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Season 6, Episode 35 – Aired: 2/17/2003
02.17.03 - Monday: Surrender

Kevin accuses Caleb of giving up Livvie in favor of Tess and says he's obsessed with her. Elizabeth intrudes on Lucy and Ian's evening, as she wants to feed off Ian. Learning Ian hasn't been feeding or drinking his water, Elizabeth realizes Ian is having sex with Lucy (a slayer) which suppresses his need to feed. Getting a similar idea in her head, Elizabeth calls Rafe (another slayer). Jack's surprised by Livvie's return and realizes it's due to Caleb's music box. When Jack closes it, Tess returns and he asks her not to open it again. Jack then destroys, then discards the box, but the music continues to play.

Season 6, Episode 36 – Aired: 2/18/2003
02.18.03 - Tuesday: Surrender

Elizabeth plans to seduce Rafe to suppress her vampire urges but changes her mind after talking with Alison. Caleb gives Reese permission to turn Ricky into a vampire. Ricky ignores Casey's warning to stay away from Reese. After Jack tells Rafe and Jamal how Tess turned into Livvie because of Caleb's music box, Rafe realizes the music box is the key to destroying Caleb. Rafe insists they find it after Jack says he destroyed it. Per Ali's request, Rafe checks on Elizabeth, who decides to seduce him after all. While Jamal and Jack search for the music box, Tess shows it to Ali, then transforms into Livvie after opening it.



Season 6, Episode 37 – Aired: 2/19/2003
02.19.03 - Wednesday: Surrender

Alison's shocked by Livvie's return. When Jack closes the music box, Tess comes back with no memory of what happened and asks Jack to hide the music box. Elizabeth pleads with Rafe to have sex with her to save her but he refuses. Elizabeth pushes him onto her bed, just as Ali walks in. Ali's upset her mother tried to seduce Rafe. Elizabeth apologizes and Rafe calls Jack and says it's time to use Tess to kill Caleb. Ian thinks he's found a cure for his vampirism but when Lucy injects him with the antidote, he bares his fangs and tries to kill her. Pleading her love, Lucy is able to talk Ian into returning to normal.

Season 6, Episode 38 – Aired: 2/20/2003
02.20.03 - Thursday: Surrender

Rafe tells Lucy it's time to kill Caleb, gives her a pistol and says she must do the deed. He explains the balance of good and evil and says once Caleb's destroyed, his life might end too. Jack lies to Tess that he thinks she can heal Caleb. He tells her to get rid of Caleb's "water" to get to his true feelings. Caleb holds a party to celebrate the return of the "real" Stephen Clay. Casey tells Jamal he has to stop Ricky from becoming a vampire as she can't interfere. Jamal goes to the party and punches Ricky out but Caz interferes. Tess shows up but Caleb asks her to leave- until she says she loves him.



Season 6, Episode 39 – Aired: 2/21/2003
02.21.03 - Friday: Surrender

Caleb's stunned by Tess confession of love for him and agrees to go with her to the overlook. Jack is stopped from following them by Caleb's men. Ian, Rafe and Lucy arrive at the overlook to slay Caleb, but Kevin has followed them. Alison dreams Rafe will have to leave her again after destroying Caleb. Jamal creates a diversion for Jack, who escapes. Casey spies Reese as she's about to bite Ricky. When Caleb and Tess arrive at the overlook, he tells her he doesn't want to saved, he just wants Livvie. Jack arrives, opens the music box and Livvie appears. Lucy fires her gun at Caleb but Kevin runs to Livvie as the gun goes off…

Season 6, Episode 40 – Aired: 2/24/2003
02.24.03 - Monday: Surrender

Casey stops Reese from biting Ricky by creating a twister, but tells Jamal she broke the rules by interfering. Alison fears Rafe will leave her if Caleb is destroyed and rushes off to find him. Ian pushes Kevin out of the way before the bullet hits Caleb. Caleb's impending death makes Ian, Elizabeth, Reese, Caz and Joshua return to normal. Jack closes the music box and Tess returns but learns from a dying Caleb that Jack and the others used her to kill him. Tess refuses to leave Caleb's side. Kevin schemes to get Livvie back and steals the music box. After Caleb takes his last breath, Alison arrives and learns Rafe's gone too.



Season 6, Episode 42 – Aired: 2/26/2003
02.26.03 - Wednesday: Surrender

After bringing Caleb back to life, Tess takes him to a secret hiding place. When Rafe, Ian and Jack discover Caleb's dead body is missing, Ian reveals Caleb must be alive because his own vampire symptoms returned. Jack's upset when Ian accuses Tess of resurrecting Caleb, but he later realizes it's true. Alison and Lucy discover Caleb's alive when Elizabeth reveals she's a vampire again. Lucy vows to stand by Ian, knowing he's a vampire. Caleb speculates Tess brought him back to life because she loves him. She confirms it's true, but thinks he's using her to get to Livvie. But Caleb declares it's Tess he really wants!

Season 6, Episode 43 – Aired: 2/27/2003
02.27.03 - Thursday: Surrender

Rafe runs into Casey and asks her to help him defeat Caleb. She can't tell him how to defeat Caleb, but does encourage him not to give up. Caleb tells Tess they're meant to be together. She claims she loves Jack, but Caleb says what she feels is gratitude, not love. Caleb tells Tess she loves him because she chose him over Jack. But when he kisses her, she gets frightened and runs off. Jack fumes over Tess's betrayal and tells Alison his marriage is over. Ali advises him to not to give up so quickly but Jack says he's going to let Caleb have her. Just as Jack's ready to give up on her, Tess returns home to face him.



Season 6, Episode 44 – Aired: 2/28/2003
02.28.03 - Friday: Surrender

Despite Tess's pleas, Jack tells Tess their marriage is over. She runs off into the arms of Kevin, who has Caleb's music box to get Livvie back. After Caz & Reese fail to avenge Caleb's attempted murder, Rafe & Ian capture Reese and grill her about Caleb's music. Reese reveals a clue is in the song Naked Eyes. Ian finds the song soothing but Rafe threatens to kill him when he won't stop playing it. Lucy's surprised when Serena and Caleb visit her. Worried for Serena, Lucy sends her to her room, then threatens Caleb with a stake. Caleb overpowers Lucy, who then tries to seduce him and he responds by kissing her.

Season 6, Episode 45 – Aired: 3/3/2003
03.03.03 - Monday: Surrender

Rafe attacks Ian while listening to Naked Eyes until Alison stops the music. While the song gave Rafe murderous impulses, Ian envisioned a hot spring. Ali listens to the song, which gives her lustful feelings of Rafe. Caleb sees through Lucy's seduction ploy, then disappears when he senses Tess in danger. Lucy tells Ian of her encounter with Caleb, but he asks how far she would have taken her seduction. Kevin takes Tess back to his home and opens the music box and Tess turns back to Livvie. Caleb appears and destroys the music box. Tess returns and Caleb takes her away as Kevin vows to get Livvie back.



Season 6, Episode 46 – Aired: 3/4/2003
03.04.03 - Tuesday: Surrender

Ricky's suspicious when he sees Jamal and "Marissa" together. When "Marissa" pulls him aside, Ricky kisses her and he realizes she's really Casey, but then she vanishes. A drunk Jack picks up Reese and takes her home. Caleb asks Tess to love him and says he's changed his evil ways because of her. He asks her to choose between him and Jack, but she returns to Jack, only to see him with Reese. Lucy and Ian argue about her seduction of Caleb. When Lucy knocks over a book, Ian sees a pic of the hot spring he envisioned, which is a healing pool that brings the dead back to life. Caleb plays the intro to "Naked Eyes" over and over...

Season 6, Episode 47 – Aired: 3/5/2003
03.05.03 - Wednesday: Surrender

Joshua and Elizabeth agree to team up to bring Caleb down. He instructs her to use Alison to gain inside info about Rafe's plan to destroy Caleb. Tess is devastated to see Jack with Reese but Jack offers no apologizes and again says their marriage is over. Tess returns to the cave where Jack first found her. Victor helps Lucy and Ian locate the healing pool by giving them an old map of Port Charles- but there's a piece missing. Rafe writes down the 1st 5 notes to Naked Eyes on a music sheet. Kevin arrives and deciphers the code by connecting the music notes- which reveal the missing piece to Victor's map.



Season 6, Episode 48 – Aired: 3/6/2003
03.06.03 - Thursday: Surrender

Frank defends Elizabeth when Joshua orders her to get info on Caleb from Ali. Joshua thinks Frank could be an asset to him. Lucy and Ian go to Rafe's and realize the music notes Kevin deciphered match the missing piece to the map and lead to Caleb's building. Caleb convinces Tess she can't return to her cave life and, realizing he loves her, she agrees to go home with him. Elizabeth ask what Rafe & Ali know about Caleb. Ian & Lucy run into Kevin at Caleb's and they find a secret under-ground door. Ian picks the lock and they hide inside as Tess & Caleb arrive. Caleb locks the door, trapping them together.

Season 6, Episode 49 – Aired: 3/7/2003
03.07.03 - Friday: Surrender

Tess comforts Caleb when he suffers nightmares about when he was turned into a vampire. Tess asks Caleb to be the man he was before he was a vampire and says she believes they were meant to be together. Tess asks Caleb to make love to her and he does. Rafe gets Elizabeth to listen to the first 5 notes of "Naked Eyes" to see what effect it would have on her. But Elizabeth leaves without saying what she saw or felt. Rafe and Alison follow her when she goes to Caleb's. Elizabeth walks in on Caleb making love to Tess. Trapped under Caleb's building, Ian, Lucy and Kevin find the healing pool but discover they're not alone.



Season 6, Episode 50 – Aired: 3/10/2003
03.10.03 - Monday: Surrender

After seeing Caleb & Tess make love, Elizabeth teams with Joshua to destroy Caleb and shares her news about the hot spring. Rafe & Alison meet Ian, Lucy & Kevin at the hot spring. Lucy tells them the legend of the healing pool and Ian takes a sample of the water to analyze it. He discovers Caleb's "water" is a combo of the healing pool water mixed with Chris's vampire serum. They wonder if the healing pool water without the serum could cure a vampire. While making love, Caleb tells Tess he feels human again. Caleb then bares his fangs but doesn't bite her. Later, Caleb goes to the hot spring, staring into the water.

Season 6, Episode 51 – Aired: 3/11/2003
03.11.03 - Tuesday: Surrender

While relaxing in a tub with Lucy, Ian realizes he needs to soak in the healing pool and listen to Caleb's music to cure his vampirism. Ian and Lucy go to healing pool but the entrance is closed. Caleb tells Joshua he's ready to reveal himself to the world. Casey returns, reveals she's Ricky's guardian angel and warns him that Caleb and his band are vampires. However, Ricky won't quit because if he's in trouble, Casey will have to stay to protect him. A drunken Jack imagines Livvie, who says she and Tess left him because he didn't have Caleb's power. Jack then goes to Reese, gets passionate with her and asks her to bite him.



Season 6, Episode 52 – Aired: 3/12/2003
03.12.03 - Wednesday: Surrender

Alison walks in on her mother, just as Joshua is about to feed on Elizabeth. Ali's disgusted by her mom's new relationship and declares her mom is dead to her. Joshua gets Elizabeth to focus on their revenge of Caleb. After a passionate encounter with Jack, Reese refuses to bite him and convinces Jack that he doesn't want to be a vampire. Ali sees them together and blasts Jack for being with Reese and ends their friendship. Caleb's amazed by Tess's show of love, but scared he'll tarnish her. When Tess says she's not afraid, they make love. After, Tess loses her healing power, but says she and Caleb are soulmates.

Season 6, Episode 53 – Aired: 3/13/2003
03.13.03 - Thursday: Surrender

After Rafe and Ian discover that another entrance to hot spring is in Caleb's loft, Casey stalls Caleb at his studio while Lucy and Alison lure Tess away from the loft. However, Casey fails in her mission when Caleb realizes her true identity and vanishes. While Lucy and Ali drive Tess out of town, Tess realizes she's been duped and forces them to stop the car. Then Caleb appears, demanding they let her go. Elizabeth follows Ian and Rafe when they break into Caleb's loft. As Ian prepares to enter the hot spring, he and Rafe realize they're not alone. Rafe pulls out a wooden stake on an approaching Elizabeth and almost slays her.



Season 6, Episode 54 – Aired: 3/14/2003
03.14.03 - Friday: Surrender

When Ricky chooses to stay in Caleb's band, Casey says she can't protect him. Frank passes Joshua's test by accepting a huge tip. A jealous Reese sees Jack hit on another girl, then vandalizes his home but he catches her. Caleb threatens Lucy and Alison but Tess convinces him not to hurt them. Caleb vanishes with Tess to his villa. When they get passionate, she screams when he bares his fangs. Lucy and Ali rush to the hot spring, unaware that Kevin's followed them. Rafe and Ian tie up Elizabeth but Kevin arrives and unties her. Elizabeth jumps into the hot spring, but when her lifeless body emerges, Ali cries for her dead mother.

Season 6, Episode 55 – Aired: 3/17/2003
03.17.03 - Monday: Surrender

Elizabeth becomes mortal again after emerging from the hot spring. She worries Joshua will kill her when he learns she's mortal again. Jack catches Reese vandalizing his home and helps her, then they get passionate. After Tess screams upon seeing his fangs, Caleb apologizes but describes the benefits of being a vampire. Tess declares she won't let him turn her into a vampire and encourages him to change. They make love but after Caleb thinks of Livvie when Tess says his feeding days are behind him. Ian jumps into the hot spring but when he emerges, Kevin overhears him tell Lucy it did not cure his vampirism.



Season 6, Episode 56 – Aired: 3/18/2003
03.18.03 - Tuesday: Surrender

Ed allows Casey to remain as Ricky's guardian angel and advises her to not let Ricky be turned into vampire. Rafe and Alison suggest Elizabeth leave town immediately but she instead meets with Joshua and threatens to reveal all his plans to Caleb if he doesn't leave her alone. Ian fears Kevin could hurt Lucy with the knowledge that Ian's a vampire. Ian admits he couldn't survive without Lucy and they make love. Alison decides to call off the search for her missing sister. Rafe tells Ian the hot spring cured Elizabeth because she's fed on human blood and Ian hasn't. Rafe tells Ian that to be cured, he needs to feed too.

Season 6, Episode 57 – Aired: 3/19/2003
03.19.03 - Wednesday: Surrender

Jack tells Chris how Tess was created from Livvie and that she's now with Caleb. After Alison orders Reese to stay away from Jack and then warns Jack about her, Reese vows to get even by turning Ali into a vampire. Tess asks Caleb to get rid of his family ring (which has dark powers) in order to change but he refuses. In a dream, Livvie tells Caleb not to let Tess change him. When he dreams he lost his fangs, Caleb wakes up. Ian rejects Rafe's idea to feed in order to be cured by the hot spring. Ian makes Rafe promise if a cure can't be found, Rafe'll destroy him. Lucy steals blood from hospital blood bank but is caught by Kevin.



Season 6, Episode 58 – Aired: 3/24/2003
03.24.03 - Monday: Surrender

Elizabeth tells Joshua she's no longer a vampire and reveals Rafe and Lucy's plan to heal the vampires in the hot spring. He orders Elizabeth to leave town and threatens to go after Alison if she misbehaves. After catching Lucy steal blood from the hospital, Kevin promises to keep it a secret. Kevin then visits Christina and tells her they're going to surprise Lucy. Lucy convinces Ian to feed off the blood, for Danny's sake. Caleb has visions of Tess and Livvie and is torn between them until he sudenly realizes the answer. When Tess arrives, Caleb takes her back to the place he created her to correct a mistake.

Season 6, Episode 59 – Aired: 3/25/2003
03.25.03 - Tuesday: Surrender

Lucy learns Kevin took Christina, then find thems together. Kevin blackmails Lucy into coming back as his wife by using photos of her breaking into the blood bank, which he says could cost her custody of her kids. After drinking blood, Ian goes to the hot spring and immerses himself in the water. Rafe tells Alison he promised to slay Ian but realizes something's wrong and takes off. Ali follows but is stopped by Reese, who bares her fangs. Caleb tells Tess he needs to put Livvie back as a whole person. When Caleb admits he loves both Livvie & Tess, they merge back into one and a whole Livvie reunites with Caleb.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 60 – Aired: 3/26/2003
03.26.03 - Wednesday: Surrender

Rafe finds Ian at the hot spring, but Ian isn't cured because he hasn't fed off humans. Ian makes Rafe promise again he'll kill him when the time comes. Using Christina, Kevin blackmails Lucy into dumping Ian and returning to him and Lucy agrees. Alison escapes Reese, who catches up to her. Reese tries biting Ali, but can't, so she tries strangling her until Rafe arrives and rescues Ali. Just as Rafe is about to drive a stake in Reese's heart, Ali stops him. Caleb and Livvie pledge their love forever and Caleb transports them to his villa, where they make love. Livvie asks Caleb to make her his by turning her into a vampire.

Season 6, Episode 61 – Aired: 3/27/2003
03.27.03 - Thursday: Surrender

Ian doesn't tell Lucy he's asked Rafe to kill him when he's the last vampire and she doesn't tell him that Kevin's blackmailing her into leaving him. They make love but then Kevin calls and pressures Lucy into leaving, so she lies that Christina's sick and they say their goodbyes. Rafe tells Alison he feels a negative shift in the balance of good and evil. They speculate that something's happened to Tess and Livvie's back and teaming up with Caleb. When Livvie says she's ready to be a turned, Caleb bites her and she dies but is reborn as a vampire. After Caleb and Livvie make love, Livvie sprouts fangs of her own.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 62 – Aired: 3/28/2003
03.28.03 - Friday: Surrender

At the lighthouse, Kevin demands Lucy be his wife in every way. Victor arrives and knocks out, then ties up Kevin while Lucy finds and destroys the pics and tapes Kevin used to blackmail her. Joshua revels in his plan to destroy Caleb and the other vampires. Reese is upset she couldn't feed on Alison so Joshua allows her to feed off him, but vows to destroy her. Ian tells Rafe it's time to lure the vampires to the hot spring. Rafe, Ian & Alison find Elizabeth spying and she admits she told Joshua about their plans and how he wants to overthrow Caleb. Rafe tells Ian he must feed off and kill Joshua to cure himself.

Season 6, Episode 63 – Aired: 3/31/2003
03.31.03 - Monday: Surrender

Karen finds Kevin and unties him and he takes off. Ian refuses to kill Joshua to save himself. Alison tells Jack how Reese almost bit her, then she provokes Reese, who chases her to the hot spring. Casey lures Caz to the hot spring by coming on to him. Caz and Reese are ambushed at the hot spring by Rafe and Jamal and thrown into the water. At Caleb's studio, Ian learns Joshua's planning to blow up the hot spring after Caleb's cured. Kevin arrives and knocks Ian out and takes him to the lighthouse where he plans to encase him in a brick wall. Caleb senses his vampires are in danger, but Livvie asks him not to leave her.



Season 6, Episode 64 – Aired: 4/1/2003
04.01.03 - Tuesday: Surrender [Finale]

Ian comes to, paralyzed from drugs, as Kevin is encasing him in a brick wall. However, when Kevin tries to slay Ian, he gets angry, bursts through the wall and leaves. Reese and Caz are cured by the hot spring, but Reese promises Alison it's not over between them. Caleb leaves Livvie at the villa for a final showdown with Rafe, but promises he'll return to her. Caleb arrives at the hot spring and faces off with Rafe and Lucy. Caleb quickly proves powerful, but Lucy plays "Naked Eyes" and Rafe knocks Caleb- and Lucy- in the water. After Caleb realizes he lost his vampire powers, Joshua blows up the hot spring.

Season 6, Episode 1 – Aired: 4/2/2003
04.02.03 - Wednesday: Desire [Premiere]

After the explosion, Ian, Jamal, Jack and Casey go underground to help the injured. Ian, Jamal and Casey help an unconscious Lucy, but Casey gets a vision of Lucy in a coffin. Casey is later confused when Lucy comes to. Rafe, who survived the blast, checks on an unconscious Caleb but Jack refuses to help him. Jack later tries to kill Caleb but Alison and Rafe stop him. Livvie goes to Joshua, fearing something happened to Caleb, and he says Caleb died. Joshua realizes she's now a vampire and is protected by Caleb's ring but he convinces her to leave with him. Caleb reluctantly take Rafe's hand to pull him to safety.



Season 6, Episode 2 – Aired: 4/3/2003
04.03.03 - Thursday: Desire

Casey's preoccupied with her vision of Lucy in a coffin even after learning that Lucy's going to be okay. Mary inadvertently delivers Ian's goodbye letter to Lucy, who's upset to learn Ian asked Rafe to slay him. Rafe and Ian explain all vampires must be destroyed, but Lucy says she won't let Ian die. Joshua learns Caleb's alive but lies to Livvie that he's dead. Livvie dreams Caleb returns to her and she vows to find him. Chris treats an injured Caleb, who's having trouble adjusting to mortality. Caleb dreams Livvie turns him back into a vampire and when he wakes up, he vows to go to her. Caleb gets a visit from Joshua.

Season 6, Episode 3 – Aired: 4/4/2003
04.04.03 - Friday: Desire

Casey won't reveal to Alison what she knows about the future. Ian makes a promise to Lucy that he will fight for his life and their relationship. Karen discovers Frank's been gambling again and lying to her about it. Elizabeth learns Caleb is no longer a vampire, but Alison advises her to stay away from both Caleb and Joshua. Rafe shows up in Caleb's room before Joshua can kill Caleb but Joshua escapes. Livvie visits Kevin, who realizes she's no longer Tess and is now a vampire. Kevin promises to protect her, but then Joshua arrives, demanding to see Livvie. Caleb escapes from his room and runs into Elizabeth.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 4 – Aired: 4/7/2003
04.07.03 - Monday: Desire

Rafe's upset that he let Joshua go, but Alison gives him a clue to Joshua's hideout. Elizabeth berates Caleb for throwing away their marriage due to his obsession with "Olivia," however, he manages to sweet talk her into helping escape from the hospital. Caleb then takes off in a helicopter. Livvie reveals herself when Joshua chokes Kevin. Joshua lies that Caleb's cremated and offers to protect Livvie, but when Kevin and Livvie insist she stay at the lighthouse, Joshua decides to stay too. Joshua is impressed with Kevin's painting. Rafe breaks into Joshua's hideout, as Ali arrives at the lighthouse looking for Livive.

Season 6, Episode 5 – Aired: 4/8/2003
04.08.03 - Tuesday: Desire

Livvie hides when Alison visits Kevin, who claims he doesn't know where Livvie is. After Kevin kicks Ali out, he and Livvie argue about Caleb. Kevin learns Caleb's alive but doesn't tell Livvie. At Joshua's hideout, Rafe and Ian find pics of buildings in Port Charles. When Rafe and Ian also discover photos of Livvie and Alison, they realize Joshua is obsessed with them. Ali finds a pink rose she thinks is from Rafe but it turns black when she smells it. Caleb arrives at his villa but doesn't find Livvie. He follows her voice through a maze of silk curtains, but then is ensnared in the curtains just as Joshua arrives.



Season 6, Episode 7 – Aired: 4/11/2003
04.11.03 - Friday: Desire

Livvie can't face living for all eternity without Caleb and she pleads with Rafe to kill her. Casey and Jamal tell Ricky about the explosion and that the vampires have lost their "mojo." As a result, Ricky wants to use the information to further his music career. Joshua demands Kevin tell him where Livvie is. As Rafe raises a stake to drive it through Livvie's heart, his instincts tell him to stop. Rafe tells Livvie that Joshua was the one who set the explosives that "killed" Caleb and that he wants to take over Caleb's position as top vampire. Livvie and Rafe decide to work together to bring down Joshua. Joshua turns Frank.

Season 6, Episode 8 – Aired: 4/14/2003
04.14.03 - Monday: Desire

Lucy continues to suffer from dizzy spells. Joshua tells Frank that he is a vampire, his first recruit, but Frank doesn't believe him. When Ian brings Livvie a pint of blood, so she can feed, she realizes that he is a vampire. Ian shows Rafe the list he downloaded from Joshua's computer, containing Frank's name not realizing what the list signifies. Joshua gives Frank his first assignment. Frank shows up at Lucy's and asks if he can come in.



Season 6, Episode 11 – Aired: 4/17/2003
04.17.03 - Thursday: Desire

Frank tells Lucy she is delusional, after she accuses him of being a vampire and kidnapping Allison. Ian apologizes to Frank and makes excuses for Lucy in hopes that he can find out the truth. Rafe tries to use his slayer powers to escape the jail cell and rescue Allison, but he is unable to summon his powers. Allison reappears wearing a red dress Joshua provided. As Joshua makes small talk, Allison demands to know what he has done with Rafe. Caleb tells Rafe if Livvie doesn't feed soon she will die. Joshua becomes angry with Allison and locks her in the jail cell with Caleb.

Season 6, Episode 12 – Aired: 4/18/2003
04.18.03 - Friday: Desire

Ian tricks Frank into revealing he's a vampire. Joshua accompanies Allison to the jail cells, where he puts her with Caleb. Without the ability to feed, Livvie continues to suffer. Lucy and Elizabeth search Joshua's to find clues where Allison is, but all they find is a set of wedding rings. Joshua announces that Livvie's suffering will cease if she and Rafe sleep together. Caleb tells Livvie to do what she needs to do to survive. When Joshua comes home unexpectedly, Lucy hides and Elizabeth tells Joshua she found the rings and her answer is yes. Caleb cuts his arm so Livvie can feed.



04.21.03 - Monday: Desire

Elizabeth attempts to cozy up to Joshua. Ian tells Frank he will offer himself to Joshua in exchange for Allison. Kevin's painting depicts his view of reality. As Joshua is about to turn Elizabeth, Lucy emerges from the closet with a homemade stake and Ian and Frank arrive. Frank tells Joshua that Ian is a vampire. Joshua realizes that Ian, Lucy & Elizabeth are working together.

Season 6, Episode 14 – Aired: 4/22/2003
04.22.03 - Tuesday: Desire

Elizabeth tells Joshua he can have anything he wants from her as long as he tells her where Allison is. Rafe tells Caleb about Joshua's photo collage of Allison and Livvie. Joshua orders Frank to kill Elizabeth, but Ian saves her. Joshua escapes and Lucy goes after him. Rafe and Caleb collaborate in order to escape from the jail cells. Ian and Frank fight and Ian drives a crystal trophy through Frank's heart. Lucy catches up with Joshua, however, Joshua gets the upper hand after Lucy realizes she has lost her slayer powers.