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"Порт Чарльз" (США) - резюме серий на английском языке

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Season 5, Episode 48 – Aired: 11/14/2001
11.14.01 - Wednesday: Temped

Livvie denies she tried to poison Jack, but he's convinced she's being controlled by Caleb. Lucy races to the lighthouse to warn Kevin about an impromptu visit from Child Services just as Eve and Ian are visiting Danny. Eve and Ian hide in the closet when the social worker arrives, then Ian declares he has a plan to get Danny back. Alison asks Jamal to forgive her for withholding the fact he's Hope's father and Jack confesses he went with Alison to visit the Hartmans. Jamal unleashes his anger on both of them. Rafe asks Livvie to join forces with him to defeat Caleb, but she tells him she's freely helping Caleb.

Season 5, Episode 49 – Aired: 11/15/2001
11.15.01- Thursday: Tempted

Chris convinces Karen not to tell anyone that she was injected with the vampire serum and to move in with him. Karen shocks Frank by "confessing" she's back on drugs and calls off their engagement. Chris is stunned by a surprise visitor. Ian and Eve play nice for the court counselor to get Danny back and agree to move back in together for appearances sake. Livvie eavesdrops as Lucy and Kevin discuss the future of their relationship, then vows to prevent them from marrying. Lucy's shocked when Christina appears at her doorstep. Kevin's private detective delivers him shocking photos of Ian and Lucy in bed.
Episode Overview



Season 5, Episode 50 – Aired: 11/16/2001
11.16.01 - Friday: Tempted

Caleb visits Chris and demands he create more vampire serum, threatening to kill him if he doesn't. Eve tells Ian she still loves and he later decides to confess his affair with Lucy. Lucy brings Christina home and takes her picture with a camera, but she mysteriously vanishes, both in person and in the picture. Livvie appears at Lucy's and denies seeing Christina. Livvie reports back to Caleb on her mission and Lucy catches them together. Shocked to see the pictures of Ian and Lucy in bed, Kevin gets drunk and goes to Eve to tell her about the affair. Instead, he ends up kissing her, just as Ian walks in.
Episode Overview

Season 5, Episode 51 – Aired: 11/19/2001
11.19.01 - Monday: Tempted

Ian walks in on Kevin kissing Eve and Kevin refrains from telling her about Ian and Lucy's affair. Ian tries confessing to Eve, but instead asks if they can start over. Lucy sees Caleb with Livvie in the woods, but Caleb disappears and Livvie denies he was there. Lucy tells Kevin Caleb's back, but Kevin, still reeling over her affair, sends her home as Livvie steals a photo of Ian and Lucy together. Rafe hints to Jack that Caleb's back and they go to the catacombs, find Caleb's music box and Jack collapses after opening it. Caleb summons a dark force and his late man-servant James appears with his music box.



Season 5, Episode 52 – Aired: 11/20/2001
11.20.01 - Tuesday: Tempted

On Caleb's order, Chris tries replicating the vampire serum, then asks Karen to trust him and not tell Frank the truth. Gabriela offers to accompany Frank to visit Karen in rehab. Rafe carries an unconscious Jack to the hospital, but the doctors can't find anything physically wrong with him. Alison pleads with Jack to wake up, while Ed tells Rafe to stay focused on his battle with Caleb. James upsets Caleb when he suggests Livvie can't be trusted, but she proves her loyalty by giving him the photo of Lucy and Ian together in bed. To help Caleb regain his powers, James presents him with his vampire cape.
Episode Overview

Season 5, Episode 53 – Aired: 11/21/2001
11.21.01 - Wednesday: Tempted

After seeing the photo of Ian and Lucy in bed, Eve realizes Kevin already knows about their affair. Vowing to make Ian pay, Eve steals truth serum from the hospital, just as Ian tells Lucy he feels he and Eve are close to reconciling. After Jack escapes from the hospital, Alison finds him in the woods and he tells her he encountered pure evil. Livvie subtely clues in Valerie that Jamal is Hope's biological father, then Valerie confronts Jamal, who admits it's true. Val presses him to meet with the Hartmans. Lucy goes to the catacombs ready to do battle with Caleb, but is intercepted by an overprotective James.



Season 5, Episode 61 – Aired: 8/24/2001
Ep. #1090

Jack gets Livvie to see she loves him and not Caleb. After making love, Jack vows to fight Caleb if he returns. Ian learns Michael's not a real priest. After James dies, Lucy, Kevin and Rafe search for Caleb's talisman. They find a book on the Morley family and realize Caleb and Michael are the same person. Eve tells Michael she loves him, but not in a romantic way. Fearing for her safety, he makes her leave. Caleb appears and taunts Michael and they go for each other's throats. Eve returns but finds only Michael, who warns her Caleb's present. Michael then turns around and reveals that he is Caleb.



Season 5, Episode 66 – Aired: 8/31/2001
Ep. #1095

On the hospital roof, Caleb strangles Jack while Eve calls for "Michael," who emerges. Gabriela arrives before Lucy can shoot Caleb with a stake. Pushing Gaby out of the way, Ian gets shot instead. Caleb grabs Eve and Livvie offers herself as a sacrifice. Eve again appeals for Michael, who's confused by the voices in his head. Pleading with God, Michael/Caleb is struck by lighting and turns to dust. Jack, Livvie and Gaby return to normal and Chris has no vampire symptoms. Everyone prays in the chapel. Eve weeps for Michael, then goes into premature labor. Livvie hears Caleb's voice and his ring appears in her hand.

Season 5, Episode 81 – Aired: 9/27/2001
Ep. #1110

Kevin confides in Victor he's investigating Ian's past. Lucy accidentally reveals her wedding plans to Kevin, but a delighted Victor agrees to keep the news secret. Ian's understanding when Eve explains how she got locked out of the loft with Daniel inside. He tells her to no longer fear Caleb, then says he's made mistakes in his past. Jack rescues Alison by lifting the heavy tree branches off her, then goes for help. Rafe uses a mysterious white light to revive Ali. Livvie hears Caleb reveal his evil plans. She declares her love for Jack, but Caleb says that will change. Livvie can't bring herself to leave.



Season 5, Episode 92 – Aired: 10/12/2001
Ep. #1121

Jack beats up Kyle after finding him and Livvie in bed together, but Livvie can't remember how she got there. Jack is then arrested for assault. Rafe tries unsuccessfully to convince Caleb to give up the fight for evil, but Caleb pledges to destroy those who tried to destroy him. Rafe, who's an angel, tells his "Boss" he feels powerless to fight Caleb. Caleb encounters Livvie and gloats that he will have his revenge and no one can stop him. Eve is enraged to find out Ian checked on her psychiaric history. He tries unsuccessfully to explain, but they argue about trust and she reminds him of Anne-Marie's story.

Season 5, Episode 93 – Aired: 10/15/2001
Ep. #1122

After he's bailed out, Jack tells Jamal he beat up Kyle for sleeping with Livvie, but Jamal tells Jack that Livvie pursued Kyle. Livvie tells Alison she can't remember going to the hotel room with Kyle and Ali spills the beans that Jack was going to propose to Livvie. Jack breaks up with Livvie. Karen seduces a surprised Frank at the hospital. Valerie ges a job at the Recovery Room. Ian punches Kevin for making Eve doubt him and accuses him of trying to win Eve back. Lucy tries convincing them to no avail that something evil is behind their troubles. Eve shows up with baby Daniel and announces she's leaving Ian.



Season 5, Episode 94 – Aired: 10/16/2001
Ep. #1123

Rafe is frustrated by the rules, which restrain him from personally battling Caleb. His boss advises him to have faith in his friends, then pulls him from his assignment for being too reckless. After Jack breaks up with her, Livvie goes to Caleb, who convinces her his love will last forever, unlike Jack's. When Eve shows up at the lighthouse with Daniel and says she's leaving Ian, Kevin offers to let them stay with him. An enraged Ian accuses him of wanting Eve back. A hurt Lucy suspects this may be true. Ian is able to convince Eve to come home with him. However, she later gets a surprise visit from Anne-Marie.

Season 5, Episode 95 – Aired: 10/17/2001
Ep. #1124

Jamal and Alison find Valerie working at the Recovery Room. Valerie makes nice to Alison in front of Jamal, but when they're alone together, she declares she'll fight for Jamal. Lucy and Jack suspect Caleb is behind their romantic troubles, as they drown their sorrows together. Anne-Marie warns Eve that she and Daniel are in danger from Ian and Anne-Marie's story sounds eerily familiar to Eve. A frightened Eve tells Ian to leave their loft. Karen's energy level surprises Frank, who wonders if she's back on drugs. Lucy bumps into Ian in the hotel while Jack bumps into Anne-Marie. A robber holds up the Recovery Room.



Season 5, Episode 96 – Aired: 10/18/2001
Ep. #1125

Jack runs into Anne-Marie, but she mysteriously disappears just as Livvie arrives. Karen bravely stands up to an armed robber at the Recovery Room and cuts her hand, but Chris finds her hand perfectly healed. After seeing Valerie cozy up to Jamal, Livvie suggests to Alison that Jamal fathered Valerie's baby. After talking with Eve about Anne-Marie, a suspicious Kevin decides to go talk to Ian. Lucy visits Ian's hotel room and tells him her fears Caleb's behind the recent chaos in town. When Ian spills a drink on Lucy, she changes into a robe. Kevin walks in to find Lucy and Ian in what looks to be a compromising position.

Season 5, Episode 97 – Aired: 10/19/2001
Ep. #1126

Rafe pleads with his boss for a second chance and his boss allows him to return to Earth but advises him not to directly interfere in the humans' battle against Caleb. Caleb explains to Livvie he must destroy his enemies to get his strength back. Suspecting Jamal fathered Valerie's baby, Alison questions him about the timing of their one night together. After Kevin finds Ian and Lucy together, Lucy claims nothing happened but Kevin doesn't believe her. When Ian taunts him, Kevin spills the beans about Anne-Marie, but Ian claims she's an impostor. Lucy is stunned to see Christina run past her in the hotel hallway.



Season 5, Episode 98 – Aired: 10/22/2001
Ep. #1127

Chris runs tests on Karen and is shocked the results indicate she's mutating. Ian asks for Frank's help to prove Anne-Marie's an impostor, but Frank can't find any record the real Anne-Marie existed. Christina runs from Lucy, who loses her again. Despite finding Lucy and Ian together, Rafe asks Kevin not to jump to conclusions. Lucy tells Kevin about seeing Christina but he doesn't believe her. Livvie arrives at Eve's and alters Ian's phone message while Eve showers. Frightened to hear Ian's voice threaten her, Eve gets a restraining order against him. Rafe asks his boss for one night to set things right.

Season 5, Episode 99 – Aired: 10/23/2001
Ep. #1128

To defeat Caleb, Rafe plays dream weaver to remind the town of the power of love. Eve and Ian both dream their ordeal with Caleb was just a book Eve read and they have a happy future with Danny. A sleeping Eve and Ian both declare their love for each other. Jack dreams Livvie has graduated from medical school and accepted his proposal of marriage. Livvie sees a sleeping Jack through the bike shop window. As Lucy searches in vain for Christina, Kevin dreams of his wedding day to Lucy, in which he promises to find Christina. Later, Lucy runs into Kevin on the footbridge and they both stare at the stars together.



Season 5, Episode 100 – Aired: 10/24/2001
Ep. #1129

Jack tells Livvie of his dream and she says she loves him and asks for a 2nd chance. He turns her down and says to seek help. Kevin and Lucy discuss the distance between them and he admits he's been obsessed with Ian. Lucy's convinced a dark force is behind their troubles. They kiss and makeup. Eve and Ian discuss their mutual dreams, but she's still frightened by his threat, which he denies making. She agrees to meet him in the park with Daniel. Caleb mocks Rafe's dreamweaving efforts. Knowing Caleb feeds off their weakness, Rafe declares the town will defeat him with their love. Caleb secretly vows to go after their children.

Season 5, Episode 101 – Aired: 10/25/2001
Ep. #1130

Caleb visits Livvie, who resists his influence. When he threatens she'll be all alone in the world, Livvie complies with his bidding. Livvie leaves a goodbye note for Jack, who advises Alison to forget Valerie and focus on her future with Jamal. Reunited, Lucy and Kevin try to uncover the identity of the person causing trouble around town. Lucy's distracted when she receives a phone call- from Christina! Eve meets Ian in the park with baby Daniel and he is able to convince her to trust him again. She rips up the restraining order against him. When their backs are turned, Livvie swipes Daniel from his carriage.



Season 5, Episode 102 – Aired: 10/26/2001
Ep. #1131

Kevin doesn't believe Lucy heard Christina on the telephone. They search together, but don't find her, but, once alone, Lucy sees Christina. Alison feels jealous seeing Jamal with Valerie, who gives him Hope's picture. Finding the pic, Ali wonders if Jamal's the father. When Daniel's missing, Ian calls the police as Livvie hides in the bushes with Daniel, then slips away and takes him to Ian's hotel room. Eve awaits a kidnapper's call but instead receives a warning about Ian. Ian returns to his room to find Danny, just as Eve arrives. When 2 plane tickets are delivered, Eve accuses Ian of trying to kidnap their baby.
Episode Overview

Season 5, Episode 103 – Aired: 10/29/2001
Ep. #1132

Chris shows Karen her blood test results, which don't entirely seem human. Although Karen has no vampire symptoms, she tells Chris of her overactive libido, which makes Chris attracted to her. Chasing after Christina, Lucy runs into Kevin, who doesn't believe Christina was really there. Eve accuses Ian of trying to kidnap Daniel, but, as evidence mounts against him, he claims he was set up. She doesn't believe him and runs to Kevin. Ian runs into Lucy and they commiserate over their loved ones not trusting them. He vows he must take Daniel away from Eve to protect him. Eve tells Kevin she's filing for divorce from Ian.



Season 5, Episode 104 – Aired: 10/30/2001
Ep. #1133

Jack and Alison visit Hope's adoptive parents to find out if Jamal could be Hope's father. Hope's adoptive father lies Jamal can't be the father because Hope was born premature. Karen tells a smitten Chris about her vacation plans with Frank, which Chris plans to disrupt. After talking with Livvie, Rafe realizes she's unwittingly been helping Caleb ruin lives. Caleb and Rafe face off over Livvie, as Rafe tries to make her see what Caleb's doing to her. However, Rafe's prevented from telling Livvie and Caleb vows she'll remember when she's ready. His kiss makes her forget the encounter, then he disappears.

Ep. #1134

Kevin and Lucy takes sides as Eve and Ian face off in court over custody of Daniel. While Eve makes Ian out to be a kidnapper, Lucy's testimony points Eve as an unstable mother. Calling both Ian and Eve neglectful, the judge orders Daniel placed in protective custody. Rafe's boss advises him to guide the Port Charles citizens to fight Caleb themselves and then have faith in them. Caleb imagines getting everything he wants- Livvie as his loving wife and Daniel as their son. While babysitting Daniel, Livvie has a flashback of holding Daniel before. Unnerved, she dresses him and leaves the lighthouse with him.



Ep. #1135

Valerie learns the Hartmans have barred her from contact with Hope. A guilty Alison goes with Jack to visit the Hartmans to change their minds, but their decision is final. Jamal and Hope have identical birthmarks. After the judge orders Daniel be placed in foster care, Eve and Ian make accusations over who's to blame. The judge orders Ian and Eve to undergo psychiatric evaluations. When Livvie arrives with Daniel, Eve tearfully gives up Daniel, then seeks comfort from Kevin, while Ian turns to Lucy. After Lucy tells her of seeing Christina, Livvie has a flashback of Christina and fears she's helping Caleb ruin lives.

Ep. #1136

A devastated Eve blames Kevin for making her lose Daniel by making her suspicious of Ian. He promises to help her get Daniel back by passing the psychiatric evaluation. A sympathetic Lucy discourages Ian from fleeing town with Daniel. They both back away when a friendly hug turns into a kiss. Rafe remembers his previous battle with Caleb, in which he lost his life. Learning from his past mistakes, Rafe vows to defeat Caleb this time. Livvie comes to the horrifying realization she's unknowingly helped Caleb by impersonating Christina and Anne-Marie. She confronts Caleb and threatens to kill him.



Season 6, Episode 46 – Aired: 6/3/2002
06.03.02 - Monday: Superstition

After collapsing, Ian weakly asks a surprised Lucy to call Chris for help. Thrilled to hear the flower vendor's description of the young man who bought all his pink roses, Alison happily assumes Rafe has returned for her. Meanwhile, Livvie yanks away from Rafe after he calls her "Alison" during a moment of passion. Lucy explains to a mystified Chris how Ian was channeling Kevin when he became ill. Kate watches skeptically as Jamal and Jack photograph the barn once again. Rafe apologizes profusely to Livvie, who quickly turns his guilt to her own advantage. Chris warns Ian that he'll die if he continues his dangerous behavior. Kate advises her client to concentrate on her upcoming trial instead of mooning over the ex-boyfriend who ran out on her. Undeterred, Alison settles into the barn to wait patiently for the man she loves.

Season 6, Episode 47 – Aired: 6/4/2002
06.04.02 - Tuesday: Superstition

Frank tries to piece together a puzzle from his childhood. Kate shows Lucy the latest photo from the barn. Later, the two begin to examine closely the strange parallel lives Alison and Rebecca seem to be sharing. Rebecca explains to Kevin how she's been stuck in limbo for centuries. Following a call to Joe, Frank shakily starts to have flashes of memory about a violent struggle he witnessed when he was small. Certain her husband is with Rebecca, Lucy suggests to a surprised Kate that she may hold the key to bringing Kevin safely home. Meanwhile, Rebecca demonstrates for Kevin how heavenly her private domain can be with a little bit of faith. Frank tells his startled mother he saw her with her lover years ago. Refusing to say die, Kevin informs Rebecca he will find a way to escape their "paradise" and return to his wife. Speculating that the only way to save the future is to go back in time and correct the mistakes of the past, Lucy tells Kate she must somehow acquit Rebecca.



Season 6, Episode 48 – Aired: 6/5/2002
06.05.02 - Wednesday: Superstition

Though Rafe complains of going stir-crazy alone in the cottage, Livvie cautions him that it's still too soon to risk going out in public until his memory has returned. An excited Ricky shows Karen the CD he just burned with a group of fellow musicians. Hurt by her lack of enthusiasm, Ricky accuses Karen of trying to blow him off with the old "just friends" ploy. Livvie and Alison have a heated encounter at the barn. Mary breaks down in tears when she realizes that Frank really did witness her humiliation years ago. Though Mary apologizes for traumatizing him, Frank assures his mother he's glad he now understands why he reacted to Karen the way he did. Karen tells Ricky she truly is happy about his good news. Alison urges Livvie to understand that she could never hurt Kevin for all the world. Ricky and Karen share another moment of passion. An unwitting Alison asks Livvie about the new guy in her life. Meanwhile, Rafe makes his way to the Pink Rose.

Season 6, Episode 49 – Aired: 6/6/2002
06.06.02 - Thursday: Superstition

Explaining how he felt drawn to the barn, an excited Rafe tells Livvie he believes he's finally close to some answers about his clouded past. Though Lucy insists it's too dangerous to try again, Ian assures his friend he can handle channeling Kevin until they bring him safely home. Meanwhile, Kate throws herself into working on an appeal which can exonerate Rebecca and lift the curse on Port Charles. As she prepares a party for her daughter's third birthday, Lucy yearns to have Kevin share in Christina's big moment. Although frustrated with his inability to find an escape route, Kevin declares to Rebecca that he won't give up trying to get home even if the effort kills him. Livvie convinces Rafe to return to the cabin, then slips a sedative into his wine glass to keep him from straying again. Later, however, Rafe sneaks away as Livvie sleeps.



Season 6, Episode 50 – Aired: 6/7/2002
06.07.02 - Friday: Superstition

Rebecca tells a distraught Kevin that everyone back in the land of the living believes he's dead. As Christina's birthday party gets underway, Alison confides to Kate how she feels Rafe close by somehow. Meanwhile, Rafe approaches the Recovery Room but is told by a new waitress that the place is closed for a private party. Livvie dreams about her mother egging her on to complete the task she's started. Watching the children enjoy the festivities, Victor sadly tells Ian he could never have imagined he would have lost both his twin sons. Kevin rails at Rebecca for condemning him to exist in a permanent state of limbo with nobody but a witch for company. Christina wanders outside and strikes up a conversation with a friendly stranger. Later, Christina tries to draw a distracted Lucy's attention to Rafe but he disappears again. Kevin apologizes to Rebecca, who asks for his forgiveness as well. Livvie proposes marriage to Rafe.



Season 6, Episode 51 – Aired: 6/10/2002
06.10.02 - Monday: Superstition

Frank interrupts Karen and Ricky's love-making. While Ricky hides, Frank explains to Karen that his recent aggression was due to a repressed childhood. He asks Karen to test the candle on him again and she agrees, but later Ricky tells her he also plans on being there. Kate and Ian run into Alison outside the Recovery Room and Ali insists that Rafe has returned. They both implore her to focus on the fight for her innocence now. At the cabin, Livvie plays on Rafe's sympathies and convinces to marry her saying they were planning on getting married anyway. Rafe seems reluctant but agrees to marry her- but first he needs to talk to Alison.

Season 6, Episode 52 – Aired: 6/11/2002
06.11.02 - Tuesday: Superstition

At the police station, Jack distracts Officer Doree, while Jamal breaks into the records room and steals Rebecca's file. In "Barnadoon," Kevin tells Rebecca he's decided to get used to the possibility that he may spend eternity with Rebecca and, after mentioning how she reminds him of Paige, tells her he's glad he's not alone. In the barn, Ian returns Rebecca's portrait and suggest channeling Kevin again, despite Lucy's protests. However, Ian is unable to channel Kevin and Lucy says she feels that Kevin has given up on trying to come home.



Season 6, Episode 53 – Aired: 6/12/2002
06.12.02 - Wednesday: Superstition

With Ricky present, Frank lights the "Desire" candle in front of Karen, but he feels no effects. Karen, however, has amorous thoughts of Ricky and blows out the candle. Frank asks Karen to considering getting back together and she upsets Ricky when she agrees to think about it. Meanwhile, after reading Rebecca's file, Jamal tells Jack that evidence was purposefully withheld in order to convict her. However, Ian tells them the judge won't re-open Rebecca's case, but he comes up with another plan. Meanwhile, Alison tells Lucy that Rafe is an angel who came to Earth. At the cabin, Livvie introduces Rafe to "Alison," who is really an impostor hired by Livvie. Rafe doesn't recognize "Ali" but Rafe defends Livvie against her insults and then asks Livvie to marry him. Later, however, Rafe, has a mental flashback of the real Alison and wonders who she is.



Season 6, Episode 54 – Aired: 6/13/2002
06.13.02 - Thursday: Superstition

In "Barnadoon," Kevin sees a scar on Rebecca's neck that she received when she was hung to death. Kevin helps her to open up about her tragedy. Meanwhile, Lucy, Alison, Ian, Jack and Jamal perform a play for the judge to clear Rebecca's name of murder. After the play, the judge doesn't seem impressed but gives Kate an hour to meet with him to present her evidence. Livvie asks Rafe to elope with her and leave Port Charles forever. Rafe is at first reluctant, but then agrees. Later, Rafe goes to the barn where he has another flashback of Alison. Meanwhile, a smug Livvie is pleased that her scheme to marry Rafe and convict Alison of murder is going well.

Season 6, Episode 55 – Aired: 6/14/2002
06.14.02 - Friday: Superstition

At the Recovery Room, Kate tells Lucy, Alison, Ian, Jack and Jamal that the judge has overturned Rebecca's 120-year old murder conviction. Lucy excitedly returns home to wait for Kevin to return. However, Kate has bad news for Ali- Kevin's remains have been found. Meanwhile in "Barnadoon," Kevin surprises Rebecca with a kiss and admits he wants her, but Rebecca pulls back and begins to fade away- finally escaping "Barnadoon." She tells Kevin he will remain trapped there until someone lights her candle and then disappears leaving Kevin alone. At the barn, Rafe surprises Livvie with an impromptu wedding. During the ceremony, Rafe remembers exchanging vows before and suddenly calls a halt to the wedding saying he's already married.



Season 6, Episode 56 – Aired: 6/17/2002
06.17.02 - Monday: Superstition

After telling Alison that Kevin's remains were found on the Barrington estate, Kate tries to convince her to consider pleading insanity. Realizing Kate doesn't believe her, Ali runs off and Kate picks up Rafe's necklace from the floor. Lucy and Ian find Rebecca's painting fully restored. Then, Victor arrives with news that the police found Kevin's ashes, however, Lucy refuses to believe Kevin is dead and runs out. In "Barnadoon," Kevin is left alone after Rebecca disappears. He calls out to Lucy to find Rebecca's candle and bring him home. Then, Kevin conjures up a sketchpad and begins drawing. In the barn, Rafe stops his wedding to Livvie saying he's already married. However, Livvie lies that they privately married before and she wants to make their marriage official. Believing her lies, Rafe marries her and later that night they consummate their union. Later, Alison goes to the barn and blames Rebecca for killing Kevin. Declaring Rebecca should burn in Hell, Alison begins to burn down the barn, however, she is stopped by Lucy.