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"Молодые и дерзкие"(США) - резюме серий на английском языке

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Episode #2169

Snapper visits Sally and expresses his doubts about the gravity of Chuckie's kidney condition. Defensive and angry, Sally asks him to leave. Meanwhile, Leroy and Cash throw a welcome back party for Nikki and Victor is captivated with her dancing.

Ep# 2809

A day after the surgery, Dr. Jacobs removes Kay's bandage and is pleased with her appearance. Later, Liz stops by the hospital to raise Kay's spirits and Nikki has a heart-to-heart chat with Victor.
Episode Overview



Ep. #6342

Victor continues reminiscing about the past with Nikki. The family prays for Nikki's health, as Nikki finally opens her eyes. Katherine is shocked to learn about Nikki being shot. Veronica decides to come back to Genoa City as the real Veronica, and put her past as "Sarah" behind. Philip and Ryan are spending quality time together until Tricia arrives to move in with Ryan. Neil confronts Olivia about her earlier conversation with Dru. Dru confides in Malcolm about missing her modeling career, but Malcolm warns her to think twice before doing whatever she intends to do.

Ep. #6343

Victor reunites with Nikki and promises to b always with her, as he continues reminiscing about their past. Ashley suggests Cole should be with Victoria at the hospital. Veronica is happy to hear about Nikki's situation. Sharon rushes to comfort Nick. Chris wants to give Michael a second chance, but she isn't sure if Michael can change. Dru informs Neil about an opportunity for a modeling job, and Neil realizes their future as a couple doesn't exist anymore. Lynne is furious at Paul for not fighting for Christine.



Ep. #6344

Victor tells Diane he'd like to marry Nikki in front of their children, because he's afraid Nikki might die. Sharon tries to comfort Nick, but he doesn't want anything from her anymore. Neil and Victoria discuss about Nikki. Dru informs Olivia about ending her marriage to Neil, as she looks forward to a future in fashion.
Episode Overview

Ep. #6345

Victor pleads with Diane to give him a divorce, so he'd be able to marry Nikki and then remarry Diane after Nikki dies. Diane has a hard time trying to accept Victor's idea, but eventually, she gives in. Nick is angry at Victor for not being at Nikki's side. Paul interrupts Danny and Christine's romantic dinner and tries to spend the night with them, so Christine leaves the place during dinner. Neil tells Olivia that he is OK with divorcing Dru.

Ep. #6346

Victor gets a divorce in the Dominican Republic. Jack is furious at Victor for asking Diane to divorce and then remarry Victor, and he embraces Diane. They kiss, and she doesn't pull away. Casey realizes she must tell Nikki the truth about Joshua's murder, as Nikki's health takes a turn for the worse. Jill informs Keith about Ryan and Tricia having dinner, and Keith attends the dinner and surprises Tricia. Neil and Dru say goodbye to each other.



Ep. #6347

Diane learns that Nikki is about to die, and she worries that Victor might not arrive in time to marry her. Doris convinces Sharon to return to hospital and comfort Nick, but he dismisses her, so she turns to Victoria for comfort. Victor arrives at the hospital and tells Nikki about the marriage plans, and she happily accepts. Tricia is convinced that Keith approves of her relationship with Ryan, but Ryan doesn't trust Keith yet.

Ep. #6348

As Nikki recovers in the hospital after being shot, Victor arranges to have them married, with their son Nick and her sister Casey in attendance. Diane is surprised when Victor informs her about the marriage. Miguel spots a beautiful woman at a bar, who turns out to be Veronica. Tony comforts Sharon and kisses her. Ryan surprises Nina with a gift. Cole also visits Nina and thinks of Nikki's shooting as a good theme for a book.

Ep. #6349

Sharon is disappointed to overhear a conversation between Cassie and Doris where Cassie tells her grandmother that she thinks Nick and Sharon are fighting because Nick doesn't like her. Victor and Nikki are officially married. Diane rushes to Victor's arms. The doctors realize that Nikki is stabilizing, and that she won't die. Neil talks to Victoria about her parents. Grace asks Tony for one more chance. Tricia informs Ryan about going back to school.



Ep. #6350

Danny and Paul agree that Christine deserves the time to think about which one of them she wants to be with, but both men break that promise immediately. Diane is worried and confused when Victor informs her that Nikki didn't die. She feels different now that Nikki and Victor are married. They kiss. Later, Jack informs Diane about Nikki's health. Sharon is worried because Cassie thinks she's the one that caused problems between Nick and her.

Ep. #6351

Veronica and Miguel run into each other again at the Mexican diner where she is dismayed to hear that his boss, Nikki Landers, is expected to live. Victor is trying to figure out what to do next with his love life. Diane tells Jack that she's sure about having a future with Victor. Victor is angry at Jack for spending too much time with Diane, but Jack reminds him that Diane is now a single woman. Michael and Phyllis plot together to save Michael's career.

Ep. #6352

Nick is angry when Sharon tells him that she plans to take Doris, Cassie and Noah away for awhile, and wants to know why Sharon would want to take Cassie with her. Victoria and Neil share a dinner to update each other on their bad love lives. Jack wants Jill to leave Keith. After getting a warning from Lynne, Paul decides to spend more time with his mother.



Ep. #6353

Nick and Sharon continue arguing about Cassie. Cassie calls Grace and informs her about Sharon's plans, so Grace goes to consult with Christine. Paul invites Christine to dinner and apologizes if his mother's presence has driven her out of his house. Danny and Phyllis discuss about Christine and Daniel. Megan and Tricia try to persuade Jill to accept Keith's marriage proposal. Katherine and Keith talk about the proposal too.

Ep. #6354

Victor tells Diane that he needs more to handle Nikki. He brings make-up to Nikki at the hospital, and Nikki is happy that they are a family again. Diane tells John she's hoping that Victor will eventually come back to her. Phyllis wants Christine to help Michael, who just applied for a new job at the Memorial Hospital, as a strategy to win his job back. Jill decides not to stay with Keith, and then is forced to move in with Katherine.

Ep. #6355

Nikki believes Victor and she are destined to be together forever. Jack wonders when or if Victor will return to Diane. Victoria and Nick are surprised when Diane tells them that Victor doesn't plan to stay married to Nikki. Miguel approaches Veronica again. Grace refuses a dinner invitation from Tony. Christine advises Sharon to stay in Genoa City. Christine tells Paul that she still hasn't decided between him and Danny. Cole thinks of Cole's murder. Nina refuses Ryan's offer for a blind date.



Ep. #6356

A hopeful Diane packs for her second honeymoon with Victor, but Jack believes Victor won't go with Diane. Nick and Victoria confront Victor after what they had learned from Diane, and he admits his farce. Cole asks Ashley to marry him. Olivia informs Malcolm that Neil is doing fine without Dru. Jill explains to Megan and Tricia why she can't marry their father.

Ep. #6357

Cassie is thrilled when Sharon suggests they should visit Grace. Nikki asks Diane to visit her at the hospital. A hopeful Sharon visits Nick, but he shatters her dreams about reuniting, and instead asks her to keep Cassie a secret from the rest of the family. Neil rethinks his failed marriage. Jill wants Malcolm to be a model for Jabot's new line. Ashley and Cole celebrate their engagement.

Ep. #6358

Nikki thanks Diane for giving her Victor, but Diane tells her that Victor intends to return to her after Nikki gets better. Victor tells Nikki that his plans have changed, and that he only wants her. Victor then insists that Sharon returns to the ranch, and later questions Nick about why Sharon moved out. Tony shares a drink with Sharon after Grace turns him down. Nick takes Grace out. Paul asks for Christine's advice on what to do with his mother.



Ep. #6359

Diane is shocked when Victor informs her that he intends to stay married to Nikki. He tries to embrace her, but she pushes him away. Jack talks to Jill about Diane. Sharon and Tony bond while Nick and Grace do the same thing. Phyllis is determined to leave Genoa City, but Michael refuses.

Ep. #6360

Jack is surprised when Victor asks him to look over Diane, and he soon realizes that Victor and Diane are over. Nick doesn't want to return home, so Grace suggests going to the office. Sharon is upset when Nick doesn't leave any messages for her, and Tony comforts her. Nina convinces Phillip to go to dinner to Ryan's. Megan wants Tricia to focus on winning over Phillip, so she'd have a clear way to Ryan. Victoria and Neil talk.

Ep. #6361

Olivia and Malcolm are surprised when Neil takes Victoria to the dinner, but he denies having feelings for her. Doris tries to convince Sharon to return home and be there for Nikki, but she seems to be too afraid of losing Nick and Cassie. Christine has to take care of legal business concerning Cassie, but Sharon won't go into it. Alice is angry with Millie for not remembering who took Cassie. Danny confronts Paul, but instead of fighting, the guys decide to visit their loved one, Christine.

Ep. #6362

Victor arrives at the hospital to pick up his wife and finally go home. Nick is angry at Victor for continuing the sham-marriage, but Victoria informs him that Victor intends to stay happily married to their mother, and Nick is finally happy. Danny and Paul urge Christine to decide between them, but she wants to have more time to make a proper decision. Sharon finally decides to move back home to wait for Nikki. Malcolm suspects there might be something going on between Victoria and Neil.
Episode Overview



Ep. #6363

Victor redecorates Nikki bedroom so she wouldn't feel weird in it since Joshua was murdered. Nick tells Sharon that their marriage can't survive because of Cassie. Jack suggests Diane should stay in her apartment and get as much money as she can from Victor, but she only wants her husband back. Jill manages to convince Malcolm to become a model for Jabot. Chris is still trying to decide between Paul and Danny.

Ep. #6383

In the entire episode, Christine reminisces about her past with both Danny and Paul, and has decided to finally choose between the two men, and then give them the news about her decision.

Ep. #6384

Nikki confronts Sharon about Cassie. Nick tells Victor he believes that he shouldn't have married and had children so fast, so Victor decides to talk with Sharon. Tony is worried because Grace and Nick seem to be spending a lot of time together. Ashley interrupts Victoria trying to tell Cole that she's pregnant. Paul confronts Danny. After a conversation with Katherine, Christine makes a decision between Danny and Paul.

Ep. #6385

Paul is livid while realizing that his mother still hopes that his father Carl is alive. Elsewhere, Carl is shown being with another woman. Nick begs Nikki not to reveal Cassie to Victor, and she agrees to keep it a secret. Nick calls Sharon. Paul learns from Lynne that Christine called Danny to come over.

Ep. #6386

Grace is surprised when Nick tells her that he'll try to patch things up with Sharon, so she turns to Tony for comfort. Sharon is thrilled by Nick's decision. Neil is convinced that Malcolm and Olivia are trying to meddle in Victoria's life. Paul is thrilled by Christine's decision to be with him.



Ep. #6387

Jack tapes a conversation with Victor to finally prove to Diane that Victor won't return, and that his life is now with Nikki. Victoria tells Neil that Olivia only came to check on her, and then she informs Neil that she is pregnant. Katherine and Jill fight over Phillip again. Danny shakes hands with Paul to show his that he approves of Christine's decision.

Ep. #6388

Victoria tells Neil she'll understand if he doesn't want to stand by her during the pregnancy, but Neil turns to the other side, wanting to be there for her and suggesting that the she allows the child to be his. Cassie and Nick talk. Diane wants to know where she stands with Victor. Cole tells Ashley that he'll be divorced soon, and that he's happy to be starting a new life with her. Danny informs Phyllis about Christine's decision, and she comforts him. Christine and Paul enjoy their time together.



Ep. #6789

Nikki has no regrets about going to Venice with Brad. The two are having a wonderful time. Nikki feels she should call Nick and Victoria. Brad asks her not to let them lay a guilt trip on her. Nikki gets hold of Sharon, who informs her that Victor returned the night she left on her trip. Nick goes to see Paul. He is sure that Warton is the person sending the letters to Victoria. He wants Paul to put him back in jail. Paul can't do that, but vows to protect Victoria. Raul apologizes to Billy for being so uptight last week. He explains that he was upset about Mac. Billy asks Raul if he and Mac want to do something, but Mac declines. Raul asks Mac if they can stay friends with Billy and Brittany. Mac thinks Billy doesn't really want to mix with the wrong class of people. Jill tells Ashley that Jabot is gaining on Brash & Sassy. Jill is upset when Ashley's only response is that she is worried about Victor being away so long.



Ep. #6790

Nikki tells Brad that she wants to go home. He promises to get them on a plane tomorrow. Victoria is stunned when Sharon tells her that Nikki called earlier. Sharon didn't get any details from Nikki and this frustrates Victoria. Victor calls the ranch and asks Victoria how he can reach Nikki. Victoria is tired of the games her parents are playing and hangs up. Olivia is surprised to learn from Ashley that Cole wasn't on the cruise with her and, in fact, they are getting a divorce. Olivia then tells her that Neil saved her life and she is very grateful to him. Later, the doctor informs Olivia that her test results reveal she has taken a step back in certain areas. Olivia is worried. Paul tells Nick that he wants to talk to Warton's parole officer alone, but Nick jumps in and puts the guy on the defensive. Paul is angry and tells Nick he is ready to take himself off the case. Callie is able to dodge a lunch invitation from Malcolm so she can keep an appointment with Michael Baldwin.



Ep. #6791

Paul goes to the warehouse to confront Larry Warton. Warton lets Victoria's name slip. Paul warns him that if he has been the one writing the fan letters, he will be going back to jail. When Paul leaves, Warton goes to his locker and pulls out a magazine with Victoria's picture in it. Sharon convinces Nick to tell Victoria that he thinks he knows who "the fan" is. Victor calls Chris and asks her to help him with a legal document. When this deal is finished, he will be able to deal with Nikki and Ramona. Jack shows up at Ramona's home. She wants to know what he is doing there. Malcolm tells Olivia that he and Callie plan to get married soon. It's an easy conversation and they are happy they can talk freely. Michael Baldwin suggests to Callie a way in which she can get a faster divorce from Trey. Callie is worried that Trey will complicate matters. Nina runs into Tomas at the coffeehouse. They decide to go back to her place and talk.



Ep. #6792

Chris meets Victor in Albuquerque to help him with some papers. She questions why he couldn't have done this in Genoa City and then realizes it has something to do with Ramona. Jack tries to explain to Ramona that Victor is a dangerous person and wonders just how involved she is with him. Ramona doesn't want to believe anything bad about Victor. Tony tells Sharon about Tricia kissing him at the Colonnade Room. He doesn't know how to handle the situation. Tony makes a decision to ask Megan to marry him. Ryan lets Tricia know that the doctor's office told him that she is the one who has been canceling the appointments. He wants her to see a therapist, but she refuses. A frustrated Ryan goes to Nina's place to discuss his situation. He bursts in on Tomas and Nina talking. Jill calls Billy at the coffeehouse to invite Billy to dinner. Billy sees this as an opportunity to see Mac. However, when he arrives at the Chancellor estate, Mac gives him a bad time for treating Raul poorly. Malcolm wants to discuss wedding plans with Callie, but she is reluctant to do so.
Episode Overview



Ep. #6793

Jack assumes that Victor and Ramona are lovers. Ramona is insulted and wants him to leave. He hopes to see her again under different circumstances. Chris looks over Victor's land deal and wonders if he is doing this just for Ramona. He admits he owes her a great deal. Victor goes to see Ramona. He tells her that he has secured her land and he believes she can now get on with her career in New Mexico. Ramona thinks this is Victor's way of saying good-bye. Tomas leaves so Nina can talk to Ryan alone. Ryan tells Nina everything that has been going on with Tricia. Nina is more certain than ever that Tricia needs a therapist. Tricia is desperate to get Megan away from Tony. She tells Megan that the two of them should go to London to visit their father. Both Megan and Tony think it's very short notice. When Tricia finally gives up and leaves, Tony surprises Megan with an engagement ring. Mac gives Billy hell for treating Raul like an outsider. When Jill arrives to have dinner with Billy, he is no longer hungry and leaves. Jill blames Mac. Callie continues to dance her way around Malcolm's proposal.



Ep. #6794

Ramona offers to make Victor a farewell dinner. She tells Victor that she hopes he won't forget her. He admits he has feelings for her, but he shares something special with his wife and doesn't want to do anything to cause their breakup. She asks him if he is sure Nikki is playing fair with him. On the plane ride home from Venice, Brad wants to discuss with Nikki what will happen once they arrive in Genoa City. Nikki wants to stop by the ranch. Brad assumes it's to pick up some things before moving in with him. Jack explains to Ashley what happened on his trip to New Mexico. He wonders aloud why so many women have a thing for Victor. Tricia admits to Nina that she might be losing it. Nina begs her to get help. Megan accepts Tony's marriage proposal. They decide to tie the knot tomorrow. Megan wants to invite Tricia, but Tony doesn't think it's a good idea. At the coffeehouse, Billy asks J.T. for some liquor so he can spike his drink. Raul enters and wonders what's going on. Billy sarcastically tells Raul that Mac and he are two of a kind. It must be love. Brock asks Mac about her true feelings toward Billy since she is overreacting to a comment that he made. Paul asks Chris about her business in New Mexico with Victor.
Episode Overview



Ep. #6795

Once back at the ranch, Nikki gets cold feet and feels she should spend at least one night there. Brad asks if their romance was just a fling for her. She insists it wasn't. He leaves, telling her that tomorrow night she will be with him. After dinner, Ramona suggests to Victor that they each have to get up early tomorrow, so they should get to bed. Victor notices that she is drinking a different kind of tea and asks her for some to help him sleep. Ramona retires to her room. Victor has a dream that Nikki leaves him. Ramona hears him talking in his sleep and comes out to see what's wrong. They begin to kiss. Cassie asks Sharon and Nick if she is still going to be the flower girl in Victor and Nikki's wedding. It's a question they can't answer. Nick doesn't want to worry about his parents' marriage; he only wants to concentrate on his own. John has dinner with Jill at Gina's. He tries to convince her to leave Mac alone and worry about her relationship with her son. Billy, Brittany, J.T. and Rianna go back to the Abbott house to get liquor. When John arrives home, he tells Billy there will be no drinking under his roof. Billy is frustrated, feeling like he is always being treated like a child. Brock tells Kay how happy he is that she found him. Jack and Ashley discuss their respective love lives.



Ep. #6796

Victor feels as if he took advantage of Ramona, but she assures him that she has no regrets. As he leaves to go home to straighten things out with Nikki, Ramona tells him she will never forget him. Kay questions Nikki's relationship with Brad. Nikki defends herself, telling Kay that Victor left long before she did. Brad arrives at the ranch to take Nikki home with him. Victoria calls a meeting with her staff and Ross and Gary from the ad agency. Brash & Sassy sales are falling behind Jabot and she suggests that they go back to the old ad campaign. She feels safe now that she has a bodyguard. Leo questions Warton about "the fan" letters. Warton says that the Newman's deserve what's happening to them. Ryan finally talks Tricia into seeing a therapist. He wants to go with her, but ends up attending the meeting that Victoria called. Nina takes Megan a wedding dress. Megan feels bad about not telling Tricia. Tony leaves to ask Sharon to stand up for him. Nina suggests he take her car because it's so cold outside, but he insists on riding his bike. He leaves the ring behind.



Ep. #6797

Brad wants to know if Kay changed Nikki's mind about spending her future with him. He wants her to walk out the door with him now. She tells him she still has some packing to do and will meet him at Gina's. On the plane ride home from New Mexico, Victor recalls beautiful memories of Nikki and him. He sincerely hopes they can work out their problems. When he walks in the door, he notices Nikki's bags and asks where she is going. Ramona admits to Helena that she was intimate with Victor. She's not sure she'll ever be able to get him out of her heart. Victoria asks if the others are in favor of going back to the old campaign. Gary suggests that the photos be a little less provocative. Victoria thinks that is a good suggestion. She wants to speak with Gary in private. Warton tells Leo that he wants to change his life around, but is worried that the Newman's and all their money will put him back in jail. Megan leaves a message on Tricia's phone machine that she and Tony are getting married. Tricia can't believe what she is hearing and heads over to Megan's to try and stop her. Tony is also heading back to Megan's to get the ring he left there. When Tricia realizes that Megan isn't there, she throws the car into reverse and ends up hitting Tony, who is on his motorcycle!



Ep. #6798

Victor wonders why Nikki seems more surprised than pleased to see him. He wants to talk if she isn't in a hurry to leave. He tries to explain why he went to New Mexico, but Nikki is tired of listening to him and thinks this is a waste of time. Brad gives his letter of resignation to Victoria. He wants a clear playing field to fight Victor for Nikki. Ashley tells him that she hopes he is doing the right thing. Ryan calls 911 when he sees how bad Tony's condition is. Tricia is crying uncontrollably. Megan is waiting for Tony at the Justice of the Peace. She finally calls his cell phone. The nurse answers and hands the phone to Ryan who tells her to get to the hospital right away. Malcolm tells Nate that he and Callie are engaged to be married. Nate wants to know if he is going to have more kids.


Вы здесь » "Латинский Рай" - форум сайта латиноамериканской музыки, теленовелл и сериалов » Резюме сериалов других стран » "Молодые и дерзкие"(США) - резюме серий на английском языке