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"Молодые и дерзкие" - 2 (США) - резюме серий на английском языке

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The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9515

Adam learns from Sharon that Skye will call the police on him if he goes on the run. Adam decides to go see Justin Hightower to make things right before leaving town. Sharon drops her gloves as she makes one final plea to stop Adam from leaving town. Heather refuses to help Victor have the court order against him stopped. Victor refuses to take no for an answer. Nick confronts his father about keeping Victoria away from Nikki. Billy is furious when he finds out from Victoria what Victor has done. Daniel's divorce papers show up in the post. Abby is upset when Daniel says he is happy to be single. Lauren isn't sure she can give Jana second chance after she tries to reach out to her. Daisy is revealed as being back in town.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9517

Daniel discovers that Daisy's baby is his child. Daisy tells him that they slept together the night that she drugged him. Phyllis, Michael, and Lauren inform Ronan about seeing Daisy at Jimmy's. After finding Daisy's motel room Michael, Kevin, and Ronan realize that she is pregnant. Abby manages to text somebody without Daisy seeing. Daisy thinks that that Daniel should have a DNA test performed on the baby if he thinks it isn't his. Ronan shows up and arrests Daisy as she is about to leave. Things heat up between Jana and Noah but she throws him out when Kevin texts her to say he is coming to see her. Noah sees Jana messing up her apartment after he leaves. Jana asks Kevin to stay the night after telling him that Daisy trashed the apartment. Victor tells Kay about Nikki's relapse and continues that he isn't sure he still wants to marry her. Victor and Kay work out that Murphy is trying to send them a message. Deacon ends up deciding not to spike Nikki's drink with the alcohol that Meggie has given him.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9518

Nikki ends up admitting to Deacon that she is upset that Victoria hasn’t come to see her. Victor tells his daughter that Nikki doesn't want her to visit her. After Billy goes to see Nikki they both work out that Victor has been stopping Victoria from coming. Victoria finally gets to see her mother and airs her frustrations concerning Victor. Meggie tells Deacon about the next bit of her plan. Nikki is furious with Victor. Paul tries to find out from his daughter if Victor is funding her campaign. Heather ends up admitting that Victor is helping her. Paul attempts to convince her that she should cancel the deal she has made with Victor. Heather ends up deciding to take Victor’s money to help her campaign. Paul is disappointed by his daughter's actions. J.T. learns that he can go home. J.T. and Mac think about leaving Genoa City.



The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9519

When Lily returns home she finds Cane with Blake. Blake manages to charm Lily. Ronan is brought in by Kay to help communicate with Murphy and after he realizes that he is using Morse code he realizes that Murphy is saying the word danger. Deacon is attacked by Victor at the rehab center. Heather offers Billy a deal after he works out the connection between her and Victor. After J.T. tells her that he intends to take Reed to Washington to start a new life with him and Mac, Victoria is determined to stop him fromi

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9520

Paul goes to see J.T. before he leaves town and is surprised by his decision to move to Washington. Kay supports Mac's decision to move to Washington after finding out about it and promises to come visit. Kay asks J.T. and Mac about their plans to get married and she decided to arrange them a wedding before they leave town. Victoria is frustrated that there is nothing she can do to stop J.T. taking Reed with him to Washington. Meggie makes plans to fly to Vegas with Victor and then kill him. Heather learns that she is leading the polls. Paul remains concerned about Heather's connection to Victor. Heather receives a call asking her to comment about the article in Restless Style. A furious Heather confronts Billy. Heather ends up being forced to pull out of the campaign. Victoria goes to see her mother and fills her in on about J.T taking Reed to Washington to live. Victoria refuses to allow Nikki to call Victor for help. After Victoria leaves, Nikki decides to call Victor for help anyway. Nikki ends up finding out from Meggie about her trip with Victor to Vegas. Meggie drugs Victor's drink who on the plane has a change of mind about going to Vegas. Meggie is able to get a confused Victor to propose to her and she tells the pilot to fly the plane to Reno. After the plane lands in Reno a drugged up Victor and Meggie are married. Billy goes to see J.T and Mac about their decision to move to Washington with Reed and the pain it is causing Victoria. Kay tells J.T. and Mac she has made all the arrangements for them to get married. Victoria tells Billy she will never forgive J.T. for taking Reed away.



The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9521

JT and Mac say goodbye to their family and friends as they leave Genoa City to start a new life in Washington. Nikki finds herself needing soembody to lean on in her fight against the booze.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9522

Meggie learns from Victor that the drugs she gave him were fakes. Ronan, Heather and Murphy show up as Meggie tries to make a run for it. Victoria learns about Meggie's plan to kill her father. Victor works out that Meggie is responsible for Nikki falling off the wagon. Deacon and Nikki make love. Victor discovers Nikki and Deacon together and Victor ends up attacking him. Nikki learns the truth from Victor about what Meggie has been up to. Victor is upset about what has happened between Nikki and Deacon and leaves. After running into Diane, Victor offers to go to New York with her. Jack is determined not to allow anything come between him and his son. Nick and Phyllis are officially divorced. After Heather sees Ronan popping a pill she wonders what is going on.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9523

Phyllis tries to convince Billy not to write a story on Daisy so that she can protect her son. After Kyle learns that the things that Phyllis wrote in the article are true he feels wrecked. Kyle ends up throwing coffee over Phyllis's magazine and Jack thinks that he and and Phyllis should have a break from seeing one another. Kevin talks to Jeff about why he is holding out on paying Hogan and Jeff informs him that he doesn’t know what happened to the money. Kevin and Jeff later realize Gloria took the money to buy him a present. Adam gets a job as a bartender at Gloworm. Sharon is surprised when she sees him working there and informs him that she and Nicholas are going to give their relationship another try now that Nicholas and Phyllis are divorced. Nicholas kisses Sharon when he shows up. Sharon and Nicholas make love after returning home.



The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9524

Michael doesn't want Daisy’s arrival back in town setting Lauren back. Daisy insists that she has no reason to lie about the paternity of her baby after Abby goes to see her at the jail. Phyllis wants Daisy to be released to a private hospital. Kevin and Chloe end up in the same holding cell as Daisy at the police station. Phyllis makes plans to have a DNA carried out on Daisy's baby. Jeff learns of Kevin and Chloe's arrest. Diane tells Victor about how Phyllis attacked her and that her son saw it.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9525

Tucker and Sofia met with Cane about James Collier. Blake pays Lily a visit. Cane freaks out when he finds Blake holding one of the babies. Cane promises Blake that he will get the money. Gloria learns about her son's arrest. Kevin is offered a deal by Heather but he refuses to tell her anything. Heather is forced to release Chloe and Kevin due to lack of evidence. Lauren is determined to see Daisy remain in jail for a long time. Kevin warns Daisy to stay away from the people he loves. Jana hears them talking but takes it out of context . Daisy ends up being able to manipulate Jana into helping he

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9526

Cane snaps at Lily as he feels the pressure and later brings her flowers to say sorry. Blake introduces himself to Tucker as James Colllier. Heather tells her father she is going to make sure that Adam ends up back in prison. The new D.A. informs Adam that he has no intention of reopening his case and ends up firing Heather. Sharon asks Nicholas to move back in and he agrees to the idea. Adam is devastated when he looks through the window and sees Sharon and his brother about to make love. Nicholas asks Sharon to become his wife. Diane agrees to allow Jack to pay for their son's tuition fees and agrees to allow him to have Kyle for the weekend. Phyllis and Diane continue to clash. Diane tries unsuccessfully to seduce Jack.



The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9527

Sharon ends up agreeing to marry Nicholas again. Both Nicholas and Sharon try to break the news to Phyllis and Adam respectively. Jack tries to comfort an upset Phyllis. Victor learns that Jack is behind Abby's lawsuit. Victoria tries to get Victor to reach out to Abby on her birth

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9528

Everyone is surprised when the paternity results prove that Daniel is the father of Daisy's unborn child. Daisy wants Phyllis and Daniel to help her. Phyllis talks to Lauren about Daisy. Kevin wants to raise the baby if Daniel wont. Daniel tells Daisy that they should give up the baby for adoption. Ronan drops his cup of coffee as he is talking to Heather and she is concerned. Murphy learns that Meggie is being extradited to Alaska to stand trial. Ronan drops a prescription bottle out of his pocket and Heather sees it. Heather later does research on Ronan’s prescription and then confronts him about it.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9529

Ronan attempts to get Heather to back off. After she sees Ronan nearly collapse at Glowarm, Heather demands to know what is wrong with him. Victor thinks that Michael should offer Heather a job. Phyllis is advised by Jack to call Vance Abrams for help about what to do about the baby. Phyllis and Jack meet with Vance and Phyllis ends up offering to let Daisy live with her. Jana is determined to see Daisy behind bars. Daniel isn't pleased when he finds out about his mother's meeting with Vance and about her plans. Jana learns from Lauren about Kevin’s plans for the baby.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9530

Cane gets Blake ready to meet with Tucker and Sofia who are surprised to learn that they are old friends. Blake manages to gain Tucker’s seal of approval. Lily wants Blake to come to Thanksgiving but Cane says he would rather it be only family. Neil wants Sofia to look into Blake's past. Sharon takes off her engagement ring until they break the news to everyone else. When Adam runs into Sharon he notices that she isn't wearing her engagement ring.



The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9531

Ronan turns down Nina's offer to join her and the family for Thanksgiving. Heather is surprised when Michael offers her a job. Heather attempts to convince Ronan to spend Thanksgiving with Nina and continues that she will tell Nina about him being sick if he doesn't attend. Nicholas learns about his father's plan to destroy Adam. Diane finds out that Jack has payed her bill at the place she is staying and he offers his continued to help until she finds a job. Diane is invited by Jack for Thanksgiving. Phyllis isn't happy when she finds out Jack and Diane will be spending Thanksgiving together. Sharon tells Adam the reasons why she isn't wearing her engagement ring. Sharon tells Nicholas that she wants to go away for Thanksgiving.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9532

Michael learns from Victor that he intends to destroy Adam and Jack. Jack gets the news about the Newman Fund and realizes what Victor is up to. Michael learns that Jack and Victor have tapped into Skye’s computer in order to learn what companies she has invested in after Jack confronts Victor. Jack attempts to save some of his investment. Skye is served with divorce papers. Skye is furious when she realizes that she has lost everything. Sharon explains to Nicholas why she needs some time alone. Nicholas shares his current problems with Phyllis. Phyllis later shares Nicholas and Sharon's problems with Adam. Chloe refuses to agree to let Delia spend Thanksgiving with Billy and Vi

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9533

Kay asks Jill to stay for Thanksgiving. Blake ends up agreeing to Lily's request that he joins the family for Thanksgiving. Kay attempts to convince Nina that Ronan showed up because he wants a relationship with her. Abby decides to reach out to her father on Thanksgiving. Jack attempts to salvage what is left of the Newman Fund. Jack lets his sister know that Tucker was working with Victor. Victor attempts to convince Abby that Victoria, Jack and Vance are trying to turn her against him. Ashley tells Abby what Victor did to Jack just as she is starting to think she can trust him. Jack finds Skye's room trashed and her missing. Ronan tries to reach out to Chloe before he is called into walk. Chloe is confronted by Kevin about her feelings for Ronan. When Victor shows up at Sky's room, Ronan informs him that blood has been found in the room.



The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9534

Jack tells Ronan that Victor is responsible for everything that has happened involving the Newman Fund. The blood found doesn't match Adam's. After learning that the blood matches that of Skye, her disappearance is now being treated as a murder case. Nicholas enjoys Thanksgiving dinner with Phyllis, Noah, Summer, and Faith at Gloworm. Victor tells Nicholas to get Sharon to return home. Nikki is released from rehab early but Victor doesn't want anything to do with her. Nick is concerned after someone makes a call from Sharon’s phone and informs him that she lost it on her way to New Orleans. Nicholas decides to go to New Orleans to find Sharon and Lauren suggests that Michael goes with him. Both Daniel and Lauren agree that the best thing for the the baby would be for it to be given up for adoption. Kevin goes to see Daisy and tells her that he wants to be named as the baby's legal guardian. Victoria and Billy enjoy Thanksgiving together and are thrilled after Chloe ends up allowing Delia to spend the night with them.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9535

Nick and Michael look for Sharon in New Orleans by showing her photograph to different innkeepers and bartenders. They also show Adam’s photo to a police officer and tell him that Adam is a suspect in a murder case. Adam follows Sharon. Phyllis decides to fly to New Orleans. Diane frustrates Jack. Nikki attempts to sort things out with Victor. Victor leaves town and is seen on

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9536

Sharon is surprised to see Adam who kisses her and they later end up making love. Nicholas continues to look for Sharon. Jack has dinner with Kyle and Diane. Jack shares his concerns with Diane about Skye. Victor tells Skye that she will soon get used to being 'dead' again and offers her any help she needs. When Michael sees Phyllis she asks him not to tell Nicholas that she is in town. Nicholas is furious when he sees Phyllis though and accuses her of being a bad parent for leaving their kids to follow a sto



The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9537

Phyllis is revealed as still being in New Orleans. When Michael suggests that perhaps Sharon is with Adam, Nicholas is furious with the suggestion. Adam opens up to Sharon and after she has a flashback involving Nicholas she tells him that they can not be together. As Sharon kisses Adam goodbye, Michael and Nicholas show up. Sharon insists that she never arranged to meet Adam in New Orleans. Nicholas tells Sharon that things are over between them as Phyllis comes out out of the shadows. Deacon tells Nikki how he feels about her but she tells him she needs some time to sort out her feelings. Jill clashes with Lauren. Lauren remains determined to see Daisy remain in jail.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9538

Phyllis places a call to Billy and lets him know that Adam has been caught. Phyllis writes up the story. Noah discovers that Adam followed Sharon to New Orleans and that they are both being questioned. Adam decides that he does not need a lawyer as he has not done anything wrong. Adam is questioned by Ronan about his relationship with Skye. Sharon is shocked when she learns about the threats Adam made to Skye. Sharon ends up being released. Abby supports Noah. Adam attempts to convince Sharon that he has done nothing wrong.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9539

The judge decides that Daisy should remain in jail and not be released into Phyllis's care. Kevin hopes that Daisy will now agree to let him to adopt her unborn child. Daniel tells Kevin to stay out of things. Lauren and Michael learn that Daisy was taken to the hospital. Daisy calls Daniel asking him to come to the hospital. Phyllis is able to get the judge to agree to reverse his decision. Kevin and Chloe are threatened by Hogan at Gloworm. Kevin ends up deciding to accept a job offer from Hogan. Adam tries to convince Jack that Skye is faking her death. Sharon ends up admitting to Nicholas that she slept with Adam. Sharon tries to convince Nicholas that her future is with him. Heather refuses to help Adam. Ronan collapses as he talks to Heather. Sharon tells Adam tha



The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9540

After Heather takes Ronan to the hospital he discusses his sickness with a doctor there. Daniel learns from his mother about Daisy’s new living situation. Phyllis defends her decision to both Nicholas and Michael. Sharon decides that she is going to help prove Adam’s innocence. Sharon questions Jack. Adam learns from Sharon that Victor was behind the fund’s collapse. Daisy is told by Phyllis to follow her rules

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9541

As Sharon hires Leslie to defend Adam Phyllis listens in and she decides to re-focus the article that she is writing. Noah that Faith are told by Nicholas that they might have to stay with him for good. Ashley confronts Sharon after she and Jack see her with Leslie. Sharon is confronted by her son. Nikki tells Sharon that she should leave Genoa City. When Victor finds out what Sharon is up to he is furious.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9542

Jana witnesses Chloe and Kevin taking pictures with Delia and she ends up calling Child Protective Services. Cane and Lily take a photo with the twins as Blake and Colin watch. Daniel refuses to listen to what Daisy wants to say. Phyllis clashes with Kevin. Phyllis is told by Billy to run her article. Kevin and Chloe are surprised to find Child Protective Services at their door. Chloe works out that Victoria could be pregnant again. Gloria lets Jana know that she is watching her. Victoria tells Billy that she is not pregnant. Daniel makes an announcement after bringing Summer to see his mother.



The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9543

Sofia learns that the background check on Blake has been completed. The CPS agent realizes that it was all a misunderstanding. Chloe thinks that Jana is to blame for what has happened. Jana ends up being confronted by Kevin. When Hogan shows up to see Jeff, he attempts to avoid seeing him. Daniel is able to convince his mother to change Daisy’s living situation and she is forced to inform the judge. Daniel and Daisy can not agree about the baby and adoption. Billy and Phyllis take a look at the latest edition of the magazine. Hogan ends up confronting Jeff. Cane is stunned when Jill introduces Colin to him.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9544

Nick and Noah take a look at the latest issue of Restless Style. Sharon and Adam are shown the magazine by Leslie. Noah tells his mother that he wants nothing more to do with her. Jack turns down Adam's request to help Sharon. Kay steps in after Sharon confronts Phyllis. Daniel and Kevin end up in a fight. Daisy receives a proposition from Jana about her baby. After Adam insults Phyllis, Jack hits him. Sharon and Phyllis end up fighting as well.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9545

Following the success of the latest edition of the magazine Billy urges Phyllis to continue following Adam’s story. Sharon misses her daughter and she remains adamant that she and Adam prove he didn’t kill Skye. Phyllis is asked by Sharon and Adam to change the focus of her article. Victoria is confronted by her brother about the article. Cane tracks down Blake and wants to know what his father is doing in town. Cane warns Colin that if he does anything to hurt Jill then we will destroy him. Jill learns from Colin that he has a secret regarding Cane.



The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9546

Colin attempts to convince Cane that he needs his protection. Jill and Colin flirt with one another and thinks heat up between them. Cane isn't happy to find Blake with Lily. Jana and Daisy talk about Kevin and the baby. Daisy’s talent impresses Daniel. Kevin tells Chloe how he feels about her. Heather attempts to convince Ronan to tell someone about his condition and Chloe catches them in a close moment. Kevin ends up kissing Jana. Jill and Colin are caught in a compromising position by Lauren and Michael.

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9547

Ronan and Heather’s moment is interrupted by Chloe and she also catches Kevin and Jana together. Chloe decides to move out. Chloe is pushed by Kay to think about why she was upset at seeing Kevin with Jana. Heather and Rona end up making love. Jill and Lauren are able to make amends and Lauren thanks Michael for helping her and Jill. Nikki finishes things with Deacon. Ronan gets positive test results fro

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9548

Michael wants Lauren to go away with him for Christmas and he promises her that Daisy’s movements will be tracked. Chloe packs up her belongings. Jack and Diane agree to be friends. Sharon secretly sneaks into the pageant and watches the families congratulate the children after they take part. Phyllis is confronted by Noah about the choices she has made. Adam makes a mysterious phone call. Adam discovers something about the night Skye disappeared. Jack finds out that Phyllis is working with Adam. Diane and Nick grow closer when they have dinner together. Kevin informs his brother and Lauren that Chloe and Delia have gone.



The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9549

Jack is fine with Phyllis working with Adam. Adam shows Phyllis and Jack the picture but Phyllis just dismisses the trivial proof. Phyllis and Jack decide to try and test Adam’s theory noting the time stamp. Jack tries to convince Phyllis that Adam is guilty but she is not so sure. Billy and Victoria join Ashley, Abby and Tucker for dinner. After Nicholas runs into Diane things end up heating up between them. Victor makes his way

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9550

Nikki and Deacon talk at the coffeehouse. Victor realizes that Nicholas was with a woman at the ranch. Phyllis isn’t happy when Jack calls Ronan to tell him about their discovery before she can call Billy. Ronan takes away the evidence. Adam and Sharon learn that the photo could prove to be important in the case. Adam is arrested officially by Ronan. Nikki and Victor talk about his plans for Christmas. Diane is offered a job

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9551

Daniel is surprised when Jana brings him over a Christmas dinner. Daniel and Lily talk about the baby. Abby is reluctant to discuss the future with Daniel. Ronan puts his name on the transplant list. Heather thinks that Ronan should tell his family and friends about his condition. Jill is surprised when Colin shows up with a present for her. Cane clashes with Colin. Kevin has a question to ask Chloe and she accepts wha



The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9552

Lauren and Jill spend a special moment together. Victoria is looking forward to Reed coming to visit for Christmas. Diane and Kyle show up for Christmas Eve dinner with Jack and Traci and Jack invites Phyllis to join them as well. Abby has an interesting gift for Tucker. Victor dismisses the gift that Abby gives him.Nicholas asks his father to spend the evening with him. Nikki wants her son to sort out his differences with his sister. Sharon and Adam receive a visit from Victor. Sharon makes an important discovery. Tucker asks Ashley an important question

The Young and the Restless: Ep. #9553

Nick lets his sister and Billy know that he will be there on Christmas. Nikki attempts to persuade Victor to spend Christmas with the family but he refuses. Victor ends up experiencing his own very special version of 'Christmas Carol'. When Victor wakes on on Christmas morning he has a new vision for the future.

9558 :38x196 - Ep. #9558

Michael and Lauren learn about Daisy’s escape. Lauren blames Phyllis. Abby learns from Daniel that they found Daisy’s monitor but there is no sign of her. After the doctors recommend that Jana shouldn’t be left alone, Kevin offers to spend the night with her. Daisy is found by Daniel in Jana’s car on the side of the road about t go into labor. Daisy hits Daniel over the head after he holds their new born child for the first time. Victoria admits to Billy there is a chance that she might not ever be able to have another child.

9559 :38x197 - Ep. #9559

Victor refuses to listen to Sharon's attempts for him to help Adam. Daniel is found by the side of the road. Daisy leaves the baby on it's own in a church. Daniel is suffering with hypothermia. Daisy's baby is found in the church. Daisy crosses the border into Canada.



9560 :38x198 - Ep. #9560

Heather is given a subpoena for her deposition against Owen. Heather argues with Ronan after he refuses to ask his mother for help.When Tucker suggests they start planning their wedding, Ashley is surprised. Kay is happy when she finds out about their engagement. Cane tries to convince Neil and Sofia to give Blake another chance. Cane is partly honest with Sofia. Colin meets his grandchildren for the first time. Kay learns from Nina and Paul that Colin was released from prison in Queensland recently.

9561 :38x199 - Ep. #9561

Sharon tells Adam that if they can not find evidence of his innocence that she could loose Faith. Adam and Sharon learn from Leslie that Vance has decided to stop representing him. Nikki and Victor reconnect. Jack agrees to listen to Adam. After Jana wakes up, Kevin realizes that she has no recollection of what has happened since February 2010. Jana becomes scared when Kevin tells her that the year is 2011. Kevin asks Chloe to wait for him until Jana gets her memory back. Jana is revealed as faking her memory loss.

9562 :38x200 - Ep. #9562

Jack confronts Victor. Nicholas finds proof that his father has been lying. Jack decides to fly to Hawaii after Nicholas shows him the proof. When Daniel wakes up he manages to say the word 'Daisy'. Daisy's baby is handed over to a woman called Prim, the niece of Rose DeVille. Billy later meets with her and informs him that she has a baby for sale if the price is right. Heather ends up defying Ronan and tells Nina about his illness.



9563 :38x201 - Ep. #9563

Gloria is determined to prove that Jana is faking her memory loss. Victoria tells her mother that she will likely never be able to carry another child to full term. Billy has just a day to decide about the adoption. Nicholas decides to go for sole custody of Faith and is later confronted by Sharon after she finds out. Jack shows up at Koa’s general store in Hawaii.

9564 :38x202 - Ep. #9564

Nicholas learns that Jack is in Hawaii following up a lead. Nicholas decides to let Sharon see Faith but it will be by his rules. Diane ends up agreeing to stay with Kyle at the ranch. Billy makes a decision about the baby. Victoria and Victor are unable to sort out their differences. Victor finds out that Jack has been asking questions.

9565 :38x203 - Ep. #9565

Victor learns from Michael that the forensic accountant’s reports came back in his favor. Nina tells Ronan that she contacted his doctor to find out if she is match for a liver donor. Sharon and Adam learn from Jack what he has managed to find out. Koa refuses to tell Jack abything about Skye. The judge makes a ruling. Chester ends up turning in Skye’s keychain at the general store which Jack witnesses.



9566 :38x204 - Ep. #9566

Billy is caught talking on the phone with Prim by Victoria. Jack shows Nicholas Skye’s keychain that he found in Hawaii. Sharon wants Vance to take on Adam's case again after she shows him the keychain. Vance ends up agreeing to take the new evidence to the D.A. Whilst Phyllis watches Victor’s interview, Billy and Jack arrive to talk about Jack’s news. Nicholas confronts his sister about what the lawsuit is doing to Newman Enterprises. Billy comes to a decision reguarding the adoption. Daniel finally recovers.

9567 :38x205 - Ep. #9567

Diane thinks that Victor is a changed man but Jack refuses to believe it. Jack tells Victor and Diane everything he discovered in Hawaii. Daniel attempts to remember everything that happened. Sharon and Adam share a close moment. Sharon later confronts Victor. Ronan ends up opening up to Heather after she demands answers about the night Chance died. Billy gives Prim the money and fills out the fake adoption forms. Victoria has a surprise.

9568 :38x206 - Ep. #9568

Kevin talks to Jana's doctor. Chloe pays Daniel a visit. Kevin and Chloe attempt to reconnect. Jana’s doctor tells Kevin that he needs to continue to help Jana. Victoria is shocked when Billy tells her that the baby girl he is holding is theirs.

9569 :38x207 - Ep. #9569

Phyllis is conforted by Jack as they talk about Daniel’s return home. Billy and Victoria look after the new baby and Victoria finally comes up with a name. Abby and Daniel talk about his baby. Nicholas learns from his father about the charges against Adam and learns where he is staying. A furious Nicholas confronts Sharon. Victor ends up admitting to Diane that he has something in store for Ada

9570 :38x208 - Ep. #9570

Kevin tells Chloe that Jana believes that they are still married but he has an idea how to change this which Jana hears. Kay discovers the reason why Colin went to prison and she is determined to protect Jill. Blake is confronted by Sofia about his charade with Cane. Colin and Blake talk about Cane’s recent actions. Colin tells Cane about his future plans. Heather admits her real feelings to Ronan.



9571 :38x209 - Ep. #9571

Agent Banhart from the FBI shows up with questions about Skye. Adam thinks that he should question Victor. Victor gives nothing away when he is questioned. Nick and Victor are not happy after Nick’s petition is denied and Sharon shows up with Adam to collect Faith. After Colin informs Cane that he intends to stay in Genoa City permanently, he is not happy. Blake helps Lily arrange a romantic evening for Cane but they end up accidentally getting locked in the wine cellar together. Blake manages to make Lily doubt Cane. Cane ends up admitting a secret to Lily after she is freed. Colin has an important question for Jill. Chloe tries to help Kevin.

9572 :38x210 - Ep. #9572

Heather learns drom Chris that she has contacted Chance about Ronan. Paul is stunned after Nina lets slip that Chance is still alive. Billy and Victoria introduce baby Lucy to the family. Daniel is frustrated that he can not remember everything but after he and Abby show up to see Lucy, he suddenly remembers everything. Nicholas, Nikki and Victor are not happy about having to hand Faith over the Sharon and Adam. Victor offers to help son with an appeal. Sharon ends up getting arrested. Heather, Paul and Nina try to convince Ronan not to leave town.

9573 :38x211 - Ep. #9573

Lily takes Cane up to their room and she is able to get him to forget all his troubles for a night. Sharon is forced to give Faith to Victor following her arrest. Daniel comes to a realization about the baby that he is holding. Victor tells everyone about Sharon's arrest. Sharon learns that she might not get bail.

9574 :38x212 - Ep. #9574

After everyone finds out about Colin asking Jill to marry him they advise her against accepting. Diane learns from Jack about Sharon’s situation and that Victor is the reason behind it. Adam turns to Jack for help. Sharon is confronted in jail by Phyllis. Nicholas confronts his father about him being involved in Sky's disappearance.

9576 :38x214 - Ep. #9576

Diane and Victor have no regrets. Nikki is surprised to After Diane answers the door at the ranch. Diane and Victor come to a decision. Deacon receives a call from Meggie who threatens to tell Nikki about their past. Daniel talks to Kevin about the baby and is determined to find out the truth. Lily questions Blake about Samantha. Cane wants to tell Lily the truth. Tucker tells Sofia that he knows everything.



9577 :38x215 - Ep. #9577

Sharon learns that the tape of her and Skye is on the magazine website. Adam informs Jack that he tracked down something that belonged to Skye. Neil is asked by his brother to be his best man at his wedding. Sofia attempts to fight Tucker on his decision. Cane tells Lily the real reason that Blake came to town. Tucker works out that Neil does not know anything about the situation with Sophia and Cane. Lily asks Cane to leave after she tells him the truth. Phyllis and Jack end up offering their help to Sharon and Adam.

9578 :38x216 - Ep. #9578

Nicholas, Victor, and Sharon learn that the judge is going to rule on the custody suit. Adam and Jack find out that Skye knew some important information about the company. Neil learns from Lily that Cane has told her the truth about everything. Sofia makes a stand against Tucker after he tells her that he wants his money back. Kay and Jill learn the truth about Blake from Cane. Colin tries to force Cane into not revealing anything about him. Sofia is involved in an accident.

9579 :38x217 - Ep. #9579

Lily comes to a decision reguarding Cane. Sofia is attended to Neil, Malcolm and the police after being hit by a motorcycle. Colin works out that Blake was responsible for what happened. Cane begs with Lily not to give up on them. Colin tells Blake that he knows his intentions. Jill is asked by Colin to become his wife. Diane and Nicholas talk about the judge’s ruling. Diane is surprised when Nicholas admits that he made a mistake ending things between them.



9583 :38x221 - Ep. #9583

News of Cane's death ends up hitting Chloe hard. Daniel finds it hard to deal with the knowledge that Lucy is his daughter and he ends up deciding to try and lend a supportive hand to Lily. Heather, Paul and Ronan learn that Chance is in back in town. Jana acts surprised when Kevin tellsher that they are divorced and that he is now seeing Chloe.

9584 :38x222 - Ep. #9584

Kay learns from Chris about Ronan and Chance’s surgeries. Chris and Nina end up calling a truce. Phyllis and Jack consider following Victor’s trail in Hawaii along with Adam and Sharon. Chloe is confronted by Jana. Jill finds out that Kay knew that Chance was alive for months and isn't happy.

9584 :38x222 - Ep. #9584

Kay learns from Chris about Ronan and Chance’s surgeries. Chris and Nina end up calling a truce. Phyllis and Jack consider following Victor’s trail in Hawaii along with Adam and Sharon. Chloe is confronted by Jana. Jill finds out that Kay knew that Chance was alive for months and isn't happy.

9585 :38x223 - Ep. #9585

After Faith finds it hard getting to sleep, Nicholas ends up doing something slightly surprising. Jack and Phyllis attempt to find Koa and end up learning some disturbing information. Chloe thanks Heather for telling her the truth as everyone waiting for news about Ronan and Chance. Christine takes Phillip to see them. Whilst everyone is with Chance, Nate leaves the operating room with news about Ronan.



9586 :38x224 - Ep. #9586

Lily and Neil talk about Cane’s funeral and Lily continues to be tormented with questions. Malcolm tells Sofia that Cane's death is the only reason for calling off thier wedding. Nina learns from Nate that Ronan was taken away after his surgery by the F.B.I.

9588 :38x226 - Ep. #9588

Gloria locks Kevin and Chloe in an office together. After seeing Nikki dancing with Deacon, Victor calls Diane to meet him. Adam surprises Sharon with a present. Diane is asked an important question by Victor. Jeff is interrupted as he is about to give Angelo the money raised from the event.

9590 :38x228 - Ep. #9590

Nikki and Deacon learn from Paul that Meggie is back in Genoa City. Victor wants Diane and Kyle to move in with him. Chris has news abou Ronan. Deacon warnsd Meggie to stay quiet about their arrangement. Meggie ends up being confronted by Nikki.

9591 :38x229 - Ep. #9591

Jack and Phyllis continue to look at the footage of Skye in Hawaii. Abby comes to a decision about the lawsuit. Ashley overhears Adam and Sharon talking about their engagement. Jack learns from Sharon about Diane moving in with Victor.Nicholas confronts his father after Phyllis shows him the video.

9592 :38x230 - Ep. #9592

Malcolm and Phyllis talk about Cane’s internment.  Neil is able to convince Lily to let him come to Cane’s internment with her. Jill learns from Colin about his daughter Samantha. Victor is confronted by Nicholas.

9593 :38x231 - Ep. #9593

Billy talks to several potential nanny candidates. Jana aplies for the job after Kevin tells her that she needs to move out. Victor is furious when Nick takes his sister's side. Michael tries to convince Abby the lawsuit. Lily admits to Neil that she keeps seeing visions of Cane and she thinks she is going mad. Chloe is furious when Jana tells her and Kevin that she has been hired by Billy and Victoria.


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