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Season 1, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/15/1964

Dr. Michael Rossi arrives by train in the New England village of Peyton Place, Massachusetts. He is met by young Rodney Harrington, whose Aunt Laura was married to Dr. Donald Brooks, Peyton Place's recently deceased GP. Rodney and his girlfriend Betty Anderson drive Rossi to the inn. Later, Rod stops by the office of his father Leslie, who manages the Peyton Mill. Rod discovers his father locked in a passionate embrace with secretary Julie Anderson, Betty's mother. Leslie attempts to explain the situation, but Rodney leaves in silence. Leslie assures Julie he will make his son understand, but she's skeptical. Rod's unwillingness to comment on his sudden aloofness angers Betty. He takes her home then drives wildly into the night, almost hitting virginal Allison MacKenzie. Rod offers Allison a lift home. Her innocence touches him, and he impulsively kisses her. She withdraws, stating flatly that he can tell everyone she's frigid. Rod says she can tell everyone that he's dumb, prompting Allison to reciprocate the kiss. Allison's mother, bookstore proprietress Constance MacKenzie, watches their embrace from the window. When Allison enters the house, Connie follows her to her room. She requests that Allison not see Rodney. Allison explains that they were only kissing. Connie replies cryptically, "That's how it starts." Allison replies that she wants it to start. She wants to be in love. She gazes dreamily at herself in the mirror. Dr. Rossi is smoking a cigarette in the town square. He meets Matthew Swain, publisher of the Peyton Place Clarion. Matt tells him that life in a small-town is very predictable. One day, Rossi will realize that he knows every face. He'll have a definite opinion about them, and they'll have a definite opinion about him. They'll either love or hate one another, but they won't be indifferent.



Season 1, Episode 2 – Aired: 9/17/1964

Leslie Harrington and Julie Anderson's affair is having an effect on several others: Julie's daughter Betty has come to the realization that Rodney, Leslie's son, is avoiding her---and Leslie's wife, Catherine Peyton, is seething with anger. Mike Rossi has a flicker of recognition when he encounters Constance MacKenzie at her book shop, sending Connie into a panic.

Season 1, Episode 5 – Aired: 9/29/1964

Dr. Rossi makes an emergency visit to the Anderson home after Julie's "fall down the stairs." While there he runs into the Anderson's daughter Betty, the same girl who had come to his office earlier with her pregnancy situation. The following day, George Anderson takes his wife to Rossi's office for a follow up visit. While Rossi probes Julie about conflicts in the Anderson home, and extends his assistance, George runs into Catherine Harrington at the book store. Catherine is unconcerned about the fact that her son, Rodney, has severed his relationship with George's daughter, Betty. At the Peyton mansion, Norman Harrington learns about his father's affair with Julie Anderson when he overhears a heated conversation between Leslie and Rod. George pays a call to the mansion, informing Les that he wants to take his wife with him on his next business trip---but Leslie insists that he requires Julie's secretarial skills at the office. George makes it clear to Leslie that he is the one who needs his wife.



Season 1, Episode 6 – Aired: 10/1/1964

With Allison out of the house on a date with Rodney, Matthew Swain urges Constance to tell Allison the truth about her father so they both can get on with their lives. Dr. Rossi has dinner with Laura Brooks, widow of the doctor he has replaced at Doctor's Hospital and Leslie Harrington's sister. At the local teen spot, the Shoreline, Betty makes a spectacle of herself in order to get Rodney's attention. Norman, Rod's younger brother, keeps Allison company in the Shoreline while Rod is outside with a persistent Betty, who insists she must talk with him.

Season 1, Episode 7 – Aired: 10/6/1964

As Betty is insisting there is something she must tell him (her pregnancy), Rod spies Allison and leaves Betty to be with his date. Upset over this recent rejection, Betty accept Norman's offer of a ride home. There she commisserates with her mother over her loss of Rodney's love. Julie suggests that perhaps it is because Allison MacKenzie is the "local good girl", prompting Betty to make a declaration of her own individuality. Rod drives Allison out to Tucker's Pond where they engage in a kiss. After parting company with Laura Brooks, who is attracted to the doctor, Rossi meets Constance MacKenzie in the town square and walks her home.



Season 1, Episode 8 – Aired: 10/8/1964

Rossi is invited into the Mackenzie home, where he observes the photo of "Mr. Mackenzie" on the mantel. Allison returns to find Constance with Rossi and appears pleased by her mother's new friendship. The following day, the beginning of Founder's Festival in Peyton Place, Laura Brooks invites Dr. Rossi to Sunday brunch at the Peyton mansion. Rossi meets Catherine Peyton Harrington, hostess of the event, and Dr. Paul Morton, chief of staff at General Hospital. Dr. Morton is from the "old school" and appears less-than-impressed with Rossi. Allison accompanies Rodney to the brunch, where he declares his love for her. Her pregnancy now confirmed by Rossi, Betty confides in her mother, who accepts part of the blame for the break-up and insists that Betty must tell Rodney.

Season 1, Episode 9 – Aired: 10/13/1964

Catherine Peyton Harrington takes ill at Sunday brunch and retires to her room, where she is attended to by Dr. Morton. Norman, Catherine's favored son, sits with her. At her mother's insistence, Betty telephones Rodney at the Peyton mansion. He doesn't wish to speak with her. Matthew Swain, grand marshal of Founder's Day, fires the cannon to commence festivities. Constance has a flare of envy when she observes Laura putting an affectionate arm around Rossi; and George Anderson appears livid when Leslie Harrington, atop a float in the parade, waves to Julie. Betty spies Rodney with Allison in the crowd and advances upon them.



Season 1, Episode 10 – Aired: 10/15/1964

Rossi intercepts Betty before she gets to Rodney and questions her intentions. Although she wants to be Rod's girl, Betty expresses reluctance in entrapping him. Later, Betty presses Leslie Harrington for the reason his son rejected her. Unwittingly, Leslie reveals that Betty's mother, Julie, was in the office with him when Rod came in on that fateful night. George Anderson speaks with Dr. Rossi about his medication. Rossi, more concerned with George's violence toward his wife, suggests psychiatric therapy. Leslie confesses his slip of the tongue with Betty to Julie, who decides to resign from her position at the mill. Unhappy in his own marriage, Leslie is not yet ready to give up on Julie. Watching Rod and Allison dancing in the bandstand, Betty determines to make him aware of her pregnancy.
Episode Overview

Season 1, Episode 11 – Aired: 10/20/1964

Constance and Matthew are invited by Dr. Rossi to join himself and Laura Brooks at the Colonial Post Inn, where Laura can't help but make some jealous barbs toward Connie. Jealous George tells Julie he saw her with Leslie Harrington, prompting Julie to reveal that she has quit her job as Les' secretary. George further tells her that Dr. Rossi recommended him to a Boston psychiatrist. Allison doesn't like Rodney referring to her as a "fair lady" and wonders if he used the title on Betty. Later, George rescues Allison from some annoying motorcycle bikers and takes the opportunity to question her about Rodney. Prompted by Betty, Rod finally agrees to speak with her in private and they go off in his car for a drive. She reveals to him that she knows about the relationship between her mother and his father---and confesses her pregnancy. Stunned, Rod agrees to marry her but doesn't want to hear her admissions of love. In his agitated state, he drives directly in front of an oncoming truck, resulting in a violent crash.



Season 1, Episode 12 – Aired: 10/22/1964

Rodney and a badly hemorrhaging Betty are rushed to Doctor's Hospital, where Rossi attends to the patients. Rodney, uninjured in the accident, confesses to his father that Betty is pregnant with his child. Likewise, Julie Anderson apprises her husband of their daughter's predicament. George visits his daughter's bedside and tries to reassure her. Leslie Harrington insists that he will pay all hospital bills; George is concerned about the broken vows of love Rod made toward Betty. "Uncle" Matt Swain reports Rod and Betty's condition to Allison, who expresses little interest in the ravages of maturity and later commiserates with Norman, Rod's younger brother, as Founder's Festival winds down.

Season 1, Episode 13 – Aired: 10/27/1964

George Anderson has pipe dreams of quitting the Peyton mill and starting up an insurance company with wife Julie as his secretary. Rodney reassures Allison that, despite whatever happens, he meant every vow of love he made to her. Betty, having lost her baby as a result of the car accident, has a series of bedside visitors. First up is mother Julie, who insists that she must tell Rod of their loss. Then Leslie Harrington, unaware of the circumstances, offers Betty money to have the baby out of town and put it up for adoption. Finally, father George urges Betty not to tell Rod the truth and marry into the Harrington family. Rodney arrives, bearing flowers, and Betty is hard-pressed to tell him of their illegitimate child's demise.



Season 1, Episode 14 – Aired: 10/29/1964

Although Julie Anderson wanted her daughter to tell Rodney about the miscarriage, Betty plays out her deception and marries Rod before a Justice of the Peace in nearby White River. The following morning, Rod's conspicuous absence at the Harrington breakfast table alerts the family to the fact that he has eloped. Catherine Harrington is appalled that Leslie would allow the marriage to take place; Norman does his best to defend Betty. Leslie heads to the Anderson home to learn that Betty, too, is absent. George rants about their new relationship and his plans for starting an insurance business. When Leslie reveals that he offered Betty a way out of her predicament, George, constantly reliving his war experiences, strikes out at Leslie. His erratic behavior disgusts both Les and Julie.
Episode Overview



Season 1, Episode 15 – Aired: 11/5/1964

Upon the newlyweds return to Peyton Place, Betty wastes no time in breaking the news to heartbroken Allison, who commiserates with Norman. Constance, upset over Allison's disappointment, rejects Rossi's invitation. Rod and Betty break the news to the Andersons, with Betty making a secret confession to her mother that she failed to tell Rod of her miscarriage. They are later greeted at the Harrington home (the Peyton mansion) by Leslie, who toasts their future with imported champagne. Catherine remains upstairs in her sick bed, where she believes she is atoning for some secret sin committed in the past.

Season 1, Episode 16 – Aired: 11/10/1964

Betty attempts niceties with her new mother-in-law, but Catherine is perfectly cold toward her. Norman uses his mother's illness as an excuse for her rude behavior. Betty pays a call on Dr. Rossi, who urges her to tell Rod the truth about the baby while, later, her father reassures her on her course of action. Having already made plans with Constance, Rossi declines a country club date with Laura Brooks, who observes them driving away. Constance is visibly upset when Rossi takes her to the old Carson cottage, which he has rented from Eli Carson, a bronchitis patient. Constance reveals that a woman was murdered in the cottage around the time of the war.



Season 1, Episode 17 – Aired: 11/12/1964

George Anderson informs his employer, Leslie Harrington, that he is returning to the insurance business. Leslie tries to convince George to stay on at the mill until his business is established, but George refuses. Rossi wonders if Constance was uneasy during their first date because of him or the legend of the cottage. She agrees to a second date. Allison, pleased over her mother's progressing relationship, uses her savings to buy an expensive coat for Constance, who had earlier settled on a more practical purchase. Suspicious of Betty's pregnancy, Catherine conspires with old friend Dr. Morton. Uncovering the truth about Betty's miscarriage, Morton confronts Rossi, who threatens to take the matter to the medical board if Morton reveals privileged information. Morton reminds the younger doctor that he has been practicing medicine in Peyton Place for many years---and that Rossi is the outsider.



Season 1, Episode 18 – Aired: 11/17/1964

Eli Carson receives a special delivery letter and rushes to Dr. Rossi's office. He reveals that his son, who has been imprisoned for murdering his wife eighteen years ago, may soon be paroled. Elliot Carson has maintained his innocence all these years and is determined to prove it. Eli is concerned that Elliot may want to take possession of his old beach cottage which was recently rented to Rossi. Upon hearing of Elliot's imminent release, Constance confesses to Rossi that the photograph of Allison's father on the mantle is a fake; there never was a Mr. MacKenzie. Before going out of town, Dr. Morton pays a call to the Harrington home. While he doesn't reveal his knowledge to Catherine, he makes it obvious to Betty that he is aware of her deception. During his absence, Catherine takes a turn for the worse and Laura Brooks summons Dr. Rossi to the house.



Season 1, Episode 19 – Aired: 11/19/1964

Newlyweds Rod and Betty dine at the Inn with her parents, unaware of the drama being enacted at the Harrington home. With Dr. Morton away in Boston, Rossi attends to the ailing Catherine (Peyton) Harrington. A ruptured ulcer is his initial diagnosis, but Rossi takes her to the hospital for further tests. Morton calls Rossi at the hospital and insists the junior doctor await his return---since Catherine is his patient. As Catherine's condition worsens, and without any other available doctors to confirm his diagnosis, Rossi feels he must operate immediately. Leslie Harrington wavers over granting consent, prefering to wait for Morton.

Season 1, Episode 20 – Aired: 11/24/1964

Returning to the Harrington home following dinner with Betty's parents, Rodney learns that his mother has been rushed to the hospital. Betty, who has just had an argument with Rod, presses him to go without her. She packs a bag and heads for the bus station, but is ultimately dissuaded from leaving town by Allison MacKenzie. Believing Catherine can't wait for Morton's arrival at the hospital, Rossi once again pressures Leslie for permission to operate. Leslie reluctantly agrees. Midway through surgery, Morton arrives and causes commotion in the operating room by insisting he take over. Despite Rossi's efforts, Catherine Harrington expires. Learning of his wife's death, Leslie admits he should have waited for Morton, who denies Rossi's request for an autopsy and vows to run the younger doctor out of town.



Season 1, Episode 21 – Aired: 11/26/1964

Old Eli Carson suffers an angina attack in the town square and is attended to by Dr. Rossi, who instructs Laura to have Catherine Harrington's autopsy rescheduled. Chief of Staff Dr. Morton pulls rank and proceeds with the autopsy. Underage Norman Harrington is refused liquor at Ada's Tavern and proceeds to get into fisticuffs with some "wharf rats". Discovered by Rossi and the MacKenzie women, he accuses Rossi of allowing his mother to die. Allison comforts Norman and brings him to the Harrington home. Betty is unusually cordial towards Allison, thanking her for preventing her from leaving town and wondering if they could become friends. Driving Allison home, Rodney professes that his feelings toward her haven't changed; Allison later confesses the same emotions to her mother. When he returns home, Betty finally makes a full admission to an incredulous Rod regarding her deception about their baby.

Season 1, Episode 22 – Aired: 12/1/1964

Despite suffering a backlash of patient cancellations, Dr. Rossi remains convinced that Catherine Harrington's autopsy will confirm his diagnosis. Leslie Harrington appears somewhat suspicious when Dr. Morton urges him to be present at the ensuing inquest where, to Rossi's shock, the pathologist's report fails to back up his diagnosis. Rodney shares the news of Betty's deception with his father, who insists on an immediate divorce and later accuses Dr. Rossi of aiding and abetting the pregnancy lie. Betty goes off on a Boston shopping spree and returns to inform the Harringtons that she has seen a lawyer and there will be no forthcoming divorce. Allison wants to graduate from writing teen columns in the "Clarion" to something more adult.



Season 1, Episode 23 – Aired: 12/3/1964

Desperate for his son's sham of a marriage to be ended, Leslie Harrington inquires into Betty's divorce "price", but she stubbornly clings to her desire to remain Rodney's wife. Harrington then pleads his case to the Andersons. Observing an interchange between his wife and her former lover, George reminds Julie that while Leslie might be free she is not. Dr. Morton informs Rossi that the review board has determined Catherine Harrington's surgery unnecessary and, accordingly, Rossi's hospital privileges have been suspended. Rossi determines to uncover the truth and clear his medical reputation. Confident his son will soon be paroled, Eli Carson reminds Rossi that he might have to vacate the beach cottage when Elliot is released. Matthew informs a worried Constance about Elliot Carson's probable prison release.



Season 1, Episode 24 – Aired: 12/8/1964

With the encouragement of Constance and Matthew Swain, Rossi pursues vindication of the charges against him. His suspicions are further aroused when Dr. Bradley informs him tissue samples from Catherine Harrington have been destroyed and are therefore unavailable for further inspection. As the Harrington family gathers for the reading of Catherine's will, Leslie is confident his deceased wife left him in control of the Peyton mill. As local attorney Theodore Dowell begins reading of the last will and testament of Catherine Harrington a telephone call arrives from Boston attorney William Kennerling who, unknown to the others, holds a codicil to the will. He requests they postpone the reading until his arrival.



Season 1, Episode 25 – Aired: 12/10/1964

Failing to heed Kennerling's request, Leslie insists they get on with the reading of the will. As he predicted, Leslie is bequeathed all stocks in the Peyton Mill, while Dr. Morton receives 15% of any dividends accrued to be used for the hospital. Her sons, Rodney and Norman, equally share cash assets upon reaching their twenty-fifth birthday and Laura Brooks is given all of Catherine's clothing---minus jewelry and furs, of course. Laura declines Catherine's token gift. Leslie's victory, however, is short-lived: William Kennerling, Peyton's Boston attorney, arrives to inform Harrington of a codicil to the will wherein all stocks revert to Martin Peyton, in effect disinheriting Leslie! George Anderson suffers a minor crisis when he loses a client; and daughter Betty seeks her mother's advice about accepting Rodney's inheritance in exchange for ending their marriage. Although Constance and Dr. Rossi's relationship continues to blossom, she fears that Elliot Carson will return to town upon his impending release from prison---and pointedly avoids any questions Allison proposes about the man. Locked behind bars, Elliot Carson gets tough with a fellow inmate.
Episode Overview



Season 1, Episode 26 – Aired: 12/15/1964

Matthew Swain journeys to the Massachusetts State Prison to visit inmate Elliot Carson (played by Tim O'Connor), who declares his innocence and the belief that his wife's murderer is still at large in Peyton Place. Disturbed when observing his daughter's husband in the company of young Allison MacKenzie, George takes out his frustration on his wife, who suggests he see Dr. Rossi. Rossi recommends psychiatric therapy. Rossi becomes suspicious of Dr. Bradley, who performed the autopsy on Catherine Peyton Harrington, and questions Laura Brooks about the former surgeon turned pathologist. Confronted by Rossi, Bradley claims he switched specialties because of rheumatoid arthritis and resents any implication of wrong-doing in the Harrington autopsy. Troubled by Rossi's interrogation, Bradley telephones Dr. Morton, disconnects the call, and then attempts to locate Laura Brooks.



Season 1, Episode 27 – Aired: 12/17/1964

Laura accepts a luncheon date with Dr. Joe Bradley. Laura's deceased husband, Donald Brooks, and Dr. Bob Morton assisted Bradley in his final surgery some five years ago. Her curiosity aroused by Bradley's inquiries regarding anything Donald may have told her about the surgery on Matthew Swain, Laura relays the conversation to Rossi. Rossi immediately questions Matthew, who reports that Morton attended to him after Bradley suffered some sort of illness. Excited that his son may be home for the holidays, Eli shares the news with Constance---who is guardedly enthusiastic. Losing another client sets George Anderson on a drinking binge, prompting Julie to go to the Mill to persuade Leslie to reinstate her husband. When she returns home George, who had followed his wife to the Mill, physically attacks Julie. In the act of defending herself, Julie knocks George unconscious.

Season 1, Episode 28 – Aired: 12/22/1964

Rossi is summoned to the Anderson home and quickly sums up the domestic situation. George is taken to Doctor's Hospital where, when ordering x-rays for his patient, Rossi is reminded that his privileges are suspended. Dr. Morton arrives at the hospital to loudly reiterate the fact. At Rossi's suggestion, Julie goes to stay at the MacKenzie home. Betty pays a call on her mother, seemingly holding Julie responsible for the problems in the Anderson marriage. Recalling the kiss Rodney witnessed between Julie and his father, Betty wonders how many other times the two were intimate. Rossi barges in on Dr. Joe Bradley, who becomes visibly nervous when confronted with the inconsistencies in his last surgery five years before. Shaken, Bradley seeks out Morton and reveals that he lied about the Harrington autopsy out of a sense of obligation to Morton for having saved his career after the Swain surgery. Morton sends Bradley into "hiding".



Season 1, Episode 29 – Aired: 12/24/1964

Norman overhears Leslie urging Dr. Morton to proclaim Catherine incompetent when she ordered the codicil to her will, but Dr. Morton declines Leslie's request. Laura visits Rossi at his cottage and insists she will arrange his reinstatement of all hospital privileges. Rossi warns her to stop manipulating his life. Eli reveals to a distressed Connie that Elliot's parole hearing is tomorrow. Connie appears visibly shaken at the thought that Elliot might return to Peyton Place. Dr. Morton shows Rossi Dr. Bradley's signed statement clearing Rossi of malpractice in Catherine Peyton's death. Dr. Morton admits that Rossi is a fine doctor, and he intends to make a public apology.

Season 1, Episode 30 – Aired: 12/29/1964

Rossi tells George that Julie is temporarily staying with Connie Mackenzie, while Julie reveals to Leslie that she is leaving George. Leslie offers Julie her old job back at the mill, but she refuses, stating that it won't solve anything. Later, George informs Julie that he will not give her a divorce. Allison asks Connie about the town in Scotland where her "father" was born. Connie wants Allison to attend college away from Peyton Place, but Allison reminds her that it's too late to enroll anywhere else for the winter semester. Eli meets Elliot at the state prison as the parole hearing begins.



Season 1, Episode 31 – Aired: 12/31/1964

Allison admits to Connie that she doesn't believe that Elliot Carson murdered his wife, prompting Connie to remark that Allison is becoming obsessed with Carson's case. Betty visits Julie at the Mackenzie home. Julie tells her that she intends to rent a room somewhere and let George have the house. Later, Betty encounters a drunken George who mistreats her with the same anger he uses to humiliate Julie. Connie reveals to Rossi that Elliot Carson is Allison's biological father. Betty talks to Rodney about their marriage and realizes that there is no love between them. Allison spots Betty, suitcase in hand, boarding a bus. Betty begs Allison to keep quiet about seeing her leave, adding that no one really cares about her -not her parents or her husband. Allison watches sadly as Betty leaves Peyton Place.

Season 1, Episode 32 – Aired: 1/5/1965

Elliot is paroled from the state prison and released. Leslie meets with Mr. Blaine, a private detective, who informs him that he has tracked down Betty to a hotel in Boston. Rodney doesn't answer Leslie's question when asked if he wants to divorce Betty. George finds Rodney at the Mackenzie house, and Rodney admits that he received a postcard from Betty. When George spots Rodney talking with Allison, he threatens to kill him if anything happens to Betty. Allison rejects Rodney's advances, reminding him that he's a married man who didn't care enough about his wife to see how despondent she was. A drunken Laura, still celebrating New Year's, reminds Leslie that they make their own trouble. She agrees to be a "good witness" in his fight to overturn Catherine's codicil. Dr. Rossi assures Connie that Elliot's return might help her bury the past. Elliot gets off the bus in Peyton Place and wanders the deserted streets.



Season 1, Episode 33 – Aired: 1/7/1965

Betty phones Julie to inform her mother that she's safe in New York City. Allison prepares to register for classes at Peyton College. Later, Allison tells Rodney that Betty is in New York, but she doesn't want to be "found". Rodney expresses concern for his wife's welfare, though he loves Allison. Allison encounters Elliot on the street, and they exchange smiles. George visits Leslie at the mill and mistakenly believes that he is still employed. Elliot and George meet one another at the bandstand, where George is hallucinating. They reminisce about their experiences together in World War II. At George's office in the Peyton Place Professional Building, the manager Mr. King reminds George he owes rent. George promises to pay him later with a certified check. After Mr. King leaves, George locks the office door and loads an automatic pistol.