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"Порт Чарльз" (США) - резюме серий на английском языке

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Season 6, Episode 16 – Aired: 7/22/2002
07.22.02 - Monday: Torn

In New York, Ian sees Kate and learns she's always eats alone and no one's ever seen her boyfriend. Livvie tells Kevin and Lucy she's pregnant, however, they seem less than pleased. Lucy and Kevin argue about what to do and Livvie becomes upset when she hears Lucy say Rafe will never love her. Ali breaks it off with Rafe, who finds it hard to say goodbye. However, they both agree that it's the right thing to do and then sadly part ways. Later, Ali tells Lucy it's over between her and Rafe. Rafe then returns to Livvie and says he'll be a real husband to her and father to their child. Livvie, privately, expresses her satisfaction that her plan worked. Meanwhile, the "shadow" skulks around the docks and overhears some young boys compare him to other superheroes. The "shadow" enters a room full of press clippings about him and then lets out a wailing moan.



Season 6, Episode 17 – Aired: 7/23/2002
07.23.02 - Tuesday: Torn

Karen asks Ricky how he felt seeing Marissa and he admits he was stunned but says Casey's in his past. Karen and Ricky make love, but afterwards, Ricky thinks about Casey. Jamal and Marissa meet with her mother and Marissa asks if Casey is her twin. Her mother admits she gave both Casey and Marissa away as infants and, eventually got back Marissa, but never found Casey. Jamal lies that Casey is living in Europe to spare Marissa's mother's guilty feelings. Livvie feels physical pain and tells Rafe the baby kicked. He goes to get help and runs into Ian, who is reading about "The Avatar." Rafe says "The Avatar" is real and he encountered it as a slayer. Rafe tells Ian how "The Avatar" needs a human body to inhabit and has the ability to reproduce. Livvie eavesdrops on their conversation and when she hears Rafe say he's unsure if "The Avatar" reproduces in human form, she faints.



Season 6, Episode 18 – Aired: 7/24/2002
07.24.02 - Wednesday: Torn

For Alison's 21st birthday, Jack surprises her with pizza and champagne. He comforts her when she cries about Rafe, then asks her to model for him for his new photographer job. Rafe and Ian watch over Livvie, who fainted, as she mumbles that a monster's growing inside her. Livvie covers by saying she heard them discussing The Avatar. Rafe tells Ian that The Avatar is harder to destroy than a vampire, because although its host human body can be killed but it will move on to another host. Ian then catches Kate in a lie when she says she and her boyfriend dined together in New York while Ian saw her alone. Livvie and Rafe move into their new place but Rafe wishes he was with Ali. Livvie dreams she that her new baby is a monster. The Avatar runs through the woods when a woman screams and then stands over a bloody body. Then, The Avatar washes the blood from his hands.



Season 6, Episode 19 – Aired: 7/25/2002
07.25.02 - Thursday: Torn

Jamal thinks Marissa wants a relationship with him after she thanks him for his help, but she denies this. Later, after hearing the "shadow" was spotted in the woods, they look for him but instead find his latest victim. Alison asks Kate to move in with her and Kate agrees. Livvie has more pains from her "baby," and asks Rafe to tell her about The Avatar. After he says The Avatar is after control and domination, she wonders if her child will be human. Rafe then goes to the lighthouse and bumps into Alison. Livvie, meanwhile, goes to the docks and confronts The Avatar demanding to know what it did to her and what is she carrying inside her.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 20 – Aired: 7/26/2002
07.26.02 - Friday: Torn

Ian tells Kate he saw her dine alone in New York and she accuses him of spying on her. She slaps him when he says he didn't approach because he felt sorry for her. She tries to leave his apartment, but he says he won't let her go. Livvie confronts The Avatar, demanding to know what she's carrying, and The Avatar responds that he did what asked, then disappears. Rafe and Alison run into each other outside the lighthouse and realize Lucy set them up. Ali runs off and Rafe and Kevin berate Lucy for her meddling. Livvie arrives for dinner and learns Ali was there. However, their dinner is interrupted when Livvie has more stomach pains and Rafe rushes her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Alison models for Jack at the bike shop, but when she gets dizzy, he takes her to the hospital as well. At the hospital, Livvie confronts Alison and demands to speak to her in private. On the staircase, Livvie tries to pick a fight with Alison and when Rafe comes by, she falls, making it appear that Alison has pushed her down the stairs.



Season 6, Episode 21 – Aired: 7/29/2002
07.29.02 - Monday: Torn

Ian and Kate argue after he catches her in a lie. Later, she calls a mysterious peson whom she refers to as "sweetheart." Jamal and Marissa learn the "shadow's" latest victim will live, but realize the "shadow" protects women. Marissa dubs the "shadow" as "Lancelot." Meanwhile, Chris goes on TV to defend the "shadow" and Ian suspects Chris may be the "shadow's" human host. After Livvie tries to pick a fight with Alison, she falls down the hospital staircase. Rafe orders Alison to stay away from Livvie. Ali tells Jack it was an accident but wonders if Livvie wanted to fall. Rafe overhears this and becomes even angrier and Jack convinces Ali to leave them alone. Livvie waits for results on her unborn child and thinks she's fixed her "pregnancy" by "The Avatar." However, Livvie's doctor reveals that her baby's just fine.



Season 6, Episode 22 – Aired: 7/30/2002
07.30.02 - Tuesday: Torn

After learning Livvie's baby is okay, Jack takes Alison to the carnival to get her mind off Rafe. Alison has a fun time with Jack and, later, after laying back against him tells him he's just "what the doctor ordered." Chris accuses Ian of being jealous of the "Shadow" because Ian's not the hero anymore. After talking with Nurse Colleen, Frank and Rafe, Ian becomes suspicious that Chris might be The Avatar's host body. Livvie tries to hide her disappointment when she learns that her baby's heartbeat is unusually strong, despite her fall down the stairs. Livvie confronts The Avatar on the docks and delivers an ultimatum- either tell her what he's done to her or she'll reveal his identity.



Season 6, Episode 23 – Aired: 7/31/2002
07.31.02- Wednesday: Torn

Livvie threatens to reveal The Avatar's identity unless he tells her what he's done to her, but decides to keep quiet after he threatens to reveal he's her baby's father. The Avatar says her child will be human and will be a special child who will do great things. Marissa doesn't want to talk to Jamal about Casey. After he saves her from choking, she dubs him her hero. She then figures out a way to contact The Avatar, by pretending she's in trouble. After screaming, The Avatar appears, but overhears her discuss her ruse to Jamal and doesn't emerge. Alison runs into Rafe at the Recovery Room and he apologizes for yelling at her and blaming her for Livvie's fall. Rafe also admits he followed her, but she says they need to stay away from each other so he returns to Livvie. At the hospital, Lucy and Jack discover Livvie's not in her room. Lucy gets suspicious when Jack mentions Livvie seemed to want Ali to push her. Thinking Rafe's not the father of Livvie's baby, Lucy discreetly bribes a doctor to run a paternity test.



Season 6, Episode 24 – Aired: 8/1/2002
08.01.02 - Thursday: Torn

Marissa's article about "Lancelot" (a.k.a. The Avatar) is published. After telling Marissa about his past dream of motocross racing, Jamal takes her for a ride on his bike. Alison declines Amanda's offer to send her away to school. Rafe tells Livvie that he has to fight The Avatar, but she protests. Chris overhears and agree with Livvie. Kate realizes that Ian thinks Chris is The Avatar. She catches him breaking into Chris's apartment, where they find articles and videos about The Avatar. When Ian leaves, The Avatar appears and tells Ian that he warned him not to interfere.



Season 6, Episode 25 – Aired: 8/2/2002
08.02.02 - Friday: Torn

After The Avatar threatens Ian, Kate finds Chris kneeling over Ian, who's unconscious. Kate tries to mace Chris, then Ian gets up and punches him out. They go inside Chris's apartment and Ian questions Chris about being The Avatar's human host, but Chris denies it and provides an explanation for his recent activity. Ian then realizes Chris is not The Avatar. Lucy's doctor friend performs a secret paternity test on Livvie's baby. After Lucy and Livvie exchange words, Lucy tells Livvie about the test. Rafe goes looking for The Avatar but runs into Alison. Thinking The Avatar's approaching, Rafe shields Ali, but it's not him. Later, Ali hides as Rafe finally confronts The Avatar.

Season 6, Episode 26 – Aired: 8/5/2002
08.05.02 - Monday: Torn

After Lucy reveals she had a secret paternity test done, she offers Livvie the chance to come clean to Kevin and Rafe. Livvie, however, holds her ground and Lucy is shocked when the test results indicate Rafe is the father. However, Livvie secretly paid a nurse to alter her results. Chris asks Officer Doree for another chance, but pumps her for information about The Avator. Rafe confronts The Avator while Alison refuses to leave without him. The Avator says he are Rafe are "brothers," because they are both protectors, but Rafe calls The Avator a coward. After Rafe vows to destroy him, The Avator disappears, but not before blowing the door off of a building. Jack arrives and sees Rafe and Ali in an embrace. Elsewhere, Chris has his own run in with The Avator.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 27 – Aired: 8/6/2002
08.06.02 - Tuesday: Torn

Alison accuses Jack of acting like her boyfriend after he stops her and Rafe from hugging and tells Rafe to go away. However, Jack denies he has romatic feelings for her. Marissa tells Jamal she likes him and kisses him. Although he claims he doesn't want a relationship, he continues kissing her. Jack and Ali walk in and surprise them. Alison then tells them about The Avatar, while Rafe talks to Ian and they discuss ways to fight him. In the park, The Avatar corners Chris, then reveals his identity. Later, in front of TV cameras, Chris claims he's befriended The Avator and his offical spokesman. Chris claims "Lancelot" doesn't mean harm and only wants peace and justice. Chris's interview is seen by Jack, Alison, Jamal, Marissa, Karen, Ricky, Frank, Ian, Rafe, Doree and Andy, who all have their own reasons for wanting to talk with Chris about The Avatar. After they all arrive at the park, Ian asks Chris to prove he knows The Avatar by revealing his identity.



Season 6, Episode 28 – Aired: 8/7/2002
08.07.02 - Wednesday: Torn

Ian asks Chris to prove he knows Lancelot/The Avatar by revealing his identity. Chris won't reveal his identity, but does provide proof by knowing details of a recent drug bust done by Lancelot. Chris agrees to give Marissa firsthand information to the press about Lancelot. The police arrive and confirm Chris's account of the drug bust, but arrest him for failing to reveal The Avatar's identity. Livvie warns the nurse who altered her paternity test results to keep quiet. The nurse, per Livvie's instructions, gives Kevin a copy of the results and he hits the roof when he realizes Lucy ordered the test. Lucy squirms to explain her actions, but Kevin vows to stand by Livvie. Livvie and Lucy then face off and declare war against each other. Meanwhile, Alison insists on helping Rafe fight The Avatar and fills him in on his past battles against supernatural forces. Unbeknownst to them, Livvie sees them together on TV.



Season 6, Episode 29 – Aired: 8/8/2002
08.08.02 - Thursday: Torn

Even after his arrest, Chris he refuses to reveal Lancelot's identity and also refuses legal representation. As the public cries for Chris's release, Ian warns Chris that Lancelot must be stopped, but Chris fails to heed his warning. Kevin ends his angry silence with Lucy by acknowledging that Livvie does have some problems. However, Kevin refuses to turn his back on her and makes Lucy promise not to make him choose between her and Livvie. After Lucy agrees, they kiss and make up. Livvie catches Rafe and Alison together and surprises them by asking Ali to be friends again. However, Rafe and Ali both see through her act and Ali leaves. Despite Livvie's protests, Rafe is determined to fight The Avatar. Ali goes to Jack, who says she's only interested in helping Rafe fight The Avatar because it would keep them in close contact. He also tells her he doesn't want to be her "consolation prize." Livvie overhears Rafe tells Ian that they must reveal the identity of The Avatar's host in order to destroy him. However, Livvie vows that she won't let that happen.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 30 – Aired: 8/9/2002
08.09.02 - Friday: Torn

Ricky learns Marissa is Casey's twin sister and then consoles her after getting her to open up about her feelings toward Casey. After getting Alison to realize she should stop pursuing Rafe, Jack kisses Alison and she responds. Livvie overhears Ian and Rafe's plan to trap The Avatar. During a TV interview, Ian warns the public about The Avatar and calls him a coward. The interview works in angering The Avatar, however, Livvie warns him that it's a trap. Asking him to trust her, she removes his hood and reveals his identity to be Frank.

Season 6, Episode 31 – Aired: 8/12/2002
08.12.02 - Monday: Torn

Alison and Jack kiss, but she stops any further passion and leaves after Jamal arrives. Jamal gives Jack advice on Ali, but Jack doesn't want to listen. Ian and Rafe's plan to trap The Avatar goes bust when the police arrive and The Avatar fails to show up. Livvie warns Frank, The Avatar's host, about the trap. After berating Livvie for her evil deeds, Frank tells her he will get back at Rafe and Ian. Later, Livvie tries to seduce Rafe, but he's not interested. Ali runs into Daniel and his nanny in the park and offers to take Daniel home. Then, Frank arrives and offers them a ride home in his car.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 32 – Aired: 8/13/2002
08.13.02 - Tuesday: Torn

Ian and Kate get trapped in an elevator and he gently calms her down after she begins to panic. Kate admits she is no longer with her boyfriend, but she still loves him. Kevin fears Livvie may be drawn into The Avatar's darkness, but Lucy doesn't think Livvie has any connection to The Avatar. Alison declines Frank's offer of a ride home and leaves with Daniel. Upset, Frank turns into The Avatar, then encounters Alison and Daniel. Livvie successfully seduces Rafe, but he dreams of Alison. Sensing Ali's in danger, Rafe leaves and finds her trapped near the side of a cliff.

Season 6, Episode 33 – Aired: 8/14/2002
08.14.02- Wednesday: Torn

After discussing Casey with Ricky, Marissa puts on her clothes, and is found by Jamal. Marissa tries to explain but Jamal hastily leaves. Rafe, Kate and Ian find Alison and Daniel trapped by The Avatar. The Avatar warns Rafe and Ian again, then Ian and Kate rescue Daniel, but Ali falls off a cliff. Kate calms Ian's rage with a kiss, then leaves and books a flight to New York. Frank tells Karen he still loves her. She doesn't respond back, but does tell him she feels connected to The Avatar. Frank leaves and turns into The Avatar and Karen feels The Avatar's presence. Using his magic, Rafe pulls Ali to safety. After sharing a close moment, she deduces The Avatar used her to get to Rafe because of Rafe's feelings for her. However, a conflicted Rafe takes off to be with Livvie.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 34 – Aired: 8/15/2002
08.15.02 - Thursday: Torn

Lucy fills Rafe in on his past by telling him he's an angel, but an angry Rafe refuses to believe her. Alison and Jack agree to be just friends and she also declares she will forget about Rafe because of the heartbreak he's caused her. Kevin tries to convince Livvie to move back in with him because Rafe's clearly in love with Alison and not her. However, an angry Livvie refuses to consider his suggestion. Frank instructs Chris to help "Lancelot" regain favor with the public. After getting out of jail, Chris publicly gives away one million dollars, courtesy of "Lancelot"- money The Avatar stole from a drug bust.
Episode Overview

Season 6, Episode 35 – Aired: 8/16/2002
08.16.02 - Friday: Torn

After giving away $1 million publicly on Lancleot's behalf, Chris is roughted up by Ian, who blames him for doing The Avatar's dirty work. The police re-arrest Chris. Jamal and Marissa kiss and make-up as Ricky comes by and sees them. Rafe vows to forget about his past and move forward. Livvie meets with Frank, who torments her. When Livvie fires back about how Frank lost Karen, he turns into "The Avatar." Overhearing her say her baby's not his, Jack and Ali rescue a trapped Livvie. They ask her in front of Rafe why she said that. "The Avatar" approaches Karen in the park and then disappears with her.



Season 6, Episode 36 – Aired: 8/19/2002
08.19.02 - Monday: Torn

Thinking fast, Livvie tells Rafe the Avatar was after her baby when Jack and Alison question her about saying The Avatar wasn't her baby's father. Rafe takes Livvie home and snubs Ali, who says she's lost Rafe forever. Jack kisses Ali again when he learns they've been hired for a photo shoot in Bermuda. Ricky asks Jamal and Marissa's help in finding Karen, who was taken to The Avatar's hideout. Karen feels connected to "Lancelot", but returns to Ricky. Frank vows to win her back. Rafe vows to make a future with Livvie and "their" child, but a shaken Livvie remembers The Avatar is really her baby's father.
Season 6, Episode 37 – Aired: 8/20/2002
08.20.02 - Tuesday: Torn

A jailed Chris proposes the police work with "Lancelot" rather than against him. When his lawyer shows up and threatens to sue, the cops release Chris and Kevin suggests they consider Chris's proposal in order to catch "Lancelot." Although she has feelings for Ian, Kate bids him goodbye, saying she is moving back home to work things out with Brennan. Lucy encourages Alison not to give up on Rafe, but Ali claims she needs to move on, as Rafe did. A determined Lucy wants to talk with Ed. Jack tells Ali they'll be sharing a room together in Bermuda. Clued in by Jack, Rafe tells Ian The Avatar's weakness is his shroud.



Season 6, Episode 38 – Aired: 8/21/2002
08.21.02 - Wednesday: Torn

Jamal finally admits his feelings to Marissa, who's already excited about landing a reporting job, and the two make love. Ricky and Karen also make love, but she thinks of "Lancelot" while he can't forget Casey. Rafe tells Ian that in order to destroy The Avatar, they must remove his shroud. Ian figures out The Avatar's reason for staying in town is a woman, then realizes that woman is Karen when he overhears her graveside confession about "Lancelot." Frank demands Livvie spy on Rafe for him. After she mentions he still loves Karen, Frank becomes angry and grabs her just as Rafe shows up.

Season 6, Episode 39 – Aired: 8/22/2002
08.22.02 - Thursday: Torn

When Ian confronts her, Karen lies about her connection to "Lancelot." Livvie covers when Rafe catches her with an angry Frank. Ian and Rafe plot to use Karen to trap The Avatar. Alison thinks Jack wants to sleep with her in Bermuda, but he denies this. Lucy's seance to contact Ed is interrupted when Kevin assumes she wants to make love. Frank asks Karen about "Lancelot," and although she won't talk to him about it, he is conviced she will come back to him. Ian tells Karen they plan to trap The Avatar. When Rafe insists on staying by her at all times, Livvie is unable to warn Frank about their plan.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 40 – Aired: 8/23/2002
08.23.02 - Friday: Torn

Jamal's suprisingly cool about Jack going away with Alison, but gives him a friendly warning about Rafe. Jamal lets Marissa know he's finally gotten over Ali. Lucy and Alison hold a seance but fail to contact Ed. However, when Lucy says Rafe would sell his soul for Ali, they get a mysterious sign from above and wonder if that is what happened. Livvie evades Victor when Rafe has him watch her while he traps The Avatar. Ian follows Karen, who has gone to warn The Avatar. Ian grabs her until The Avatar shows up, then Rafe and Ian trap him with a net and plan to deshroud him as a horrified Livvie and Karen watch.

Season 6, Episode 41 – Aired: 8/26/2002
08.26.02 - Monday: Torn

Ian and Rafe lock up The Avatar, despite Karen's protests. The Avatar knocks Rafe unconscious when he tries to remove his shroud. Livvie comes out of hiding and runs to Rafe's side. Ian and Rafe ask Karen to help remove The Avatar's shroud, but she fails to do so. The Avatar then announces he's not alone as Livvie panics. James and Ed claim the other is cheating to win their bet. Because James sent The Avatar to P.C., Ed gets even by clueing in Alison and Lucy that Rafe did sell his soul. Finding a note from above, Lucy and Alison realize Rafe must fall in love with Alison or lose his soul forever.



Season 6, Episode 42 – Aired: 8/27/2002
08.27.02 - Tuesday: Torn

Jack ends his friendship with Alison when she cancels their trip because of Rafe but won't tell him the truth. Ian realizes Karen's protecting The Avatar, then concludes Frank's the human host. She denies this, but in a dream, realizes it's true. Before The Avatar tells Rafe who really fathered Livvie's baby, Livvie knocks Rafe unconscious. She demands that Frank/The Avatar leave town but, when he refuses and threatens her, she tries to kill him by starting a fire. However, her scheme backfires when The Avatar unleashes his powers and causes her stomach pains and traps both her and Rafe in the fire with him.

Season 6, Episode 43 – Aired: 8/28/2002
08.28.02 - Wednesday: Torn

Alison and Ian rescue Livvie and Rafe from the fire, then Ali stays by Rafe's side until he regains consciousness. Rafe thanks Ali for saving his life and Livvie is surprised that Ali saved her life as well. Ali explains she did it to save her own soul, knowing that Rafe sold his for her. They all learn The Avatar couldn't have survived the fire. Jamal learns from Jack that Ali blew off the Bermuda trip because of Rafe. Chris agrees to take her place when he learns "Lancelot" is dead. Ricky is relieved to hear that "Lancelot" is no more. Karen finds an unconscious Frank/The Avatar in the woods.