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"Порт Чарльз" (США) - резюме серий на английском языке

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Season 6, Episode 57 – Aired: 6/18/2002
06.18.02 - Tuesday: Superstition

Ricky tells Jamal about his relationship with Karen, but Jamal is not pleased. Ricky's new band invites him to play drums the next evening and Ricky plans to bring Karen. Meanwhile, Karen runs into Frank and he asks her if their relationship is over. She admits she slept with Ricky, but is unsure of her feelings for him. Frank asks Karen for another chance with him and asks her to meet him the next night at the high school bleechers. Then, Frank has another flashback of Karen and Ricky making love. Livvie pressures Rafe to leave town with her. He agrees to and they make love, however, he dreams of Alison, but can't remember her identity. In the barn, after Lucy stops Alison from torching the barn, Ali declares she didn't kill Kevin and blames Rebecca. An irate Lucy doesn't believe her and slams the door and Rebecca's candle rolls out, but neither she nor Alison see it. Officer Doree then arrives and re-arrests Alison, whose bail has been revoked. Alone, Lucy mourns Kevin unaware that Rebecca's candle is so close.



Season 6, Episode 58 – Aired: 6/19/2002
06.19.02 - Wednesday: Superstition

Ricky invites Karen to his gig, but when she declines, he realizes she's thinking about reconciling with Frank. Meanwhile, Frank meets Karen at the high school bleachers and asks for a second chance. She agrees to try if Frank is better but wants to take it slow. While making arrangements for Kevin's memorial service, Lucy receives a package- from Kevin. Lucy opens it and leans Kevin had a star named after her for her birthday. Meanwhile in "Barnadoon," Kevin sketches Lucy and wonders if she received his gift. Later, Kevin can't find his drawing of Lucy, which end up on Lucy's porch.

Season 6, Episode 59 – Aired: 6/20/2002
06.20.02 - Thursday: Superstition

Victor calls Livvie and tells her Kevin's remains were found. Livvie congratulates herself on successfully framing Alison, then asks Rafe to go away with her. Rafe agrees, but asks her about the identity of the blonde-hair girl he's been remembering. Upset, Livvie makes Rafe choose between his past or his future with her and he chooses her. Meanwhile, Jack and Jamal run into Victor and Jack gets suspicious when he learns Kevin's late twin Ryan burned in a fire and Victor kept his ashes. Jack tells Jamal he suspects Livvie of planting Ryan's ashes since he shared Kevin's DNA. Later, after learning Livvie's whereabouts, Jack plans to confront her and tape her confession. In jail, Kate tries to convince Alison to change her plea to guilty by reason of insanity. Learning she could spend years in a psychiatric institute, Alison weighs her options, then decides to accept responsibility for Kevin's death. In court, Alison changes her plea to guilty of murder in the 1st degree.



Season 6, Episode 60 – Aired: 6/21/2002
06.21.02 - Friday: Superstition

Livvie dummies up a journal to convince Rafe she is his true love so he will forget Alison. Jack arrives and confronts Livvie. Rafe, meanwhile, goes to the barn where he finds the carving of "Alison & Rafe" gone. Rafe decides to move on, but then finds Rebecca's candle. At the courhouse, Lucy hears Alison plead guilty to Kevin's murder. Ali ignores Kate and Jamal's pleas to fight for her innocence and decides the judge orders Ali to testify to how she killed Kevin. Ali lies that she stabbed Kevin and a horrified Lucy runs out. Meanwhile, in "Barnadoon," Kevin can't find his drawing of Lucy, but Lucy finds it when she returns home. Back in court, Ali finds Rafe's necklace in Kate's bag and puts in on, then passes out.



Season 6, Episode 61 – Aired: 6/24/2002
06.24.02 - Monday: Superstition

In the barn, Rafe declares he knows what to do with Rebecca's candle. He then vows to start a new life with Livvie and says goodbye to Port Charles- and his memories of Ali. At the cabin, Jack tries to tape record Livvie's confession to planting Ryan's ashes. However, Livvie denies his accusations and when Rafe approaches, Livvie cries rape. Rafe knocks out Jack and Livvie convinces Rafe to leave town right away. Lucy is stunned when she finds Kevin's drawing of her but is interrupted by a phone call from Kate. After passing out in court, Ali is brought to the hospital where Ian and Karen treat her. Lucy arrives and Kate tells her that Ali pleaded guilty to spare Lucy and Victor. Lucy then pulls out Kevin's drawing and Kate realizes it was dated a few days ago- which leads them to realize Kevin's still alive. Meanwhile, Ian and Karen attempt to stabilize Ali's condition, but things take a turn for the worse. Ian then declares they've done all they can.



Season 6, Episode 62 – Aired: 6/25/2002
06.25.02 - Tuesday: Superstition

After realizing that Kevin's drawing was dated a few days ago, Kate and Lucy think it's a sign Kevin's still alive. Jack arrives and tells them his theory that Livvie planted Kevin's twin's ashes to frame Alison. After learning Livvie's whereabouts, Lucy comes up with a plan. Ian and Karen then announce that Alison'd had an aneurysm and may not recover. Ricky consoles Karen over Ali. Frank enters and spies them together and tries to control his rage. Later, Frank asks Karen to dinner and she agrees. Outside Heaven, James gloats to Ed that Rafe and Alison haven't found their way back to each other, but, Ed warns James not to count them out just yet. Livvie refuses to discuss with Rafe why they left town so abruptly after Jack "attacked" her. Rafe accuses her of running away, but she accuses him of not trusting her. Lucy then calls Livvie and say Kevin was found and wants to see her. A stunned Livvie faints at the news.



Season 6, Episode 63 – Aired: 6/26/2002
06.26.02 - Wednesday: Superstition

Recovering from her fainting, Livvie insists to Rafe that she must visit her father alone. Rafe then finds Livvie's doctored journal documenting their "love story." In "Barnadoon," Kevin imagines holding and kissing Lucy. Meanwhile, at G.H., Lucy senses Kevin's touch and assures herself she did the right think in tricking Livvie. Livvie then arrives and meets with Lucy in the chapel. Outside Heaven, James proposes a side bet with Ed, convincLivvie arrives at G.H. and meets with Lucy at the chapel. ed Livvie will make Rafe love her, however, Ed reminds James their original deal's still in effect as long as Ali's alive. Meanwhile, two nurses observe a comatose Ali touch Rafe's necklace with her hand. However, the head nurse shrugs it off as an involuntary muscle movement.



Season 6, Episode 64 – Aired: 6/27/2002
06.27.02 - Thursday: Superstition

Frank asks Karen to go away with him on a camping trip. Ricky sees them together and takes off. Later, however, Karen tells him he's the one she wants- not Frank. After reading Livvie's fake journal, Rafe "realizes" how much Livvie loves him and berates himself for not trusting her. At the hospital, Jack learns there's been no change in Alison. Ali, meanwhile, enters a Heavenly existence and wonders if she died. Lucy lies to Livvie that Kevin has returned in order to get her to confess to framing Alison. However, Livvie quickly realizes Lucy lied to her and learns that Ali's in a coma and runs off to see her. In Ali's room, Livvie says she doesn't feel sorry for her and mentions how easy it would be to put Ali out of her misery.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 65 – Aired: 6/28/2002
06.28.02 - Friday: Superstition [Finale]

Livvie gloats to a comatose Alison that she has gotten her revenge by framing Ali for Kevin's murder and marrying Rafe. Meanwhile, Rafe arrives at the hospital, goes to the chapel and pulls out Rebecca's candle. Ian visits Eve's grave, where Kate overhears him sadly mourn for her. Lucy prays for hope that Kevin will return, then is stunned to see Kevin alive in person. The two joyously reunite with each other as Rebecca's candle burns in the chapel. Livvie returns to her motel room and realizes Rafe read her journal. She puts on a seductive nightgown and waits for Rafe to return. Rafe looks for Livvie outside Ali's room but is stopped by the nurse, who later drops his necklace that Ali wore. Picking it up, Rafe has more flashbacks of Alison and wonders who is in the room. He enters the room, recognizes Ali from his flashbacks and kisses her. She awakens and calls out his name. They continue to kiss as Rebecca's magic candle burns in the distance.



Season 6, Episode 1 – Aired: 7/1/2002
07.01.02 - Monday: Torn [Premiere]

Lucy and Kevin joyously reunite and she fills him in on Ali's condition. Victor, Serena and Christina soon join them. Kevin wants to call Livvie, but Victor and Lucy dissuade him. After learning Rafe went to the hospital, Livvie races over there to stop him from running into Alison. At the hospital, Ali awakens after Rafe kisses her and they continue kissing. Alison thinks she died, but Rafe reassures her that she's alive- only he doesn't know who she is. Ian, Jack and Jamal enter and are stunned by Ali's medical progress. Ian declares Alison miracously cured and phones Lucy and learns Kevin's alive. Rafe, meanwhile, claims he has amnesia. Alison tries to help him remember, but he tells her he's married. Livvie then enters and announces she's Rafe's new bride! Elsewhere, an ominous shadowy figure enters Port Charles.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 2 – Aired: 7/2/2002
07.02.02 - Tuesday: Torn

Ricky and Karen both worry about their new relationship, but then make love. Karen then finds a picture of Casey in Ricky's apartment. At the hospital, Ian and Kate encounter a battered wife, whose husband tries to explain away her injuries. Kate calls the police as Ian treats the woman. After the husband vows to make his wife pay, he becomes scared when a mysterious shadow approaches him. Alison is stunned to learn Rafe married Livvie. Lucy and Kevin arrive and Livvie is shocked that her father's alive. Rafe is confused when Lucy calls him "cousin" and runs out. Livvie tells Kevin that she and Rafe have fallen in love, while Ali tells Lucy how Livvie tricked Rafe into marrying her. Lucy agrees to help Rafe recover his memory. Rafe then refuses to return home with Livvie until she tells him the truth.
Episode Overview



Season 6, Episode 3 – Aired: 7/3/2002
07.03.02 - Wednesday: Torn

At the hospital, the abusive husband, who met with Ian and Kate, is found nearly beaten death and blames an "Angel of Death." While treating him, Karen realizes he has no bruises or marks on his body. Alison tells Jack that Livvie married Rafe. Jack suggests they could have been together before, but, after passionately arguing that, Ali passes out. Livvie admits to Rafe she lied in order to protect them from Alison. Rafe is upset Livvie deliberately kept her from his loves ones and walks away from her, then goes to Alison, but Jack won't let him see her. Jack vows to kill Rafe if he ever hurts her.

Season 6, Episode 4 – Aired: 7/4/2002
07.04.02 - Thursday: Torn

Frank offers his acceptance of Ricky and Karen, who are ready to go public as a couple. Livvie lies to Kevin that she did not frame Alison for his murder. Lucy tells Rafe that he belong with Alison, not Livvie, and advises him to spend more time with her to get his memory back. Mary is mugged in the park by two punks. Livvie visits a sleeping Alison and vows not let Ali mess up her marriage to Rafe. Livvie hides when she hears Rafe coming and listens as Rafe asks Ali to tell him all about their relationship.



Season 6, Episode 5 – Aired: 7/5/2002
07.05.02 - Friday: Torn

Kate tells Ian she'll be leaving Port Charles, then calls her significant other. Later, Kate gets a strange phone call and tells the caller she'll get the money as soon as she can. In the park, after Victor can't find his wife, Jamal, Jack, Ricky and Karen search for her. Mary, meanwhile, is mugged by two thugs, who steal her purse and wedding ring. The mugging is stopped when a mysterious shadow arrives and the two mean scream in fear. Everyone then finds Mary- and then the muggers, who are hanging upside down from a tree. The muggers blame an eerie "hooded guy with no face." Alison fills Rafe in on their life together as Livvie secretly listens. However, Rafe still can't remember their past. Later, Livvie tells Rafe she thinks she's pregnant.

Season 6, Episode 6 – Aired: 7/8/2002
07.08.02 - Monday: Torn

The two muggers are arrested and mention a mysterious hooded shadow. Ian, Jack and Jamal discuss the latest supernatural phenomenon to hit town. Kate visits Alison to say goobye, then Amanda enters and tells Kate she's been promoted but must stay in town. After Livvie tells Rafe she might be pregnant, he seems skeptical, but agrees to stay with her if she is pregnant. Later, he gives her a home pregnancy test to take.



Season 6, Episode 7 – Aired: 7/9/2002
07.09.02 - Tuesday: Torn

An unseen person spies on Ricky and Karen. Later, Karen, walking alone, is mugged. Jack and Jamal chase the "shadow" who turns out to be an impostor trying to impress women. Livvie doctors the pregnancy test Rafe gave her. Ali tracks down Rafe and enters his motel room just as he reads Livvie's "positive" pregnancy test results.

Season 6, Episode 8 – Aired: 7/10/2002
07.10.02 - Wednesday: Torn

A TV reporter interviews Jamal about the "shadow," while a mysterious person watches the interview, then marks Port Charles on a map. Karen is rescued from a mugging by a mysterious cloaked person, who attacks her mugger. Seeing the mystery person's face, Karen says, "Oh my God, it's you." Ricky then arrives and nabs the mugger. When the cops take Karen's statement, she makes Ricky out to be the hero but doesn't mention the "shadow." Meanwhile, Kevin thanks Ian for being a good friend to Lucy during his absence. Ian turns down Lucy's invite to stay with them permanently. Ali enters Livvie's motel room and demands to talk to Rafe, who privately tells her Livvie's pregnant. Ali insists Livvie's lying, but realizes Rafe isn't upset about the pregnancy and must have made love to Livvie. Ali takes off before telling Rafe what she came to tell him, then breaks down in tears in the park. Livvie then issues Rafe an ultimatum- he must choose between Alison OR the baby and Livvie. Rafe agrees to stick with Livvie and give his child a loving home.



Season 6, Episode 9 – Aired: 7/11/2002
07.11.02 - Thursday: Torn

Kate tells Ian her new promotion will keep her in town, but dodges his questions about her boyfriend. Ian senses that Kate is lying. After learning from Alison that Livvie claims she's pregnant, Jack is skeptical and advises Ali to speak with Rafe alone. Jack then comes up with a plan on how to get them together. Realizing she's ovulating, Livvie attempts to seduce Rafe to get pregnant for real, but he calls a halt to their passion. Jack calls and tells Rafe to go the Barringtons' because Ali's in trouble and Rafe takes off, leaving a fuming Livvie by herself. At the Barringtons', Jack lies that Ali's locked herself in the attic and won't come out. However, when Ali opens the attic door for Rafe, Jack pushes Rafe in and locks the two of them in together.



Season 6, Episode 10 – Aired: 7/12/2002
07.12.02- Friday: Torn

Ricky overhears Karen's confession she was rescued by the "shadow" and not him. Ricky is upset until Karen explains why she lied that he was her hero. Locked together in the attic, Rafe thinks Ali's playing games, while she tries to make him see the truth about Livvie. When Rafe still can't remember their past, Ali becomes upset. However, Rafe admits he still cares for her but he's married. Ali asks him to kiss her to prove that he doesn't have feelings for her. He does but then ends up kissing her passionately. Jamal is surprised when he bumps into Casey outside the bike shop. After waiting for Rafe to return, Livvie goes out to find him. Cutting through the woods, she feels someone's following her. After falling on the ground, she's scared when she sees a shadow approaching her.



Season 6, Episode 11 – Aired: 7/15/2002
07.15.02 - Monday: Torn

In the woods, Livvie is followed, then trips and falls to the ground. A mysterious shadow approaches and stands over her. Jamal runs into a woman who looks like Casey, but the woman, Marissa, is a reporter investigating the paranormal activity in town. She wants the truth about the "shadow," but Jamal claims there's no story. She takes off when he calls Ricky. Rafe and Alison kiss but he's conflicted because of his marriage and uborn child. Ali makes him see he has feelings for her and they kiss again. But Rafe pulls back, kicks down the door and leaves. Ali, confident she's getting through to Rafe, vows not to give up on him. Ed and James observe Rafe and Ali and discuss their bet. When they can't see Livvie, James tells Ed a dark and powerful force has entered the picture. Rafe returns to the motel and learns Livvie ran out so he takes off after her. In the woods, Livvie's shoe is seen lying on the ground, but Livvie's nowhere to be found as the shadow walks away.



Season 6, Episode 12 – Aired: 7/16/2002
07.16.02 - Tuesday: Torn

Karen suggests she and Ricky rethink their relationship after he insists she accompany him to Manhattan when she already declined. When Karen mentions she's not like Casey, Ricky tells her Casey's dead. Ian, Frank and Karen visit a run-down apartment and Kate threatens to sue the slumlord. Later, the slumlord privately threatens her. Marissa hunts for the "shadow" in the woods but instead finds Jamal- and Livvie's shoe. Marissa also tells Jamal she had a twin sister who died at birth. Marissa tells him she did have a twin sister who died at birth. Rafe tells Alison and Jack that Livvie's missing, but Jack insists she's merely hiding. Rafe and Jack exchange punches after Jack implies Rafe's not the father of Livvie's baby and tells him how Livvie falsely cried rape on Jack. Jamal comes by and breaks up the fight and Rafe sees Marissa with Livvie's shoe. Jack then thinks something did happen to Livvie.



Season 6, Episode 13 – Aired: 7/17/2002
07.17.02- Wednesday: Torn

Karen decides to make a go of her relationship with Ricky and calls him, as he was remembering Casey. He is happy when she tells him she will go to New York with him. Later, they run into Jamal and Marissa and are stunned by her resemblance to Casey. While searching for Livvie, Jack tells Rafe that Livvie was Caleb's bride. They find a piece of her nightgown, while Alison stumbles upon an unconscious Livvie. After the slumlord threatens Kate the "shadow" appears and tells Kate to go. Kate runs into Ian, who finds the landlord tied up, but no "shadow." Later, the "shadow" emerges after Kate and Ian leave.



Season 6, Episode 14 – Aired: 7/18/2002
07.18.02 - Thursday: Torn

Ricky is shocked by Marissa's resemblance to Casey, but later tells Karen he put Casey in the past and moved on with Karen. After Jamal suggests that Marissa and Casey were twins, Marissa calls her mother to find out. Alison, Jack and Rafe find Livvie unconscious in the woods. Livvie says she tripped, hit her head and blacked out, but doesn't mention the shadow. Rafe takes Livvie to the hospital where tests reveal that her baby is thriving. Ian and Kate make separate plans to go to New York. She plans on visiting her "honey" while he wants to investigate the "shadow." Chris and Doree also discuss the "shadow." Later, Ian is confronted by the "shadow" who, after warning Ian not to interfere, mysteriously disappears.



Season 6, Episode 15 – Aired: 7/19/2002
07.19.02 - Friday: Torn

Rafe's less than thrilled to hear Livvie's baby is fine and tells Livvie he doesn't love her, then takes off to find Alison. Alison tells Jack that Livvie is really pregnant. Rafe tells Ali he wants her, however, she lets him go because of his wife and child. Ian learns from a professor friend that the "shadow" is an urban legend called "The Avatar" who wanders from town to town seeking justice, but, after finding a human host, becomes more powerful before revealing a dark side. Livvie remembers the pact she made with the "shadow," in which he'll give her a baby and she'll keep his identity secret.