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Season 6, Episode 44 – Aired: 8/29/2002
08.29.02 - Thursday: Torn

Frank explains how he became The Avatar after Karen saves his life. Livvie asks Alison to back away from Rafe because of the baby but Alison says Rafe must make his own choices. Kevin tells Rafe to leave Livvie if he doesn't really love her, but Rafe is determined to stick to his promise to Livvie, then tells Livvie he loves her. Kevin orders copies of Livvie's medical records. Karen takes Frank home where she admits her love for him and he claims he's a changed man, but then vows revenge on Ian and Rafe. Ricky, who was stood up by Karen, shows up at her doorstep just as Frank and Karen are about to make love.

Season 6, Episode 45 – Aired: 8/30/2002
08.30.02 - Friday: Torn

After letting Ricky know he and Karen are back together, Frank gets violent with him. After Frank leaves, Ricky carries Karen away to stop her from returning to an abusive Frank. Alison is confused when Lucy insists she win Rafe back from Livvie and save his soul, so Ali seeks advice in prayer. Summer admits to Kevin she changed Livvie's paternity test results and he tells Lucy that Livvie lied about her baby's father. Livvie's happy when Rafe says he does love her. Before taking Daniel to New York, Ian is still suspicious when he runs into Frank, who denies being The Avatar. Livvie is stunned to see Frank alive.



Season 6, Episode 46 – Aired: 9/2/2002
09.02.02 - Monday: Torn

Frank tells Livvie she will pay for trying to kill him. Alison gets another sign from above when Rafe tells her he found and lit Kevin's candle months ago. Lucy tells Ali that Rafe isn't the father of Livvie's baby. Rafe learns The Avatar didn't die in the fire and is still alive. Livvie sets a trap for Frank and plans to inject him with a mind-altering drug, but Frank goes to Karen's. When he finds Karen gone and her apartment trashed, he explodes in anger. Fearing Livvie's going crazy, Kevin goes to confront her about her lies, but she mistakes him for Frank and accidentally injects him with the drug.

Season 6, Episode 47 – Aired: 9/3/2002
09.03.02 - Tuesday: Torn

Jack and a delighted Chris learn from Rafe The Avatar is alive. Jack advises Rafe to live his life by making his own choices. Rafe vows to kill The Avatar. Ricky holds Karen hostage but lets her go when she makes him realize that they are not truly in love with each other. However, The Avatar then appears to Ricky. Alison tells Lucy she won't use the truth about Livvie's baby to get Rafe back. After accidentally drugging her father, a remorseful Livvie searches for Kevin, but is distraught when she can't find him. Lucy worries about Kevin herself when he doesn't return and she receives two odd phone calls.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 48 – Aired: 9/4/2002
09.04.02 - Wednesday: Torn

Marissa finds Ricky badly beaten and learns Lancelot was responsible. Frank, shows up, as a paramedic, but defends Lancelot. Karen treats Ricky, then tells Frank she'll never forgive him when she learns he beat Ricky up. Freaking out over Kevin, Livvie blames Rafe for not protecting her, but he vents his anger about protecting the world. Jamal suggests Alison make Rafe jealous to get him back, but she declines the idea. When Rafe comes by, Jamal kisses Ali and says they're together again. Livvie learns from the dealer that a drugged Kevin will either go crazy or die. The Avatar shows up at Livvie's.

Season 6, Episode 49 – Aired: 9/5/2002
09.05.02 - Thursday: Torn

Ian runs into Kate in New York and she tells him she hasn't reconciled with her boyfriend. However, Kate doesn't want to get involved with Ian. A strange man demands money from Kate. Jamal's scheme backfires when Marissa overhears him say he and Alison are back together. Ali admits it's not true, but Marissa leaves Jamal and Rafe accuses Ali of trying to manipulate him. Panicked over Kevin's disappearence, Lucy meets with Victor and Mac and tells them of her fears. Victor learns Kevin was spotted at Jasmine Island and Mac and Victor leave to search for him. Kevin returns home to Lucy with a strange look on his face.



Season 6, Episode 50 – Aired: 9/6/2002
09.06.02 - Friday: Torn

Lucy senses Kevin acting strangley when he returns home, especially when he seems amorous. After making love, Kevin tells Lucy he's not Kevin and she realizes he's Kevin's evil twin, Ryan. The Avatar sends Rafe to Alison to get to Livvie, then threatens justice for her crimes. Rafe and Ali return to Livvie, but don't find her, then Rafe admits he wants Ali. Ian steps in when a stranger demands money from Kate, but she won't confide in him about her woes. Ian follows her home and is shocked by her return to Brennan. As punishment, The Avatar makes Livvie watch as a deluded Kevin tries to strangle Lucy.
Episode Overview

Season 6, Episode 51 – Aired: 9/9/2002
09.09.02 - Monday: Torn

Ian discovers Kate's comatose boyfriend Brennan alive and offers his support to her. As punishment, The Avatar makes Livvie watch Kevin, who thinks he's Ryan, strangle Lucy. Before "Ryan" can harm Lucy, The Avatar rescues her as Livvie runs off. Lucy and Victor try to get through to Kevin, as Frank warns Livvie not to cross him again. Alison tells Rafe to follow his heart when he admits he wants her. When he claims he can't because of his obligation to the baby, Ali asks what if he's not the father, but he denies it. Ali refuses to give up on him, and, after she says she loves him, Livvie walks in on them embracing.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 52 – Aired: 9/10/2002
09.10.02 - Tuesday: Torn

Frank apologizes to Karen for attacking Ricky, then asks her to save him from the Avatar. She agrees to help and they make love. Alison and Rafe's embrace is interrupted by Livvie, who demands Rafe no longer see Ali. He's not sure he can and leaves to pray. Livvie pledges to get rid of Ali. Lucy unties Kevin thinking she's reached him. Ali arrives and encounters Kevin, who still thinks he's Ryan. Victor knocks him out before he hurts her. When the police arrive to arrest Kevin for assaulting a woman, Lucy claims he's gone. Marissa and Jamal make up and he and Ricky go with her to a 9/11 candlelight vigil.

Season 6, Episode 53 – Aired: 9/12/2002
09.12.02 - Thursday: Torn

Ian suggests Kate bring Brennan to General Hospital for treatment. She admits she has feelings for Ian, who tells her to focus on Brennan. Karen tells Chris that she know Frank is "Lancelot," but he is now retired from the hero business. Livvie threatens Frank to kill Alison by blackmailing him with a tape for Karen claiming Frank raped her. Rafe and Alison run into each other and Rafe tells her he will no longer run away from his feelings and wants to spend time with her and they plan a picnic. Rafe goes home to Livvie, who's supportive of his plan to spend time with Ali. The Avatar confronts Alison.



Season 6, Episode 54 – Aired: 9/13/2002
09.13.02 - Friday: Torn

Lucy's devastated over Kevin's breakdown and seeks comfort from Victor and then Ian. Livvie tells Rafe if he chooses their marriage and child over Alison, she wants to move from Port Charles. Rafe goes to meet Alison, but becomes worried when she doesn't show up. Livvie forges a goodbye note for Rafe from Alison. Alison is held captive by The Avatar, who has her blindfolded and tied to a tree. She appeals to his human side and Frank emerges and makes her realize it's Livvie who's behind her abduction. However, Frank remembers Livvie's blackmail and turns back into The Avatar and tells Ali she must die.

Season 6, Episode 55 – Aired: 9/16/2002
09.16.02 - Monday: Torn

After Lucy tells Ian how Kevin almost strangled her, Ian insists she have dinner with him, then secretly invites another person. The Avatar almost kills Alison until she prays, then Frank emerges and tells her to leave town instead. Rafe goes to Karen when he can't find Ali, but she insists The Avatar wouldn't hurt Ali. Rafe then gets Livvie's forged letter "from Alison." Frank tells Chris that he's retired as The Avatar, but Chris still has plans for him. Frank denies to Karen he was responsible for Ali's disappearance. Ali decides to stay in town and fight for Rafe, but gets her foot caught in a bear trap.



Season 6, Episode 56 – Aired: 9/17/2002
09.17.02 - Tuesday: Torn

Ricky declines Marissa's invitation to a road trip with Jack, Jamal and her because of his attraction to her, but Jamal insists he tag along. Lucy and Kate realize they have something in commong when Ian brings them together to talk about their man troubles. After Kate tells Lucy about Brennan's coma, Lucy offers to pay for his medical care. Rafe accuses Livvie of forging "Alison's" goodbye note, but she denies it. He demands to know Ali's whereabouts, but when she claims she doesn't know, he tells he won't let her go home until they find Ali together. Calling out for Rafe, Alison remains caught in a bear trap.

Season 6, Episode 57 – Aired: 9/18/2002
09.18.02 - Wednesday: Torn

Marissa, Jamal, Jack and Ricky all encounter something mysterious during their camping trip in the woods. Lucy tells Ian that Brennan's been transferred to G.H. and she's leaving to visit Kevin in Switzerland. Chris suggests to Karen he become The Avatar's next host. When she tries to phone Ian to warn him, Chris accidentally knocks her down and then The Avatar appears. Although they don't find Alison at her home, Rafe continues to accuse Livvie of doing something to her. He tells her their marriage is over. Trapped, Ali sees something in the woods. Rafe finds an empty trap with blood and torn clothing.



Season 6, Episode 58 – Aired: 9/19/2002
09.19.02 - Thursday: Torn

Jack, Jamal, Ricky and Marissa become paranoid when they realize they're not alone in the woods, especially after hearing a wolf howl. Jack finds a carved pumpkin containing soup. Kate thanks Ian for his help after Brennan is transferred to G.H. The Avatar is angry with Chris and threatens him. Despite Karen's appeals to Frank, The Avatar goes after Chris. Karen warns Ian the Avatar's after Chris and they find him beaten up in an elevator. Rafe searches the woods but can't find Alison. He goes to the barn hoping she would go there, then declares they belong together. He is pleasantly surprised when Ali shows up.

Season 6, Episode 59 – Aired: 9/20/2002
09.20.02 - Friday: Torn

Lucy visits a hospitalized Kevin and tries getting through to him, but he still thinks he's Ryan and turns his back on her. Chris almost dies in the hospital but is saved by Ian. Karen confronts Frank, demanding he give up The Avatar, but he refuses. Ian tells Karen they must force The Avatar out of him before he kills somebody. Reunited with Rafe, Alison explains how she passed out and woke up free from the trap. Rafe declares his love for Alison, and after kissing her, remembers their life together. They reaffirm their love but their happy reunion's cut short when Rafe's shot in the back by Livvie.



Season 6, Episode 60 – Aired: 9/23/2002
09.23.02 - Monday: Torn

Frank visits a hospitalized Chris and threatens him to keep quiet. Chris then refuses to identity his attacker to Doree in order to protect her. Ian tells Karen she must remove The Avatar's shroud to destroy him and she reluctantly agrees. Frank then surprises Karen in the park. Livvie flees after shooting Rafe in the back. Near death, Rafe pledges his eternal love to Alison and reveals the deal he made to retun to her. Livvie returns just as Rafe proclaims Ali as his one and only true love. Rafe dies and his body disappears and returns to Heaven, where Ed greets him. Ali then faces off with Livvie.
Episode Overview

Season 6, Episode 61 – Aired: 9/24/2002
09.24.02 - Tuesday: Torn

Jack shows Ricky, Jamal and Marissa the strange soup he found and Marissa drinks it. Jack and Jamal go to the woods and meet a strange man. Marissa awakens in a trance and kneels by Ricky. Alison tells Livvie, that despite her interference, Rafe came back to her before he died, then Ali says goodbye to Rafe. Livvie returns home to find Ian has broken into her apartment to find Rafe's notes on The Avatar. Ian asks Livvie where is Rafe. Karen refuses to be with Frank if he can't control The Avatar, but he insists he can. After making love, Karen wakes up and tries to get The Avatar's shroud, but



Season 6, Episode 62 – Aired: 9/25/2002
09.25.02 - Wednesday: Torn

In a trance, Marissa kisses Ricky, then goes in the woods where a strange man accuses Jamal and Jack of stealing his food. They find Marissa, who's been sleepwalking, and Jack snaps pictures when they hear noises. Ian doesn't believe Livvie when she says Rafe left her. She fakes stomach pains to stop him from taking Rafe's notes, then has real pains and she vows to protect The Avatar. After accusing Karen of betrayal, Frank morphs into The Avatar. Karen stands up to The Avatar, declaring her love for Frank. Frank's trapped in The Avatar's shroud, but manages to free himself, but the shroud reappears and

Season 6, Episode 63 – Aired: 9/26/2002
09.26.02 - Thursday: Torn

Marissa doesn't remember kissing Ricky, but he can't forget. Jack's photos reveal a rag doll in the woods. Alison tells Lucy she reunited with Rafe and saved his soul before Livvie shot and killed him. Ali tells Lucy she's leaving town. Rafe's notes reveal The Avatar might be destroyed if a new host rejects the spirit. An invisible shield prevents Karen from reaching Frank, who's strangled by The Avatar's shroud. Ian and an unseen Livvie arrive and Ian and Karen resuscitate a lifeless Frank. Ian calls out to The Avatar to be its new host, then morphs into The Avatar, but the shroud bursts into flames with Ian inside.



Season 6, Episode 64 – Aired: 9/27/2002
09.27.02 - Friday: Torn [Finale]

Ian escapes The Avatar's burning shroud, then tells Frank and Karen how he destroyed the spirit by rejecting it. Lucy advises Kate not to give up on a comatose Brennan, then agrees to go with Ian to bring Danny home. With The Avatar destroyed, Livvie seeks a father for her unborn child. After Jack rejects her, she approaches Frank, taunting him with the fact he fathered her child, just as Karen arrives. Jack goes to the woods but falls into a trap. Alison boards a train out of town, but sees Rafe through the fog as the train departs. Telling Ali "they" sent him back, Rafe runs and hops on the train and reunites with her.

Season 6, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/30/2002
09.30.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes [Premiere]

Frank admits to Karen he fathered Livvie's unborn child, but Livvie claims Frank raped her. Later, Karen overhears Livvie try to blackmail Frank with her phony rape story and blasts her for lying and defends Frank. On the train, Rafe tells Alison she saved his soul and, thus, allowed him to be human again. The two celebrate their reunion by making love. Jack lies unconscious as a mysterious woman with a rag doll stands over him humming. When he wakes up, Jack realizes the woman has been following him, but she remains silent. After he passes out from the pain of his injured leg, she goes to him with a sharpened knife.



Season 6, Episode 2 – Aired: 10/1/2002
10.01.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes

Livvie dreams she and Jack never broke up but wakes up alone. Lucy and Ian have fun in New York with their kids and Ian tries to make Lucy not feel guilty because Kevin's not there. Leaning on each other for support over their losses, they share a friendly hug. A hospitalized Kevin wakes up and cries out for Lucy. After calling her answering machine, he learns she's with Ian and calls her hotel. When Ian answers, he gets upset and hangs up. On the train, Rafe and Alison wake up together reunited. They make plans to leave Port Charles for good until Rafe hears a song on the radio and insists they return.

Season 6, Episode 3 – Aired: 10/2/2002
10.02.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes

Kevin claims he's recovered to his doctor, who refuses to release him with good reason- Kevin's fixated on Lucy. After Ian and Christina play tea party, Lucy and Ian laugh and he thanks her for making him laugh since Eve's death. Karen tells Frank she still loves him and will give him a second chance. Marissa tells Ricky she has no feelings for him, despite her sleepwalking kiss. They go with Jamal to find Jack, who's in a cave with the mystery girl who healed his leg. Ricky hears Jack's calls for help, but the mystery girl muffles Jack with a scarf, then grabs a knife as Jamal, Ricky and Marissa get closer.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 4 – Aired: 10/3/2002
10.03.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes

Marissa falls into the hole above Jack's cave while the mystery girl brandishes a knife below. Ricky pulls her out and they look in the hole but can't see Jack, then leave when Jamal learns Jack's bike was found elsewhere. Discreetly, Ricky takes Marissa's notebook to read it. Jack's tied up in the cave and aks the mystery girl when she'll let him go but she says "never." Alison and Rafe return to town where Ali faces off with Livvie over Rafe and Jack while Rafe says a final goodbye to Ed, who offers him fatherly advice. Livvie's shocked by Rafe's return and he angrily confronts her about her evil deeds.

Season 6, Episode 5 – Aired: 10/4/2002
10.04.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes

When Lucy injures her back, Ian massages her, but feels awkward about undressing her. She falls asleep on his shoulder. In Switzerland, Kevin steals keys from a nurse. Rafe blasts Livvie for her lies and says he always loved Alison not her. A spiteful Livvie plans to stall their annulment. Rafe proposes to Alison, who happily accepts. Jack asks the mysterious woman why she tied him up but she remains silent. When he yells at her, she becomes frightened and runs away. Using her knife, Jack frees himself and starts to leave the cave until he runs into the her. He's shocked to see she looks exactly like Livvie!



Season 6, Episode 6 – Aired: 10/7/2002
10.07.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes

Jack mistakes the mystery woman for Livvie and leaves the cave. He's confused when he runs into the real Livvie, then rejects her pleas to reconcile. Marissa discovers Ricky read her notebook and discovered her poetry. Upset, she destroys her poems, but he's touched by one she wrote about Casey. Jamal overhears about Rafe and Alison's engagement and he and Rafe nearly come to blows. Jamal tells Ali that Jack's missing. Rafe gets another vibe after hearing the song "Naked Eyes" on the radio again. An unseen Livvie spies on Ali and Rafe. Jack returns to the cave and asks the mystery woman who she is.

Season 6, Episode 7 – Aired: 10/8/2002
10.08.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes

Lucy has to answer to a confused Christina after she finds Lucy asleep in Ian's arms. Lucy then tells Ian they should stop spending time together. They start a playful pillow fight but are interrupted when an escaped Kevin shows up. Jack asks the mystery girl to come to town with him, but when she refuses, he decides to stay with her. He calls her "Tess" after seeing the name stitched on her rag doll. Jack calls Jamal to let him know he's okay and Jack learns Ali's back in town and engaged to Rafe. Livvie confronts Rafe and Alison and declares she has something for the both of them, then reaches into her purse.



Season 6, Episode 8 – Aired: 10/9/2002
10.09.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes

Marissa asks Ricky for her poems back and he surprises her with a song he wrote, using her poem about Casey. Marissa thanks Ricky for his gift. Rafe thinks Livvie has a gun, but Livvie gives him annulment papers. Still suspicious of her, Rafe signs them and Livvie says she's leaving town. However, Livvie lurks around Rafe and Alison and vows to make them pay. Ian and Lucy are surprised by Kevin, who demands to speak to Lucy alone. Christina enters and Kevin picks her up and won't let her go. After Lucy takes Christina to her room, she returns to finds herself alone with Kevin, unaware Ian's unconscious on the floor.

Season 6, Episode 9 – Aired: 10/10/2002
10.10.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes

Lucy's fightened by Kevin, especially when sees Ian unconscious on the floor. A crazed Kevin asks Lucy to run away with him. She tries reasoning with him, but he won't listen. She grabs the needle he injected Ian with, but an angry Kevin stops her. Ian rescues her by knocking Kevin out and Lucy cries she can't take anymore. Jack and Tess get closer when he gets her to communicate, takes her picture and helps clean her up. Livvie breaks into Alison's home and plants poison bath beads to kill Ali. While Rafe buys an engagement ring, Ali comes home, and starts a bath with the poisoned beads as Livvie, unseen, watches.



Season 6, Episode 10 – Aired: 10/11/2002
10.11.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes

Marissa fixes Ricky up with a date. Jamal tells Ricky and Marissa he sent their song to a rock band called The Stephen Clay Experience, as the mysterious Stephen Clay listens to it. Jack wonders if Livvie's mother secretly gave birth to a twin. Rafe bumps into a woman, dropping his engagement ring. After telling her his love story, he offers her a ride. Before Alison gets into the poisoned bath, Livvie sees she left her ring behind and breaks a window to divert Ali. Retrieving the ring, Livvie falls in, drenched with poison, and her double Tess can't breathe. Rafe introduces Ali to the woman he met- Ali's mother!
Episode Overview

Season 6, Episode 11 – Aired: 10/14/2002
10.14.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes

Marissa gets a call from musician Stephen Clay saying he liked her and Ricky's song. Alison's reunion with her mother, Elizabeth, goes awry when Ali accuses her mother of being neglectful. Elizabeth says Ali's father died at sea. Ali rejects Rafe's comfort saying she doesn't know how to feel. After escaping the poison bath, Livvie goes to the hospital and collapses before Frank and Karen. As Frank and Karen treat Livvie, Jack carries an unconscious Tess out of the cave and begins CPR on her. As Karen revives Livvie, Tess comes back to life. Karen doesn't seem optimistic about Livvie's unborn child.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 12 – Aired: 10/15/2002
10.15.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes

Lucy visits a hospitalized Kevin, who unleashes his anger on her, but Lucy can no longer take his abuse. Telling him to take responsibility for his problems, she leaves. Kevin's doctor tells Ian to stay away from Lucy to help Kevin, then prescribes unusual music therapy- the song "Naked Eyes," which gives Lucy the creeps. Tess frantically searches for her baby (rag doll), just as Karen tells Livvie she's lost her unborn child. Jack comforts Tess with a fairytale. Livvie refuses to believe Karen's prognosis until Frank convinces Livvie to face the truth, but she disappears before a necessary medical procedure.

Season 6, Episode 13 – Aired: 10/16/2002
10.16.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes

Marissa, Jamal and Ricky meet the obnoxious members of the Stephen Clay Experience (minus Stephen). A mystery man arrives when the trio wants to cancel the deal to sell their song. Rafe and Lucy discuss Elizabeth's return and their mutual feeling of impending trouble in town. Frank tells Ian that Livvie lost her baby but disappeared before a necessary medical procedure and Lucy agrees to help find Livvie, who is experiencing pain in the woods. Elizabeth lies to Alison and Amanda about the death of Ali's father, Malcolm. Rafe arrives with news that Ali's father died months ago and Elizabeth was suspected of his murder.



Season 6, Episode 14 – Aired: 10/17/2002
10.17.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes

Marissa, Jamal and Ricky meet Joshua Temple, manager of The Stephen Clay Experience, who offers lots of money and a contract for their song but a suspicious Jamal stalls the deal. Marissa follows Joshua when he goes to meet the mysterious Stephen Clay. Livvie refuses to believe her baby died and cries for Jack. Jack and Tess say a temporary goodbye and share several kisses. As Livvie doubles over in pain, Tess clings to her rag doll. Elizabeth denies killing Alison's father. Ali mourns her father's death. Elizabeth makes a mysterious call about Ali. Rafe disappears in the light after comforting a sleeping Ali.

Season 6, Episode 15 – Aired: 10/18/2002
10.18.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes

Rafe magically reappears in Alison's dream, where she imagines herself as a child with a loving father. Kate tells Jamal and Ricky the contract is okay. Marissa get lost in the dark while following Joshua. Jamal, worried about her, calls her cell phone, and hears her screams, then she mysteriously vanishes. Lucy tells Jack that Livvie's missing and her life's in danger. Livvie's lying in agony in the woods, as Tess lies on the cave floor, clutching her rag doll. Jack finds Livvie and tries to convince her to go to the hospital. Tess leaves the cave and is found by Lucy, who mistakes her for a missing Livvie.



Season 6, Episode 16 – Aired: 10/21/2002
10.21.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes

Jamal and Ricky interrupt The Stephen Clay Experience's rehearsal demanding to see Marissa, but find themselves tied up. In a locked room, Marissa finds her favorite things with a note from Stephen Clay asking her to write lyrics for him, which she does. Jamal and Ricky see she's okay and they all leave and Marissa suspects Joshua's really Stephen. Jack convinces Livvie her baby died and takes her to the hospital. Mistaking Tess for Livvie, Lucy brings her to the hospital. While Livvie's in surgery, Tess escapes Lucy, who's senses something wrong. Hiding, Tess sees Jack and calls out to him, but passes out.

Season 6, Episode 17 – Aired: 10/22/2002
10.22.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes

Lucy tells Rafe and Ali about Livvie's loss. Rafe and Lucy react negatively to the song "Naked Eyes," then discuss their mutual feeling about something eerie in town. Lucy encourages Ali to seek closure with her estranged mother. Joshua tells Ricky that Stephen Clay is only interested in Marissa and not Ricky. Marissa shows Jamal new lyrics she wrote for Stephen Clay and he urges her to be cautious with the mysterious Stephen. Marissa and Jamal begin to make love, but are secretly spied on by Joshua through a hidden camera. Joshua copies Marissa's newest lyrics and declares she won't keep any secrets.



Season 6, Episode 18 – Aired: 10/23/2002
10.23.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes

Alison asks her mother why she was abandoned as a child and Elizabeth explains she chose her husband over her Ali. Elizabeth asks Ali for a second chance. Kate warns Ian about getting too close to Lucy, but he insists they're just friends. However, he later blows Lucy off. Jack tells Jamal about Tess, then takes him to the cave but when they don't find her, Jamal thinks Tess was a hallucination. Lucy visits Livvie, who insists Jack, not Lucy, found and rescued her. Livvie gets a chill when Tess walks by her room. After Tess enters a comatose Brennan's room and pronounces him "better," he moves his fingers.

Season 6, Episode 19 – Aired: 10/24/2002
10.24.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes

Elizabeth tries stalling the reading of Malcolm's will. Ali's served with legal papers and accuses her mother of trying to steal her inheritance. Ricky tells Marissa The Stephen Clay Experience dumped him, but still wants her. She confronts Joshua, who surprises her with a song that has her new lyrics. Tess declares Brennan "better," but causes his monitor to beep and runs off. Livvie leaves her room to find Jack and Chris mistakes Tess for Livvie. Livvie misses running into Tess, but gets a chill when she walks by. Livvie finds Jack waiting in her room as Tess goes into a closet and calls out for Jack.