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"Порт Чарльз" (США) - резюме серий на английском языке

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Season 6, Episode 15 – Aired: 4/23/2003
04.23.03 - Wednesday: Desire

Lucy is upset when she concludes she is losing her slayer powers. Ian tries to assuage Lucy's fears by telling her she is fine and everything will be alright and they make love. However, this time their lovemaking doesn't satisfy Ian's hunger further upsetting Lucy. While Caleb tries the keys to unlock Livvie's cell, Rafe regains consciousness and tells Caleb that he hid the key because he knew Caleb would double-cross him. Caleb frustrated that he can't rescue Livvie, confronts Joshua and they fight. During the altercation, Joshua slashes Caleb's throat. Allison and Rafe find Caleb still alive and Allison pleads with Rafe to help Caleb.

Season 6, Episode 16 – Aired: 4/24/2003
04.24.03 - Thursday: Desire

Frank is angry and vows revenge on Ian. Ian realizes that there is more wrong with Lucy than they both want to admit. Joshua offers Livvie freedom from the cells if she gives him Caleb's ring, but she refuses. Rafe reluctently helps Caleb. Ian and Lucy arrive and as Ian is treating Caleb, Caleb tries to tempt Ian into biting him. When Lucy tells Rafe she is losing her powers, Rafe isn't surprised telling her that he thinks the healing pool has drained her of her slayer powers. Joshua is waiting for Kevin.



Season 6, Episode 17 – Aired: 4/25/2003
04.25.03 - Friday: Desire

Casey has another vision about Lucy's impending death and she rushes to Lucy's to check on her. While Lucy is sleeping, Ian takes a drop of her blood. Joshua plunges a syringe into Kevin's neck. While talking with Lucy, Casey blurts out, "you're so dead" which spooks Lucy. Ian rushes to the hospital and asks Chris to run tests on Lucy's blood. Casey decides to help Lucy "recharge" and takes Lucy's hand and transfers her energy to Lucy. Kevin thinks Joshua has turned him, but Joshua explains he wants Kevin to paint his visions. Lucy finds an empty blood bag in the trash and realizes she is no longer capable of helping Ian. Chris and Ian discover that Lucy is being poisoned by her own blood.
Episode Overview

Season 6, Episode 18
04.28.03 - Monday: Desire

Livvie, once again, is suffering from not feeding. Frank insists that he drive Victor to his appointment as the new building commissioner. When Victor and Frank arrive at the councilman's chambers, Victor is welcomed, however, unbeknownst to him, Frank is following Joshua's instructions to turn him. Joshua introduces himself to Mary and Karen as the new owner of the Recovery Room. Rafe attempts to decode Joshua's list, but is unsuccessful. Caleb pleads with Allision to release him so that he can return to Livvie.



Season 6, Episode 21 – Aired: 4/30/2003
04.30.03 - Wednesday: Desire

Lucy convinces Ian to accompany her to Victor's party, before returning to the hospital for additional tests. Victor doesn't understand why he feels so young and vibrant. Allison and Caleb return to the villa to free Livvie. Victor proposes a toast to Joshua as the new owner of the Recovery Room. Livvie, Caleb, Rafe and Allison see Kevin's painting depicting Joshua's "vampire nation."

Season 6, Episode 22 – Aired: 5/1/2003
05.01.03 - Thursday: Desire

Caleb is upset when Livvie tells him that Joshua has the ring. Joshua attempts to sway Ian to the dark side, but Ian vows he will continue to fight Joshua and the other vampires. Rafe tells Caleb the only way he can defeat Joshua now is to remain human and Livvie reluctantly agrees. Lucy pleads with Victor to fight Joshua, however, it's too late, as Victor tells her he enjoys the power Joshua has given him. Karen realizes Frank is a vampire.



Season 6, Episode 23 – Aired: 5/2/2003
05.02.03 - Friday: Desire

Karen is afraid of Frank now that he is a vampire. Caleb asks Livvie to turn him, but she refuses. When he demands to know why, she explains Joshua told her that the blood she drank had something in it so now anyone she bites will die. To test whether Joshua told her the truth, Livvie bites one of Joshua's henchmen and he dies. Jack makes a deal with Joshua to manage Elixir. Rafe shares with Allison his plan and they set off to carry it out.

Season 6, Episode 24 – Aired: 5/5/2003
05.05.03 - Monday: Desire

Joshua tells Elizabeth he wants to turn Allison and demands she help ease Allison into her new life as his wife. Elizabeth tells Joshua she will kill him before she allows him to hurt Allison. Livvie is able to fend off her need to feed while she and Caleb make love. Frank searches for Allison. When Frank attempts to kidnap Allison from Rafe, he discovers that it really is Lucy and Ian in disguise. Allison and Rafe reappear in Caleb's cave.



Season 6, Episode 25 – Aired: 5/6/2003
05.06.03 - Tuesday: Desire

Ian insists Lucy go to the hospital for additional testing, but she cojoles him into changing his mind after convincing him she is feeling better. Joshua is upset after Frank tells him that Allison got away. Elizabeth and Kevin flirt with one another. Caleb offers to strike a deal with Joshua--he will deliver Allison in exchange for the antidote.

Season 6, Episode 26 – Aired: 5/7/2003
05.07.03 - Wednesday: Desire

Joshua is busy preparing for Allison's arrival, as he unveils Kevin's latest creation--a portrait of Allison and Joshua in their wedding attire. Lucy goes to church to plead for answers. Ian overhears her plea and swears that he will not let her die. Livvie shows Joshua a picture of Allison appearing to be dead and tells him that he was right her fangs are poisoned.



05.08.03 - Thursday: Desire

Victor discloses Joshua's latest plans for Port Charles-- condeming the church. Victor's revelation upsets Lucy and Ian and when the police arrive to remove them from the church, Lucy handcuffs herself to the alter. Caleb, Rafe, Allison and Livvie conspire to get rid of Joshua. To that end, Livvie taunts Joshua with Allison's "death." While Kevin paints Elizabeth, they continue to flirt. Joshua arrives and tells them Allison is dead and Livvie killed her. As Lucy pleads with Victor, she loses consciousness. In an attempt to save Lucy, Ian demands the key to the handcuffs. When the police are reluctant to provide them, Ian is forced to bear his fangs rips the handcuffs open and wisks Lucy away. Joshua convinces Kevin that Livvie must pay for her actions.
Episode Overview

Season 6, Episode 29 – Aired: 5/12/2003
05.11.03 - Monday: Desire

Believing Livvie has killed Allison, Jamal sets out to find her to avenge Allison's death. When a waiter at Elixir spots Livvie, Jamal rushes out to confront her. Livvie tells Jamal that he doesn't understand the entire story, but he doesn't want to hear it, which makes her mad and she bears her fangs. Jamal begins strangling Livvie, when Kevin arrives and knocks him out. In an attempt to find the antidote, Rafe enters Joshua's mind and gives him nightmares. In the nightmare, Livvie bites Joshua and he discloses where he has kept the antidote. Kevin tells Livvie that he is there to help her and convinces her to accompany him to the lighthouse.



Season 6, Episode 30 – Aired: 5/13/2003
05.13.03 - Tuesday: Desire

Joshua wakes up from the nightmare trapping Rafe in his mind. Lucy, feeling better since receiving a blood transfusion, wants to leave the hospital to find Allison and Rafe, but Ian stops her. Casey overhears Lucy and Ian talking about Morocco. When Ian and Lucy go to the rooftop, they are surprised that it has been turned into a Moroccan paradise. Allison worries when Rafe doesn't return and is determined to go to the villa and check on him, but Caleb stops her temporarily.

Season 6, Episode 32 – Aired: 5/15/2003
05.15.03 - Thursday: Desire

Rafe lies to Livvie and tells her that there isn't an antidote. Elizabeth rants at Kevin for what Livvie has done to Allison and stabs him with a letter opener. Caleb kisses Allison to keep her quiet when she realizes Joshua's guest is her grandmother. Allison refuses to leave the villa while her "Nana" is there--afraid Joshua will turn her. However, Caleb tells her it's too late that Joshua has marked Amanda because he wants her money. When Allison sees the mark on Amanda's hand, she realizes Caleb is right. Frank arrives at Kevins's to see if he completed his assignment. In order to punish Livvie, Joshua orders Caleb's death. When Rafe confirms to Caleb that there isn't an antidote, Caleb thinks Rafe is lying.



Season 6, Episode 33 – Aired: 5/16/2003
05.16.03 - Friday: Desire

After stabbing Kevin, Elizabeth calls Ian for help. When Ian arrives, Elizabeth attempts to leave but Ian stops her and tells her she is accompanying him to the hospital. Allison defends Rafe to Caleb and Livvie when Caleb suggests Rafe is lying about there not being an antidote. Caleb threatens Rafe telling him he will pay if he is lying about the antidote. Cassie listens to Jamal grieving for Allison and lets it slip that Allison is alive, but she covers by saying that no one ever really dies. Elizabeth tells Ian and Lucy that Allison is dead, but they don't believe it. Later Rafe confirms their suspicions. Livvie is jealous when she discovers Caleb wrote lyrics for Allison.

Season 6, Episode 34 – Aired: 5/19/2003
05.19.03 - Monday: Desire

Joshua questions why Caleb, Livvie and Rafe can't be found. Rafe confesses to Ian and Lucy that he has the antidote that Livvie needs to cure her poison fangs. Livvie becomes angry when she and Caleb begin to make love and he mentions Allison. Allison and Livvie argue and Livvie threatens to bite Allison. Casey brings Jamal and Jack together so they can resolve their issues. Caleb sneaks up on Joshua and begins to choke him.



Season 6, Episode 36 – Aired: 5/21/2003
05.21.03 - Wednesday: Desire

Allison and Livvie stumble upon Allison's "memorial service." As Allison overhears Jamal's eulogy, she realizes she can't let her friends believe she's dead, but Caleb and Livvie stop her before she can make the big reveal. Ian won't let Lucy beat herself up over her inability to protect Allison. When Livvie is spotted at the memorial service, things turn ugly. After spying at Allison's memorial service, Frank reports to Joshua that it is true Allison is dead. Joshua tells Frank he is free to bring him some new recruits. Lucy and Ian tell Elizabeth that Allison is alive.

Season 6, Episode 37 – Aired: 5/22/2003
05.22.03 - Thursday: Desire

Casey, Reese, Ricky and Jack begin looking for Jamal who has disappeared from Allison's memorial service. Jamal shows up at the morgue as John Doe #5, but he isn't dead only turned. While Jamal is walking through the park, he runs into the group where everyone, except Ricky, realize something is different. Livvie asks Caleb whether he and Allison are sleeping together. Caleb swears to Livvie that they will be together again soon. Rafe warns Allison that she can't trust Caleb.