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Season 6, Episode 60 – Aired: 12/23/2002
12.23.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes

Tess tells Jack she's not a real person and explains she's part of Livvie. Jack insists she's real because he loves her and then he makes love to her. Elizabeth almost bites Alison to share her "gift" but reconsiders when Ali talks about mothers and daughters. Ali's private eye gives her Malcolm's trunk, which contains love letters and a picture of a woman she thinks is the mother of her sibling. Stephen tells Rafe he's no longer about death. Rafe calls him on making Elizabeth a vampire but he says he'll take her away. Stephen shocks Rafe by explaining how when Rafe returned from Heaven, he was allowed to return from Hell.

Season 6, Episode 61 – Aired: 12/24/2002
12.24.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes

Rafe doesn't tell Alison about Caleb's return, but sensing he's worried, she tells him to have faith. Ian takes Danny to visit Eve's grave on Christmas, lamenting the fact that he can't give Danny a family. Lucy's still upset with Kevin for lying to her, but he tells her to get past it. When Kevin tells Christina the story of his Christmas wedding to Lucy, Lucy remembers the happy event. Livvie moves in with Jack and Tess to be near Tess. Tess gets her Christmas wish of everyone being together when a power outage hits town and Port Charles citizens gather around the only light source- a Christmas tree in the park- and sing carols.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 62 – Aired: 12/26/2002
12.26.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes

On the night before her wedding, Alison writes a letter to her future child describing her relationship with Rafe while remembering (via flashbacks) the ups and downs of their relationship. Stephen imagines a future with Livvie where he doesn't have to hide his true identity as Caleb and she willingly chooses to be his bride and drink from him. Elizabeth brings Stephen back to reality and he decides to lose himself in her. Livvie explains to Tess her love for Caleb. Tess cautions her that Caleb's evil will destroy her, but while Tess sleeps, Livvie sneaks out and declares she's not afraid of her destiny.
Episode Overview

Season 6, Episode 63 – Aired: 12/27/2002
12.27.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes

Livvie tells Stephen she & Tess remembered how he created Tess. Joshua offers to get rid of Livvie but Stephen protests. Joshua tells Livvie that Stephen wants to meet her at the docks. Tess calls Livvie and tells her not to go, but Livvie decides to go anyway. After Ian breaks off his friendship with Lucy, Kevin threatens him to stay away from her. Before his wedding, Rafe tells Lucy that Stephen really is Caleb and has made Elizabeth a vampire but Alison doesn't know. Stephen arrives and offers to call a truce and leave town after the wedding. Meanwhile, a happy Alison prepares for her wedding, unaware of the situation.



Season 6, Episode 64 – Aired: 12/30/2002
12.30.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes [Finale]

Livvie's surprised to meet Joshua on the docks, not Caleb. Joshua plans to drown her, but Livvie hits him and escapes. Tess (dressed identical to Livvie) shows up and Joshua throws her in the water. Livvie returns to pull Tess out of the water, but Joshua pushes her in too, then leaves. One hand emerges from the water. Elizabeth tells Stephen she doesn't want to be a vampire anymore. Ian helps calm Rafe's prewedding jitters. Lucy's upset that Caleb shows up at the wedding but Rafe asks her to ignore him. As the wedding starts, Rafe stands at the altar, as the church doors open to reveal Alison in her wedding dress.
Episode Overview

Season 6, Episode 1 – Aired: 12/30/2002
12.30.02 - Monday: Surrender [Premiere]

Before her wedding, Alison looks at Rafe's mother's pic, then says she can't marry Rafe. She explains his mother was her father's mistress, meaning they might be siblings. Rafe thinks Caleb's setting them up and tells her Caleb bit Elizabeth. Ali's devastated to learn her mother's a vampire and Rafe may be her brother. Rafe asks a doubtful Ali to believe in him. He comforts her and they begin to make love. Tess climbs out of the water but falls in trying to rescue Livvie. Submerged, Tess grabs Livvie and they twirl until they merge into one, then the hybrid Livvie/Tess emerges. Sensing she's in trouble, Caleb cries out for "Olivia," which Elizabeth hears. Caleb asks Elizabeth to marry him. Lucy tries to stop the impromptu wedding to no avail. Later, Caleb makes love to Elizabeth but thinks of Livvie, whose spirit appears to him, asking him to find her. Caleb goes to Livvie on the docks and says he won't hurt her but she says she's Tess not Livvie. He realizes they've merged back into one. Ian goes to Caleb's but finds Elizabeth instead. Attracted to Ian, Elizabeth bites him. Jack knocks Caleb out with a wooden bat but Caleb stops him from leaving with Tess by throwing him against a wall. He then picks up Tess and bares his fangs.



Season 6, Episode 2 – Aired: 12/31/2002
12.31.02 - Tuesday: Surrender

Alison tells Lucy she & Rafe could be siblings. Rafe insists Caleb's behind it and Lucy tells him Caleb married Elizabeth. Ali's upset by the news, then finds a hidden pic of her dad with Rafe's mom. Jack stops Caleb before he can bite Tess. They struggle but Caleb's strength wins out. However, Caleb is uable to bite Tess. Jack says it's because Tess is pure good but Caleb vows he'll have her, then disappears. After biting Ian, Elizabeth tries to seduce him, but he runs off and shows up at Lucy's. Caleb returns and sees blood on her. Although she denies feeding, he says if she did, he'll kill that person and her too.
Episode Overview

Season 6, Episode 3 – Aired: 1/2/2003
01.02.03 - Thursday: Surrender

Kevin asks Jack where Livvie is but Jack doesn't know. Learning Livvie's wallet was found by the docks, Jack then claims she left town, but Kevin doesn't believe him. Jack wonders if Tess did something to Livvie. Kevin meets Tess on the docks, then accuses her of killing Livvie when she says Livvie fell in the water. Alison tells Rafe they can't see each other anymore until she gets proof they're not related. Caleb demands the truth from Elizabeth, who denies feeding. Bursting into Stephen's studio, Rafe threatens Joshua, roughs up Caleb's band of vampires and promises to destroy Caleb. Sensing his presence, Caleb appears.



Season 6, Episode 4 – Aired: 1/3/2003
01.03.03 - Friday: Surrender

Lucy finds an ailing Ian, who insists she leave before he hurts her. Realizing what he's become, Lucy asks him to trust her so Ian shows her his fangs. Tess tells Kevin that Livvie didn't die- she's inside her. Tess tries to heal Kevin's anger by putting her hand on his heart, but he pushes her away and accidentally knocks her into the harbor. Caleb denies Rafe's charges that Caleb's responsible for making Alison think she & Rafe are related. Rafe reminds Caleb through visions how Livvie's betrayed him, then Caleb shows Rafe a vision where he bites Ali. Caleb disappears, then reappears behind Rafe, snapping his neck.

Season 6, Episode 5 – Aired: 1/6/2003
01.06.03 - Monday: Surrender

Lucy vows to stick by Ian, even though he's a vampire. Rafe lives and reveals neither he nor Caleb can the kill the other. Caleb threatens to kill Alison if Rafe doesn't end their war. Ali asks her mother if she's a vampire but Elizabeth denies it. She tells Ali she married "Stephen" but denies he's Caleb or was involved in Ali's discovery that she and Rafe are siblings. When Ali agrees to move in with Elizabeth and Stephen, Rafe bursts in and carries her out. Kevin lets Tess drown and lies to a worried Jack that he hasn't seen her. Caleb rescues her and brings her to his mansion, vowing he's the only one she can trust.



01.07.03 - Tuesday: Surrender

Alison tells Rafe she plans on moving in with Stephen and her mother to spy on them to see if Caleb set them up to be brother and sister. Lucy implores Ian to get ahold of Caleb's "water," so Ian breaks into Stephen's apartment but is caught by Elizabeth. Wearing Livvie's wedding dress, Tess insists she's not Livvie, but Caleb's sure Livvie will emerge. Tess remembers Livvie marrying Caleb and kisses Caleb. However, when she tries healing him, he realizes she's still Tess and makes her vanish. Kevin tells Lucy that Livvie might be dead and he may have killed Tess. Jack overhears and attacks Kevin, then Tess appears.

01.08.03 - Wednesday: Surrender

Caleb tells Joshua not to interfere with his pursuit of Livvie. Jack, Lucy & Kevin find Tess unharmed but Kevin's harsh words to Tess surprise Lucy, who suggests he return to the hospital. Alone, Tess tells Jack that "Stephen" rescued her and took her to his villa. Jack realizes Caleb will come after her again because she looks like Livvie. Elswhere, Caleb sings "The Gift" for Livvie. Elizabeth gives Ian the "water" but tells him he must stay away as Stephen will kill them both. Ian convinces her to leave Caleb and then departs. Caleb returns, but Elizabeth distracts his suspicions by seducing him.



01.09.03 - Thursday: Surrender

Instructed by Rafe, Alison plants surveillance cameras in Caleb's apartment. When Elizabeth arrives, Ali almost admits she knows her mother's a vampire, but quickly covers and leaves. At G.H., Ian almost makes a possible fatal mistake with a patient and then abruptly leaves. He goes back to Elizabeth and tells her the "water" is not working. Jack asks Tess to marry him right away and she agrees. Jack then warns Jamal to get Marissa away from Caleb right away, so Jamal tells her that her mother called and wants her to go home. While Jack is out preparing for the wedding, Caleb shows up and greets Tess.

01.10.03 - Friday: Surrender

Ian refuses to accept he's a vampire but Elizabeth encourages him to feed off her. She kisses him and starts to seduce him and he bares his fangs. Lucy gives Kevin an ultimatum- return to the hospital or she will leave him. When Kevin refuses her demands, she goes to Rafe's and sees Ian and Elizabeth getting passionate on the surveillance cameras. While Reese distracts Jack by playing damsel in distress, Caleb confronts Tess, trying to appeal to Livvie inside her. Tess tells him she's marrying Jack, but Caleb won't allow it. He wants to sing "Surrender" for her but she stops him by putting her finger to his lips.



01.13.03 - Monday: Surrender

Lucy calls the fire department to break up Ian and Elizabeth's passion. Lucy then gets Ian away from Elizabeth before he can bite her. Caleb tries singing to Tess but no words come out of his mouth. Tess says she won't let him use his music to do harm and vows to help free him from the darkness. Jack realizes Reese is stalling him, per Caleb's insructions, so he races home to Tess but doesn't find Caleb. A minister performs a wedding ceremony for Jack and Tess and pronounces them man and wife. Caleb discovers his singing voice has been silenced, then dreams Tess comes to him in her wedding dress and kisses him.

01.14.03 - Tuesday: Surrender

Alison finds a police report about her father's death in Caleb's home. Ali and Rafe wonder if Caleb killed her father and plan a trip to Capri to investigate. Elizabeth decides to accompany Ali. Jack warns Tess away from Caleb after learing he visited her before the wedding. Jack asks Rafe to train him as a vampire slayer and Rafe agrees. Caleb tells Kevin that Livvie's alive but trapped inside Tess. Caleb asks Kevin to help bring Livvie back by getting close to Tess. Kevin agrees, then visits Tess. When Ali calls Caleb on being a bad husband to her mother, she mistakenly calls him "Caleb" instead of "Stephen."
Episode Overview



01.15.03 - Wednesday: Surrender

Alison quickly covers after she accidentally calls Caleb by his real name, instead of "Stephen." Caleb threatens to harm both Elizabeth and Ali if Elizabeth told Ali his true identity. Caleb orders Joshua to accompany Ali and Elizabeth to Capri to keep an eye on them. Kevin apologizes to Tess and asks to be a father to her. Kevin then reports his progess with Tess to Caleb. Chris visits Ian's loft and insinuates Ian and Lucy are lovers when he sees Lucy there. Ian starts strangling him but Lucy gets him to stop. A choking Chris grabs Ian's "water" and drinks it, then starts to feel strange. He then announces he's a vampire!

01.16.03 - Thursday: Surrender

Jack is suspicious when Tess says her father (Kevin) invited her to dinner so he tags along. Ian and Lucy realize Caleb's "water" has made Chris think he's a vampire, but he's really not. When Chris jumps off a building to "fly", Ian pulls him back up and saves his life. Realizing he still has human tendencies, Lucy urges Ian not to give up on himself. Joshua, Alison and Elizabeth fly to Capri on Stephen's private plane, along with Rafe who's stowed away. After drugging Elizabeth to sleep, Joshua comes on to Ali, who resists his advances. Joshua almost discoves Rafe until Ali distracts him by giving in to his charms.
Episode Overview



01.17.03 - Friday: Surrender

Ian thanks Lucy for stopping him from feeding on Elizabeth but she says she only wanted to stop him from making love to her. Giving in to their desire, Ian and Lucy start to kiss. Rafe stops Alison's charade with Joshua by creating turbulence for the flight. Elizabeth awakens and berates Joshua for coming on to Ali. Suspcious, Joshua searches the plane but doesn't find Rafe, who later appears in Ali's hotel room. Jack stands guard while Tess is alone with Kevin. Kevin hypnotizes Tess but then Caleb appears and takes her away to the woods. Caleb sings "Surrender" to Tess until Livvie emerges, then they kiss.

01.20.03 - Monday: Surrender

Rafe gives Alison an impromptu honeymoon, minus any passion, when she sadly reflects on their lost honeymoon. Ian halts his passion with Lucy but says he'll fight his vampire urges because he knows she'll wait for him. After Kevin says Tess is nothing to him, Jack knocks him into a wall. Caleb's music awakens Livvie, who briefly reunites with Caleb until Tess emerges and says Caleb can't have Livvie. Caleb urges Livvie to return. Tess then has flashes of merging with Livvie and passes out. At G.H., an injured Kevin sees Ian and Lucy together. Jack tells them Caleb took Tess, then Caleb arrives with an unconscious Tess.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 16 – Aired: 1/21/2003
01.21.03 - Tuesday: Surrender

At G.H., a shaky Ian revives an unconscious Tess. Caleb tells Kevin that Livvie came back but Tess fought her until she collapsed. After Kevin explains Tess suffered trauma, Jack threatens Kevin if anything happens to her. An eager Reese wants to bite Ricky but Caz warns her to wait until Stephen says so. When Caz leaves, Reese seduces Ricky and almost bites him but Caz returns and stops her. Jamal tells Marissa that Stephen really is Caleb. Marissa goes to Stephen's studio to get proof he's a vampire but Reese catches her snooping. Lucy warns Caleb to stay away from Tess but he later appears in her hospital room.

Season 6, Episode 17 – Aired: 1/22/2003
01.22.03 - Wednesday: Surrender

Kevin tells Jack that Tess has Livvie, but Jack doesn't believe him. Marissa covers when Reese catches her snooping and snags a roll of film. Caleb apologizes to an unconscious Tess for hurting her. When he kisses her, she awakens. Jack reunites with Tess, who sees Caleb through the window. On board the yacht Malcolm died, Alison tells Elizabeth she's there to find proof she's not related to Rafe. Joshua's suspcious when he catches them searching the yacht. A hidden Rafe overhears Joshua pay off the captain who lied to the police about seeing Joshua on board when Malcolm died, but then Joshua knocks Rafe out from behind.



Season 6, Episode 18 – Aired: 1/23/2003
01.23.03 - Thursday: Surrender

Lucy suggests Ian go to his cabin to get away and he agrees. Once they arrive, they see Caleb's "water" has spilled from the bottles. The yacht captain plans to throw a chained up Rafe overboard but is distracted when Alison reports a fire on deck. When Ali shows up, Rafe tells her Joshua & Caleb may have killed her father. Elizabeth tells Joshua about Ali's quest to prove Rafe's not her brother. After drugging Elizabeth, Joshua learns Ali's on the yacht and orders Rafe killed. The captain points his gun at Rafe, who frees himself from the chains and knocks the gun out of his hand. Ali returns to the hotel to face Joshua.

01.24.03 - Friday: Surrender

Ian and Lucy are trapped at his cabin without Caleb's "water." Offering to stay with him through his crisis, Lucy kisses him and they soon make love. Rafe demands the yacht captain tell him what he knows about Joshua, Caleb and Malcolm's death. The captain then leads Rafe to a graveyard and Rafe begins digging. Joshua threatens to kill Alison for learning too much. When he intends to have his way with her first, Elizabeth jumps up and bites him. When Tess goes home from the hospital, she tells Jack not to worry about Caleb. As a butterfly, Caleb lures Tess to the woods, then surprises her with a horse-drawn carriage.



Season 6, Episode 20 – Aired: 1/27/2003
01.27.03 - Monday: Surrender

Caleb takes Tess on a carriage ride and feels attracted to her kindness but reminds himself he wants Livvie. Tess thanks him for the date, then goes home to Jack. After making love, Ian doesn't feel pain and credits Lucy for temporarily curing him. When Gail's worried about Lucy, Kevin shows up at the cabin to check on her. Lucy tries to hide her tryst with Ian, who exposes it to Kevin. After Elizabeth kills Joshua to protect Alison, Ali helps her get rid of the body and urges her mom to leave Caleb. When Joshua doesn't answer Caleb's phone call, Caleb shows up unexpectedly just as Ali and Elizabeth are hiding the body.



Season 6, Episode 21 – Aired: 1/28/2003
01.28.03 - Tuesday: Surrender

Confronted by Kevin, Lucy chooses Ian over her husband. Marissa sees the pics she stole from Reese, which prove Stephen and his band are vampires, then Reese & Caz try to kill her. Marissa's saved when her late twin Casey appears! Alison & Elizabeth lie to Caleb about Joshua's whereabouts. Elizabeth tells Caleb she's leaving him, but he seduces her. Rafe tells Ali her mother's now a full-fledged vampire because she killed. Rafe disposes of Joshua's dead body. An upset Ali sees Caleb & Elizabeth making love. Rafe reveals he found papers which prove Ali's sibling's a girl, so Rafe can't be her brother! Rafe & Ali joyously reunite.

Season 6, Episode 22 – Aired: 1/29/2003
01.29.03 - Wednesday: Surrender

After Caleb leaves her, Elizabeth wants to return home right away with Alison. However, a mysterious fog grounds their plane, so Ali and Rafe pass the time by making love. After saving Marissa, Casey says she must leave town forever for her and Jamal's safety, but won't remember coming to town. Casey will take over her life. After sending her home, Casey runs into Jamal, who thinks she's Marissa. Tess meets Caleb at the spot of their date. He says his wife left him and asks her to help find the good in him. Tess accuses him of trying to trick her because he wants Livvie. She says she won't be fooled by him and leaves.



Season 6, Episode 23 – Aired: 1/30/2003
01.30.03 - Thursday: Surrender

Rafe tells Alison they must keep their relationship a secret from Caleb. He says he must focus on his fight with Caleb and she offers to help. After Lucy and Ian make love again, he wonders if her lovemaking is a cure for his vampirism. An angry Kevin spies on them and then kidnaps Lucy. Jamal's surprised by "Marissa's" new look and attitude. When she refuses to quit Stephen's band, he walks out on her. Ricky's surprised to see Casey, who he thinks is Marissa. Casey and Reese come to blows. Caleb's thoughts are on Tess and not his music. Caleb learns Joshua's missing and blames Rafe, who vows to come after Caleb.

Season 6, Episode 24 – Aired: 1/31/2003
01.31.03 - Friday: Surrender

After kidnapping Lucy, Kevin pleads with her to give their marriage one last chance. Kevin takes Lucy to a hotel room for romance and Lucy pretends to give in, but eyes the telephone. Ian's vampire symptoms return without Lucy. Realizing Kevin took Lucy, Ian vows to kill him if he hurts Lucy. Caleb declares war on Rafe for killing Joshua, which Rafe denies. Caleb then speculates Alison killed him. Back home, Elizabeth has visions of Joshua and thinks he's haunting her. Alison thinks it's her guilt, but Elizabeth says she enjoyed killing him. When Ali sleeps, Caleb arrives and stands over her baring his fangs.



Season 6, Episode 25 – Aired: 2/3/2003
02.03.03 - Monday: Surrender

After Rafe stops Caleb from biting Alison, Caleb realizes Rafe and Ali have reunited. Caleb demands to know who killed Joshua. When Elizabeth admits she did it, Caleb vows to hurt her, then vanishes. Jack takes Tess on a date but is surprised when she picks out Livvie's favorite song in the jukebox. Chris arrives and says Tess's latest test results show she now has DNA and is a real person. Kevin pleads with a captive Lucy to give their marriage another try. Lucy pretends to give in but tries to use her cell phone until Kevin stops her and refuses to let her go. Ian then burst in, baring his fangs and knocking Kevin down.

Season 6, Episode 26 – Aired: 2/4/2003
02.04.03 - Tuesday: Surrender

Elizabeth pleads with Caleb to take her back or kill her, but he refuses and declares their marriage over. Elizabeth sees Joshua, who calls her a murderer. Lucy stops an enraged Ian from hurting Kevin by kissing him. The cops arrive and arrest Kevin for kidnapping and throw him in jail. Ian's hunger pains disappear when Lucy's finally safe and they begin to kiss. Jack asks Tess what happened to Livvie and she tells him Livvie's inside her and explains how Caleb created her from Livvie. Jack assures Tess of his love, despite the fact that she and Livvie are now one. After remembering Livvie, Caleb vows to bring her back.



Season 6, Episode 27 – Aired: 2/5/2003
02.05.03 - Wednesday: Surrender

Rafe & Ali try calming Elizabeth, who's freaked after seeing Joshua again. Elizabeth shoots herself but doesn't die. Rafe explains a vampire can't kill itself, but a slayer can, but he won't kill her. Ricky tells "Marissa" (Casey) he never stopped loving Casey. After he sings the song about Casey, she kisses him but stops when thunder rumbles. Tess meets Caleb and asks how he became a vampire. After Caleb tells his tragic story, Tess offers to heal his pain, but he says it's too late. Jack tells Jamal that Tess & Livvie are one, then asks for his help battling Caleb. Tess returns and says she's been out with Caleb.

Season 6, Episode 28 – Aired: 2/6/2003
02.06.03 - Thursday: Surrender

Per Lucy's suggestions, Ian experiments on her to discover her slayer essence and learns her blood makes his blood normal when mixed together. Lucy professes her love to Ian. "Marissa" tells Ricky their kiss shouldn't have happened but stops short of confessing she's really Casey. Ricky wants to reignite their passion but Casey resists to focus on her mission. Jack, Jamal, Rafe and Alison try to get Tess to see the truth about Caleb, as Tess only sees the good in him. Jack goes to Caleb and provokes him and Caleb attacks him. Just as Caleb's ready to bite him, Rafe enters with Tess, who pleads with Caleb not to hurt Jack.



Season 6, Episode 29 – Aired: 2/7/2003
02.07.03 - Friday: Surrender

Lucy visits Kevin in jail and serves him with a restraining order. When he issues more threats, Lucy takes off her wedding ring and walks out. Tess runs off after seeing Caleb attack Jack. Jack runs after her and she apologizes for trying to save Caleb. Jack urges her to leave town with him right away, but then the lights go out and when they return, Tess is gone! Rafe urges Caleb to leave town, but later tells Alison and Jamal he fears Caleb's revenge. Caleb discovers the hidden camera in his loft. Caleb then calls all vampires to his aid. Reese and Caz respond to Caleb's call- as does Ian, who hides in the bushes.

Season 6, Episode 30 – Aired: 2/10/2003
02.10.03 - Monday: Surrender

Ian sees Caleb order Reese & Caz to attack the town. Tess arrives and convinces Caleb to stop the attack by appealing to his good side. Joshua reveals to Elizabeth he's still alive. Ian warns Rafe, Alison, Jack and Lucy about Caleb's planned attack but Rafe realizes Ian's a vampire too and gets him to admit it. Ed berates Casey for letting her feelings for Ricky interfere with her mission, but he agrees to give her a second chance. Jamal sees "Marissa" appear in the woods, but realizes she's really Casey. Tess tells Rafe, Alison, Jack and Lucy that Caleb stopped the attack, as Caleb toasts his new guardian angel- Tess.



Season 6, Episode 31 – Aired: 2/11/2003
02.11.03 - Tuesday: Surrender

Rafe and Alison argue after he suggests using Tess to get close enough to Caleb to destroy him. Thinking it's too dangerous for Tess, Ali suggests letting Tess heal Caleb, then goes to Tess and says she believes she can save Caleb. Joshua reveals to Elizabeth that he's now a vampire and wants to be more powerful than Caleb. He convinces her to help destroy Caleb after he tells her of Caleb's alleged infidelities. Caleb and his band sing a new song, Newborn Heart, dedicated to "a special girl." However, Reese is worried Caleb's going soft. Later, Caleb daydreams that Livvie returns to him.

Season 6, Episode 32 – Aired: 2/12/2003
02.12.03 - Wednesday: Surrender

Lucy arranges a visit between Ian & Danny, which gives Ian the strength to keep fighting his vampirism. Caleb agrees to get a jailed Kevin released if Kevin keeps Lucy distracted and repays the favor someday. Kevin agrees, then vows to destroy Ian and Lucy. After Jamal sees "Marissa" use magic to stand up to Reese, he confronts her and she admits she's Casey but says he can't tell Ricky. Encouraged by Alison, Tess goes to save Caleb but runs into Joshua. He apologizes for his attempt to kill her but she isn't buying it. Jack & Ali arrive and rescue her and Ali's stunned to see Joshua alive. Caleb then threatens to kill Joshua.



Season 6, Episode 33 – Aired: 2/13/2003
02.13.03 - Thursday: Surrender

When Alison tells Rafe that Joshua's still alive, Rafe realizes he's a vampire. Ali asks Rafe to forget about Caleb for one night and they make love. Jack tells Tess he's worried about her involvement with Caleb but when she says she has to save him, Jack pretends to support her. Later, however, he tells Rafe and Ali he only pretended to support Tess and wants Caleb destroyed. Caleb tells Joshua he knows he's a vampire, then confides in him about his plan to use Tess to get to Livvie by pretending to change. Joshua thinks Caleb's gone soft. While Tess prepares for a night of romance with Jack, Caleb shows up while Jack's away.

Season 6, Episode 34 – Aired: 2/14/2003
02.14.03 - Friday: Surrender

Lucy mistakenly hires a male stripper for Ian on Valentine's Day. Later, their romantic dinner is ruined by Kevin. After biting Elizabeth, Joshua suggests they feed off each other but Elizabeth runs to Ian's only to discover he & Lucy are sleeping together. Alison voices her displeasure with Rafe & Jack's plan of using Tess to get Caleb. Rafe gets Ali to forget their argument for the night. Tess hears Caleb's music and follows it to Caleb, who plays his new song for her, then gives her a music box. Later, Tess prepares to spend Valentine's with Jack, but plays the music box. When Jack comes home, he's met by Livvie!
Episode Overview