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"Порт Чарльз" (США) - резюме серий на английском языке

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Ep. #945

Ian and Arianna managed to rescue Eve from Ben, then after tying Ben up Arianna told Eve that she was now safe from her brother because she and Ian were married. Livvie couldn't understand why Jack suddenly changed his mind about her and asked Lucy for advice, not realising that Jack was at that moment telling Chris he was leaving town.

Ep. #946

Jack explained to Livvie about coming to Port Charles to get at Chris for what had happened when they were younger, but she couldn't forgive him and the two parted ways. Kevin continually asked Lucy to be quiet and when she wouldn't comply, he kissed her to shut her up. Ian told Ben about his marriage to Arianna, then talked about falling deeply in love. Both Ben and Eve assumed he was talking about Arianna.

Ep. #947

Alison tried to convince Frank to give Jamal more responsibility, as Jamal was tempted by a job offer from Travis -- $2000 to drive a van. Lucy and Kevin made love all night long, but both finally agreed that they just were not meant to be together. Karen and Frank went on their first date, but Karen was upset when Scott and Rhonda showed up.



Ep. #954

Livvie was pleasantly surprised to see that Chris had redecorated her apartment and brought her grandmother Estelle in to live with her. Alison arranged a meeting with Jamal, who claimed to have blown off his other job commitment. Arianna managed to warn Eve and Ian before Ben spotted them kissing.

Ep. #957

Jamal admitted to Alison that he had agreed to drive the getaway car for Travis but had backed out at the last minute. The island chief prevented Eve from helping a crying child, but the child's mother wanted her to try. A gunshot rang out as Joe and Ben struggled over the gun Ian had taken to threaten Ben with.

Ep. #963

Mac Scorpio and the nurses at the hospital watched as Kevin and Lucy successfully managed to convince a woman not to jump from the roof of the hospital. Chris paid a friend of his to get he and Livvie into a concert she had opted not to go to because of their opera date. Jamal and Alison listened as Jack pined over Livvie.



Ep. #966 Premiere of Time in a Bottle

Frank and Karen enjoyed a romantic conversation over the phone until they were interrupted. Lucy and Kevin's romantic breakfast was interrupted when Lucy's next door neighbor accused Sigmund the duck of biting his dog. Maya and the tribal chief worried that Ian and Eve, who had travelled back in time thanks to the morca root, had taken too much. Lucy received divorce papers from Scott.

Ep. #975

Ian told Arianna about his plan to get her a new identity to she could flee Port Charles, but Arianna made it clear to him that she was his wife and wasn't going anywhere. Jamal took Alison to the hospital after she fell off the ladder and while there she admitted to Joe that there was no way they were going to get the shop up to code in time. Frank told Karen about his date with Josie, and how it made him realise that she was the only person he wanted to be with.



Ep. #976

Ian gently told Arianna that he was in love with Eve when she confessed how much she loved him then headed to the hospital to talk to Eve who told him, after having seen a recent patient, that if he didn't leave Arianna soon he might never be able to. While they worked to get the bicycle shop up to code, Joe invited Gaby to go to London with him, and Jack finally realised that Livvie wasn't ready to give them a chance. Karen tried to convince Frank to stop spending all his time with the computer, but as soon as she left to get ready for their date that night he couldn't stay away from it.

Ep. #977

Livvie went to talk to Kevin, who advised her not to continue to push people out of her life. She returned to the bike shop to talk to Jack, only to see him riding off on the back of Sam's motorcycle. Ian assured Eve that no matter what they would be together, then asked Victor not to create a new identity for Arianna just yet. Alison overheard Amanda telling Jamal that Alison needed to be with her family, and Alison turned down the opportunity to do so.



Ep. #979

Arianna was convinced that Ian loved her when he was able to accurately answer the INS agent's questions until he showed her the cheat sheets he had made up and she realised she had to let him go. After seeing Zach, a member of his former crew, Jamal warned Jack to keep clear of Sam because of her connections to Zach. Eve and Chris got drunk on martinis and decided to see what being together would be like. Livvie and Alison had a girls' night.

Ep. #995

Alison fought with her conscience but ultimately decided not to tell Jamal about the key as her and Jack headed to the post office, where they found wads of cash. Ian prayed for guidance in the chapel and, after a talk with Alan, returned to the room where he encouraged Arianna to take the medication. Frank convinced Karen to come to the diner with him to see Cookie, and they were just about to leave when the door opened.



Season 5, Episode 2 – Aired: 6/4/2001
Ep. #1031 Premiere of Tainted Love

Zack drives Jack off the cliff and Jack dies in Livvie's arms. Livvie, Jamal and Alison are devastated. Ian and Eve reunite; she tells him she's pregnant and he's thrilled. Michael confronts Caleb in the cellar of the monastery.

Ep. #1032

Livvie accuses Jamal of being responsible for Jack's death, but Alison takes the blame instead. Jamal tells the girls Zack is setting him up for what happened and the three decide to keep Jack's death a secret so they can take Zack down. Lucy worries about Ian and tries to convince Kevin to be her dresser for the Nurses Ball. Ian and Eve go back to the cottage. Michael finds the monastery trashed and calls out asking Caleb why.

Ep. #1033

Eve tells Ian Chris proposed to her; he tells her he had seen Chris with a ring. Gaby unknowingly gets Chris rethinking his relationship with Jack. Kevin comforts Lucy as it's Christina's birthday. Lucy gets a letter from Julie with an updated picture of Christina. Jamal, Alison and Livvie continue to make plans to bring down Zack, and are forced to play cool when questioned by a cop. When Livvie nearly loses it, Jamal promises her they will bring Jack home once Zack is in jail.



Ep. #1034

Michael tells Ian and Eve that Caleb locked him in the monastery cellar, but refuses to press charges against his brother. Livvie, Jamal and Alison return to the bike shop, all feeling their loss, when Chris shows up asking to talk to Jack. Alison seeks out Kevin and Lucy's help with a devastated Livvie, but lies about what happened to Jack. Livvie vows to destroy Zack they way Zack destroyed Jack.

Ep. #1035

Alison and Jamal discuss their grief over Jack's death and Alison blames herself. Kevin and Lucy comfort Livvie, although Lucy suspects something else is going on. Kevin refuses to believe that something is wrong other than that Jack selfishly left Livvie. Caleb is in the forest near the road. Ian and Eve are driving and discuss baby names and almost hit something.

Ep. #1051

Jack is horrified when Caleb explains to him that he's a half-vampire, and refuses when Caleb wants him to become his right hand man. Joe begs Gaby to see how irrational and strange her behavior is, but she demands that he leave her alone, convinced Caleb won't come if he's there. Jamal was concerned about the bite marks on Chris' neck, but when Chris woke he assured them the skin had not been broken when Jack had bitten him.



Season 5, Episode 61 – Aired: 8/24/2001
Ep. #1090

Jack gets Livvie to see she loves him and not Caleb. After making love, Jack vows to fight Caleb if he returns. Ian learns Michael's not a real priest. After James dies, Lucy, Kevin and Rafe search for Caleb's talisman. They find a book on the Morley family and realize Caleb and Michael are the same person. Eve tells Michael she loves him, but not in a romantic way. Fearing for her safety, he makes her leave. Caleb appears and taunts Michael and they go for each other's throats. Eve returns but finds only Michael, who warns her Caleb's present. Michael then turns around and reveals that he is Caleb.
Episode Overview

Ep. #1095

On the hospital roof, Caleb strangles Jack while Eve calls for "Michael," who emerges. Gabriela arrives before Lucy can shoot Caleb with a stake. Pushing Gaby out of the way, Ian gets shot instead. Caleb grabs Eve and Livvie offers herself as a sacrifice. Eve again appeals for Michael, who's confused by the voices in his head. Pleading with God, Michael/Caleb is struck by lighting and turns to dust. Jack, Livvie and Gaby return to normal and Chris has no vampire symptoms. Everyone prays in the chapel. Eve weeps for Michael, then goes into premature labor. Livvie hears Caleb's voice and his ring appears in her hand.



Ep. #1110

Kevin confides in Victor he's investigating Ian's past. Lucy accidentally reveals her wedding plans to Kevin, but a delighted Victor agrees to keep the news secret. Ian's understanding when Eve explains how she got locked out of the loft with Daniel inside. He tells her to no longer fear Caleb, then says he's made mistakes in his past. Jack rescues Alison by lifting the heavy tree branches off her, then goes for help. Rafe uses a mysterious white light to revive Ali. Livvie hears Caleb reveal his evil plans. She declares her love for Jack, but Caleb says that will change. Livvie can't bring herself to leave.

Ep. #1121

Jack beats up Kyle after finding him and Livvie in bed together, but Livvie can't remember how she got there. Jack is then arrested for assault. Rafe tries unsuccessfully to convince Caleb to give up the fight for evil, but Caleb pledges to destroy those who tried to destroy him. Rafe, who's an angel, tells his "Boss" he feels powerless to fight Caleb. Caleb encounters Livvie and gloats that he will have his revenge and no one can stop him. Eve is enraged to find out Ian checked on her psychiaric history. He tries unsuccessfully to explain, but they argue about trust and she reminds him of Anne-Marie's story.



Ep. #1122

After he's bailed out, Jack tells Jamal he beat up Kyle for sleeping with Livvie, but Jamal tells Jack that Livvie pursued Kyle. Livvie tells Alison she can't remember going to the hotel room with Kyle and Ali spills the beans that Jack was going to propose to Livvie. Jack breaks up with Livvie. Karen seduces a surprised Frank at the hospital. Valerie ges a job at the Recovery Room. Ian punches Kevin for making Eve doubt him and accuses him of trying to win Eve back. Lucy tries convincing them to no avail that something evil is behind their troubles. Eve shows up with baby Daniel and announces she's leaving Ian.
Episode Overview

Season 5, Episode 94 – Aired: 10/16/2001
Ep. #1123

Rafe is frustrated by the rules, which restrain him from personally battling Caleb. His boss advises him to have faith in his friends, then pulls him from his assignment for being too reckless. After Jack breaks up with her, Livvie goes to Caleb, who convinces her his love will last forever, unlike Jack's. When Eve shows up at the lighthouse with Daniel and says she's leaving Ian, Kevin offers to let them stay with him. An enraged Ian accuses him of wanting Eve back. A hurt Lucy suspects this may be true. Ian is able to convince Eve to come home with him. However, she later gets a surprise visit from Anne-Marie.



Ep. #1124

Jamal and Alison find Valerie working at the Recovery Room. Valerie makes nice to Alison in front of Jamal, but when they're alone together, she declares she'll fight for Jamal. Lucy and Jack suspect Caleb is behind their romantic troubles, as they drown their sorrows together. Anne-Marie warns Eve that she and Daniel are in danger from Ian and Anne-Marie's story sounds eerily familiar to Eve. A frightened Eve tells Ian to leave their loft. Karen's energy level surprises Frank, who wonders if she's back on drugs. Lucy bumps into Ian in the hotel while Jack bumps into Anne-Marie. A robber holds up the Recovery Room.

Ep. #1125

Jack runs into Anne-Marie, but she mysteriously disappears just as Livvie arrives. Karen bravely stands up to an armed robber at the Recovery Room and cuts her hand, but Chris finds her hand perfectly healed. After seeing Valerie cozy up to Jamal, Livvie suggests to Alison that Jamal fathered Valerie's baby. After talking with Eve about Anne-Marie, a suspicious Kevin decides to go talk to Ian. Lucy visits Ian's hotel room and tells him her fears Caleb's behind the recent chaos in town. When Ian spills a drink on Lucy, she changes into a robe. Kevin walks in to find Lucy and Ian in what looks to be a compromising position.



Ep. #1126

Rafe pleads with his boss for a second chance and his boss allows him to return to Earth but advises him not to directly interfere in the humans' battle against Caleb. Caleb explains to Livvie he must destroy his enemies to get his strength back. Suspecting Jamal fathered Valerie's baby, Alison questions him about the timing of their one night together. After Kevin finds Ian and Lucy together, Lucy claims nothing happened but Kevin doesn't believe her. When Ian taunts him, Kevin spills the beans about Anne-Marie, but Ian claims she's an impostor. Lucy is stunned to see Christina run past her in the hotel hallway.
Episode Overview

Ep. #1127

Chris runs tests on Karen and is shocked the results indicate she's mutating. Ian asks for Frank's help to prove Anne-Marie's an impostor, but Frank can't find any record the real Anne-Marie existed. Christina runs from Lucy, who loses her again. Despite finding Lucy and Ian together, Rafe asks Kevin not to jump to conclusions. Lucy tells Kevin about seeing Christina but he doesn't believe her. Livvie arrives at Eve's and alters Ian's phone message while Eve showers. Frightened to hear Ian's voice threaten her, Eve gets a restraining order against him. Rafe asks his boss for one night to set things right.



Ep. #1128

To defeat Caleb, Rafe plays dream weaver to remind the town of the power of love. Eve and Ian both dream their ordeal with Caleb was just a book Eve read and they have a happy future with Danny. A sleeping Eve and Ian both declare their love for each other. Jack dreams Livvie has graduated from medical school and accepted his proposal of marriage. Livvie sees a sleeping Jack through the bike shop window. As Lucy searches in vain for Christina, Kevin dreams of his wedding day to Lucy, in which he promises to find Christina. Later, Lucy runs into Kevin on the footbridge and they both stare at the stars together.



Ep. #1129

Jack tells Livvie of his dream and she says she loves him and asks for a 2nd chance. He turns her down and says to seek help. Kevin and Lucy discuss the distance between them and he admits he's been obsessed with Ian. Lucy's convinced a dark force is behind their troubles. They kiss and makeup. Eve and Ian discuss their mutual dreams, but she's still frightened by his threat, which he denies making. She agrees to meet him in the park with Daniel. Caleb mocks Rafe's dreamweaving efforts. Knowing Caleb feeds off their weakness, Rafe declares the town will defeat him with their love. Caleb secretly vows to go after their children.

Season 5, Episode 101 – Aired: 10/25/2001
Ep. #1130

Caleb visits Livvie, who resists his influence. When he threatens she'll be all alone in the world, Livvie complies with his bidding. Livvie leaves a goodbye note for Jack, who advises Alison to forget Valerie and focus on her future with Jamal. Reunited, Lucy and Kevin try to uncover the identity of the person causing trouble around town. Lucy's distracted when she receives a phone call- from Christina! Eve meets Ian in the park with baby Daniel and he is able to convince her to trust him again. She rips up the restraining order against him. When their backs are turned, Livvie swipes Daniel from his carriage.



Ep. #1131

Kevin doesn't believe Lucy heard Christina on the telephone. They search together, but don't find her, but, once alone, Lucy sees Christina. Alison feels jealous seeing Jamal with Valerie, who gives him Hope's picture. Finding the pic, Ali wonders if Jamal's the father. When Daniel's missing, Ian calls the police as Livvie hides in the bushes with Daniel, then slips away and takes him to Ian's hotel room. Eve awaits a kidnapper's call but instead receives a warning about Ian. Ian returns to his room to find Danny, just as Eve arrives. When 2 plane tickets are delivered, Eve accuses Ian of trying to kidnap their baby.

Ep. #1132

Chris shows Karen her blood test results, which don't entirely seem human. Although Karen has no vampire symptoms, she tells Chris of her overactive libido, which makes Chris attracted to her. Chasing after Christina, Lucy runs into Kevin, who doesn't believe Christina was really there. Eve accuses Ian of trying to kidnap Daniel, but, as evidence mounts against him, he claims he was set up. She doesn't believe him and runs to Kevin. Ian runs into Lucy and they commiserate over their loved ones not trusting them. He vows he must take Daniel away from Eve to protect him. Eve tells Kevin she's filing for divorce from Ian.



Ep. #1133

Jack and Alison visit Hope's adoptive parents to find out if Jamal could be Hope's father. Hope's adoptive father lies Jamal can't be the father because Hope was born premature. Karen tells a smitten Chris about her vacation plans with Frank, which Chris plans to disrupt. After talking with Livvie, Rafe realizes she's unwittingly been helping Caleb ruin lives. Caleb and Rafe face off over Livvie, as Rafe tries to make her see what Caleb's doing to her. However, Rafe's prevented from telling Livvie and Caleb vows she'll remember when she's ready. His kiss makes her forget the encounter, then he disappears.

Ep. #1134

Kevin and Lucy takes sides as Eve and Ian face off in court over custody of Daniel. While Eve makes Ian out to be a kidnapper, Lucy's testimony points Eve as an unstable mother. Calling both Ian and Eve neglectful, the judge orders Daniel placed in protective custody. Rafe's boss advises him to guide the Port Charles citizens to fight Caleb themselves and then have faith in them. Caleb imagines getting everything he wants- Livvie as his loving wife and Daniel as their son. While babysitting Daniel, Livvie has a flashback of holding Daniel before. Unnerved, she dresses him and leaves the lighthouse with him.



Ep. #1135

Valerie learns the Hartmans have barred her from contact with Hope. A guilty Alison goes with Jack to visit the Hartmans to change their minds, but their decision is final. Jamal and Hope have identical birthmarks. After the judge orders Daniel be placed in foster care, Eve and Ian make accusations over who's to blame. The judge orders Ian and Eve to undergo psychiatric evaluations. When Livvie arrives with Daniel, Eve tearfully gives up Daniel, then seeks comfort from Kevin, while Ian turns to Lucy. After Lucy tells her of seeing Christina, Livvie has a flashback of Christina and fears she's helping Caleb ruin lives.

Ep. #1136

A devastated Eve blames Kevin for making her lose Daniel by making her suspicious of Ian. He promises to help her get Daniel back by passing the psychiatric evaluation. A sympathetic Lucy discourages Ian from fleeing town with Daniel. They both back away when a friendly hug turns into a kiss. Rafe remembers his previous battle with Caleb, in which he lost his life. Learning from his past mistakes, Rafe vows to defeat Caleb this time. Livvie comes to the horrifying realization she's unknowingly helped Caleb by impersonating Christina and Anne-Marie. She confronts Caleb and threatens to kill him.



Season 5, Episode 42 – Aired: 11/5/2001
11.05.01 - Monday: Tempted

Chris spies on Frank and Karen at the cabin. After making love, Karen proposes to Frank and he accepts. Karen then catches Chris stalking them and tells him of her engagement. After Valerie pleads for his help, Jamal agrees to go to the Hartmans to change their minds about letting Val visit Hope. When Jack suggests the Hartmans are hiding something, Alison steals a lock of Hope's hair from Valerie's baby book to run a DNA test. Livvie angrily lashes out at Caleb for manipulating her into hurting her loves ones. When she threatens to reveal he's alive, he grabs her by the throat and prevents her from leaving.
Episode Overview

Season 5, Episode 43 – Aired: 11/6/2001
11.06.01- Tuesday: Tempted

After Livvie threatens to reveal to the whole town that Caleb's, Caleb dares her to do it. She goes to Lucy and warns her, then they both arrive at the hospital costume party to warn everyone else about Caleb. However, Livvie is forced to explain to everyone how Caleb tricked her into posing as Anne Marie and Christina, kidnapping Daniel and bringing Valerie to town. Everyone turns their rage towards Livvie and they lock her up in a psychiatric ward. Livvie then awakens and realizes she's had a nightmare, courtesy of Caleb. Caleb seems confident that he's convinced Livvie to do his bidding.



Season 5, Episode 44 – Aired: 11/7/2001
11.07.01 - Wednesday: Tempted

Rafe surprises Lucy when he knows about her kiss with Ian. The court counselor warns Eve and Ian to stop bickering if they want their son returned. Mac asks Kevin if he wants Eve back but Kevin denies. Kevin's appointed as Danny's temporary guardian and returns him to Eve and Lucy and Ian witness the happy reunion. Alison secretly arranges a DNA test to determine if Jamal is Hope's father, then gets the results. Frank discovers the cocaine Chris planted in Karen's purse. Karen tells Frank how Chris injected her with vampire serum, but when he doesn't believe her, she vows to make Chris pay.

Season 5, Episode 45 – Aired: 11/8/2001
11.08.01 - Thursday: Tempted

Ian and Lucy are upset when Kevin's appointed Daniel's guardian. Alison confides in Rafe about the DNA test she ran behind Jamal's back and he convinces her not to read the results. Jamal asks Mrs. Hartman to give Valerie another chance and learns about Ali's visit. Jamal recognizes Hope's birthmark as one identical to his. Jamal grabs the DNA resuls before Ali destroys them and learns he's Hope's father. Kevin tells Eve he's hired a private eye to keep an eye on Ian. Ian and Lucy console each other and end up making love. Caleb questions Livvie's loyalty, then asks her to prove it by killing Jack.



Season 5, Episode 46 – Aired: 11/9/2001
11.09.01 - Friday: Tempted

Caleb tests Livvie's loyalty by asking her to kill Jack. Livvie poisons Jack's drink but Rafe intercedes by knocking the drink out of Jack's hand before he drinks it. Caleb's not happy that Livvie failed his test. Jamal gets Valerie to admit she can back to Port Charles because she's in love with him. Stilll upset with Alison's deception, Jamal decides to tell Valerie he's Hope's father. Mac advises Kevin on his love life with Lucy and Kevin feels guilty for hurting her. After making love, Ian and Lucy decide to just be friends. Unbeknownst to them, Kevin's private eye has snapped compromsing photos of them.

Season 5, Episode 47 – Aired: 11/13/2001
11.13.01 - Tuesday: Tempted

A frightened Livvie tells Caleb she failed to kill Jack. He gives her a new assignment- breaking up Alison and Jamal. Karen demands Chris tells Frank about the vampire serum to prove she's not on drugs, but Chris denies her accusations. Frank doesn't believe her, but later realizes she might be telling the truth after Gabriella describes her own vampire symptoms. Chris takes Karen to the catacombs to scare her about being a vampire. Caleb overhears them talk about the vampire serum, then decides he wants it for Livvie. Rafe clues in Jack that his drink was poisoned and Jack confronts Livvie about trying to kill him.