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"Генеральный госпиталь" (2 часть) - резюме серий на английском языке

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Ep. #11878

Nikolas only has revenge on his mind when dealing with Rebecca and tries to get her to believe that he wants her back. Jason and Sam's passion intensifies. Morgan asks Sonny if Dominic to another Yankees game, he says sure and will make sure they have the best seats in the house. Kristina feels bad that she never got to tells Kiefer how she felt, she uses the phone to call him and he pays a woman at the country club to answer and say that he's busy. Carly and Jax are beside themselves when Morgan says that Claudia is actually a pretty decent person. Sam feels awkward and Jason offers to help but she says no and she leaves the room. Michael wonders why she changed her mind about Kiefer and asked whatever he did for her. Edward tells Nikolas that he's not wanted on the property, Nikolas tells Rebecca to come to Wyndemere tonight. Dominic overhears Sonny tells Claudia that he's never been sleeping with Olivia and is glad that it didn't happen and for her to check her off as something she'd worry about. Rebecca tells Ethan that he did her a big favor by telling Lucky the truth. Nikolas runs into Elizabeth and says she's right he should let go of the past, and thanks for the barbeque yesterday. Rebecca arrives and she and Nikolas share a glass of wine. Elizabeth sits in her bathtub thinking of her kiss from Nikolas yesterday. Olivia tells Dante that she's been telling him for weeks that nothing was going on with Sonny.



Ep. #11879

Tracy asks Ethan she's surprised that he's still in town after Rebecca spilled the beans about they're little con game, Lulu tells Ethan that she's digusted at everyone was right about him, she then runs into Dominic as she leaves. Rebecca stops Nikolas and pushes him away after he seems a little agressive. Maxie tells Spinelli that there's no way she's going to live with Jason after they get married. Kristina confesses everything to Michael that she's the one that drove Claudia off the road that night. Michael tells Kristina that she should go home back to her life and he'll continue being on the run cause his life back home is nothing but a big mess. Olivia calls and leaves a message for Ronnie if he's had any luck in getting Dante reassigned, Johnny then shows up with flowers and an apology for the way he acted, Olivia says that they shouldn't see each other anymore. Sam and Jason give into their feelings and make love once again. Nikolas wants Rebecca to pay and shows his dark side.



Ep. #11880

Spinelli catches Maxie for trying to sneak a kiss, and says that they should wait til they're married. Sonny sees that there's some animosity towards Claudia and Johnny when he doesn't seem happy to see his sister. Diane confronts Alexis about a deal that was offered to her, Nikolas walks in and says that it was him that spoke to the judge, that got Alexis some leniency and says he should've focused on his family instead of Rebecca. Michael offers to help pay Kristina that other money she needs to get home by using the hotels money. Maxie asks Spinelli if he really wants to wait til they're wedding night to make passionate love. Jax informs Olivia that he asked Spinelli to trace an e-mail, but made an excuse and thinks he wants Jason to bring them home. Sonny asks Claudia what is Johnny's attitude towards her, Carly arrives with Morgan and says they're on the way to the Country club. Robin promises Patrick that if they can't find anything that implicates Andrea then she'll leave it to the profressionals. Alexis can't believe it when Nikolas is turning into a true Cassadine before her eyes. Mac comes to talk to Spinelli and learns that Maxie spent the night, Maxie asks what the problem is after all they are engaged. Johnny tells Claudia the problem is that she sent Jerry Jacks a sociopath after Michael and Kristina. Mac tries to talk some sense into Maxie by saying that Spinelli isn't right for her. Robin and Patrick go to Jax with the theory of Andrea framing Alexis for Brianna's murder. Molly asks Morgan if he's heard from Michael or Kristina lately. Kiefer apologizes to Sonny for the way that he handled things with Michael that day, Sonny tells Kiefer that he read him at day one and doesn't want him around his daughter. Dominic lets himself into Sonny's place and takes something, Max drops Diane on the couch and points his gun at him. Jax pressures Spinelli for the whereabouts of Michael and Kristina. Carly sees Kiefer talking to Morgan and Molly, and she says for him not to heed Sonny's warning. Dominic shows Ronnie what he took from Sonny's desk.



Ep. #11881

Sam and Jason find Michael and Kristina, as the guy is punching Michael for stealing his watch. Maxie and Lulu read the headline of Giselle being arrested on extortion charges, they keep it from Kate thinking that she'll will make a deal and bring her down. Patrick catches Andrea eavesdropping on Robin and Alexis's conversation. Sonny tells Johnny to apologize to his sister for the things that he just said to her. Andrea goes online and searches for poisons. Morgan tells Molly not to talk to Kiefer anymore cause he thinks that he's a bully. Carly gets word from Jason that he found Michael and Kristina so Jax doesn't have to go down to Cancun. Sonny walks in on Diane and Max and he says to let him know before he walks in. A girl goes up to Kiefer and asks why he's listening to Kristina's and gets forceful and grabs her arm. Kate tells Lulu and Maxie that she had part in Giselle's downfall and knew they suspected her, and not to worry they're jobs are secure. Michael realizes that Jerry shot Jason and left him for dead. Johnny tells Claudia to go back to Sonny and her fake marriage. Kiefer comes to talk to Carly and Jax, Morgan says he's here cause he found out Kristina's coming home and doesn't want her to find out what jerk he is. Patrick warns Robin not to antagonize Andrea, Robin says that he thinks that Andrea will come after her cause she accused her. Kristina tells Jason that Michael went for a walk, Jason realizes that Michael's gone, and finds him back at the rental place and says that he ain't leaving. Sam tells Kristina that the charges against Michael have been dropped and Alexis confessed. Claudia overhears Alexis and Sonny and learns that Kristina was the one and not Michael.



Ep. #11882

Claudia eavesdrops on Sonny and Alexis and she's angry when they decide not to let Kristina pay for what she did. Jason tells Michael that he's not gonna literally force him to come back to Port Charles. Morgan comes downstairs and asks Carly and Jax if he could wait with them til Michael comes home. Sam tells Kristina she needs to take responsibility for her actions, and not let her own mother take the blame for something Alexis did. Olivia tells Dante to get out of town cause it won't be long til Sonny or Jason find out he's undercover, Dante says that he knows what he's doing. Michael tells Jason that it's his life if he wants to stay in Mexico. Alexis says that she noticed that Kristina acting out the minute that Michael woke up. Claudia goes to Johnny saying that she knows that Kristina ran her off the road and Alexis covered it up and says they won't get away with this. Jason comes back and tells Sam and Kristina that Michael's at the boat shack and is staying here. Dante is speechless when Sonny tells Carly and Jax he's appointed him as Morgan and Michael's guard. Kiefer brings Molly some cookies and asks if she knows when Kristina is coming home, he then tells Alexis if it's okay if he continues seeing her daughter. Michael and Kristina almost catch Sam and Jason in a moment, Jason asks if he's coming back or if he's here to say goodbye. Sonny tells Claudia about Kristina unaware that she already knows the truth. Carly tells Jax that there's something about Dominic she can't put her finger on and wonders if he knows. Jason makes Michael and Kristina promise not to tell Carly about Jerry shooting him.



Ep. #11883

Alexis is just glad that Kristina is home safe and wonders why she fled the country and why she didn't go to her. Morgan is glad that Michael is home, Michael then apologizes to Carly for the way he acted and will promise not to do that again. Patrick tells Matt and Elizabeth that Robin's been working on her theory of Andrea being the real killer. Maxie listens as Spinelli is rehearsing what he's going to say to Jason. Andrea becomes nervous when Edward says that she just went right by him at the Metro Court and it being the same night of Mayor Floyd's mistress being found dead. Kristina explains that she got into a fight with Kiefer and she went back and seen her with another girl and got jealous and drove, then caused the accident, Alexis that's far from it being finished. Alexis asks Molly how she knew about Kristina causing the accident, she says she overheard her and Diane talking in the living room. Michael thinks he should return to the Quartermaine's until at least she has the baby, but Morgan says that he should stay here with the family, Michael then agrees to stay. Sonny is glad that Claudia says that what Kristina did was just an accident. Sam tells Alexis that Kristina has to face Sonny and Claudia and own up to what she did, Kristina says that she must face her father. Jason tells Sonny that the reason that he didn't check in is cause he ran into Jerry and he almost killed him, the weird thing is that Jerry told him that Claudia was innocent. Claudia goes and shares her news with Johnny that Jerry had the opportunity to reveal the truth but didn't and says she's in the clear. Jax says tells Olivia he'll exposes the truth about Claudia after Carly has her baby. Michael tells Jax that he ran into Jerry in Mexico but they escaped his clutches, Carly walks in and Jax says something that triggers a memory of what he said to him while he was in a coma. Andrea sees a vial on a medicine cart and she takes it thinking it's what she needs. Maxie and Spinelli catch Jason and Sam sharing an intimate moment.
Episode Overview



Ep. #11884

Spinelli tells Maxie they can't leave when his dream that Sam and Jason are reuniting. Patrick tells Edward not to overdo it at the carnival, Andrea lingers with that bottle in her hand and Matt says she ain't fooling anyone. Michael says that he heard people talking and heard Jax talking saying he was sorry about something. Sonny tells Kristina that he wasn't there for her and if anyone's to blame it's him, as Claudia continues to eavesdrop. Elizabeth is confused to see Nikolas kissing Rebecca like everything is fine. Matt tells Patrick that he saw Andrea watching him talk to Edward. Sam leaves and Maxie tells Jason to go on after her. Max interrupts Sonny and says there's a business thing they need to discuss. Nikolas invites Rebecca to the carnival with Elizabeth, Cameron and Spencer tomorrow. Michael is outraged when learning that Dominic was hired by Sonny to protect him and Morgan, although Morgan is rather excited at the idea. Johnny invites Olivia to the carnival, she says yes cause she practically arranged the whole thing. Jason tells Spinelli that Sam helped him find Kristina and Michael and that's all. Nikolas tells Alfred not to question his motives and will make Rebecca tried to take Emily's place. Michael tells Dominic that he doesn't want him guarding him and doesn't need a babysitter, and says for Michael and Carly that it's safe to come back in the room. Spinelli asks Jason to be his best man at his wedding, Jason asks where does the so called pink tie come in. Elizabeth tells Lucky if he knows about Rebecca and doesn't think he can forgive Rebecca that quickly. Monica asks Edward to work the room while the carnival is taking place. Andrea asks a lawyer for advice if there was a witness to a crime and suddenly died and couldn't testify. Andrea reads the bottle of digitalis and learns it could cause cardiac arrest if administered properly.



Ep. #11885

Robin tells Patrick that she found a witness that can place Andrea in the Metro Court and that it's Edward Quartermaine, Spinelli checked and found his bartab he had that night of Brianna's death. Alexis makes it clear to Kristina that she can't be alone with Michael ever again. Rebecca comes down and Nikolas sees her in that red dress, unaware that it's one that Emily used to wear. Michael comes by to get Kristina and Alexis tells him exactly what she told her and doesn't want him driving Kristina to the carnival. Andrea runs into Edward at the bar and when he takes a call pours the digitalis in his martini. Carly starts to hyperventilate at the thought of Jason and Sam getting back together. Maxie comes to the office and asks Spinelli what time will he be picking her up tonight, he regrets that he has to work and says to go on and have fun without him, he opens up and says he's afraid of clowns. Dominic tells Lulu this is perfect and he doesn't have to call her and asks if she wants to go with him tonight, Matt shows up and asks her out. Carly advises Jason to be truthful with Sam. Andrea's attempt to get rid of Edward is foiled, when he sees the woman he's waiting for come off the elevator and spills the drink. Lulu tells Matt that she'd love to go to the carnival with him. Elizabeth sees and realizes that Emily had a dress just like it, and learns from Rebecca that Nikolas got it for her. Alexis tells Jax that she told Kristina that she has to be supervised when with Michael. Olivia is thrown when Lulu tells Carly about Dominic always hitting on her, Dominic shows up and sees them all sitting together. Patrick and Robin go to talk to Edward and sees him with a woman. Spinelli explains to Jason and Sam that he's dressed as a clown to face his fears. Anthony tells someone he's talking to that he's gonna send a little surprise for the people of Port Charles at the carnival.



Ep. #11886

Dominic brings Morgan and Molly to the carnival. Jason and Sam hope that Spinelli doesn't hurt himself. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that this revenge ploy he has against Rebecca wil hurt him, he assures her he knows what he's doing. Andrea's quest to poison Edward continues, it's foiled again when Monica pours it out. Max tells Diane that he's feeling neglected and decide to go and enjoy the carnival solo. Patrick is in the dunk tank and Robin and Matt have they're try, but Lulu finds out the game is rigged. Ethan takes one good look at Rebecca and says she must be wearing someone else's clothes. Sam gets information on the person she's investigating and that she charged a room at the Metro Court on her credit card. Sonny says that Molly can choose the first ride everyone goes on, he then takes a balloon from a clown and sees that it's Spinelli. Anthony tells his associate that Sonny better hold onto those he loves realy tight. Molly figures out and throws a ball and dunks Patrick. Monica offers to drop Edward off on her way to the airport, he says that he has his own car. Andrea tells Mac that the sooner Alexis is behind bars the better. Molly ends up on a roll dunking Ethan, Johnny and Dominic. Jason and Sam wait outside Deidre's hotel room and sees that she's expecting someone to join her. Kristina gets her fortune told at the carnival and the future looks grim. Andrea manages to slip the digitalis into Edward's martini once again. Matt apologizes to Lulu and says that he has to work and can't go back to the carnival, Dominic sees the opportunity to take her. Several men gather in an alley and prepare their guns for a possible showdown. Andrea looks as Edward drinks the poisoned martini with delight that she succeeded. Nikolas and Ethan get into it at the ball throwing booth. Kristina tells Kiefer that the fortune teller that her life is in danger today, Claudia sees them kiss and says Sonny wouldn't like it if he seen it.
Episode Overview



Ep. #11887

Claudia insists on taking Kristina on the ferris wheel, Michael stops them and tells Kristina that her mother's looking for her. Jason and Sam can't believe that Edward is the one that's meeting Deidre at the Metro Court. Sonny warns Coleman and lets Morgan win that Yankees batting helmet. Nikolas practically admits to Ethan that he's planning on dumping Rebecca and to go right ahead and tell her cause she won't believe him. Jason tells Sam now that the case is closed that she'd like to go to the carnival with him. Patrick and Robin approach Edward, and he denies ever having a room at the hotel on the night of Brianna's murder. Ethan tells Elizabeth that she knows what Nikolas is doing to Rebecca is wrong and to stop him. Dominic makes a bet with Lulu that if he can get the bell to ring at the test of strength she'll have to stop avoiding him, Lulu pays Alice to make sure it doesn't ring. she then walks off leaving them to fend for themselves. Sonny literally bumps into Olivia spilling her popcorn. Michael gets an interesting reading from the fortune teller, saying that he's apart of the blessed and the cursed. Andrea tells Alexis in front of Molly and Kristina to enjoy her last day of freedom cause she'll be placed under arrest soon. Spinelli takes the call and tells Maxie that Bernie wants him to go and get some papers and will be back in no time. Anthony tells his associate to make sure his men take down Sonny's territory and to take out anyone that gets in the way. Edward gets into his car and suffers a heart attack while driving. Jason and Sam enjoy the carnival together and then plays and sees the shooting gallery is rigged and Coleman just gives him the prize for Sam. Spinelli's in the wrong place at the wrong time as Anthony's men corner him in the warehouse. Elizabeth sees that Jake has wandered off and Jason goes after him. Edward passes out at the wheel, and presses his foot on the gas pedal and lurges towards the carnival. Morgan sees the speeding car coming towards him
Episode Overview



Ep. #11888

Dominic suffers injuries while attempting to save Morgan. Johnny gets Spinelli out of the line of fire. Morgan tells Sonny and Carly that Dominic got him out of the way. Andrea and Alexis continue their argument, she then gets pinned when Edwards cars stops near the ferris wheel. Ethan manages to open the car door to check on Edward, and Robin sees that he had a heart attack. Lucky, Lucky and Jason search a turned over booth looking for Jake. Lulu alerts Epiphany that people are hurt down at the carnival, Matt and a bunch of E.M.T's. Molly refuses to go anywhere til she knows that Kristina is alright. Elizabeth is relieved that Jake got out unscathed. Jax tells Olivia to keep quiet or Sonny will see right through him. Lulu brings Molly into the E.R. and Claudia promises to stay by the ride when Kristina is found. Sonny thanks Dominic for saving Morgan's life. Nikolas and Ethan help carry Edward up to the hospital. Mac tells a frantic Alexis to check the E.R. to see if her daughters were brought in. Johnny learns that his father orchaestrated the taking of Sonny's territory. Louise tells Milo of Max's heroics and that he might have spinal injuries. Johnny explains to Spinelli that if he doesn't help him out then they're both dead. Nikolas explains to Rebecca that it's up to her regarding since Monica and Tracy aren't here. Jason comforts Elizabeth after hearing that Jake has a skull fracture. The M.E. shows something that was found next to Andrea's body. Jason feels helpless and couldn't prevent Jake's injuries. Spinelli is unable to get through since the 911 operators are all busy. Alexis learns that Molly is safe but Kristina is still missing. Nikolas listens as Rebecca tells an unconscious Edward that he's was very kind when she and him first met. Johnny collapses and Spinelli tends to him and asks him to hold on. Patrick comes out and Sonny tells him he'll take care of the costs for Dominic, Patrick asks where he can contact Dominic's mother.



Ep. #11889

Kristina is seen underneath the ride, and is barely conscious. Jason learns from Lulu that Edward had a heart attack and crashed his car in the carnival. Patrick tells Sonny and Olivia that Dominic may need a kidney transplant. Michael has another memory of Claudia apologizing to him while he was in a coma. Nikolas continue to overhear Rebecca tell Edward that she loves him and not to die. Sonny calls Bernie and asks for the contact information on Dominic right away. Rebecca tells Edward that she wants him to stay and is grateful that he got to Edward and helped Nikolas carry him up to the hospital. Milo sits by Max's bedside, Louise asks if there's been any changes, Max wakes up and asks why he's in the hospital. Jason asks Sam what if Edward was drunk when he was driving that car that caused the prize tent to fall on Jake. Elizabeth and Lucky receive news about Jake. Patrick learns Olivia's secret and that Dominic is actually her son Dante. Robin goes through Andrea's purse and finds a bottle of digitalis and thinks that caused Edward's heart attack. Mac questions Rebecca if how Edward seemed earlier at the mansion. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he's grateful for being able to be there for Jake and is glad that she's in his life. Jason is glad that Rebecca was here to authorize his surgery, and Rebecca asks if it's okay if he told Edward he was here. Kristina tells Michael that someone found her before he did and she got a good look at her shoes. Edward wakes up and asks Rebecca what has he done. Jason sees Nikolas kissing Elizabeth. Kristina looks at Claudia's shoes and those being of the person that found her. Robin has news for Mac and says Edward wasn't drunk, and someone was trying to kill him. Olivia tells Sonny that she knows exactly what she has to do.



Ep. #11890

Robin presents proof to Mac that Andrea laced Edward's drink with digitalis which caused his cardiac arrest. Elizabeth stops the kiss with Nikolas, thinking that someone might see them, Jason then steps away before even he is seen. Dominic tells Patrick to leave his mother out of this and not to contact her. Edward remembers Andrea not leaving his side at the kick off party and begging him to have a drink with her, Robin says that Andrea's attempt to kill him ending up her getting killed instead. Olivia changes her mind about telling Sonny the truth about Dominic, instead she says she learned he offered to pay his medical bills. Jason goes and tells Sam she went to go check on Jake and seen Nikolas and Elizabeth kissing, and it wasn't a friendly one. Olivia insists on being tested and to test Morgan as well as Kristina and Sonny to see if they're matches for her son. Mac insists on following the forensic evidence and thinking it'll clear Alexis on the attempted murder charges. Olivia tells Patrick that she had reasons why she didn't tell Sonny that Dante is his son, and if he needs the transplant she will tell. Kiefer stops by and gives Kristina a new phone. Lucky tells Nikolas that he wants to spend his life with Elizabeth again. Sam and Jason inch closer and are honest with one another. Kiefer gets forceful with Kristina and asks why she's playing these games with him. Michael has an unsettling memory about Jax and realizes that Jerry had his hand in his shooting. Lucky without hesitation proposes marriage to Elizabeth. Ethan tells Rebecca that if she goes home with Nikolas she'll regret it. Michael calls Sam and says that he has something important to tell him and can't tell Jason. Patrick arrives and says he has Dominic's test results.



Season 47, Episode 116 – Aired: 9/14/2009
Ep. #11891

Michael asks Sam to come over and not to tell Jason. Patrick tells Olivia that he expects Dante to make a full recovery and she doesn't have to tell Sonny that he's his son. Ethan tells Rebecca that going with him is a mistake, Rebecca says that she can speak for herself. Elizabeth explains to Lucky that they dealt with the whole marriage thing twice already and ended badly. Spinelli tells Johnny that there were no casualties at the carnival, and says Claudia shouldn't know about the shooting at the warehouse. Bernie tells Claudia that Anthony organized a takedown of three buildings on Sonny's territory and he brother was a casualtie and was shot multiple times. Lucky realizes Elizabeth is thinking he'll turn to pills or alcohol again. Patrick offers Olivia some options in telling Sonny the truth cause it could backfire and end up betraying both Dante and Sonny. Ronnie comes to see Dante and says it couldn't have went better in him saving Morgan from the speeding car, Jason comes by. Michael admits to Sam that he's been having memory flashes of Jax apologizing and thinks he had his part in his shooting and doesn't want Carly to know. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she'll think long and hard about his proposal. Jason is grateful for Dominic saving Morgan and if he needs anything for him not to hesitate to ask. Anthony lays into his associate for the shooting of his son. Claudia slaps Spinelli about not telling him about Johnny and if he dies the whole town will feel her pain. Dante thanks Olivia for not blowing his cover and that she's his mother. Jason asks Spinelli if he's alright and to explain what went down, Spinelli says the gunmen where taking orders from Anthony Zacchara, Jason says for Spinelli not to run errands for the organization anymore cause he depends on him as a friend. Nikolas asks Elizabeth what she said regarding the recent marriage proposal, she feels she can't tell Lucky that she loves him but not in the way he wants to. Ethan tells Lucky that Nikolas is planning a whole revenge tactic. Claudia confronts Anthony in prison about what he did to her brother.
Episode Overview



Ep. #11892

Claudia has a heated confrontation with Anthony and slaps him and says she would never put her brother in danger. Sonny tells Olivia that Johnny was shot this evening, she then hurries to his side. Johnny tells Jason that he overheard one of the men and that Anthony was responsible, Spinelli tells Jason to let Johnny rest before asking any more questions. Lucky tells Lulu that he asked Elizabeth to marry him, she's then thrown when she hasn't given him an answer yet. Claudia tells Anthony that Johnny and Spinelli know that he was responsible for what went down. Maxie and Sam learn of Spinelli's impending danger tonight, Maxie thinks that she now owes Johnny for saving her fiancee. Olivia tells Johnny that she cames as soon as she heard. Elizabeth asks herself what she's just done, thinking this is what she does when Lucky proposes marriage to her, she thinks she should tell Lucky the truth but Nikolas is against the idea. Sonny tells Jason that he has a plan of using Dominic to stick it to Anthony. Johnny's monitors go off when Claudia and Olivia have a fight. Lulu comes to see Dominic and he tells her to come on and could use a visit from her, he then says that Johnny was shot tonight. Sam tells Jason that Spinelli and Maxie aren't here and they're alone for the night. Olivia apologizes for getting into a fight with Claudia and causing a scare like that. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she's done some thinking and is accepting his proposal.



Ep. #11893

Spinelli and Maxie hold a meeting in Jason's apartment about the wedding planning, Kristina, Molly, Patrick and Robin get an eyeful when Sam and Jason come downstairs. Nikolas dreams of making love to Elizabeth and wakes up and sees Rebecca, she says she knows why he's up here. Carly tells Michael that Jax made some calls to get him into the same school as Kristina, Jax sees some hostility and asks Michael what he did. Edward tells Ethan that he's been waiting for him to come visit, he thanks him for getting him out of that car after it crashed. Elizabeth doesn't think they should rush into marriage thinking Cameron will be disappointed. Jason politely asks everyone to leave. Carly thinks that yesterday at the carnival stirred up some memories after he was shot, Michael continues to avoid Jax. Molly has a little talk with Jason about his relationship with Sam. Edward tells Ethan that he'll help but there's a catch, Tracy arrives and asks if he's alright and apologizes that she wasn't here, Monica looks at his chart and sees some improvement. Michael tracks down Ramona the fortune teller, and to for her to explain these visions he's having. Morgan tells Jax and Carly the incentive that he needs is to let Dominic recuperate here at the house when he's released from the hospital, cause he likes hanging out with him. Patrick tells Elizabeth that Jake's test results came back and it's only a bump on the head. Molly tells Sam that she talked to Jason cause she wants her to be happy. Jason tells Spinelli that what happened this morning can't happen again then next time to ask permission. Tracy tells Ethan she'll like him even more if he takes Rebecca and leaves. Spinelli asks Jason if he believes that he and Maxie are making a mistake. Nikolas offers Elizabeth his bitter congratulations.



Ep. # 11894

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that can she really marry Lucky after he and her had sex last night. Claudia tells Olivia to leave when Sonny takes her to see Johnny, Olivia says she ain't leaving anywhere. Robin tells Maxie that it's natural for her to have pre-wedding jitters, Maxis says it's more then that. Carly and Jax learn about the shooting, Michael asks Jax how he always assumes the worst. Jason tells Spinelli that if he wants Johnny to be his best man then it's okay with him. Morgan visits Dominic and asks him when he can get out, and asks if he'd like to stay at his place and recuperate. Lucky and Elizabeth start their counselling session with Lainey. Maxie is gonna try and keep from getting pregnant by getting on birth control. Olivia tells Dante not to get so attached to Morgan like that, and it's good that Carly and Jax said no. Sam tells Michael she can't make any promises and she'll see what she can do. Carly lays into Sonny for not telling him his warehouses were hit and Johnny and Spinelli were almost killed. Olivia tells Johnny not to trust Dominic. Ronnie tells Dominic he can't get emotionally involved and his job is to put Sonny in prison. Michael confronts Jax with his suspicions about his involvment in his shooting, and thinks he got shot cause he was trying to kill his father. Elizabeth can't get her mind off of Nikolas.



Ep. #11895

Johnny asks Olivia why shouldn't he trust Dominic, she says just to watch himself. Michael asks Jax if he's the reason he got shot cause he ordered a hit on Sonny, Jax says he'd never order any hit on Sonny. Claudia continues to overhear Sam tells Jason that Michael is starting to remember what people have said while he was in a coma. Jason tells Sam that it's crazy that Michael is making an assumption. Jax tells Michael that he's gonna explain everything as soon as Carly has the baby and it won't any longer, Carly comes in and wants to know what he meant. Lucky finds Nikolas again in the Turret thinking he spends too much time up there. Rebecca tells Elizabeth her plans to enroll in nursing school cause being around Edward made her think of changing careers. Jason assures Carly to trust and if he finds something she should know he'll tell her. Claudia's hurt when Johnny pushes her away. Alfred tells Nikolas of Elizabeth's invitation to her place, but he says he and Rebecca have other plans. Sonny tests Dominic's loyalty by asking him to take out Johnny Zacchara. Anthony receives a visit from Sonny and says Johnny will pay the price if he makes a move on his territory again. Dominic visits Johnny in his room and says he should've been at the warehouse but he took his place instead. Elizabeth's jealousy over Nikolas and Rebecca flares.



Ep. #11896

Jason tells Robin that Michael is starting to remember stuff that people said when people came to see him while he was in a coma. Olivia finds Dante in Johnny's room. Sonny tells Anthony he'll be forced to retaliate if he makes another move on the people that he loves. Dante tells Olivia to consider breaking it off with Johnny cause he'll kill her when he finds out she betrayed him. Lucky notices that Elizabeth seems a little distracted, and to think good things cause they just got engaged. Rebecca tells Nikolas that she doesn't think Elizabeth or Lucky blame him for anything and love him anyway, she then asks him what's really wrong. Olivia says she'll go back to Brooklyn on one condition if Dante goes with her. Lulu goes to see Johnny, and Dominic asks Lulu to help him go back to General Hospital, Epiphany lays into him and says she'll have him watched til it's okay for him to leave, Lulu has some fun by telling Epiphany that Dominic needs help getting undressed. Sonny tells Jason that Anthony has been officially taken care of. Ronnie gives Dominic his police badge in the hospital as a reminder of what his true mission is. Nikolas gives Ethan a cheque for a million dollars, and says for him to keep Rebecca away from him. Elizabeth feels uncomfortable when Lucky wants to have sex, but he says that they can wait. Sonny tells Jason to forget about Johnny, and if Anthony goes after anyone that's not under his protection, Johnny will be no more as Claudia comes in and hears everything.



Ep. #11897

Sam tells Michael that she didn't give any specifics to Jason on his memory flashes. Lulu asks Dominic where the detective's badge came from, and doesn't believe one word of his answer. Spinelli show Maxie an ideal spot for their nuptuals, she sees and isn't exactly impressed, he then asks if she wants to get married. Sam tells Michael that they're not sure what to make of Claudia apologizing. Ethan asks Nikolas what the catch is and thinks that he's setting him up when he tries to cash the cheque, Ethan wants to know the real reason why he's really paying him, he tells him to take his money and shove it. Elizabeth finds herself at Jake's bar and Coleman asks what's her reason for drinking tonight. Claudia tells Sonny to go ahead and to do what he has to do by making Anthony believe that Johnny's life is in danger, Jason asks if he's really okay with this. Dominic tells Lulu that the police badge is in fact "stolen". Jason tells Michael that he'll do what he can in order to help him. Ethan goes to Lulu and tells her that Nikolas needs someone to talk to cause he's desperately on edge. Spinelli finds the solution to his and Maxie's problems in finding a location for their wedding. Elizabeth admits to Olivia that she slept with Nikolas. Claudia tells Sonny that if he does this it'll make everything right. Maxie is in awe when Spinelli shows her a fantastic location, and they're all cheerful and they have a place to get married at. Olivia goes to check on Johnny in the hospital. Nikolas runs into Elizabeth at Jake's.


Вы здесь » "Латинский Рай" - форум сайта латиноамериканской музыки, теленовелл и сериалов » Резюме сериалов других стран » "Генеральный госпиталь" (2 часть) - резюме серий на английском языке