bit of security.
Jim goes to sort out the aerial for the TV.
Daphne has cooked a nice stew. Des comes in looking fed up and tells her about the bloke who was hanging round. Apparently the police are going to keep an eye on him. Daphne has two jobs tonight. She tells him his dinner is in the oven. Daphne is very touchy tonight and tells Des that if he doesn't like her job, she won't be his tenant anymore.
Garden of the Robinsons
Jim sees a woman knocking on the Ramsay house window. It turns out to be Maria's sister. Since Max and Maria are out, Jim invites her to the Robinson house for a cup of coffee.
Jim, Helen and Anna (Maria's sister) are having a cup of coffee. Jim and Anna make conversation about how she nursed her mother during her later years.
When Anna has gone, Helen comments that she is a beautiful woman.
Maria greets her sister happily. They talk about the accident, but I cannot understand why they are not doing so in Czech(?!)
Danny's hospital room
Danny is really pleased to see his Aunty Anna. He tells her about the planned camping trip with Shane. He asks Maria to bring him something to eat tomorrow - the hospital food is dire.
Jim and Max are having a chat. Max says he didn't mean what he said about wishing that Danny had been injured instead of Shane. Maria and Anna come in and Jim is rather pleased to see Anna. Maria invites Jim to stay and have dinner with them. Jim says he can't upset the family routine, but they talk him round. They suggest he invites Helen, too.
Maria asks Anna to stay on for a few days - she needs her. She tells her that Max won't go and see Danny in hospital. What's it going to be like when Danny comes home?



Episode title: 0013
Australian airdate: 03/04/85
UK airdate: 12/11/86
UK Gold: 18/11/92
Director: Mandy Smith
- "No Say In It" by The Machinations
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim meets Maria's sister.
Julie is worried about a shifty-looking guy at the bank. Des calls the police.
Maria tell her sister Anna that she's worried about Danny and Max's relationship.
Danny is home, and Shane is on his way. Danny's still depressed about the accident. Anna tells him he has to stop blaming himself for the accident.
Shane arrives home with Maria and Max. Shane is 85% fit and is looking forward to going away with Danni camping (how can he camp with an injured spine?!)
They're leaving tomorrow, much to Maria's dismay (apparently the doctors think this is a good idea!!)
Jim comes round and asks Anna for a word - he's got a problem - he wants to ask a beautiful woman out to dinner. Anna enthusiastically agrees.
Daphne comes round to see Shane and says Des has offered Shane and Danny the use of his car for his trip. Just then, Shane has a spasm in his back, but it turns out he's just having a joke. Maria is very annoyed. Daphne tells him off for scaring them as well. Danny also is angry. Shane apologises and Danny calls him a ratbag.
Maria asks Daphne to join them for a welcome home gathering for Shane. She doesn't really want to because of the way Max feels about her, but eventually agrees.
When Daphne is gone, Max has a thunderous look on his face - he doesn't like Daphne hanging around.
The Bank
The shifty-looking guy is back. A plain-clothed policeman is in the bank as Julie serves behind the counter. Just then, the shifty-looking guy comes to the counter and opens a briefcase. He gives Julie a note. She panics without reading it and presses the alarm. The plain-clothed police immediately arrest the guy.
The bloke is very scared and says his name is Peter Kirk - he tells them to read the note - it's a letter to Julie saying he thinks he's falling in love with her(!) Everyone starts laughing in relief and the bloke explains that he just wanted to get to know Julie better. Julie apologises to the police for the misunderstanding and they let Peter go. The police advise him to stop scaring people to death(!)
When Peter has gone, the police tell Julie they know Peter Kirk's father - he's one of the wealthiest people in the neighbourhood.
A road
Jim and Anna are out and he buys her a nice bunch of flowers (the old smoothie!) Jim invites Anna to come to the market with him on Sunday.
Peter Kirk has come round with a balloon and flowers for Julie as an apology. She isn't pleased that he has followed her home. Julie is still a bit indignant, but Peter says he knows it will take at least six more visits before Julie forgives him(!) She reluctantly accepts the gifts.
PETER: See you soon, Miss Robinson.
Jim and Anna come in carrying a load of shopping. Julie comes in and sees them together. She isn't very pleased. She puts down the stew she's brought for Maria and stalks off.
Later at the Ramsays
The party is in full swing. Daphne thinks the incident at the bank was quite romantic really! Max is avoiding Daphne, but at least he hasn't thrown her out of the house(!)
Jim and Anna are laughing together. Danny is hoping Anna will still be there when they get back from camping.
Just then, Peter Kirk arrives, much to the surprise of Des and Julie. Des gets him a beer while Julie introduces him to Jim and Anna.
Even later at the Ramsays
Max is looking very fed up. Shane suggests that he takes Maria on a bit of a holiday, but he doesn't want to.
Julie is still scowling at Anna whenever she can(!)
Shane's car
Danny is dancing along to 80s music as he and Shane head off on their trip.
Shane and Danny have put up their tent and are trying to put together a meal for themselves.
They chat about the Olympics. Shane thinks he could have done it, but there's nothing to be done about it now. They chat about Daphne too - Danny wants to know if Shane still likes her, but Shane doesn't want to talk about it. He takes offence and walks off.
The Bank
Peter Kirk has come in to open an account. He asks Julie to go to dinner with him, but she says it's too short notice. He suggests he comes round to her house for dinner instead(!)
Daphne comes in and observes that Peter Kirk seem quite keen. Daphne says she wouldn't fancy working in a bank. Julie says Daphne's skills wouldn't be suitable anyway but Daphne replies that it might boost business(!)
Daphne tells Des that she feels a bit sorry for Julie - she thinks she's a very unhappy person underneath.
The river
Shane and Danny are fishing, but not catching anything. Shane apologises for getting shirty before - he does like Daphne, but he doesn't think it's fair to keep seeing her. He could have a relapse on his back and end up a paraplegic.
Shane tells Danny there is something he can do - he wants him to start training as a diver. Also, Max would be able to train him. Danny isn't keen and tell Shane to forget it.
Jim is still hanging around Anna. Maria sees Julie driving up with Peter Kirk through the window.
Shane asks Danny if he's thought any more about his diving idea. Shane thinks that Danny could do it. Danny seems quite keen on it - he's more disciplined that he was a few years ago now. Danny says he'll think about it, but only if Shane will come along to training as well as Max.



Episode title: 0014
Australian airdate: 04/04/85
UK airdate: 13/11/86
UK Gold: 19/11/92
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Mandy Smith
Guests: Anne Rossi: Roslyn Gentle
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The dodgy-looking guy at the bank turns out to be an admirer of Julie, not a robber.
Shane tells Danny that he can't go out with Daphne anymore - it would be too much for her if his back went.
Shane asks Danny to start doing diving training in place of him.
Julie scowls at Anna for eyeing up Jim.
Danny agrees to try training - but only if Shane comes to the training sessions as well as Max.
A restaurant
Peter and Julie are having dinner. He tells her he's going to marry her(!)
JULIE: We've only just met!
Peter reckons that he knew Julie was the right girl straightaway. Julie protests that it takes time to learn to love and respect someone.
PETER: Is that a yes or a no?
Julie says that obviously the answer is no! Peter says he won't give up - he'll try his hardest to make her change her mind. He keeps address her as "Miss Robinson" (aww)
Robinsons, the following morning
The boys are teasing Julie about her date with Peter - they heard her on the doorstep with him for ages.
Helen suggests asking Anna over to dinner, much to Julie displeasure(!) Helen says they could ask "Julie's young man" as well. Jim admits that he had a great time at the party - he wants to ask Max and Maria as well. And Paul wants to invite Daphne! Sounds quite a crowded meal!
Paul heads off to see Daphne.
SCOTT: What if Anna can't come?
JIM:(confidently) She'll come.
Daphne opens the door to Paul. He invites her over for dinner. Daphne doesn't want to if Julie is going to be there - and Max Ramsay too! Paul mentions Shane and Daphne clams up. She agrees to come to the dinner, though.
DAPHNE: I might even wear my working gear!
Jim comes round to invite Max, Maria and Anna to dinner. Max and Maria aren't free though.
When Jim and Anna have gone out, Maria says she wants to talk to Max about the boys this evening.
Max says that he'd rather talk now. Maria says Max has been awful to Danny. She wants him to face up to what's happened to Shane and stop blaming Danny. Max says you don't get used to your son being a potential cripple in five minutes. Max wants to go to Jim's and talk when they come home, but Maria says she isn't in the mood.
Maria tells Max that she thinks Jim and Anna could be very happy together. Max tells her not to be silly.
Shane and Danny still aren't catching any fish. Danny accidentally sticks a fish hook in himself and screams. Shane thinks Danny is a chip off the old block!
Anna has brought a nice chocolate cake, much to Julie's displeasure(!) Daphne comes with a bottle of wine and some flowers.
Daphne helps set the table while Helen tackles Julie. She tells her that she's being very rude to Anna. She says that Julie's mother made Jim very happy, and Helen wants to see him happy again.
Daphne tells Julie that she looks down on her for being a stripper. Julie agrees(!) She tells Daphne they are not friends and never likely to be, so Daphne shouldn't try to make friendly conversation with her(!)
Max is telling Anna that Daphne is a disgrace to Ramsay Street(!)
Julie tells Lucy that Helen is sad, because she'll have to go away and leave them all if Anna moves in(!) Julie says that Lucy will have to help her to stop it happening(!)
Later at the Robinsons
Paul, Daphne, Anna, Helen and Jim are having a friendly drink. Jim is being charming to Anna as usual.
Lucy comes out and says she doesn't want Helen to go away. Helen can't understand what's brought this on!
Even later at the Robinsons
Julie is being horrible about Anna's cake. Everyone else chats about Shane and Danny's trip. Julie says that Anna will be going home soon - (so rude!!!) She isn't pleased to hear that Jim and Anna are going to the markets tomorrow.
Still later at the Robinsons
Anna comes to help Julie with the washing up. Julie is extremely frosty with her and starts telling her how close Jim and Anne were. She wants Anna to leave things the way things are.
Jim comes in and tells Anna that guests shouldn't be washing up - she's a guest. Then he tells Julie that he's taking Anna to the markets and that's the end of it.
Shane and Danny are packing up to return to Ramsay Street. Danny wants to drive the car, but Shane won't let him.
DANNY:(good-humouredly) It was worth a try!
Paul and Scott are off to the beach. Helen tells Julie off for trying to spoil Jim's day.
Outside the Robinsons
Helen tells Jim not to worry about Julie, and not to hurry back. Jim tells her that he does like Anna. Helen says she isn't upset at all, unlike Julie - she doesn't want Jim to throw away a chance to be happy.
The Markets
Jim and Anna are having a nice time looking around and trying on sombreros!
A cafe
Jim and Anna are having a cup of coffee and taking photos of Jim in his new sombrero hat(!) Jim says Anna would look beautiful in anything.
Jim tells Anna that he has lots of things planned for them - he was hoping she'd extend her stay, by thirty years or so(!) Jim tells Anna that he's in love with her. But suddenly she tells him that there's already someone in her life - she has to go back. There's no future for them.



Episode title: 0015
Australian airdate: 05/04/85
UK airdate: 14/11/86
UK Gold: 20/11/92
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Shane asks Danny to start doing diving draining.
Julie moans about Jim taking Anna to the markets.
Anna tells Jim there's already someone in her life - there's no future for them.
It hadn't occurred to Jim that there might be someone else. Anna says she has to go back because she's frightened of the way she feels about Jim.
Danny tries to get Max's attention but fails. Shane says Danny just has to pick the right moment.
The Robinsons are having dinner and mocking Julie for being "in love". Jim comes in looking a bit fed up. Julie tries to give Jim his dinner but he says he's not hungry. Julie fusses over him and Helen tells her off for nagging.
Julie shouts that Anna is coming between the whole family(!)
Anna is packing her bag to leave. The Ramsays are a bit surprised. Max says that Gino is waiting for Anna to come back.
Maria makes Anna a cup of coffee.
Ramsays Kitchen
Maria asks Anna if Julie has upset her. Anna says she's upset because Gino has been so good to her. Maria says it sounds like Max, all over again. Anna says that maybe gratitude isn't a good reason to get married, but it's done now.
Jim is off to take Anna to the airport. Helen tells Julie again not to fuss. Scott accidentally breaks a photo frame and Julie shouts at him. Paul naps at Julie. Julie says it's a good thing Anna's going because they've done nothing but fight since she's been around. Helen nearly loses her cool with Julie and says that the fighting is all Julie's fault, and so is Anna's departure. Also, she's responsible for her father's misery.
Jim's car
Jim and Anna arrive at the airport. Jim stops the car and tells Anna that he hasn't looked at another woman since Anne died. Jim says it's as if he's waited all these years for Anna to come along. Anna says she felt the same, and still does. Jim kisses her.
Paul and Scott are playing computer games while Julie and Lucy read a book. Julie is still banging on about Anna (shut UP woman!)
Peter Kirk comes in - through the back door! Scott says that he hopes Peter has come to take Julie out(!)
Just then, Jim and Anna come back - Anna has changed her mind. Julie does not look pleased.
Maria is brooding. She tells Max that Anna feels duty-bound to Gino and it's wrong.
MAX: Yeah, well. You'd know all about that, wouldn't you.
Just then, Anna and Jim come in. Maria is very pleased and suggests opening a bottle of champagne. Jim is already talking about marriage(!)
Jim suggests that he and Anna go out to dinner tonight, but Anna doesn't mind eating at the Robinsons.
Julie is sulking. Peter tells her off and tells her he wants to take her out to cheer her up. Julie says she'll be rotten company, but he says he'll risk it. She agrees.
Danny and Shane are surprised to hear that Anna is back.
Danny sits down awkwardly with Max and asks if he can talk to him. He asks Max if he'll train him for diving. Max point-blank says no. Shane backs Danny up and asks Max to think about it.
Swimming Pool
Julie and Peter have been having a swim and now they are having some champagne at the side of the pool. Julie says that Peter has made her feel better. Peter says he wants to be there full-time and they should get married straight away! Julie says she does like Peter very much, but needs time to think. Peter says they can do it her way and have a romantic engagement. Julie looks a bit overwhelmed. Peter kisses her gently.
Anna is trying to make headway with a rather frosty Lucy. Helen says that Lucy is very rude.
LUCY: Why do you keep coming here? This is our house.
Helen immediately sends Lucy to her room. She storms off saying she's not sorry.
Helen apologises to Anna, saying that Lucy has been a bit spoilt. Helen goes on to say that Julie has always been a bit special - the only girl until Lucy was born. When Lucy was born she was rather taken for granted. Julie ran away and was found trapped in a storm drain by the police. She had pneumonia and nearly died. Since then, Julie has been *really* special. But Helen says Julie has to love her father without running his life for him.
Max is looking at a catalogue of caravans.
Danny asks Max if he's thought about the training issue. Shane says it'd mean a lot to Shane too. Max agrees but says that Danny had better turn up on time and not give him any lip.
Anna is just off to the Robinsons (I thought she was already there?!)
When the boys have gone, Maria is thrilled that Max is going to train Danni. He doesn't seem too chuffed though.
Anna and the Robinsons are all having dinner. Julie is fussing over Jim as usual. Then she tells Scott off for spilling the rice. Then Lucy acts up. Anna looks fed up.
Lucy's bedroom
Julie is comforting Lucy. Julie tells Lucy that if Jim and Anna's relationship continues, they'll all have to move to Queensland, except Helen, who they'll never see again. (What a bitch!!) Lucy wants Anna to go away saying she's mean and nasty.
Later at the Robinsons
Helen apologises to Anna and tells Lucy she doesn't know what's got into her - she's usually such a good little girl.
Jim is saying goodnight to Anna on the doorstep. They agree to meet up tomorrow. Jim tells Anna he loves her.
Jim is brooding. Helen can't find her ring. Lucy says that Anna took it and Julie backs her up! (What a bitch!!)
Jim asks Helen what's going on in the house.



Episode title: 0016
Australian airdate: 08/04/85
UK airdate: 17/11/86
UK Gold: 23/11/92
Director: Colin Budds
Guests: Anna Rossi: Roslyn Gentle
Father Barry: Wayne Cull
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim and Anna declare their love for each other.
Danny and Shane are pleased that Anna is staying.
Lucy tells Helen that Anna stole her ring!
Robinsons, the following morning
Helen tells Jim that she found her ring in with Lucy's secret treasures. Jim demands an apology from Julie. Julie says she never actually said that Anna had stolen the ring, but Jim tells her not to split hairs! Jim tells her off for mixing Lucy up.
Paul suggests a professional counsellor for Lucy, saying she has a psychological problem. Jim says that's rubbish - they can cope as a family.
The Ramsays and Anna are having breakfast. Anna is rather subdued about the dinner the night before. Danny tell Max that he'll meet him at the pool at lunchtime. Maria tells Max off for being so short with Danny.
Helen tells Paul that Jim is a bit upset at the moment. Julie is off to work, but Helen says she wants a word with Julie first.
Helen tells Julie that she's making everyone thoroughly miserable.
JULIE: I just want what's best for him.
HELEN: How dare you presume what's best for him?!
Helen tells Julie that Jim wants to marry Anna, so she'd better get used to Anna.
Anna tells Jim that their families are difficult - including Max. Max has done a lot for her family - he even taught her father to speak English. Anna says that Max has a very good heart, despite his gruff exterior. Apparently when Anna and Maria's father was killed, Max worked two job so he could give them both an education and a home. Anna's husband Gino has been a similar man - that's why she's with him.
Jim tells Anna he loves her. And he wants to marry her. (Seems a bit quick to me!)
Swimming Pool
Max is bossing Danny about at the pool. He tells Shane that Danny isn't listening to him. Max turns his back and Shane talks to Danny instead. Max turns back just as Danny does a very good dive. Max grudgingly admits that Danny's dive was alright.
Max tells Danny to meet him back at the pool after school.
Daphne and Father Barry are having a chat. She tells him that she and Shane have cooled off. Paul comes in to ask Father Barry about Kim. He's seen her and she's surviving - just - but she still hasn't contacted Scott. Daphne is just off out on a date.
Paul asks Father Barry how he met Daphne. He says Paul had better ask Daphne!
Paul tells Father Barry about the trouble at home with Julie and Lucy. He says it's all Julie's fault - for some reason she's dead against the romance and will destroy it if she can.
The Bank
Daphne comes to Julie's counter. She tells her she wants to open an account. Julie says Daphne can talk to someone else(!) Des gives Daphne a form to fill in. Then he tells Julie off for bigotry - her job is to give service with a smile, or find another job.
Anna says she loves Jim, but she's worried about the family. Helen tell Anna to marry Jim - being fond of Gino is not enough. Helen says there's things she'd like to do too, and would be happy to have Anna take over the reigns. Max apparently thinks that Anna should do the right thing by Gino though. Helen says Anna's happiness is more important that Max's opinion.
Swimming Pool
Max is called out on a job and tells Maria he might not be back to meet Danny at the pool. Max says it was hard not seeing Shane up there. Maria thinks it's a good way for Max and Danny to get closer.
Anna comes in at that moment and Max glowers a bit. She goes off out for a walk. When she's gone, Max says that Anna should think through what she's doing with Jim. He doesn't think she's cope with the Robinson household. Maria tells Max that Anna doesn't love Gino.
MARIA: You want her to marry him out of gratitude?
MAX: Maybe you could tell her what that's like.
Swimming Pool
Max has not turned up and Danny is concerned. Just then, Maria arrives to give them the message that Max has had to go to work. Shane says he'll train Danny today.
Danny climbs up to the top diving board (yikes, vertigo!). Maria thinks Danny is only diving for Max, but Shane says Danny is doing it for himself.
Des and Daphne are having some port before bed. They've had a nice night out. Des tries to get her to stay up, but she's tired and heads off to bed, blowing him a kiss.
Later at Des's
Daphne can't sleep and Des comes out to see how she is. They drink milk together. Daphne asks Des why he took her out to dinner. Des says she's good company, and she's a nice girl, and he likes her. Des flirts with Daphne a bit. Daphne says she likes Des very much, but a landlord-tenant thing wouldn't work. She tells him to lock his bedroom door, though, in case she changes her mind(!)
Max has waited up for Jim and Anna. He tells them straight that he thinks they're making a mistake. He thinks Anna should go back to Queensland ASAP. He says four kids is too much for Anna to take on, especially when two of them hate her guts. Also, they hardly know each other - and Anna has led a sheltered life. Jim gets angry and tells Max to mind his own business. Max says that Anna is like a daughter to him, and she should go back to her uncomplicated life.
Maria comes out to find out what's going on.
JIM: Just butt out of our lives, Max. Whether you or any of my family like it or not, Anna and I are going to be married!



Episode title: 0017
Australian airdate: 09/04/85
UK airdate: 18/11/86
UK Gold: 24/11/92
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Colin Budds
Guests: Anna Rossi: Roslyn Gentle
Peter Kirk: Peter Mochrie
Carol Brown: Merrin Canning
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul tells Jim that Lucy has a psychological problem. Jim tells him that's rubbish.
Danny is training in diving.
Max tells Jim that he should let Anna go - she has a man up in Queensland. Jim tells him to butt out. He and Anna are going to be married.
The Ramsays and Anna are having breakfast. Shane's physiotherapy is coming along well. Maria tells Max that they're having a party tonight to celebrate Jim and Anna's engagement. Max is not impressed and stomps off.
The Robinsons are having breakfast. Jim is looking for his keys. Helen has gone over to Mrs Crowley's house - she's sick, so has gone to help with her two boys.
Jim tells the family that Maria is having an engagement party for him tonight. Julie is not impressed.
When Jim has gone, Scott tells Julie off. Julie says that Jim shouldn't be marrying someone he hardly knows. Paul tells them not to argue about Anna in front of Lucy.
PAUL: Julie, just grow up! Dad needs a little more in his life than roast dinner every Sunday!
He tells Julie to invite Peter to the party, so she can keep out of everyone's hair!
Danny's bedroom
Maria is changing the bed and cleaning Danny's room a bit. Shane helps her to fold clothes. Shane says that things see a bit tense between Maria and Max. He says he remembers the last time Max and Maria split up, but he was just a kid then.
SHANE: Do you still love Dad, Mum?
MARIA: Yes. The question is, does he believe it?
The Bank
Paul comes down to the bank to make a withdrawal. He bumps into Peter and tells him about the party at the Ramsay House.
Peter comes up to the counter and Julie says that she isn't going to the party. Peter tells her to force herself - they could sit in a corner together. Julie agrees.
The Park
Jim meets Anna by the lake. She's asked him to meet her to talk about their relationship. She says that she can't cope - things have happened so quickly and caused a rift between Max and Maria. She's also worried about Julie.
ANNA: I hope we're doing the right thing.
JIM: You love me, don't you?
ANNA: Yes.
JIM: Then we're doing the right thing.
Jim gives Anna a present - an engagement ring. He puts it on her finger.
Carol has come round to help Maria to cook. They chat about their husbands and Carol moans that she never sees her husband. Carol asks if Daphne is coming.
Just then, Anna comes home. She goes into the kitchen, quite upset.
Maria shows Carol out then goes to see how Anna is. Anna says that Jim doesn't seem to understand her feelings. She's worried about the families - she's led a sheltered life. She tells Maria she was going to tell Jim she was going back to Queensland, but then he gave her an engagement ring. Maria admires the ring and says that Jim is a wonderful man and they are perfect for each other. But Anna says she owes a lot to Gino. Maria says she can't marry Gino out of gratitude, like she did Max.
Mrs Armitage comes round to see Helen. Helen is not very pleased to see her. She bangs on about her husband then tells Helen that she's heard some gossip. She tells Helen she understand what drink does to a person.
HELEN: Drink?!
She seems to be saying that Helen is an alcoholic(!) Mrs Armitage tells Helen to rise above it all and not listen to gossip. Helen rolls her eyes.
Swimming Pool
Danny is training again. Scott is there too. Danny says that he's going to show Max just how good he is - he's going to be the best. They start a water fight.
Lucy is missing Helen again - she's helping out with the two boys. Julie is winding Lucy up about Anna again. Scott comes in and looks suspiciously at Lucy. Julie distracts him and tells him there's a letter for him in the living room.
Scott's room
Scott reads the letter - it's from Kim. Apparently she's fine. He shows the letter to Paul. Paul says that now Scott can stop worrying.
Paul gives Scott a card to sign for Dad and Anna. He's still fed up with Julie's antics though.
Ramsays - engagement party
The guests have arrived and are milling around. Jim and Anna drink a toast to each other. Jim tells Max that he appreciates the party and asks Max to be best man at the wedding. He tells Jim he's sorry, but he can't.
Maria invites Julie to see Anna's ring, but she rudely walks away.
Paul makes a nice speech welcoming Anna to the Robinson family. Anna is very pleased. There's also a present. Julie is not pleased.
In the kitchen, Carol tells Shane that she's used to going out on her own without her husband Ted. Carol says she thinks it's a disgrace having Daphne on the street. Shane defends her.
Carol tells Julie that people should think very carefully before getting married. She winds Julie up about having a stepmother, saying you can get used to anything if you have to.
JULIE: Mmm. If you have to.
In the living room, Carol chats up Paul and Shane. She moans about her husband again. Shane gets rid of her. He tells Paul that Ted is a womaniser.
Maria is trying to get Max to make a toast and he reluctantly agrees. He makes a toast, "To Anna and Jim, congratulations". The guests cheer, all except Julie who looks sulky.
Helen has come home from Mrs Crowley's. She has a brooch she wants to give to Anna. She says she feels sorry that Anna has to put up with Julie, Lucy and Max. Helen says she could throttle Julie. She says that Julie has made the house her own and doesn't want another woman in the house. Helen says she has no worries about another woman replacing Anne - Anne would have hated Jim to be lonely. They head off to join the party.
Ramsays - engagement party
Max is explaining to Carol that the street was named after his grandfather.
Helen gives Anna the brooch - it's a cameo one. Anna is very pleased.
JULIE:(shouting) You can't give her that! That was my mother's!
Helen says calmly that it belonged to her mother and she can give it to anyone she pleased.
Julie yells that she's taking everything away from her family. Then she slaps Anna and runs out.
Julie storms in and puts the kettle on. Jim has followed her, seething with rage.
JIM: I never hit you in your life. But I came so close to it back there.
He tells Julie that he wants her to go back to the party and apologise, but she won't. He tells Julie he's going to marry Anna, and unless she stops behaving like a child, he wants Julie to move out of the Robinson house.



Episode title: 0018
Australian airdate: 10/04/85
UK airdate: 19/11/86
UK Gold: 25/11/92
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Colin Budds
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Julie slaps Anna, telling her that she's taking everything away from her family.
Jim is seething with rage at Julie. He says either she apologises and stops behaving like a child or she moves out of the Robinson house.
Robinsons, the following morning
Helen tells Julie that what she did was appalling and she doesn't blame Jim for giving Julie an ultimatum. Julie says that she just doesn't want things to change. Helen says Julie doesn't love, she clings. And if she's not careful she'll lose her own chance of happiness.
JULIE: Why did she have to come here.
Helen says that she for one is glad that Anna did. She sends Julie off to wash her face.
Scott comes in and tells Helen that he thinks Anna is great. He tells Helen about the letter from Kim.
Max tells Danny and Shane that he'll meet them at the pool at 5pm. Danny wants to enter the competition. Max tells him not to run before he can walk.
Maria asks Max to fix Des's leaking tap before he goes to work. Max says he'd rather not go near the stripper's house(!)
Maria asks Shane to try to fix the tap instead. He agrees to go round after breakfast.
Scott comes to call for Danny to go to school. He tells Anna that Jim is sorting Julie out. Anna looks upset.
Max starts going on about the rift between Julie and Jim.
MARIA: She's a bossy, interfering girl. And you know it.
Maria says that it's nine years since Anne died and he has the right to a life of her own. Anna runs off in tears.
Anna comes round looking for Jim. She's very agitated but Helen tells her to calm down - it's about time Julie grows up and thinks about her father for a change.
Shane has fixed the tap. Shane tells Daphne that things are very mixed up for him just now. He doesn't know what his future holds and he doesn't think it'd be fair to get involved right now. He still wants to be friends though. Daphne is obviously upset but covers it up. He invites Daphne out tonight, but she refuses. She tells him to ask again once he's sorted himself out.
The Park
Jim and Anna meet. Anna saya that it's not just Julie, it's Max as well - any happiness between them is doomed. Jim says that they should spend more time alone together - they should go out for dinner tonight, and not talk about the family. Anna says that if she causes any more problems between him and Julie she won't be able to cope. She just can't destroy a family.
Jim tells Anna he loves her and kisses her.
The Bank
Des wants to hear about the party, but Julie snaps at him.
Peter Kirk comes in to cash a cheque. He's very frosty with Julie. He doesn't really want to meet her tonight.
Maria gives Anna her wedding veil as "something borrowed". They reminisce about Max and Maria's wedding. Maria says Anna will enjoy having her own home, but Anna wonders if it'll ever feel like hers. Maria tells her not to worry - Julie will move out soon enough.
Daphne is sitting dejectedly in a car.
DES: Got another night off, Daph?
DAPHNE: Yes. Don't spread it around.
DES: Why not? Frightened that people will start thinking you're respectable?!
Daphne tells Des what happened with Shane. Des suggests getting a takeaway and a nice bottle of wine to cheer Daphne up.
DES: Dress up, Daph! It's definitely going to be a formal do.
Daphne smiles.
Maria and Shane are preparing dinner. Max and Danny are still at the pool. Apparently Danny is still banging on about the diving competition.
Maria and Shane chat about Anna, Jim and Gino.
Maria answers the door to Carol - she's come to pick up her salad bowl. She tells Maria it was such a shame about last night. Then Carol tells Shane that she saw him going into Des's house earlier.
SHANE: Yes. Miss Lawrence was having trouble with her plumbing.
Maria gives Carol her bowl and shows her out. She tells Shane to be patient with Carol - she's a very unhappy woman. They laugh at what Shane said to her.
Helen and Jim are laying the table. They chat about Helen's future and she says she'll move into a unit - it's what she wants. Anyway, Jim won't need an old chook fussing around when he and Anna are starting his married life.
JIM: We owe you such a lot Helen. When Anne died it seemed othe most natural thing in the world for you to move in and help me bring up the kids. It was only later that I realised what a bit sacrifice you'd made for us.
HELEN: Oh, sacrifice nothing - it gave me a new lease of life.
Helen says that Anna will give Jim a new lease of life too.
Jim is telling Anna that Helen is very wise. He wants them to get married as soon as possible. Anna shows Jim her photos. She admits that she still hasn't told Gino, but she will.
Daphne answers the door wrapped in a towel. It's Carol - she's come to see Des. Daphne mischievously tells her that she's working at home tonight(!) Carol tells her that the neighbours are fed up of taxis roaring through the neighbourhood at 3am.
DAPHNE: Is that what you and your husband do when you go to bed? Watch the clock?
Des comes back at that moment. Carol tells Des that people think Des should look for a more suitable tenant than Daphne.
DES: Do they. Perhaps you'd care to step in and tell me just who's saying that.
Carol will not be drawn on that point, however. Des tells her if she has any complaints, to put them in writing, then slams the door in her face.
DAPHNE: Good for you, Des!
DES: What a nerve.
Then he starts laughing - he says that Carol is just jealous because she doesn't look as good as Daphne in a bath towel(!)
Maria, Anna and Jim are looking at the pictures they took at the market. Max asks Maria if she's talked to Gino yet. Anna says she's written him a letter, but that she's decided not to post it - she wants to tell Gino to his face.
Peter has come round to see Julie. Helen invites him to stay for dinner but he declines.
Julie tells Peter that she's moving out on the weekend - she's going to stay with Marilyn for a bit. Peter wants to know if Julie has apologised to Anna, but Julie hasn't. Peter says it's a pity Julie can't see what a wonderful lady Anna is. Julie is unrepentant though - she says Anna is ruining the family.
JULIE: It'll never ever be the same again.
PETER: No. I guess it won't.
Peter tells Julie that he hopes things work out for her. He doesn't want to see her again. He says that he's seen Julie's true colours now and he doesn't like what he sees. He says Julie shouldn't expect Jim to give Anna up.
Des and Daphne are having a nice takeaway meal and a glass of wine and talking in posh voices.
DES: I'd be devastated if you left, Miss Lawrence.
DAPHNE: You would?
DES: Yes. You own the furniture, remember?
They giggle.
A restaurant
Jim and Anna are having a meal. They are getting on really well. Jim is a bit melancholy though. He tells Anna they have a few problems, but it won't be for much longer.
Anna says that Julie is a big problem - she doesn't want Julie to move out. Jim says that she slapped Anna and he can't forgive her for that. Anna says she and Jim have been living in a fool's paradise.
ANNA: I love you, Jim, but I'm saying goodbye. I'm going home and I'm not coming back. I just wish I could avoid hurting you like this, but we both know that this is the way it's going to be. I'll never be sorry we met.
They kiss.
ANNA: Goodbye, Jim.



Episode title: 0019
Australian airdate: 11/04/85
UK airdate: 20/11/86
UK Gold: 26/11/92
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Colin Budds
Guests: Anna Rossi: Roslyn Gentle
Father Barry: Wayne Cull
Carol Brown: Merrin Canning
Marilyn Temple: Kassie McLuckie
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Karen (Katie)
Peter dumps Julie because of her behaviour towards Anna.
Anna tells Jim she's saying goodbye and going home.
Robinsons - one week has passed
Julie suggests going on a family picnic tomorrow, but nobody is keen.
Scott heads off to Danny's and Lucy goes with him. Julie starts banging on about Anna saying she couldn't have cared about Jim if she left so easily(!)
Paul answers the door to Mrs Brown who is selling raffle tickets for the school fete. Helen buys five dollars' worth. Mrs Brown asks after Jim, saying he's been gone a week now. She says it must have been a terrible blow for him to lose Anna. Then she bangs on about the Robinsons private business, like Anna not wanting to take on four kids. Helen quietly rolls her eyes to herself. She tells Mrs Brown that Jim will be back later today and then shows her out.
Julie says that Mrs Brown should mind her own business. Paul says if Julie had minded her own business, Jim wouldn't have left his family a week ago.
Max comes in. He's been training Danny at the pool. Maria is missing Anna and tells Max off for his part in her leaving.
Julie says that Jim was very sensible to go away for a week to have think.
JULIE: And although everyone blames me for the breakup, I still don't think it would have worked.
HELEN: Julie, shut up! I am up to here with this self-righteous attitude of yours. You've nearly destroyed your father by being just plain bloody selfish. And you have the audicity to stand there and still maintain that you were right, well I'll tell you something, you were wrong, wrong, wrong.
Just then Jim comes in. He tells her that he still wants Julie to apologise to Anna - by telephone. She says she won't. Jim says then Julie will have to leave the house, as they discussed.
JIM: Go and pack your bags.
Later at the Robinsons
Julie's suitcase is by the front door and Lucy is sitting on it. Paul is going to give her a hand over to Marilyn's.
Jim talks to the whole family. He tells them that he's done a lot of thinking over the last week.
JIM: I think you all know that I would do anything for any one of you. You also know that when I say something, I mean it.
Jim says that Julie won't apologise to Anna - and he hopes Julie will learn for this. Jim says that the family can visit Julie at her place. Julie leaves the house.
Mrs Brown has come round to sell raffle tickets and Daphne buys five dollars worth. Mrs Brown starts gossiping about Anna.
Just then there's a knock at the door and it's Father Barry. Mrs Brown is very surprised to see that Daphne is friendly with a priest. He asks her how things are at home. She says quietly that she hasn't been drinking.
When Mrs Brown has gone, Daphne says that she seems very lonely. She offers Father Barry a cup of coffee and they talk about Kim who's still in the squats. Then they talk about Jim and how sorry they are that the relationship has ended - Jim and Anna seemed so right for each other.
Lucy comes into the living room looking very dejected. She tells Jim that he sent Julie away. She is worried Jim will send her away too. They chat about the ring and Lucy is still maintaining that Anna took the ring.
Maria tells Max that Jim is back. She wants him to go and see him, but Max isn't keen.
Just then the phone rings and Maria goes to answer it.
Paul comes in from dropping Julie off. Paul is surprised that Helen didn't try to stop Jim kicking Julie out.
HELEN: Oh no. This is his house. He makes the decisions about his children. Besides, Julie knew the consequences of what she did.
Helen says that Julie should have apologised - but she wouldn't.
Jim comes in and tells Paul that he wants to be told if Julie needs anything. Paul isn't happy that Julie has been kicked out, but Jim is firm on the subject. He explains to Helen and Paul that he's tried everything to have the best of all worlds - to get married with Julie liking it and Max as his best man - but what's really important is what's right for him. And Anna is right for him.
HELEN: You're going up there?
JIM: Tomorrow morning.
Helen hugs Jim.
Anna has called Maria to tell her that she got married - an hour ago. Maria does not look pleased.
Des's - another week has passed!
Paul is reading on the sofa (why?!) when Mrs Brown calls round. She's come to tell Daphne that she's sorry that Anna got married - a week ago. She's come to tell Daphne that she's won a prize on the raffle - a year's subscription to "Family Circle". Mrs Brown says that Daphne probably won't be interested though - it's "not her style". Daphne says she's right and tells her to keep the subscription herself.
DAPHNE: From what I hear, your marriage is an abject lesson to us all.
Mrs Brown is most offended and storms out.
When Mrs Brown has gone, Daphne rolls her eyes. Paul says that Mrs Brown has a lot of problem and Daphne should ignore her.
Paul has seen Julie - he took her out to dinner last night. Apparently she is very homesick and the place she lives in with Marilyn is tiny.
The Park
Julie and Marilyn are having lunch in the park. Marilyn asks Julie to find somewhere else to live and she agrees. It's just to small for both of them to live in. Marilyn says candidly that Julie is very difficult to live with - she's tried to organise Marilyn and she doesn't like it.
JULIE: When do you want me to move out?
MARILYN: Oh, no hurry. How about...tomorrow?
Julie is appalled but Marilyn says she as a friend coming to stay. Marilyn suggests that Julie goes back home, but she says she can't.
Gold Coast
Anna is sitting in a hotel room. She picks up the phone.
Anna has called to speak to Jim. She says she had to call because of Julie - Julie has phoned Anna up to apologise and she was sincere. Jim thanks Anna for letting him know. They awkwardly exchange pleasantries and then ring off.
Jim tells Helen that Julie has apologised. Jim says there's nothing he can do - it's come too late. Jim thinks Julie only did it to get back into the house. Helen says that Jim gave Julie an ultimatum and he must set a good example by keeping his end of the bargain.
HELEN: I've never really asked you to do anything for me, Jim, but for the sake of this family, I want you to bring her home.
Later at the Robinsons
Jim tells the family that they're all going to go and invite Jul



Episode title: 0020
Australian airdate: 12/04/85
UK airdate: 21/11/86
UK Gold: 27/11/92
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Colin Budds
Guests: Mrs Armitage: Marion Heathfield
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Karen (Katie)
Anna rings Maria to tell her she's got married.
Helen asks Jim to bring Julie home - for the sake of the family.
The Robinsons are having breakfast and Julie is back. Helen suggests a family picnic, but Jim's not very keen. He goes off to do the garden.
Helen asks Julie and Lucy to show how much they love him - they should tell him more often.
Shane is having a cup of coffee on the sofa and resting up. Max yells for Danny to get up. Shane says Danny has got more natural ability than he has, but Max says that Danny needs more discipline. Max says that Danny will go on the trampoline today.
MAX: Don't you make me regret this, boy!
Des is trying to learn to iron(!) Daphne is working again tonight - somewhere a bit more upmarket. But she's off tomorrow night. Des is about to ask Daphne to do something tomorrow night, but just then Paul rings and invites her to a show at the university theatrical society. Des rolls his eyes and makes a face!
Garden of the Ramsays
Danny is training on the trampoline. Max has calmed down a bit.
Helen comes to see Maria - she tells her she's worried about Jim - he's got a broken heart. Max comes in and says sympathically that it will take a bit of time. Helen would like Max to talk to Jim - he can't really talk to Helen or the children. She encourages Max to make up with Jim. Max says alright - he'll see if he can take him out somewhere to unwind. Helen is pleased.
Garden of the Ramsays
Danny is messing about a bit on the trampoline and Max shouts at him to concentrate. Danny starts practising pike jumps. Shane says that Danny is doing alright.
Lucy tells Julie that Jim seems different now. She wonders if Anna would have been a nice mum. Lucy says that it's her fault that Anna went. Julie says they didn't need Anna. Lucy is worried that Jim looks sad but Julie says that Jim will get over it. Julie insists that they did the right thing(!) Lucy doesn't look too sure.
Daphne is trying on outfits to wear to the show with Paul. Des isn't really interested. Eventually he tells her to stop bothering him - he's trying to do his accounts. Daphne says that Des doesn't do anything spontaneously.
DAPHNE: By the time you've made up your mind, you've probably missed your opportunity.
DES: Isn't that the truth.
Garden of the Robinsons
Max has come to talk to Jim. He tells him about Danny's training. Jim is very distracted. Max invites him to go for a beer and a yarn.
MAX: Look, Helen's worried about you, mate. We all are.
Max says that Jim will have to put it out of his mind, but Jim says he's alright and Max should tell Helen not to worry about him.
Balcony of the Ramsays
Shane tells Danny sincerely that Danny has more natural ability than he does, he just needs to have confidence. Shane says Danny needs to believe in himself. Danny wants Shane to be his coach instead.
Max comes back and starts ranting at Danny again. He says he's not giving him any more chances and won't train Danny any more.
Max has calmed down a bit and is telling Maria that Jim is like a man in a trance. Maria says that Jim is grieving for his relationship. Max insists that Anna wasn't right for Jim. Maria says that Jim has a broken heart and no-one seems able to reach him.
Maria has come to tell Helen what happened with Jim and Max. They chat about how bad Julie's behaviour was, and the way she manipulated Lucy. Helen says that Julie is damned lucky to be home again, and if she steps out of line again, she'll be out and there'll be no coming back. Julie overhears a bit of this from the living room.
Danny's room
Danny is ranting to Shane about Max. He says he's done with diving. Shane offers to take Danny down the the pool himself. Danny reluctantly agrees.
Jim is brooding in the living room. Julie comes out and apologises to Jim for her behaviour about Anna. She says that she wanted what was best for Jim and for the family but blows it by saying they don't need anyone else. Jimis silent. Helen rolls her eyes.
JIM:(to Helen) I know you're supposed to love them. That doesn't mean you have to like them.
Shane and Danny are off to the pool. Max apologises for letting rip at Danny. Danny doesn't want to know.
Helen wants to have a little talk with Lucy. She tells her that she has the ring back and found it in Lucy's room. Helen says that blaming Anna wasn't a very nice thing to do. Lucy says in a small voice that she's sorry and she didn't mean to. But she admits that she did it. Helen can see plainly that Lucy is sorry.
Jim comes out and Lucy tells him that she took the ring and she's sorry and she did everything wrong. She cries in his arms.
Outside the Ramsays
Shane's car has got a flat tyre. Danny says he'll fix it - Shane has to rest his back.
Des is vacuuming (he seems to have got very domesticated!)
The phone rings and it's some nutter. He says it's probably a wrong number. Daphne looks a bit scared. She tells Des that there's been a few wrong numbers recently.
Outside the Ramsays
The car seems to have a problem, so Danny gets underneath to have a look. But the jack collapses and the car falls on Danny.
Shane tries to lift the car. Max is just coming out to his van and races to help. He manages to lift it enough for Danny to crawl out. Danny is OK. Max asks Shane urgently how his back is. Shane says it's OK. Max closes his eyes in relief.