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"Порт Чарльз" (США) - резюме серий на английском языке

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Season 6, Episode 20 – Aired: 10/25/2002
10.25.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes

Elizbeth offers to drop her lawsuit, but Ali intends to fight for her inheritance. They learn Malcolm left his fortune to his TWO children and left Elizabeth nothing. Jack tells Livvie he doesn't love her and is seeing someone else. After Tess is found, Colleen escorts her back to Livvie's room, where Livvie and Tess see each other for the first time. Marissa accuses Joshua of spying on her to get her lyrics and tries to make him admit he's really Stephen Clay. He offers her a dreamed life, but she declines. Leaving, Marissa enters a car Joshua has arranged for and meets the real Stephen (or is he really Caleb?)!

Season 6, Episode 21 – Aired: 10/28/2002
10.28.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes

Livvie and Tess come face-to-face, but Livvie screams and Tess runs away. Ian, Lucy and Jack arrive and Jack tells them about Tess. Alison learns she won't get her inheritance until she finds her unnamed sibling. Ali offers Elizabeth her fortune in exchange for finding her sib. Stephen convinces Marissa he's the real deal after playing for her. She agrees to work with him on the condition he hire back Ricky. Tess visits Brennan and puts her hands to his face. Ian, Lucy, Jack and Livvie learn Tess is in Brennan's room but don't find her there. Brennan startles Livvie by grabbing her. Lost, Tess is offered a ride by Stephen.



Season 6, Episode 22 – Aired: 10/29/2002
10.29.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes

Frightened by Brennan's awakening, Livvie tells Lucy "they" are punishing her for killing her baby. Lucy vows to get to the bottom of the Tess mystery, but Livvie denies she and Tess could be twins. Brennan completely recovers from his coma and he and Kate happily reunite. Stephen recognizes the tune Tess hums as his song. Tess hears Jack calling her name and goes to him as Stephen's limo drives away. Jack takes Tess to his house and promises never to leave her. Stephen fires his drummer Mick, then gives him an ominous threat. Stephen announces he's ready to give the town a taste of The Stephen Clay Experience.

Season 6, Episode 23 – Aired: 10/30/2002
10.30.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes

Ian visits Jack and inquires about Tess's healing powers but Jack wants Ian to leave her alone. After being released from the hospital, Livvie shows up at Jack's and is stunned to see Tess wearing her robe. Ricky meets Stephen Clay and insults him. Stephen surprises Ricky when he asks him to be drummer for his band and Ricky accepts. Lucy tells Rafe about Tess and he tells her about Alison's sibling and Lucy feels there's a connection. Port Charles residents receive invitations to join The Stephen Clay Experience celebrate Halloween at a party on the docks. A suspicious Lucy insists Ian take her.



Season 6, Episode 24 – Aired: 10/31/2002
10.31.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes

Elizabeth upsets Alison by giving her a written contract formalizing their agreement regarding Ali's inheritance. Livvie makes a fool of herself pleading for Jack to dump Tess for her. Jack throws her out but Livvie returns to confront Tess alone. After Tess tells Livvie she killed her baby, Livvie tries grabbing her rag doll and scratches Tess but both their hands bleed in the same spot. Joshua encourages guests to lose their inhibitions at Stephen Clay's Halloween party, where Lucy and Ian share a kiss. Several guests get a chill when Stephen walks by and a masked Stephen greets Ali and a suspicious Rafe.

Season 6, Episode 25 – Aired: 11/1/2002
11.01.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes

Rafe's tells Alison he feels something's wrong at Stephen's party. After sharing a passionate kiss, Ian deflects Lucy's questions about their relationship. Seeing the identical cuts on Tess and Livvie's hands, Jack calls Ian, but Livvie takes off. Suspecting Rafe sent Tess to drive her crazy, Livvie goes to the party to confront him. Stephen intercepts her and they dance. Staring into his eyes, she remembers Caleb. Rafe sees them dancing and also looks at Stephen's eyes. He rips off his mask but discovers Joshua. Stephen seduces a drunk Elizabeth at a bar. Two masked men attempt to mug Lucy, then stab Ian.



Season 6, Episode 26 – Aired: 11/4/2002
11.04.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes

Rafe and Livvie are stunned it's Joshua behind the mask, not someone else. Rafe asks Livvie whom she thought it was, but she instead accuses him of creating Tess, which he denies. After remembering Caleb again, Livvie makes plan to visit Kevin for his help with Tess. Rafe decides to focus on his slayer skills to uncover a new veiled threat. Ian lies near death, as Lucy calls an ambulance. Tess privately lays her hands on Ian, who miraculously recovers. After having pasionate sex, Elizabeth tells Stephen about Alison, then Rafe, whom Stephen seems to know. Ali interrupts their tryst by arriving at the door.
Episode Overview

Season 6, Episode 27 – Aired: 11/5/2002
11.05.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes

When Ricky puts off Reese's advances to focus on the band, she tells him he got his job because of Marissa. Joshua tracks down Marissa and orders her back to work. When she takes the night off to be with Jamal, Joshua arranges for Jamal to suddenly leave town on business. Stephen disappears before Alison enters Elizabeth's hotel room. Ali blasts her mother for her affair with a stranger, but becomes sympathetic when Elizabeth recounts Malcolm's various affairs. Rafe unknowingly encouters Stephen in a steam room but doesn't see him. After questioning Rafe, Stephen tells him who he is, then mysteriously vanishes.



Season 6, Episode 28 – Aired: 11/6/2002
11.06.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes

Livvie visits Kevin and tells him of Tess. She agrees to spy on Ian and Lucy for Kevin, who advises her to get to know Tess to take advantage of her. She runs off when Kevin plays Stephen Clay's song. Chris overhears Ian tell Lucy he would've died if it weren't for Tess's healing powers. Ian and Lucy discuss their attraction to each other, but Lucy decides they can't pursue it. Tess explains to Jack in simple terms how she healed Ian by taking away his hurt. When she asks if she and Livvie are sisters, Jack visits Ian and asks for a DNA test on Livvie and Tess to find out. Chris visits Tess and takes her away.

Season 6, Episode 29 – Aired: 11/7/2002
11.07.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes

Chris asks Tess about her healing powers, then cuts his arm and asks her to heal him. She cries he shouldn't hurt himself (not just physically but emotionally) and he breaks down in tears. She heals his wounds and leaves before Jack and Lucy arrive. Ricky tells Stephen and Marissa he's quitting because he doesn't want their chairty. Stephen threatens him to stay in the band and Ricky decides he won't quit to prove himself. Elizabeth tells Alison and Rafe about a mystery woman whom Ali's father loved. Rafe tells Ali about his encounter with Stephen, then Elizabeth invites them to the concert of her new lover Stephen.



Season 6, Episode 30 – Aired: 11/8/2002
11.08.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes

Jack and Lucy look for Tess at GH. Chris tells Ian that Tess healed his soul. Ian gets Tess's DNA results and is shocked by the results. Alison tells Rafe they should go to Stephen Clay's concert to learn more about the mysterious Stephen. Jack finds Tess in the woods but she leads him to the concert, where Livvie and, later, Lucy show up. As the concert starts, Lucy gets a bad feeling. Rafe and Ali are shocked to see Tess, then Livvie. After the band begins playing, Stephen finally emerges and his resemblance to Caleb shocks the crowd. Rafe thinks he's Caleb, but he greets Port Charles as Stephen Clay.
Episode Overview

Season 6, Episode 31 – Aired: 11/11/2002
11.11.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes

Caleb's former victims are stunned by Stephen's resemblance to Caleb. Stephen holds out his hand to Tess, but Jack spirits her away. Rafe jumps on stage, knocks Stephen down and announces Stephen is really vampire Caleb, but Rafe ends up looking crazy and is almost arrested. Lucy and Rafe are convinced Stephen is Caleb. Alison asks her mother if Stephen bit her, but an incredulous Elizabeth refuses to answer. Tess tells Jack she loves him, but Ian tells Jack that Tess's DNA tests reveal she's not human. A frightened Livvie tries to leave town, but faces car trouble. As Livvie's stranded, Stephen approaches her.



Season 6, Episode 32 – Aired: 11/12/2002
11.12.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes

Elizabeth can't believe Alison's claims about Stephen being a vampire. Ali learns Elizabeth shared private info about her life with Stephen. Discussing Caleb's return, Rafe advises Lucy to be smart to avoid Caleb's trap. Stephen offers to help a stranded Livvie, but she's frightened of him and runs away. He pulls her from oncoming traffic and saves her life. He denies he's Caleb. Jack refuses to believe Tess isn't human. Ian thinks Tess is connected to Caleb, especially when she hums Stephen Clay's song. Livvie overhears this and blasts Tess. Rafe and Ali interrupt Stephen's passionate plans with Elizabeth.

Season 6, Episode 33 – Aired: 11/13/2002
11.13.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes

While dining with Elizabeth and Stephen, Rafe and Alison grill Stephen about his past, but he remains evasive. Convinced he's Caleb, Rafe steals Stephen's wallet to learn more about him. Ian takes Tess to his loft and she sees pics of Eve, then says she can't heal Ian's broken heart. Jack vows to protect Tess from Livvie, who realizes he's in love with Tess. After Livvie tells him about her encounter with Caleb, Jack allows Livvie to stay with him, then remembers being bitten by Caleb. Stephen takes Elizabeth back to her hotel room where they get passionate. He vows to deal with Rafe the slayer in his own way.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 34 – Aired: 11/14/2002
11.14.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes

Alison fears Rafe might die again battling Caleb. Rafe officially proposes with an engagement ring to put her mind at ease, however, he later sneaks out with a gun. Lucy learns Tess spent the night at Ian's and also the results of Tess's DNA test. When Ian defends Tess, Lucy accuses him of having feelings for her. Tess tells Ian to tell Lucy the truth- that he loves Lucy. Jack accuses Livvie of using Caleb to lure him back, but Livvie angrily denies this. When a loud noise startles them, they both apologize and Jack comforts Livvie as an unseen Tess witnesses. Ian admits to Lucy he does love her

Season 6, Episode 35 – Aired: 11/15/2002
11.15.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes

Rafe returns Stephen's wallet and watches Stephen's press conference. Victor's contacts try locating a pic of Stephen to prove he is really Caleb. Stephen evades reporter's questions. Tess runs away after seeing Jack and Livvie hugging. Jamal learns Caleb's back and goes to the press conference, where he punches Ricky and carries Marissa away. Tess confronts Livvie and calls her "bad." After Ian says he loves her, Lucy admits she has some feelings for him, but she's remaining committed to Kevin. Rafe is shocked that an old photo of Stephen means he may not be Caleb. Waving a wooden stake, Jack confronts Stephen.



Season 6, Episode 36 – Aired: 11/18/2002
11.18.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes

Elizabeth tells Alison she may have found her sister in Canada. Ali gets a call from the girl's mother, then plans to fly with Elizabeth to meet her. Jamal demands Marissa quit Stephen's band but she refuses. When he says he loves her, she says she loves him too and agrees to quit. Livvie accuses Tess of being jealous, then tricks her into opening a trunk, pushes her in and traps her. Rafe shoots the wooden stake before Jack can kill Stephen, then tells Jack that Stephen may not be Caleb. Stephen vows payback for the attempted murder. Rafe & Jack end up in jail as Stephen boards Ali's private jet before it takes off.

Season 6, Episode 37 – Aired: 11/19/2002
11.19.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes

Lucy doesn't know how to deal with Ian's admission of love, but he still wants to be friends. After Livvie returns from dragging away Tess in a trunk, Lucy & Ian ask why she's filthy. Livvie claims she fell on the way to make peace with Tess. Alison's trapped on a flight with Elizabeth & Stephen due to bad weather. Rafe calls Ali but when Stephen answers, Rafe threatens to kill him if he hurts Ali. Ali learns Rafe & Jack are in jail and demands Stephen drop the charges and he does. Ali's flight experiences turbulence and Rafe learns the jet fell off the radar. On land, Stephen lays Elizabeth down, then checks on Ali.



Season 6, Episode 38 – Aired: 11/20/2002
11.20.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes

Ricky's upset when Marissa says she's quitting the band. He tells the band to keep rehearsing, despite Stephen's absence. Jamal, Jack, Ian, Lucy & Livvie learn Ali was in a plane crash with Stephen. Jack blasts Ian for losing Tess, then gets upset when Livvie implies Ali's plane crash & Tess's disappearance are connected. Ian plans to fly Rafe in a helicopter to the crash site despite bad weather. Elizabeth's relieved when an injured Ali gains consciousness. Elizabeth apologizes for abandoning her as a child and admits she loves her. Stephen vows to protect them both. A frightened Ali finds herself alone with Stephen.
Episode Overview

Season 6, Episode 39 – Aired: 11/21/2002
11.21.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes

Livvie hears Tess's cries for help even though Tess is trapped in the trunk. Livvie feels cold and can't breathe, then collapses as she and Tess cry for Jack. Lucy tells Ian, Rafe and Jack the helicopter's grounded due to bad weather but Ian insists on flying. Using his powers, Rafe has a vision of Ali and knows where she is. Ali pleads with Stephen to leave her alone, but he insists he's not Caleb and treats her bleeding arm, then tells her stories to keep her awake. Rafe, Lucy, Ian & Jack arrive and Jack learns Tess wasn't on the plane. Rafe pulls a gun to shoot Stephen, but Ali tells Rafe not to hurt him.



Season 6, Episode 40 – Aired: 11/22/2002
11.22.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes

Alison tells Rafe that Stephen is not Caleb and explains how he helped her & her mom survive the crash. Realizing she's experiencing Tess dying, Livvie rescues Tess from the trunk, then apologizes and promises to never hurt her again. Jack returns and Livvie lies about how she found Tess. Tess gets upset when she sees her burned ragdoll and blames Livvie. Elizabeth vows to get to know Alison better after almost losing her. Ali's glad to finally have a mother-daughter relationship. Elizabeth breaks it off with Stephen, who asks for one last kiss- but instead he bares his fangs and bites her in the neck!

Season 6, Episode 41 – Aired: 11/25/2002
11.25.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes

Jack suspects Livvie was behind Tess's absence but Tess claims she saved her. Livvie learns Stephen gave Tess her doll. Tess asks Jack to give her a real baby. Rafe tells Ali to stay away from Stephen, then agrees to keep an open mind. Stephen tells Joshua that although he bit Elizabeth, he didn't mean to turn her into one of them, then claims she won't know what she is due to their liquid concoction. Joshua offers to get rid of Livve, but Stephen tells him not to touch her. Livvie looks for Caleb but runs into Joshua. Stephen visits Ali and explains Elizabeth was too tired to come, then Elizabeth shows up and kisses him.



Season 6, Episode 42 – Aired: 11/26/2002
11.26.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes

Jack tells Tess a baby needs a family & she says they should get married, but he says they're not ready. After meeting Livvie, Joshua remembers Stephen say he wanted to be loved by her. He tries to strangle her but Ricky arrives. Joshua invites her to dinner and she accepts in order to learn about Caleb. Joshua realizes she's a threat and plans to kill her. Rafe suspects Elizabeth's a vampire & asks Ian to examine her, explaining vampires won't allow their blood to be drawn. Rafe tells Stephen he knows he's Caleb. Ian reports Elizabeth's fine & let him draw her blood. Stephen stares at Rafe with his red eyes.

Season 6, Episode 43 – Aired: 11/27/2002
11.27.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes

Lucy misses Kevin on Thanksgiving and tells Ian that the fact the he loves her only complicates things. Serena overhears and asks what she was talking about but Ian covers. Lucy and Ian grow close and almost kiss but are startled by a loud noise. Jack tells Jamal that Tess might not be human, but he denies she's connected to Caleb. Tess has visions of Livvie looking for Caleb and then freaks out. Tess tells Jack she is Livvie, but he claims she's not. Alison's released from the hospital. She and Rafe go to the hospital chapel and count their blessings and pray for each other's safety as Rafe prepares to battle evil.



Season 6, Episode 44 – Aired: 11/28/2002
11.28.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes

Elizabeth brings Stephen to Lucy's for Thanksgiving. Rafe asks Stephen to say grace & he gives an nice prayer. Kate tells Ian she's moving back to Manhattan with Brennan & was wrong to say he should stay away from Lucy. Elizabeth bites Stephen on the neck & Rafe overhears him warn her to never do that again. Ali gets a phone call from the mother of her sister. Livvie & Joshua have dinner & drug the other's drinks. Livvie tries seducing Joshua to get him to admit that Stephen is Caleb. Reese sees them & calls Stephen, who shows up baring red eyes & fangs. Christina tells Lucy & Ian that she saw Kevin the night before.

Season 6, Episode 45 – Aired: 12/2/2002
12.02.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes

After Christina says she saw Kevin, Ian thinks she was dreaming when he can't find him. Lucy dreams of being with Ian but wakes up & finds Kevin in her bed. Alison & Rafe meet with the mother of Ali's sister. Elizabeth arrives & declares she's a fake hired to help get Ali's inheritance. Ali runs out & Elizabeth asks Rafe for help. Realizing she's not well, Rafe cuts his finger to see if she's a vampire. Livvie begs Stephen not to kill her but he claims he's not Caleb. Alone, he chokes Joshua & warns him not to touch Livvie. To prove he's Caleb, Livvie kisses Stephen. He acts unaffected but calls out her name after she leaves.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 46 – Aired: 12/3/2002
12.03.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes

Jack asks Chris to break the rules regarding Tess, as Ian runs more tests, but Ian tells Jack he'll keep Tess's secret. Tess has more flashbacks of Livvie. Elizabeth nervously treats Rafe's bleeding finger. Alison tells Stephen her mother tried to con her out of her inheritance. Stephen gives Elizabeth more of his special juice. Per Stephen's request, Elizabeth rips up her contract with Ali to rebuild their relationship. Kevin tells Lucy he's been released from the hospital. She's happy to see him but is still frightened & he vows to earn back her trust. Alone, he calls his doctor, saying Lucy has no idea he's changed.

Season 6, Episode 47 – Aired: 12/4/2002
12.04.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes

Behind Jamal's back, Marissa goes to Stephen's rehearsal but is caught when Jamal arrives to return Ricky's lost wallet. When Marissa won't quit the band, Jamal walks out on her. Ian's stunned to see Kevin at Lucy's and is suspicious of his recovery. Kevin thanks Ian for being a friend to Lucy during his absence, but alone he's upset that Ian's gotten so close with Lucy. Livvie goes to Elizabeth's to talk about Stephen, but Elizabeth thinks Livvie wants to steal him away. Livvie hides in the closet, then looks for proof of Caleb when Elizabeth leaves. Livvie's trapped in the closet when Elizabeth & Stephen return.



Season 6, Episode 48 – Aired: 12/5/2002
12.05.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes

Tess tells a disbelieving Jack she and Livvie are the same and worries he'll stop loving her when he finds out why. Tess doesn't tell Jack she had another vision of Livvie. With Livvie in the closet, Stephen almost makes love to Elizabeth until a phone call interrupts them. Stephen catches Livvie in the closet and she's jealous he almost made love to Elizabeth in front of her. He almost convinces her he's not Caleb but slips by calling her Olivia. Rafe enters Alison's dream to make her see Stephen is Caleb. In the dream, Stephen turns into a vampire and bites Ali. Meanwhile, Elizabeth's unable to wake Ali from her dream.
Episode Overview

Season 6, Episode 49 – Aired: 12/6/2002
12.06.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes

Victor tells Kevin he'll be arrested for assault. Kevin claims he doesn't remember attacking the woman, but then pays her a visit. Lucy runs into Ian, who's angry he loves her but she's with Kevin. In Alison's dream, Stephen tells Rafe Alison will be a vampire and he'll have to kill her. Ali wakes up and screams when she sees Stephen. Stephen tells Elizabeth she shouldn't let Ali marry Rafe, who's driving her crazy. Rafe admits to Ali he entered her dream but his plan backfired. Livvie breaks into Stephen's to look proof of Caleb and remembers her past with him. Stephen returns to finds a naked Livvie waiting in his bed.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 50 – Aired: 12/9/2002
12.09.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes

Alison accuses Rafe of using magic to manipulate her in her dreams. He apologizes and she asks him to keep his promise about living a normal life. Kevin tells the hooker going to jail isn't in his plans. When Kevin returns to Lucy, she sees scratches on his wrist. Victor tells them the woman dropped the charges against Kevin. Livvie tries seducing Stephen, who kisses her. He says she betrayed him before and asks her to beg. She pleads for him to make her his bride again, promising never to betray him again. He reveals fangs, but then says he was just joking- he's Stephen not Caleb. Livvie thinks Caleb's just playing with her.

Season 6, Episode 51 – Aired: 12/10/2002
12.10.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes

Lucy tells Rafe to be normal he needs a job and she offers to finance him in opening a gym. Elizabeth tells Alison she shouldn't marry Rafe but Stephen convinces Ali not to let anyone stand in the way of love. Ali spills Elizabeth's "water" but replaces it with real water. After telling Jamal she doesn't want to quit the band, Marissa asks him to spend time with Stephen and he agrees but asks her not to be alone with Stephen. Livvie admits to Kevin she's attracted to Caleb. He tells her to stay away from him, but she asks Ricky out to make Stephen jealous. Kevin visits Stephen and threatens to send him to Hell.



Season 6, Episode 52 – Aired: 12/11/2002
12.11.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes

Elizabeth offers her support to Alison's marriage to Rafe, who offers Ali a normal life by opening a gym. Kevin threatens to blow up Stephen's gas-filled apartment and demands he stay away from Livvie. Stephen denies he's Caleb but when he calls Kevin "doc," Kevin's sure he is Caleb. Kevin leaves after Stephen agrees to avoid Livvie. Jack & Tess run into Ian & Danny. Holding Danny, Tess has a flash of Livvie holding him. Lucy arrives and asks Ian to spend Christmas with her, but he declines. After Tess has another flash of Livvie & Danny, she realizes Danny's gone. Elizabeth finds Danny and picks him up.

Season 6, Episode 53 – Aired: 12/12/2002
12.12.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes

Rafe shares his visions of the gym with Alison. Tess finds Elizabeth holding Danny and tells her not to hurt him. Ian arrives and an ailing Elizabeth collapses in his arms. Ian takes her back to her hotel room and she tells herself Ian will give her everything she needs. At Stephen's band rehearsal, Livvie shows up and tries to make Stephen jealous by being with Ricky. Jamal warns Ricky that Livvie's using him and Joshua cautions Stephen about Livvie. Stephen sees Livvie kiss Ricky and has flashbacks of Caleb and Livvie making love. He tells Ricky to take Livvie to a hotel room, but privately he seethes in anger.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 54 – Aired: 12/13/2002
12.13.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes

Elizabeth comes on to Ian, but Stephen interrupts. Ian urges him to get her to the hospital. Ian treats a prostitute who was nearly beaten to death. When asked, she says Kevin did this to her. Kevin surprises Lucy when, dressed as Santa, he gives her an expensive ring. They make love and he promises to never leave her again. Rafe agrees to try to get along with Alison's mother and they plan to ask her to walk Ali down the aisle. Elizabeth tells Stephen she feels an "endless hunger." He encourages her to bare her fangs and lets her feed off him. Then, he shows her she's a vampire and bites her back, just as Ali and Rafe arrive.

Season 6, Episode 55 – Aired: 12/16/2002
12.16.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes

Alison & Rafe find Elizabeth & Stephen in bed together. Rafe sees blood on Stephen's collar and deduces Elizabeth's a vampire. Alone with Stephen, Elizabeth realizes this too. Ian & Chris treat the hooker Kevin once attacked. When Tess has more flashes of Livvie & Caleb, Jack brings her to G.H. Chris asks for Tess's help when the hooker's near death. Kevin's questioned regarding the hooker's beating. Ian's stunned when Lucy gives Kevin an alibi by saying they made love all night. Kevin implies Ian's trying to get Lucy back by making up false accusations. Ian accuses Lucy of sleeping with a monster and she slaps him.



Season 6, Episode 56 – Aired: 12/17/2002
12.17.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes

Rafe asks Ricky to steal a bottle of Stephen's "water." When Livvie ask Ricky on a date, Rafe accuses her of using Ricky to get to Stephen. Jack attacks Chris after learning Tess performed another miracle, but she defends Chris. When Chris can't help an ill Tess, Jack plans to take her back where she belongs. Jenny the hooker denies Kevin beat her. Lucy asks Ian why he accused Kevin. Ian's convinced Kevin had something to do with Jenny's beating but Lucy orders him to leave her alone. Kevin confronts Jenny and asks why she hasn't left town after he paid her to drop the charges against him, but Lucy overhears their secret.

Season 6, Episode 57 – Aired: 12/18/2002
12.18.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes

Lucy confonts Kevin about paying Jenny to drop the charges against him. She's surprised when Kevin doesn't seem remorseful and vows to do whatever he has to do to fight for their marriage. Stephen tells a horrified Elizabeth that even though she's a vampire, she can lead a normal life due to his liquid. He also claims he is no longer Caleb the vampire who once terrorized the town and tells her he loves her (even though he secretly thinks of Livvie). Rafe asks Livvie to team up with him to destroy Caleb, but when she declines, he accuses her of wanting Caleb back. Ricky gives Rafe some of Stephen's "water."
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 58 – Aired: 12/19/2002
12.19.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes

Jack takes Tess back to her cave. He wants to make love, but she tells him she can't. She asks him to take her back to his home, then has a flash of herself with Caleb and a lifeless Livvie. Rafe learns from Chris that Stephen's "water" is similar to the vampire serum Chris created, which gave someone vampire powers without the need to feed. Ali's surprised by her mother's sudden recovery and burst of energy. Thirsty, Ali drinks some of Elizabeth's "water." Livvie lures Stephen to her place, where she attempts to seduce Ricky. Upon seeing them, an unseen Stephen bares his fangs and red eyes, just as Rafe arrives.

Season 6, Episode 59 – Aired: 12/20/2002
12.20.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes

When Elizabeth stops Alison from drinking her "water," Ali suspects it's drugs. Elizabeth denies it, but decides to share her "gift" with Ali. Jack asks Kevin to include Tess in his family but Kevin denies he's connected to Tess. Livvie halts her seduction of Ricky when she realizes Stephen left. Tess arrives and tells her she remembers Caleb bit Livvie, she died and Caleb pulled Tess from Livvie. Rafe realizes Stephen really is Caleb. Stephen tries convincing Rafe he's changed and asks them to both live normal lives. Saying he'll never change, Rafe plunges a wooden stake in his heart but Stephen pulls the stake out.