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Ep. #6716

Taylor tells Mateo the truth about the gun and he finally believes she is telling the truth. He invites her to have some coffee with him. An agitated Hayley bothers Cecily. Tad confronts Dixie for not telling him Michael is gay. Gloria encourages Michael to stand up to the school board. Laurel and Trevor stand on Michael's side.

Ep. #6717

Jason finds Kevin, Laura, Scott, Anita, and Bobby at the Insomniac Cafe planning to help Michael get his job back. Scott leaves the brainstorming session mad at Michael and goes to Chandler Mansion because he doesn't want to go home to Stuart. Adam finds out that Scott was there and wants to find out what was bothering his nephew.

Ep. #6718

Hayley, not too keen on the idea of being called "screwed up," tells Matt that she doesn't want him and, in fact, she doesn't even want to see him. Liza tells her boss that she wasn't able to convince Erica to sign on for her own show. Dixie and Tad continue trying to avoid each other.



Ep. #6719

Ruth returns just in time for Charlie's wedding and, in style of old, begins handing out her sought out advice. Erica slams the door in Adam's face and pops a few of her miracle pills to calm herself. Down at Pine Valley High, Michael's students make their promise a reality by protesting outside the school for Michael's reinstatement.

Ep. #6720

Scott walks into the cafe and overhears Anita talking about having sex with Bobby. Dimitri tells Erica that they should try and act civil to each other when they meet in public. He brings up Erica's pill addiction again and leaves her in the dust, although she tries to make peace between them.

Ep. #6721

Julia plops herself down in front of her mom and tells her that Taylor was destroying her and Noah's life. She reminds Viv of Taylor not wanting to tell Noah of her miscarriage. Taylor shows up at Mateo's door and hands him Noah's gun. Charlie and Cecily leave Pine Valley halfway through their wedding to

Ep. #6722

Kevin denies making a bet with Bobby in front of Anita. Bobby and Anita leave to Bobby's room, where a frightened Anita is ready to do anything in bed to keep her boyfriend. Noah urges Viv to testify to his innocence. Julia confronts Mateo for sleeping with Taylor. Dixie confronts Liza about kissing Tad.

Ep. #6724

Maria learns from Dr. Khadamie that there is a procedure that could allow her to have children. Amanda questions Gloria about her child, which only brings back ugly and painful memories for Gloria. At the ceremony, Liza accidentally spills a drink on Erica. Enid tries to coax Marian Colby over to her side on the "Get Michael Outta Town" issue, but surprisingly, Marian is totally against the idea.

Ep. #6725

Pierce and Janet drift further apart. Laura informs Janet that Amanda is ill. Erica makes an amazing speech at the award ceremony, and rips into everyone's problems. She also announces that her marriage to Dimitri is over. Jonathan apologizes to Erica for not getting her off of her drugs and only making her addiction worse. He warns her that if she doesn't go into detox immediately, she'll die.
Episode Overview



Ep. #7996

Adam reminds Ryan that he owns incredible dreams now and can do what he wants with it. Hayley's heart breaks when she finds a keepsake she had given Arlene years earlier. Dixie is convinced that Tad is lying to her about Leslie, and is going through his things. David destroys the tape detailing the effects of Libidozone. Leslie takes a job in Singapore, but doesn't give up on Tad.

Ep. #8015

Tad stormed out after a tense confrontation with Dixie, and David suggested she come home with him. Vanessa tried to tell Adam and Palmer that Hayley was Arlene, but neither man truly understood what she was saying. Erica insisted Rain take the $10,000 and leave town. Mateo stopped Hayley (as Arlene) from leaving with Bud.

Ep. #8035

Isabella is thrilled when Mateo tells her that he and Hayley are expecting their first child. At the shelter, Axel congratulated Hayley on her wonderful news. Tad tried to get the truth out of Leslie, but she lost consciousness. Jake caught a fainting Greenlee.

Ep. #8057

Joe explained to Anna and Edmund that they needed to move Anna out of the hospital because a recent lawsuit had agents and officials crawling all over the place. Laura, Gillian, Leo and Ryan agreed to split the reward they would get for turning in Vincent four ways. Gordon took Tad to see Leslie and they explained that she had been in hiding after being framed for spiking the punch at Ryan's party.

Ep. #8078

Mateo and Hayley's friends and family welcome them home from their trip. Alex tried to convince Dimitri that Gabriel could not possibly have set the fire. While doctors worked to save Laura, who was in respiratory failure, Bianca told Erica that the other teen had taken Ecstasy. Tad and Dixie both realise how unhappy they are with their lives.

Ep. #8101

Hayley is shocked and pleased when Mateo brings Shaggy, Rayvon and three NHL hockey players to their home so she can do Wave's 300th episode. Alex and Anna explain to Robin why they need to meet in secrecy. Brooke is devastated to learn that the heart they had wanted to use for Laura is inviable. She later apologises to Leo for asking him to pretend he was in love with Laura.



Ep. #8247

Leo helps Greenlee take her mind off of Jake by stealing her away from the party and bringing her to SOS, and Jake escorts Mia to the Wildwind tack room where they kiss. Anna returns to David's room and finds him barely conscious.

Ep. #8248

Edmund surprises Brooke with his nonchalant attitude the morning after the Crystal Ball, and Brooke forces Edmund to confess that Bianca phoned regarding an alleged intruder and that a reporter from tempo called to inform him of Vanessa's pending testimony against Erica at her murder trial.

Ep. #8249

Edmund surprises Brooke with his nonchalant attitude the morning after the Crystal Ball, and Brooke forces Edmund to confess that Bianca phoned regarding an alleged intruder and that a reporter from tempo called to inform him of Vanessa's pending testimony against Erica at her murder trial.
Episode Overview

Ep. #9014

Erica and Tad bring Joe to a surprise party celebrating his 35th anniversary as a doctor at Pine Valley Hospital. Surrounded by family and friends Joe recounts precious memories of his many years in Pine Valley.

Ep. #9015

Bianca wrestles with whether or not to tell JR about his son. Tad will accept any decision Bianca reaches. Zach has bad news for David. Myrtle thinks the notion of a Cambias "curse" is ridiculous. JR and Adam make a connection between Jamie, Babe, Kelly Buchanan and the baby JR believes is his. Jamie and Babe decide to go through with a risky plan.



Ep. #9016

JR rebuffs Bianca over the phone. After questioning Kelly Buchanan, JR arrives at Bianca's door. Adam attempts to elicit information about Paul Cramer from Dorian Cramer. Mary's free ride at Adam's comes to an end. Bianca tries to mend fences with Maggie. Anita gives Bianca some troublesome news about Maggie. Jonathan makes Ryan feel guilty about a broken promise from the past. Kendall and Ethan become amorous.

Ep. #9017

While visiting Bianca, JR tricks her into admitting that his son is alive. Bianca is shaken by JR's cruelty and fears she's condemned Babe's son to a life with him and Adam. Adam bails Krystal out of jail and tries to find out what she knows about JR and Babe's son but she reveals nothing. In New Orleans, Jamie and Babe meet with a fortune teller as they wait for their new identification documents. The fortune teller turns out to be JR's private investigator who holds them at gunpoint while she contacts JR. Greenlee confronts Jonathan, who admits he is angry with her for supporting Ryan's decision to give his fortune away and for defending Kendall. Jonathan makes Maggie feel guilty for having visited Bianca and manipulates her into apologizing to him. Greenlee refuses to allow Mary to move in with her and Ryan but eventually agrees to put Mary up at the Valley Inn.



Ep. #9018

JR instructs his private investigator to contact the police and have Jamie and Babe arrested for kidnapping but Liza creates a distraction which allows Jamie and Babe to make their escape. Jamie and Babe later arrive at Liza's apartment. Tad vows to help Jamie and Babe. JR is furious at Tad for keeping the truth about his son from him. Adam is certain his investigators will locate Liza and Colby. In Llanview, JR informs Bo Buchanan that Babe kidnapped his (JR's) son. Ethan, Kendall, Ryan and Greenlee encounter David and Krystal at SOS. Kendall and Greenlee publicly humiliate Krystal as Ryan and Ethan throw David into a dumpster. Ethan gets the results of his DNA test. Bobby arranges a meeting with the person he's blackmailing.

Ep. #9019

Ethan gets proof that he is Zach's son. Kendall is alerted when she realizes Ethan left and took his rifle with him. Ryan reluctantly agrees to Kendall's request to track down Ethan. Ethan holds his rifle on Zach. Bianca and Miranda are released from the hospital and have a welcome home celebration with family and friends. Erica and Jack aren't pleased to learn Bianca encouraged Ethan to take a sample of Miranda's DNA but Bianca insists she wants Ethan to be a part of Miranda's life if he is indeed a Cambias. After witnessing Jonathan lashing out at Danielle, Greenlee voices her suspicion that Jonathan might be responsible for her poisoning to Kendall. Anita is shocked when a badly beaten Bobby is brought into the hospital. Edmund believes Zach is connected to Bobby's beating. Edmund tells Maria he wants to try and make things work between them.



Ep. #9020

Ethan holds Zach at gunpoint and demands answers. Zach has a cryptic warning for Ryan. Kendall and Greenlee pursue their suspicions about Jonathan. Bianca and Reggie fear Maggie could be in danger from Jonathan. Jonathan acts mean towards Maggie. Bobby makes a deal with Edmund. Maria and Edmund take steps towards reconciling. Maria is unaware of Edmund's private agenda.
Episode Overview

Ep. #9021

Ryan urges Kendall not to get further involved with Ethan. Kendall encounters Ethan on the beach. Zach fears for Ethan. Zach tells Maria she'll regret trying to reconcile with Edmund. Bobby gives Edmund information about Zach. Maggie defends Jonathan to Bianca. Bianca stuns Maggie. Reggie levels a serious accusation against Jonathan. Jonathan catches Greenlee in his apartment.



Ep. #9022

Adam and JR face off against Asa and Kevin Buchanan, with each party claiming that Ace, also known as baby James, belongs with them. Adam threatens to drag Kevin's name through the mud after he and Asa refuse to have a DNA test conducted once the baby is found. Tad arrives at Liza's apartment where he is reunited with Jamie and Babe. Tad has arranged for Liza to move to another state with Colby and for Jamie, Babe and James to go to Argentina. Babe admits to Tad that she loves Jamie as Jamie tells Liza he's in love with Babe. Not wanting Jamie to make any more sacrifices for her, Babe tells Jamie she wants him to return to Pine Valley and allow her and James to go to Argentina alone. Maggie walks away from Bianca, who vows to help her and turns to Anita for advice on abusive relationships. Greenlee makes as excuse when Jonathan finds her at his personal computer. Jonathan manipulates Maggie into feeling that is was her fault for him having hit her. Kendall reaches out to Ethan, who fears he is changing because he is a Cambias. Kendall is moved when Ethan asks her to always be there for him.



Ep. #9023

JR tricks David and Krystal into meeting him at the crash site, where he torments them with the fact he knows his son is alive and vows to make Babe pay for what she's done. JR threatens to kill Babe unless David and Krystal turn over the results of the DNA test proving James is his son. Jamie convinces Babe that he's staying with her because he loves her, not because he feels obligated to help her. Babe admits to Jamie that she loves him and they make love. With their friendship intact, Tad and Liza lament the way things have turned out for them and their loved ones. Greenlee is about to tell Ryan she suspects Jonathan of having drugged her but stops when Jonathan and Maggie arrive to surprise Ryan on his birthday. Maggie bristles when Greenlee questions her about Jonathan. Back at home, Jonathan's mood darkens as he wrongly assumes Maggie badmouthed him to Greenlee. Jonathan accuses Maggie of wanting him to hit her again and leaves her alone and terrified. Bianca is alarmed when Reggie admits he punched Jonathan. Bianca fears for Maggie's safety. Reggie can't forgive Jamie or Babe for what they did to Bianca.



Ep. #9024

Erica isn't pleased to find a barely dressed Ethan in Kendall's condo. Erica warns Ethan to stay away from her daughters and attempts to bribe him into doing so. Kendall informs Erica that the DNA test proves that Ethan is a Cambias. Kendall insists to Erica that Ethan isn't the monster Michael was. Erica confronts Zach in her effort to understand why Zach lied about Ethan being his son. Zach agrees that Erica should be worried about Kendall getting involved with Ethan as he is certain Ethan will fall victim to the Cambias curse. Ryan declines Bianca's offer of a severance package as he prepares to sign away Cambias Industries to Ethan and Miranda. At Ryan's suggestions, Bianca hires Jack to act as the General Counsel for Cambias Industries. Ethan signs the papers giving him half of Cambias Industries. Ethan tells Jack he wants to destroy Zach. After confirming that Edmund deposited one million dollars in a Cayman Islands bank account for him, Bobby tells Maria and Ryan that Zach is behind Ryan's shooting. Maria defends Zach to Ryan, who vows to find out the truth.



Ep. #9025

Adam and JR begin to repair the damage to their relationship as they head to New Orleans. Jamie and Babe prepare to flee to Argentina with James. Kendall and Greenlee team up to uncover the truth about Jonathan. Zach refuses to give Maria a straight answer to her questions. Ryan and Aidan try to get the truth out of Bobby.



Ep. #9026

Tad arranges for Babe, Jamie and James to hide in a deserted carriage house before Adam and JR can find them at Liza's apartment. JR threatens to kill Tad after he refuses to tell him where Jamie and Babe are. Meanwhile, Jamie assures Babe things will work out for them. Adam and JR get a lead on Jamie and Babe's whereabouts and head to the carriage house, where JR sees his son for the first time. Jonathan surprises Kendall and Greenlee when he summons Ryan to come to his apartment. Ryan is shocked that Greenlee suspects Jonathan of drugging her. Ryan voices his faith in Jonathan's innocence. Alone, Kendall warns Jonathan not to try and hurt Greenlee or Ryan. Edmund is furious to learn that Bobby skipped town. Aidan realizes Edmund paid Bobby for the incriminating information against Zach. Maria is troubled by her suspicions about Zach. Anita feels liberated with Bobby out of her life.

Ep. #9027

Babe and Jamie refuse to hand James over to JR. Tad attempts to make peace between JR, Jamie and Babe. Babe allows JR to hold James. JR has Jamie and Babe arrested. Babe stops JR from leaving the carriage house with James. Bo and Kevin Buchanan arrive at the carriage house and prevent JR from taking James. Ryan insists to Greenlee that Jonathan would never poison her. Kendall convinces Aidan to investigate Jonathan. Jonathan accuses Maggie of confirming Greenlee's suspicions that he poisoned her. Maggie tries to convince Jonathan she will always support him. Kendall questions Bianca about Maggie and Jonathan. Maggie accepts Jonathan's marriage proposal. Bianca goes to see Maggie.



Ep. #9028

Bianca is alarmed to learn Maggie plans on eloping with Jonathan that night. Maggie becomes angry when Bianca voices her misgivings about Jonathan. Jonathan turns cold when Maggie puts off making love with him and accuses her of wanting to be with Bianca. Bianca returns to Maggie's apartment and overhears Jonathan berating Maggie. Kendall convinces Greenlee not to dismiss Jonathan as a possible suspect in her drugging. Lily cracks a code which helps Aidan in his investigation of Jonathan. Babe, Jamie and Tad are held in the Pine Valley jail. Erica confronts Babe, who tries to defend her actions. Babe refuses to admit to JR that she has proof that James is his son. Tad won't tell Adam anything about Liza or Colby. At Adam's urging, Daniel Colson tells David he will help Babe in exchange for her turning against Jamie. David claims to Daniel that Jamie killed Paul Cramer.

Ep. #9029

Bianca pleads with Ryan to do something about Jonathan after witnessing his psychological abuse towards Maggie. Ryan dismisses Ethan's suspicions about Jonathan. After listening to Erica's tirade about parenting, Zach goes to see Ethan. Jamie denies killing Paul Cramer. Babe warns David not to do anything against Jamie.



Ep. #9030

Lily goes to question Jonathan on her own. Ethan rejects Zach, who is set on being a father to Ethan whether he likes it or not. Bianca begs Ryan to stop Jonathan from eloping with Maggie. Kendall and Greenlee enjoy an evening out together. Kendall is taken aback by Greenlee's announcement.
Episode Overview

Ep. #9031

Lily panics when Jonathan reaches out and touches her. Aidan arrives, followed soon after by Ryan and Bianca, as Lily searches for the drugs she believed Jonathan gave Greenlee. Maggie jumps to Jonathan's defense. Bianca tries to convince Maggie that her relationship with Jonathan isn't healthy. Bianca gives Maggie an impulsive kiss on the lips. Jonathan reluctantly admits to Ryan that he hit Maggie. Lily is happy to realize that it doesn't hurt when Aidan touches her. Aidan fears Lily's crush on him is going to end up hurting her and turns to Anita for help. Kendall can't help but be privately crushed when Greenlee tells her about wanting to start a family with Ryan. Erica warns Greenlee not to hurt Kendall. Erica advises Kendall not to jump into a rebound relationship with Ethan. Kendall admits to Ethan that she isn't completely over Ryan. Ethan refuses to allow Livia to call Ryan or Zach as witnesses for the defense at his upcoming trial. Livia is shocked to learn Ethan pulled a gun on Zach with Ryan as a witness.



Ep. #9032

Ryan assumes that Kendall hired Aidan to investigate Jonathan on her own. Greenlee doesn't enjoy lying to Ryan but remains determined to find out if Jonathan drugged her. Aidan informs Greenlee that Jonathan has a prior record of abuse. Ryan forces Jonathan to take responsibility for his actions and promises to stand by him as he gets the help he needs. Maggie pulls away from Bianca's kiss, insisting she loves Jonathan. Jonathan tells Maggie he is going to seek professional help. Maggie orders Bianca to stay out of her life. Ethan isn't threatened by Kendall's confession that she still has feelings for Ryan. Kendall is thrilled when Ethan makes it clear that he loves her. Maria insists to Zach that she is happy to be back together with Edmund. Anita warns Zach to leave her family alone. Edmund remains determined to bring Zach down and is angry over Bobby's disappearance.
Episode Overview



Ep. #9033

After Bianca refuses to help JR, he serves her with a subpoena to force her to testify that Babe has proof of his baby's paternity. Erica is aghast that Bianca won't help JR willingly and explains why she wants Babe and Krystal to pay for what they did. Kevin Buchanan warns JR to stay away from Ace. Kevin offers to help Babe in exchange for her relinquishing all parental rights to her son. Adam offers to get the kidnapping charges against David dropped in exchange for David and Krystal giving him the results of the DNA test that had been done on JR's son. Greenlee is startled to find herself alone with Jonathan, who feigns wanting to put their differences behind them. Jonathan informs Greenlee that he suspects she is working with Aidan. Meanwhile, Ryan confronts Kendall, who becomes angry when Ryan accuses her of having a vendetta against him and Jonathan. Kendall seems poised to tell Ryan that Greenlee was using Aidan to investigate Jonathan when Greenlee arrives.



Ep. #9034

Kendall covers for Greenlee in front of Ryan and is hurt by his cruel accusations. Greenlee remains suspicious of Jonathan but fears hurting Ryan. Ryan loses his temper with Jonathan but they soon make up. A disguised Lily follows Jonathan. Bianca makes it clear that she hasn't forgiven Babe but later begins to soften towards her. Ethan offers to help JR reclaim his son. Tad, Jamie and Babe are released on bail.

Ep. #9035

Bianca is questioned on the witness stand. Babe reveals the results of the DNA test she had conducted on James/Ace. Greenlee confesses to Ryan that she doesn't trust Jonathan. Kendall refuses to help Zach, who wants Ethan to distance himself from the Cambias family. Maggie admits to Jonathan that Bianca kissed her. Marian leaves Miranda alone with Jonathan.



Ep. #9036

JR, Jamie, Babe and Kevin Buchanan arrive at the lab for the court ordered DNA test on Babe's son. Kevin has no intention of giving up his fight to keep the baby. Babe rejects Kevin when he offers to allow her to be a part in her baby's life in exchange for helping him be awarded custody of the baby. Jamie asks Bianca to help in having the charges against Babe reduced. Bianca is horrified when she returns home and finds Jonathan alone with Miranda. Bianca makes it clear to Jonathan that she isn't going to disappear from Maggie's life. Aidan calms Lily when she becomes overwhelmed after she follows Jonathan to the Valley Inn. Maggie refuses to believe Anita and Aidan when they tell her that Jonathan has hit another woman in the past. Jonathan denies to Maggie that he ever hit another woman. Ethan warns Zach that he will destroy him. Kendall is concerned by Ethan's desire to ruin Zach and urges him to let go of his vendetta. Edmund digs for information about Zach at the casino. Zach confronts Edmund, warning him to stop his investigation.



Ep. #9037

Jonathan denies to Ryan that he drugged Greenlee. Ryan apologizes to Kendall. Bianca declines Anita's request to go to Maggie's with her and later explains to Kendall how she told Maggie that she had feelings for her. Myrtle encourages Bianca to fight for what she wants. Aidan and Anita bring Larraine, the woman Jonathan hit in the past, to speak with Maggie. Larraine convinces Maggie that Jonathan is dangerous and abusive. Maggie tells Jonathan that their relationship is over. Zach realizes that Bobby told Edmund that he (Zach) shot Ryan. Zach tries to convince Maria that Edmund paid Bobby to make that claim. Erica doesn't have any information for Edmund to use against Zach. Brooke overhears Edmund deciding to keep his divorce petition alive even though Maria dropped hers. Erica contacts Ryan after finding a box of Chris Stamp's belongings.



Ep. #9038

Maggie stands firm as she ends her relationship with Jonathan. Maggie insists to Jonathan that she hasn't chosen Bianca over him. Jonathan follows Bianca as she leaves her home. Ryan reels from the news that Chris Stamp isn't his father and that he is a full blooded Lavery. While at a roadside bar, Ryan remembers an ugly moment from the past with his father. Greenlee and Bianca discuss their fears about Jonathan. Erica tells Greenlee that Ryan learned he isn't Chris Stamp's son. Greenlee expects Ethan to help her find Ryan. Zach isn't pleased to see that Ethan is in cahoots with JR. Zach tries to warn Ethan not to go down a path that will surely destroy him. Zach remembers a bitter episode with his father and later goes to the roadside bar where he attacks Ryan. Babe manages to make her way into the Buchanan mansion to see her son. Kevin Buchanan finds Babe with the baby and threatens her. Babe makes a passionate argument about the importance of a mother in a child's life. JR gives Kevin the results of the DNA test.