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Season 1, Episode 1 – Aired: 6/1/1997
Ep. #1

A new class of interns is invited to a reception in their honor. After Serena Baldwin is kidnapped, Scotty hops a plane for Port Charles to confront Lucy. [ Recap available. ]

Ep. #2

At the police station, Scott accuses Lucy and Kevin of kidnapping Serena. Lucy denies his accusations, but won't reveal her alibi. Meanwhile, Joe runs into Karen after giving her statement on the hostage crisis, but she declines his offer of support. Joe remembers their childhood and then tells his brother Frank that Karen's putting on a brave front but is really scared. Joe and Frank go home and find their mother Mary waiting for them. Mary has a surprise for Joe- Dr. Alan Quartermaine, Chief of Staff of General Hospital, is there to see him. Karen goes to the home of her paternal grandparents, Lee and Gail Baldwin, and accuses her grandfather of nepotism, as she got Greg Cooper's intern slot after he was dropped from the program. Karen announces she's going back to San Francisco, but Lee tells her that Scott, the father she never knew, is in town and asks if she'd like to meet him. Lee calls Scott and tells him that his "daughter" is at his house and Scott, assuming he means Serena, races right over. However, Karen's hurt when Scott registers his displeasure at seeing Karen and leaves. On the street, a hit-and-run driver knocks Scott down and then speeds away.



Season 1, Episode 3 – Aired: 6/3/1997
Ep. #3

At the Scanlon house, Dr. Alan Quartermaine warns Joe that he needs to keep his temper under control while facing the review board. Frank asks Joe what Alan said to him, but Joe keeps mum. Gail, Lee and Karen find Scott lying on the street after being knocked down by a hit-and-run driver. Scott comes to and calls for Serena. While Lee and Gail call for an ambulance, Karen tends to Scott's injuries. Paramedics Frank and Joe (who's working his late day before starting his internship) get the emergency call about Scott and respond. They take Scott to the hospital and Karen surprises them when she says Scott is her father. At the police station, Lucy and Kevin are still detained until the FBI hears from Scott. Lucy then admits her alibi- she had an appointment with a doctor. Privately, Lucy tells Kevin she's pregnant. When her alibi is confirmed, Lucy is free to go. Back at the hospital, Karen and Joe meet with the icy Dr. Ellen Burgess, who handles Scott's case. Alan then asks Ellen to become the new Chief Resident since Dr. Faulk has been murdered. Frank overhears Alan tell Ellen that Joe is on suspension pending his review board hearing. Karen, meanwhile, tells Joe she's leaving Port Charles and going back to San Francisco.



Ep. #4

Joe brushed Frank off when Frank tried to give him advice about the upcoming hearing in front of the review board. Julie woke up from a nightmare where she was searching desperately for Buddy. Chris surprised his date going through Julie's things. Karen admitted to Kevin that she is Scott's daughter.
Episode Overview

Ep. #5

Mac wonders if Serena's kidnapping has anything to do with Scott's accident. Karen decided to stay in Port Charles to help Joe fight for his career. Kevin and Lucy look forward to a future together with their child. Chris is happy that Joe may lose his internship. A towel-clad Julie distracts Frank.

Ep. #6

Scott accused Lucy of having Serena, but after learning of her pregnancy, Scott calmed down and admitted he knew she would never hurt Serena. Eve rushed to the lighthouse to get Scott to sign the release forms. Joe showed up for class and advised that he is still allowed to attend until his hearing is over with, and Dr. Burgess let him stay. Jake was upset to get a letter he sent Danielle returned to him, but later surprised when she showed up at his place.



Ep. #7

After making love, Jake confronts Danielle on why she left him. Danielle claims she needed time alone, but realizes she wants Jake and is moving to Port Charles to be with him. At the Scanlon house, Julie shows up to see the basement apartment and, after sparks fly between her and Frank, she agrees to rent it. Eve demands Scott sign a legal document saying he left the hospital against medical advice, but Scott proposes a deal. He'll sign it, if she gives him medical treatment outside the hospital. Knowing she could lose her job, Eve refuses. However, after Scott tells her that he can't got back to the hospital because his daughter's been kidnapped, Eve agrees to his terms. Meanwhile, Serena is kept in a room and meets with a mysterious woman.

Ep. #16

Gina and Karen talked about Jagger, and Karen made it clear she and Jagger are happy in their relationship. Frank caught Eve snooping through Julie's things, and warned her to mind her own business. Lucy initially worried she would not be able to go through with the ransom drop plans, but then realised she would do anything to get Serena back.



Ep. #31

Chris used what he had learned about Julie to almost manipulate her into opening up to him about her childhood. Mary made it clear to Mike that she wanted to be involved with him no matter what his past. Joe and Karen's evening together turned romantic when the two shared a kiss. Ellen was upset when Greg Cooper was deemed unfit to stand trial.

Ep. #52

Karen is shocked to learn that a friend of hers has been sleeping with Jagger since she started medical school. Rex tells Scott that Avery cut him off from the family years ago, but refuses to meet Serena. Kevin tries to get Serena to open up, but she has little to say. Lucy offers Danielle a job with Jax Cosmetics. Scott tells Kevin he thinks Rex and Danielle are con artists.

Ep. #61

Frank talks Mary into supervising his Little League team's party, which Karen is upset to learn that Joe will be taking Grace to. Lucy tries to give Jake some helpful advice, not knowing that Rex has been blackmailing Jake with threats to his family. Julie is shocked to find her father at her doorstep.



Ep. #61

Frank talks Mary into supervising his Little League team's party, which Karen is upset to learn that Joe will be taking Grace to. Lucy tries to give Jake some helpful advice, not knowing that Rex has been blackmailing Jake with threats to his family. Julie is shocked to find her father at her doorstep.

Ep. #81

Greg murders the priest who came to Forest Hills to hear his confession then, dressed in the priest's robes, leaves the sanitarium. Eve agrees to go to dinner with Bennett, but is furious when she realises he's trying to get her out of town before Julie can learn about their past together. Boardman assigns Joe and Karen to work together and the two begin to break the ice.

Ep. #82

Bennett walks out on Eve after she threw his glass of champagne on him, leaving her to pay the tab for their dinner. Luckily for a broke Eve, Scott is able to come through and help her out. Greg plans an explosion at Forest Lawn just as Kevin shows up to visit his father. Jagger responds to Karen's e-mail.
Episode Overview



Ep. #90

Julie tells Eve she wants to move out of the apartment because she can no longer live with her. Because Eve can't afford the rent on her own, she offers to be the one to move. Karen agreed to let Eve stayed with her, but changed her mind after learning why Eve was looking for a place to live. Chris pretended to be supportive of Matt, but Matt confronted him about going to Boardman with his 'concerns' about Matt performing surgery.

Ep. #110

Frank becomes concerned about Julie's disappearance and called in the authorities and interrogated the guards at the hospital. The judge refuses to make a judgment on custody of Serena until after the kidnapping trial is resumed. Bennett and his wife Nicole were both upset at Julie's disappearance.
Episode Overview

Ep. #137

As Scott's kidnapping trial begins, Jake volunteers to testify that Rex is Serena's real kidnapper, but Lee tells him his testimony is hearsay. The prosecution alleges that Scott kidnapped his own daughter to ransom her and pay off his gambling and drug debts. The prosecution's first witness is the former nanny of Jason Quartermaine. She testifies that Scott married Jason's mother to get his hands on Jason's $1 million trust fund. Meanwhile, a distressed Serena is comforted by the spirit of her late mother Dominique. However, Dominique tells Serena that she's the only one who can see her. Julie learns from her bickering parents that her mother slept with Chris. An angry Julie confronts Chris and Eve thanks him for taking the heat off of her.



Ep. #146

Ellen's brother Winston arrived at the hospital after a call from Frank, but the animosity between the siblings was obvious. Lucy and Scott pretended to fight in front of Rex so that Lucy could get closer to him in the hopes they could find Serena. Chris made it clear he planned to win the Quartermaine residency honors.

Ep. #153

On New Year's Eve, an amorous Rex invites himself into Lucy's hotel room and overstays his welcome as Kevin hides in the bathroom. When Rex goes into the bathroom, Kevin hides out on the ledge. Rex snoops through Lucy's medicine cabinet and swipes some of her pills. Scott and Eve share a New Year's kiss but Scott abruptly calls a halt to any further passion. Later, Dominique's spirit visits both Serena and Scott in their dreams to say good-bye and Dominique encourages Scott to get on with his life. After basking in the afterglow of making love, Julie tells Frank she wants to keep their affair secret. However, her plans are ruined when Eve catches her coming out of Frank's bedroom half-dressed.



Ep. #154

Rex learns Lucy has been taking fertility pills and surmises Lucy faked her break-up with Kevin. Lucy meets with Rex who suggests they going into business selling stress-relief pills and Rex gives Lucy a sample bottle. Later, Rex plots to switch Lucy's sample bottle with poison pills. At Scott's trial, more damaging "testimony" against Scott is heard, including testimony from a reluctant Eve, who testifies that Scott appeared under the influence of drugs, backing the prosecution's claims that Scott was a drug user with outstanding drug and gambling debts. Eve apologizes to Scott and invites him out to dinner. Alice has another heart attack and has to have immediate surgery.

Ep. #155

During a business meeting with Rex, Lucy agrees to go into business with him selling stress-relief pills. Subtley, she confirms that Rex has not been in the Cayman Islands recently. Rex tries to convince Lucy to admit phony photographic evidence against Scott as an eyewitness in his trial and, later, Lucy discusses her dilemma with Kevin. Meanwhile, an unknown person breaks into Lucy's hotel room and switches her stress-relief pills for other pills. Chris treats Lark for a suspicious head injury and Joe and Karen recognize her as one of Frank's students. After Lark's mother comes to the hospital, they suspect her of physical abuse and call social services. Winston tells Matt the history of Ellen's animosity between her mother- Ellen married a man who her mother didn't approve and dropped out of medical school to put him through law school. Later, Ellen tells Winston that her husband Sam died. Eve surprises Scott with a dinner with Serena. Scott and Serena discuss the same dream they had involving Dominique.



Season 1, Episode 168 – Aired: 1/23/1998
Ep. #168

Lark is angry when Frank and Julie show up at the restaurant she works at for a romantic dinner and accuses them of spying on her. Later Frank leaves a large tip which upsets Julie, since she doesn't feel Lark earned it. Scott begs Kevin to hypnotize Serena in the hopes that she can remember the face of her kidnapper. Lucy isn't happy when Rex wants to throw a huge engagement party.

Ep. #172

Mary calls Joe on his attraction to Karen and tells him that Karen is a bad influence on him, but Joe tells his mother that she is the last one who should be giving him advice. Keith is angry to learn that his spinal cord has snapped and he will be paralysed for life. Lucy wants to know where Rex was when he disappeared, but he doesn't tell her about his run-ins with Boynton and Conklin, just that it was 'business'.



Ep. #173

Karen is upset to learn that Mary knows about her and Joe and disapproves, but Joe tries to convince her that Mary never approves of anyone he or Frank date. Frank also tells Julie the same thing. After seeing Matt hurt his back while dealing with Keith, Ellen tries to get him to have it x-rayed, finally telling him she'll take him off rotation if he doesn't. Scott worries that Serena won't be able to give a good description of her kidnapper and that he'll go down for Boynton's murder. Both Frank and Joe confide in Julie and Karen just how abusive their father was.

Ep. #195

Chris defends Matt's change in attitude to their co-workers, but later sends him a threatening e-mail. Lucy thanks Scotty for defying her wishes that life support not be used to sustain her life. Ellen turns down a date with Matt. Bobby Mancusi is determined to find Matt.
Episode Overview



Ep. #200

Mike finally gets the whole story on Bobby Mancusi from Matt and Grace. Lark drops her towel in front of an unsuspecting Frank. Lucy gets a goodbye video tape from Rex.
Episode Overview

Ep. #212

Grace tries to convince Matt to leave Port Charles, but he is determined to face his father when he comes to bury Bobby. Lark arranges to have all calls to the Scanlon house forwarded to her cell phone, which Frank doesn't realise when he calls to check on her. All the interns receive glowing reviews.

Ep. #273

Prior to the Nurses Ball, Kevin and Lucy have separate nightmares that she's strangled by Ryan and Eve, respectively. Kevin tries to dissuade Lucy from hosting the event, but she is determined to fulfill her obligation. Eve, meanwhile, plots to get back at Lucy by scaring her into thinking she is the "General Homicide" killer. Paranoid, Lucy calls her old friend Luke Spencer for support. Before the event, Frank shoots up more DL-56. Jake accuses Karen of destroying his research on DL-56, but Chris, the real culprit, meets with a potential buyer for the drug.



Ep. #274

Picking up where the Friday, 6/19 episode of "General Hospital" left off, Lucy is almost suffocated by her dress, but is rescued by Kevin and Luke Spencer. Lucy accuses Eve, her personal dresser for the Nurses Ball, of trying to kill her, but Scott provides Eve with a phony alibi. Julie asks Lee to defend her in her murder case and he learns Scott purposely withheld evidence that could have cleared her. Despite their animosity, Eve and Julie perform a musical dance number together. Jake realizes Chris is the one who destroyed his research when he spies him cozying up to a potential investor. Later, Chris is announced as the winner of the Quartermaine Residency Award. While Lucy continues her hosting duties, the lights go out at the Ball while a noose hangs above her head.

Ep. #275

Picking up where the 6/22 episode of "General Hospital" left off, a dead body is found hanging from the rafters at the Nurses Ball and discovered to be Jake. Chris suggests to Eve they provide alibis for each other since they both don't have one for the time of Jake's death. Accusations fly wild as everyone argues about who is the culprit. Garcia brings in Lark, who was found hiding at the Ball. Garcia announces everyone is a suspect and questions all party guests. Later, Mac and Kevin find evidence in Jake's apartment, including a suicide note, which leads them to conclude Jake was the "General Homicide" killer.



Ep. #276

The newspaper reports Jake was the "General Homicide" killer and the D.A. drops the murder charges against Julie. Frank visits Lark at the juvenile center and, after she blackmails him into getting her released by threatening to reveal his DL-56 use, he asks for Scott's help. After Jake's death, Karen vows to stop the DL-56 research much to Frank's dismay. After Kevin and Scott berate her for leaking Eve's past as a hooker, Lucy offers her an insincere apology. However, Eve, humiliated when her secret gets around, replies with harsh words. After Lucy learns Eve took her place at Serena's scout meeting, Lucy declares war.

Ep. #413

While trapped on an island, Joe and Courtney remember old times, then repair a raft to escape. However, Courtney twists her ankle before they depart the island. An old nemesis of Victor's traps him and Mary in the back of moving truck and plans to kill him. After failing to use laughing gas to overpower him, Mary personally appeals to the man, who agrees to help them because of his hatred toward Mr. Kanelos. After thanking Karen for her support during his withdrawal, Frank and Karen realize no one's heard from Joe and Courtney in Greece. They contact Mrs. Kanelos, who denies they are there.



Ep. #748

At Amanda's party for the board member candidates, Courtney blackmails Chris into giving her money in exchange for not revealing Christina's true parentage. Chris drugs a drink for Courtney, but in a mix-up, Rachel drinks it and becomes intoxicated and tells off Boardman, Karen, Amanda and Alan, then hits on Scott. Mac tells Matt that Frank's shooting was meant for him and advises him to go back in the Witness Protection Program. Lucy hints to Rae and Eve they could be mother and daughter, but Eve tells Rae that it is not possible because of their blood types. Rae then bids good-bye to Port Charles.

Ep. #749

Sonny Corinthos visits Frank and tells him his shooting was not meant for him, and Frank later learns Matt was the intended victim. Sonny absolves Frank's gambling debts. Matt bids goodbye to General Hospital and goes back into the Witness Protection Program. Chris and Julie take an inebriated Rachel home where she briefly mentions her mother and "Livvie." Chris and Julie vow to uncover the mystery of "Livvie" and Chris tells Julie they must come forward that Julie is Christina's mother before Courtney does. After popping a pill, Karen runs into her ex, Sonny, who accuses her of using again.



Ep. #750

After Courtney again presses him for money, Chris plots to end her blackmail by having Julie come forward with the truth about Christina. After Lucy is voted into the hospital board, a defeatd Rachel learns she was drugged and suspects Lucy. To get back at her, Rachel supports Julie's decision to come forward with the truth. Mike warns Frank about his gambling. Eve and Kevin learn Matt's gone back into the Witness Protection Program. At Lucy's celebration party, Julie drops the bomb that she's Christina's birth mother and the news stuns Scott, Lucy and Kevin, much to Rachel's delight.

Ep. #759

An upset Lucy confides in Kevin about her anger towards Scott. He consoles her with a hug until Eve walks in on them. Eve and Kevin argue when she defends Julie's actions regarding Christina but then make-up. Lucy appeals to Claire not to hire Scott to represent her case. Chris finds Karen's pills. At the hearing, Lee alleges Julie abandoned Christina and never claimed her. Julie's lawyer alleges Scott's home poses a threat to Christina because she in the care of a drug-addicted Karen. The judge then orders a drug test for Karen. Scott asks Karen to submit to a drug test, but she refuses.



Ep. #760

Rachel tells her mother she's told "him" enough of the truth to haunt him. Scott realizes Karen's back on drugs when she refuses a drug test. Karen lashes out at him for not being there for her when she was a child, but Scott offers to stand by her now. After learning from Julie that Karen's on drugs, Lucy angrily confronts her but Scott intercedes. Eve blames herself for not realizing sooner that Karen was using again. Eve tells Kevin she wants them to live apart until their wedding. Kevin and Rachel both hold identical paper weights given to them by his late lover Grace. Lucy receives a threatening letter.



Ep. #903 Premiere of Fate

Following the blast, the jarred inhabitants of the Recovery Room shakily begin assessing the damage and are relieved to discover that no one seems seriously injured. Meanwhile, out in the parking lot, a vehicle fills with flames in the wake of the bombing. Jamal panics to find a groggy Alison lying beneath the overturned pinball table but Mary assures the young man that his girlfriend has only suffered some cuts and bruises. Fearing the worst when Joe reports that Dr. Thornheart's car is on fire, Lucy hesitantly reveals to Kevin how she spotted Ian and Eve talking outside the Recovery Room just seconds before the explosion. Jack offers to take a grateful Livvie to visit her grandmother. Unwilling to believe Lucy's tale, Kevin rushes to the hospital to search for his wife. Livvie explains to a confused Estelle why Rachel had to go away for some badly needed "rest". Later, Livvie watches admiringly as Jack easily manages to soothe her grandmother. Joe tells a horrified Kevin that two badly burned bodies have been pulled from the wreckage of the car. Afterwards, Mac reluctantly shows Kevin the wedding ring he found in the debris.



Ep. #905

Scott held Lucy, who was still reeling from Ian's death in the car explosion. Livvie tried to console Kevin, who was devastated over Eve's death. Joe and Gaby decided to make love. Ian revealed to Eve that the man holding them captive was Harris, whom he had known from before.

Ep. #911

Jack comforted Livvie, who cried over Rachel's death, as Chris called a private investigator and ordered him to keep Jack away from Livvie. Ian told Eve he had a plan to get them out from under Harris' thumb. Scott accused Lucy of being in love with Kevin after she told him about Ian and Eve's affair.
Episode Overview

Ep. #918

Kevin and Livvie shared a tender father/daughter moment. Eve refused to leave, knowing that Harris would kill Ian once she was gone. Lucy burst in just as Kevin had succeeded in talking a Desert Storm veteran out of blowing everyone up.



Ep. #922

Kevin told Lucy how he felt about her after they made love but was shocked when a hit-and-run victim was revealed to be Eve! He was furious with Ian after learning that Ian's old enemy had taken them both hostage.

Ep. #928

After Chris arranged to have Jack released from jail, Jack admitted that he came to Port Charles to get revenge on Chris. Ian couldn't understand why Arianna, the woman who hit Eve with her car, initially claimed it was an accident then suddenly claimed she did it on purpose. Kevin refused to forgive Lucy for letting him believe Eve was dead.

Ep. #930

Ian agreed to help Arianna hide from her family, particularly her brother Ben, who showed up in town looking for her. Kevin told Lucy that he could forgive her and although he told her they couldn't be together he still pulled her in for a passionate kiss.