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"Молодые и дерзкие" - 2 (США) - резюме серий на английском языке

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9383 :38x21 - Ep. #9383

Nicholas tells Michael the whole truth about the night of Adam’s murder. Sharon is quizzed by Chance. Patty pays Emily a visit hoping to find out some information about her brother. After Jana's condition worsens, Sarah refuses to help her. Emily lies to Patty about her brother. Owen is confronted by Victor and Michael who hope to get the charges against Nicholas dropped. Lauren and Jana start a fire and hope somebody will see it. When Nicholas is refused bail, Phyllis blames Sharon for everything that has happened. Sarah wants Patty to help her eliminate Michael and Phyllis. Victor says that he is responsible for his son's death.

9384 :38x22 - Ep. #9384

Sarah tries to convince Patty to go ahead with her plan. Jack learns more about Emily from her brother. As Ryder puts out the fire, Daisy shows up. Jana and Lauren are gagged by Ryder. Victor refuses Nicholas and Michael's pleas not to confess to Adam's murder. Nicholas refuses to believe his father killed Adam. Chance thinks that Victor is lying. Patty is able to bribe Jamie into leaving town. After escaping her binds, Lauren scratches Sarah. Patty ends up agreeing to Sarah's plan.



9385 :38x23 - Ep. #9385

Cane learns from Lily that her doctor wants her to have more chemotherapy. They also learn that the children that Mac are expecting are a boy and a girl. Tucker shows up and asks Ashley to become the new CEO at Jabot. Jana and Lauren realize what Sarah is up to. Daniel and Amber continue to drift apart. Ryder refuses to tell Kevin where his wife is. Ashley makes love to Neil instead of thinking about Tucker's offer. Jill isn't happy when Tucker doesn't ask her to run Jabot. Both Daniel and Amber realize they want different things.

9386 :38x24 - Ep. #9386

Patty wants to discuss the plan with Sarah. Jack decides to have a separation from Emily. Sharon and Phyllis throw a meeting with everyone who was present at the cabin. Daniel and Amber continue to argue about the state of their marriage and little Deacon. Victor and Nicholas are threatened by Owen when they refuse to give him any answers. Sarah and Patty decide to get rid of both Michael and Phyllis in the next 24 hours. Heather begins to wonder if Emily was telling her truth about Patty switching identities with her. Rafe convinces her to have a DNA test performed on the cup. Owen learns that Adam's cell phone has been retrieved.



9387 :38x25 - Ep. #9387

Patty and Sarah prepare to put their plan into action. Patty doesn't want Jack going anywhere near Phyllis. Lauren has a dream in which her daughter doesn't recognize her. Daisy learns from Sarah that she wants her to eliminate Phyllis. Patty has an hallucination that Emily is in the room as she discusses the separation with Jack. Nicholas is offered a deal by Owen. Lauren comes up with a plan to escape. Daisy refuses to listen when her brother says Sarah can not be trusted. Ryder admits to Lauren and Jana want Sarah is planning to do. Sarah shows up at Phyllis's door.

9388 :38x26 - Ep. #9388

Lauren tries to get Ryder to call the police to stop Daisy and Sarah before it is too late. Daisy waits in the shadows after Phyllis invites Sarah to come in. Sarah's plan is ruined after Daniel calls. Patty panics when Chance tells her he believes Adam had an accomplice. A kid who turns out to be little D is apprehended by Kevin after he steals a tip from one of the tables. Sarah wants Daisy to apprehend Daniel before he gets there. Amber is happy to see little D who tells her he is now known as Eric. Amber promises to take care of him. Daisy drugs Daniel's drink. Jan collapses after suffering with another bad headache. After Sarah leaves, Phyllis calls Daniel to see where he is and the power goes out. Amber is shocked when she finds Daisy in bed with her husband. Ryder discovers his keys are missing after agreeing to release Lauren and Jana. When she hears somebody trying to break in, Phyllis is scared.



9389 :38x27 - Ep. #9389

After Amber throws Daisy out, Daniel attempts to explain what happened. Kevin wants to use the Ouija board to help locate Jana. Phyllis hides in the closet after dropping her phone. Jack starts to believe that Patty has switched places with Emily. Daisy shows up and stops her brother from contacting Kevin. Daisy tells Lauren if she doesn't do as she says then she will kill Jana. Ryder tries to convince her to let them go. Sarah tries to strangle Phyllis. Phyllis scratches Sarah and slams the door on her arm. After Sarah leaves and Michael shows up, Phyllis tells him that Lauren tried to kill him. Lauren and Jana make a run for it as Ryder struggles with his sister. Daniel works out that he was drugged by Daisy. Jack confronts Patty with his suspicions. Murphy, Kay and Kevin see two people running in the dark at the zoo.

9390 :38x28 - Ep. #9390

Kevin, Kay and Murphy try to find the people they saw running at the zoo. Lauren and Jana try to find a safe place to hide. Phyllis promises Michael that they will get Lauren help. After Daniel tells Amber he was drugged by Daisy, she tells him they need some time apart. When Sarah fires a shot at the zoo, Kevin thinks she is Lauren. Kevin manages to knock Sarah out. The real Lauren explains everything to Kevin then goes after Sarah. Daisy points a gun at Kevin and Jana as her brother shows up. Phyllis works out that Lauren is an impostor. Lauren taunts Sarah in the maze of mirrors. When Michael shows up, Lauren tells him that Sarah is Sheila's sister. Ryder manages to get the gun off his sister before she runs off. Jana tells Phyllis and Kevin how she can tell the difference between Lauren and Sarah. When Jana passes out, Kevin is worried. Lauren is able to show Michael she is his wife. Jack comes up with a plan.



9391 :38x29 - Ep. #9391

Chloe, Amber and Daniel are filled in by the others the truth about Sarah, Daisy and Ryder. A shot is fired by Lauren. Before Sarah dies she issues a threat to Lauren. Kevin is told more about his wife's condition. Phyllis learns the charges against Nicholas have been dropped and she fills him in on everything that has been happening. Daisy is able to convince her brother to leave town with her. Lauren is reunited with her son.

9392 :38x30 - Ep. #9392

Heather lets her father know she is on her way to pick up her DNA results. Jack puts his plan into action. Kevin finds himself having to make a hard decision. Victor learns from Chance that he is going to be released. Kevin waits for news on his wife's surgery. Amber is encouraged by Amber to take Eric and leave town to protect him from Daisy and Ryder. Paul learns from Jack that he believes he marries Patty and not Emily. Heather shows up with the DNA test results which prove Emily was telling the truth about the switch. Patty shows up at the mental hospital and attacks Emily with a syringe. A recording of Adam naming Nicholas as his attacker the night of his murder is played to Victor and Nicholas. Phyllis receives a call from Victor telling her that Nicholas has been arrested. Paul thinks that Patty is Emily when he shows up at the hospital and hugs her. After Daniel agrees to help Amber raise Eric, she tells him they need to leave town straight away.



9393 :38x31 - Ep. #9393

Adam narrates how things could of ended up differently if Sharon had left with him on the night he died. When Daniel refuses to leave town with her, Amber realizes their marriage is over. An upset Amber pays Jana a visit to say goodbye. Nicholas' family are determined to prove his innocence. Nicholas doesn't want Phyllis living in the house alone and wants her to move into the main house until Daisy and Ryder are caught. Amber says goodbye. As Nicholas says goodbye to Victor, Sharon and Phyllis, Adam watches on laughing. Jana doesn't recognize Kevin after regaining consciousness. As Sharon and Phyllis wonder if it was Adam's idea all along to set Nicholas up for his murder, Adam says that he has done the perfect crime and has got the perfect revenge.

9394 :38x32 - Ep. #9394

J.T. learns from Victoria that she is intending to contest the custody hearing ruling. Kevin is upset after Jana doesn't recognize him. Jack learns from Paul that Patty has left town. When Emily wakes up she realizes that she is in the hospital morgue. Jack attempts to test Patty and she begins to crack. Emily hopes the doctor will work out she isn't dead before he performs an autopsy on her. Kevin learns more about Jana's condition. Jack attempts to get Patty to tell him where the real Emily is but she says it is too late. Jack is able to reach Emily before it is too late and he discovers she is still alive.



9395 :38x33 - Ep. #9395

Paul refuses to let Patty leave and she threatens to kill herself. Jack gets help for Emily. Olivia tells Lily and Cane that she has found a an experimental treatment for Lily. Mac discovers that the treatment for Lily would require using stem cells from the babies. Emily is able to help stop Patty from taking her own life.Olivia fills everyone in on the risk of the treatment. Emily tells Jack she wont be coming home with him as they rushed into getting married. Patty is taken to jail.

9396 :38x34 - Ep. #9396

Amber's mother shows up in town wanting to know where her daughter and Eric are. Cane and Lily can not agree to do about the stem cell trial. Lily is forced to tell her family about the procedure after Olivia accidentally mentions it. J.T. is forced to take Reed to work with him after the babysitter is ill and Reed ends up going missing. Victor ends up being with Reed having planned to take him. J.T. finds Victor with his son and learns that he planned everything so J.T. would miss the custody hearing. Malcolm and Neil clash over Lily's decision not to have the treatment. J.T. manages to make it to the courtroom where the judge tells him he knows what Victor has done. J.T. is awarded full custody of his son. Victor plots revenge against Tucker when he finds out he informed the judge.



9397 :38x35 - Ep. #9397

Michael, Nicholas and Phyllis look over the evidence hoping to find a clue as to the identity of the person who really killed Adam. When Sharon shows up she helps too. After talking to Patty, Chance realizes she help Adam escape. Heather makes a plea to Owen to have Patty sent to a psychiatric hospital instead of a prison. Victor punches Billy after clashing with him. Owen ends up agreeing to allow Patty to be admitted to a maximum security psychiatric hospital. When confronted by Michael, Phyllis and Sharon at the courthouse Patty confess Sarah's plan to them. When they question her about Adam they don't get the answers they were hoping for. Billy and Victoria decide to leave town for a while and head to Jamaica. Victor is determined to get Reed back for his daughter.

9398 :38x36 - Ep. #9398

Chance wants Paul to talk to his sister about her part in Adam’s escape from the hospital but Paul doesn't want to push her any further. Lauren ends up agreeing to pretend to be Sarah so that she can get information out of Patty. Victoria isn't happy with the accommodation in Jamaica after arriving there with Billy. Mac, J.T. and Reed decide to have some fun. Paul ends up talking to his sister about Adam. Billy and Victoria end up getting married on the beach after crashing another ceremony and getting drunk.



9399 :38x37 - Ep. #9399

Billy and Victoria wake up with hangovers and they remember getting married. Billy offers to have the marriage annulled. Ashley tells her brother about Tucker asking her to run Jabot. Victor doesn't want Phyllis and Sharon interfering in Nicholas' case. Jack learns from Ashley that if she accepts the position no other member of the family can work at Jabot. Ashley ends up accepting the job offer. Jack and Victor are waiting to greet Billy and Victoria when they return home.

9400 :38x38 - Ep. #9400

Jana is told that she can leave the hospital. Emily is reminded of what Patty has done everywhere she goes. Kevin asks Emily for help with Jana and she advises him to give her some space. There is a confrontation at the airport. Abby is involved in an animal protest outside the Jabot offices. Ashley and Tucker are surprised when they find out that Abby is running the protest. Jack refuses to give up on Emily.



9401 :38x39 - Ep. #9401

Cane tells Lily that he is not going to allow her not to have the treatment because of the small chance that something could happen to the twins. Abby lets Kent know that she is part of the Newman and Abbott families and that she will get the money.

9402 :38x40 - Ep. #9402

Victoria begs J.T. to allow her to spend more time with her son and even offers to quit her position at Newman Enterprises. Victor and Nicholas clash with Frank Ellis. Phyllis is confronted by Michael over her plan to get Lauren to pretend to be Sarah. After Nicholas, Phyllis and Michael go over Adam’s phone records they learn that Adam made calls from a restaurant in the middle of nowhere and they wonder if he had an accomplice helping him. Rafe isn't convinced that Billy wants to end his marriage to Victoria after he tells him he wants an annulment. The restaurant manager is questioned by Michael and Phyllis about what he can remember. Tucker wants J.T. to spy on Victoria. Jill is rehired by Billy to find out what Tucker is planning for the Newman family. Nicholas is attacked by Frank Ellis.



9403 :38x41 - Ep. #9403

Michael demands that Nicholas is released on bail immediately following the attack on him. Mac explains to Lily why she is against having the stem trial done. Cane wants Olivia to convince Mac and Lily to change their minds. Olivia later tells Cane that maybe there is another option which gives him hope. Daniel isn't happy when he discovers that Kevin thought Amber leaving town was a good idea. Abby flirts with Daniel. Ryder shows up and lets Jana, Kevin and Daniel know that he intends to turn himself into the police. Nicholas is finally given bail. Ryder hopes for Kevin's forgiveness. There is tension between Daniel and Abby. Lauren freaks out after seeing Ryder. Frank is confronted by Nicholas about the attack and he tells him he needs to speak to Victor. After Phyllis finds the missing poster of Richard Hightower, she recognizes him.

9404 :38x42 - Ep. #9404

After Lauren sees Ryder at Crimson Lights, Kevin and Ryder explain to her that he is there to turn himself into the police. Lauren refuses to believe that Ryder is sorry for what he has done. Victor is confronted by his son about Ellis’ claim that Victor had something to do with his attack. Victor tells him that it was the only way he could get him bail. Sharon and Phyllis work out that Richard Hightower was working with Adam and that he could have been the man that killed Adam. Victor and Ashley try to show Abby options for her future. Nicholas, Sharon, and Phyllis decide to try and find out more about Hightower after telling Chance what they have discovered. Michael is worried about his wife. Abby decides to sue her parents for control of her trust fund.



9405 :38x43 - Ep. #9405

Cane attempts to convince Lily one last time to stay in Genoa City and use the stem cells from the twins but she refuses. Malcolm learns from Cane about his idea to sue Mac for the twins’ amniotic fluid if case Lily’s trial is not a success. Jack learns from Emily that she is going through withdrawal because of the drugs she took in the hospital and he offers her his support. A lawyer tells Cane and Malcolm they have a good case if they intend to sue Mac. Lily says goodbye to her loved ones. Jack asks Emily to move into the mansion after she tells him she believes she is being followed. Emily thinks Jack is responsible in an effort to win her back. Jack and Emily are secretly watched.

9406 :38x44 - Ep. #9406

Rafe lets Billy know that he is working on the annulment. Victoria isn't happy that Mac is spending alone time with her son. Victoria and Mac end up clashing. Abby tries to convince Jack to invest in her television program. When Victor sees them together he thinks that Jack could be the person helping her with the lawsuit. Ashley is quizzed by Jill about Tucker and Jabot. Victoria tells Billy to stop the annulment. Mac and J.T. work out that something is going on between Billy and Victoria. After arguing, Abby and Daniel end up making out. Jack and Victor clash about Abby



9407 :38x45 - Ep. #9407

Jana gives Ryder a magazine asks him if she can continue to visit him. Daniel tells Kevin about the kiss he shared with Abby. Victor and Nicholas meet Richard Hightower’s sister and son. Justin tells them that Adam saved Richard’s life. Daniel receives a call from Amber and he tries to convince her to come back to Genoa City. Abby finds Billy and Victoria's wedding video. Daniel is forced to face the fact that his marriage is over. Paul discovers that Adam donated bone marrow to save Hightower’s life because he had leukemia.

9408 :38x46 - Ep. #9408

Emily agrees to allow Jack to accompany her to the hearing to find out if her license to practice is going to be revoked. Jack attempts to defend Emily at the hearing. The board end up deciding not to revoke her license but put heron probation for one year. Later as she celebrates with Jack a shocked Emily is arrested by a pair of DEA agents for selling controlled substances. Abby asks Victoria and Billy if they are seeing one another and they deny it. Abby then watches the video of their wedding again. Victoria quizzes Mac about her feelings for J.T. Abby shows up with a camera crew at Rafe's party and is then thrown out. She then goes back inside with a hidden camera. Chloe isn't happy with Heather hanging around Chance. Abby tries to convince Victoria to invest in her reality show idea. When Victoria turns down the offer, Abby turns her attention to Billy. J.T. agrees to allow Victoria to spend more time with Reed and she shares the news with Billy. Abby tells everyone at the party about Billy and Victoria's wedding and says she has video footage on her phone. Nicholas and Phyllis tell Sharon, Victor and Nikki they have found Richard Hightower and shock them by announcing that he is buried in Adam's grave. Nicholas explains his theory as to why. Adam is revealed as still being alive on a secluded beach.



9409 :38x47 - Ep. #9409

Jack calls Michael for help following Emily's arrest. J.T. is furious with Victoria for marrying Billy. Billy and Victoria try to explain what happened. Abby is served with an injunction preventing her from airing any video footage of Victor and Ashley on the television show. Kent tells Abby he thinks others will follow their lead. Sharon tells Ashley that Adam could still be alive after everyone is called to a meeting at the ranch. Owen refuses to agree to allow Adam's body to be exhumed after he hears what Sharon, Nicholas and Phyllis have found out. A furious Abby confronts Victor about the injunction and lets him know about Victoria's marriage to Billy as Nikki listens in. Heather agrees to help Michael secretly look for Adam.

9410 :38x48 - Ep. #9410

Victor shows up at Billy’s trailer and catches his daughter with him there. Abby refuses to back down about making the show despite her mother's concerns. Both Jack and Paul feel responsible for Emily’s current predicament after bail is set at a high amount. Emily refuses to let them pay it but does ask Paul for help in finding out who wrote the prescriptions. When Jack asks her to move back in again, Emily believes he is responsible. Patty is questioned by Nicholas about her involvement with Adam and Hightower. Nicholas learns from her that there are two Adam's. Victoria refuses to leave with her father. Emily ends up agreeing to move into the pool house. Paul is unable to get any information out of his sister. When the judge rules in favor of her parents, Abby isn't happy.



9411 :38x49 - Ep. #9411

Ashley learns from Tucker that he planning to use leverage from Beauty of Nature against Victor so that he can get him to sell. Jill learns from Jill that she is planning on writing another expose about Tucker. Ashley lets Tucker know she wants no part in his plan. Lily’s last will and testament in the mail arrives in the post and Cane confronts Mac with it. Victoria and Billy learn from Rafe that their marriage is invalid. Cane receives a call from Lily. J.T. and Chloe learn that Victoria and Billy aren't legally married. J.T. tells Tucker he wont do his dirty work for him. Jill manages to get the goods on Tucker.

9412 :38x50 - Ep. #9412

Victor wants Jack to help him dig up Adam’s grave. Michael tries to talk them and Nicholas out of doing it. Phyllis and Sharon follow up some leads. Lauren breaks all the mirrors in her home after not wanting to see her own reflection. Ryder receives a visit from Jana. Kevin is surprised when he finds out that Jana wants to help Ryder. Jack, Victor and Nicholas are secretly watched as they start digging up Adam’s grave. Sharon and Phyllis find Adam’s masquerade ball outfit. Lauren is offered some advice by Emily. Jana takes out a loan and posts Ryder's bail. When Owen shows up at the grave site Victor stops him from arresting them by showing Owen a letter from Hightower’s family giving them permission to dig up the grave. Phyllis is separated from Sharon after a crop-duster comes by and sprays the fields with poison.



9414 :38x52 - Ep. #9414

Jill and Nikki both show up at the trailer looking for Billy and Victoria. Jill fills her son in on what she thinks Tucker is up to. Chance and Chloe try to help Heather and Chance is able to get out of the car. Nikki warns her daughter that she cant trust Billy. Victor wants his daughter to keep an eye on the company whilst he is gone looking for Adam. Victoria admits to her mother she wants to continue seeing Billy. Jill learns that Tucker wants to steal Beauty of Nature from Victor and he asks her to help him. Jill fills Billy in on what Tucker has asked her to do. Billy tells Victoria what Tucker is planning. Billy agrees Victoria's request not to publish the story.Tucker gets his hands on Jill's tape. Tucker learns from Ashley that Victoria has left town.

9415 :38x53 - Ep. #9415

Michael lets Victor Know that Owen still intends to indict Nicholas for Hightower’s murder. Victor gets a lead in Quebec. Sharon recovers in hospital. Devon graduates and celebrates with his family. Cane learns from Lily that her treatment hasn't been a success. Mac agrees to go a date with J.T. Cane decides to sue Mac for the babies’ stem cells. Victor discovers Shaw wearing his son's watch and wants to know how he got it. When Billy finds out that Victoria is going to Tokyo, he books a ticket on the same plane. Victor is knocked out after Shaw agrees to take him to his boat. Adam gets a call letting him know that his father is in Canada.



9416 :38x54 - Ep. #9416

The Winter family family find themselves divided by Cane's lawsuit. After Victor wakes up, Meggie tells him everything she can remember about Adam. Victor is shown a picture of a woman called Skye and sees a message on the back meant for his son. Adam cant let go off his wedding ring. Devon takes Cane's side. Victor wants Meggie to call Shaw for him.

9417 :38x55 - Ep. #9417

Emily learns from Michael that he managed to get copies of the prescriptions that A.P.A. is using against her. Emily works out that it was Jamie who wrote the prescriptions after seeing them. Skye tries to make Adam see that he can never go back to Sharon. Victor offers Shaw a deal. When Shaw refuses to agree to help him, Victor is forced to use some different tactics. Nick and Nikki are able to get Russ Curtis to hand over his phone and when Nick calls a number on it Skye picks up. Nick wants Chance to trace the call. After Phyllis throws Jeff and Gloria out of their penthouse she offers it to Sharon. Victor manages to get information out of Shaw. Adam tells Skye they need to leave Brazil straight away.

9418 :38x56 - Ep. #9418

Chloe tries to pretend she is happy with the idea of Chance working with Heather. Kevin learns that Jana is planning on moving out. Jana tries to reassure Kevin that she isn't involved with Ryder. Nikki wants Jack to convince Nicholas not to leave the country. Jack tells Nicholas he will go after Victor. Victor is numbered by Shaw and his cronies in Ottawa. Victor is shown by Shaw the boat that he took Adam out of the country on. When Nikki learns that Sharon is thinking of moving out of the ranch she thinks it is a bad idea. Adam refuses to listen to Skye's advise. Nicholas is stopped from leaving by Heather and Chance. Shaw points a gun at Victor. Jana and Ryder end up sharing a kiss. Nicholas tells Sharon about Skye’s cell number. Sharon wants to call the number but when Adam picks up the phone she stalls. Shaw locks Victor in the boat after firing a shot into the bottom of it. Victor tries to find a way of the boat before it sinks. Ryder stops the kiss with Jana. After Jana admits to him this is the first thing she has wanted to do in ages they begin to make love.



9419 :38x57 - Ep. #9419

Tucker makes plans for him and Ashley to follow Victoria to Japan after learning that she has flown there. Abby gives her mother a hard tome about the trip. Victoria and Billy make love and later run into Ashley and Tucker. Daniel's divorce papers show up in the post. Jack tries to help save Victor before the boat sinks. Michael thinks the tape Nicholas has managed to get of Adam on the phone will not help his case much.

9420 :38x58 - Ep. #9420

Abby and Daniel are caught by Nikki and Phyllis sharing a kiss after their night together. Daniel ends up agreeing to keep his distance from Abby. Daniel finds out that somebody has posted a video of him and Abby on the Internet. Billy is offered a deal by Tucker and his sister. Jill and Kay fonds out Liz was taken to the hospital after collapsing on the plane. Jill and Kay are surprised to see Snapper at the hospital. Snapper hears a secret about Jill from Liz.

9421 :38x59 - Ep. #9421

Snapper learns from Liz that she knows the identity of Jill's real parents and she makes him promise not to tell Jill. Kay works out that Liz has revealed their identity to Snapper. Nicholas learns from Sharon that she tried to call Adam again. Phyllis and Michael witness a close moment between Sharon and Nicholas. After arriving in Brazil, Jack and Victor search for Skye. Adam learns from Skye she has won five million dollars. Victor and Jack are able to discover where Adam and Skye are heading and Victor comes up with a plan to draw them out into the open.



9422 :38x60 - Ep. #9422

Jack and Victor put their plan to trap Adam and Skye into action. Adam and Skye discover that Victor and Jack have been asking questions about them. Adam tries to convince Skye that they need to leave. Skye refuses to leave. Jack decides to return home to support Nicholas. Tucker and Ashley grow closer. Jill is surprised to see Greg. Jill, Kay and Greg learn that Liz doesn't have long left to live.

9423 :38x61 - Ep. #9423

Victor is given a briefcase full of money. Victor calls Sharon asking her to come to Brazil. Adam reluctantly agrees to let Skye play in the game. Nicholas' trial gets under way. Nicholas isn't happy when he finds out that his father has asked Sharon to fly to Brazil. Kay hears a deathbed confession from Liz. Liz says a final goodbye. Snapper decides to tell Jill the secret. Jill shows up see Lauren.

9424 :38x62 - Ep. #9424

Nicholas calls Sharon and tries to convince her to come home after finding out she is in Brazil. Adam is finally able to convince Skye to leave with him. After seeing Sharon's picture on the front page of a Sao Paolo newspaper, Adam has a change of heart about leaving. Jill tells a surprised Lauren that they are half sisters. Lauren later tells Michael that there is a chance that Jill is her sister.



9425 :38x63 - Ep. #9425

Cane refuses to drop the lawsuit after Mac confronts him again. Lily shows up at the court hearing and says that the risk on the unborn children is too high. Heather and Chance learn from Frank Ellis that the police and prison personnel are trafficking drugs into the prison system. Heather discovers that somebody has been through her belongings in her room. Chance is asked by Owen to help him in the investigation. Chance and Heather are introduced to Ronan. Kevin punches Ryder after finding him and Jana in bed together.

9426 :38x64 - Ep. #9426

Abby tries to make Daniel believe that somebody hacked into her computer and posted the footage of them on the Internet. Lauren informs Jill that she has been through her father's things and can find no evidence that they could be half sisters. Lauren ends up agreeing to have a DNA test performed. Mac and Lily are relieved when Cane ends up deciding to drop the lawsuit. Mac is worried that she might have made a horrible mistake. Lilly tells Cane whatever time she has left she wants to spend with him. Mac goes into labor. Ashley and Tucker meet with the Department of Justice after returning home from Japan. Ashley decides she cant tell Neil about what happened in Japan.

9427 :38x65 - Ep. #9427

Lily talks to Cane about her will. Cane reminds Lily that if anything bad happens to her he will be forced to return to Australia. Lily and Cane learn about Mac being taken to the hospital. Mac needs an emergency C-section. Victor learns from Michael that he has been subpoenaed and needs to return to Genoa City. Victor refuses to return home without Sharon. Nicholas learns that his bail is being revoked. Adam and Sharon come face to face. Victor takes his seat at the table for the game


Вы здесь » "Латинский Рай" - форум сайта латиноамериканской музыки, теленовелл и сериалов » Резюме сериалов других стран » "Молодые и дерзкие" - 2 (США) - резюме серий на английском языке