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"Рамона" (Мексика) - резюме на английском языке.

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44 серия

     Felipe tells Beatriz he’s going to the Yahi camp to give Alejandro the deed to the Yahi land. He tells her they’re buried under the tree where Doña Ramona prays.

     Alejandro and Ramona are eating with Lince and Memphis. Memphis tells Lince he’s glad to see him again. He tells Lince that business has been good and that he wants to give him something. Lince tells Memphis thanks, but he doesn’t need anything; but the Yahis need weapons and gunpowder. He’s the only one that can help them. Memphis is surprised and asks what they need weapons for. Memphis tells him that he doesn’t have any weapons or gunpowder at the momnt but that he’ll get some as soon as he can. He tells Alejandro that he’ll give him a discount because of the gratitude he holds for Lince. Ramona tells Alejandro that Felipe could let them borrow some money. Alejandro tells her that he doesn’t want to involve her family into this. Ramona tells him that she’s sure Felipe could lend them any amount because they’re rich. Alejandro tells her that HE is her family now, and she has to accept whatever he comes up with. Ramona tells him she knows him well and that he’s not willing to accept Felipe’s help because of his pride. Ramona gets upset and walks towards her horse. Lince tells Alejandro that Ramona doesn’t understand that the man in the authority in a marriage. Lince tells Alejandro that Ramona is like a wild horse who needs to be tamed. Alejandro just looks at him and then walks off to talk to Ramona. He asks her if she’s angry. She says she is. Ramona tells him that he has to get off that high horse and ask for help. She tells him she doesn’t know why it offends him that she suggested to ask Felipe for help. She thought that Alejandro cared for Felipe as a brother. Alejandro tells her he still does. He says he appreciates him more after what he did to help them escape. Ramona asks him why he won’t accept Felipe’s help then. Alejandro tells her that she’s right and that his pride prevents him from doing that. He tells her that in Yahi custom the husband is supposed to look out for his wife. Ramona tells him that this has nothing to do with her, if the Yahi tribe is in danger like he says she thinks it’d be foolish of him not to accept the help. Alejandro just looks at her.

     In Spurtown at the Coronado household Fernando is talking with Don Ruy. He asks Don Ruy what he’s thought about the mortgage. Don Ruy tells him that first they’ll try to sell the family jewels. If that doesn’t work they’ll have no choice but to mortgage the house. Fernando tells him that the jewels will be hard to sell in Spurtown. Fernando tells him that he’s thinking of going to San Diego to buy merchandise to sell. Don Ruy thanks Fernando and tells him that he’s a good son and that GOD will repay him for that. He also tells Fernando he wont be able to give Ana Lupe a good dowry and that she’ll probably end up married to the wrong person. He tells Fernando he hopes he has good luck in San Diego. Mean while, Ana Lupe is outside watering the plants. Billy comes towards herr and asks if they could talk for a while. She tells him that her brother and her father are home and they would get angry if they saw them talking. Billy asks her why. Ana Lupe tells him it’s because he’s American. Billy asks her if that’s a crime. Ana Lupe answers that it is to them. He asks her if it’s a crime to her. She tells him no and smiles. Billy tells her he’d like to ask her something. He asks if shes engaged yet. She tells him not yet. Billy tells her he’s not engaged either. He suggests that they frequent each other,but Ana Lupe reminds him once again that her family would not approve. Billy tells her that they can frequent each other without her family knowing. Ana Lupe get’s angry and tell him that that’s an indecent proposal and that she’s a decent lady. Billy asks Ana Lupe what they should do then. She tells him she doesn’t know. Billy tells her that maybe they should get to know each other better. She agree. Billy tells her that he’ll come to look for her another day.

     Alejandro and Ramona walk toward Lince and Memphis. Alejandro tells Memphis to get the gunpowder and weapons as soon as he can and to take them to the Yahi camp. He’ll be there in a few days. Memphis looks at Lince surprised. Alejandro tells Memphis that he’ll be awaiting news from him, but for now he and Ramona have to go on their way. Ramona says good-bye to Lince and Memphis. Lince tells them that he hopes the GODS will take care of them. Memphis tells Lince that it looks like Ramona was able to convince Alejandro. Lince tells him it’s a bad thing when women take charge.

     It’s night at the Moreno Hacienda. Marcos and El Norteño are digging under the tree where Doña Ramona prays everyday. Felipe is there holding a lantern. Marcos tells Felipe he found something. Felipe asks him what it is. El Norteño hands Felipe the papers that Alejandro buried not so long ago. Felipe tells them that that’s probably the deed to the Yahi lands. Marcos tells Felipe that there’s something else down there. El Norteño looks in and screams. He tells them there’s a skeleton in there as Felipe looks into the hole. Felipe tells them that effectively there are remains in there. He tells them that it looks like the story of the dead man under the tree was true. Marcos asks him if he wants them to take out the remains. Felipe tells him to leave them there that it’s better if they levae them there. The dead need to rest in peace. EL Norteño tells them that now they know why Doña Ramona prays there. Felipe tells them he wonders whose remains those are. Marcos tells them that it’s a shame that Juan Canito isn’t around anymore, because he could tell them who it was. Felipe tells them that Marta can tell them who the person is and why he’s buried there.

     Perpetua is talking to Beatriz. Perpetua tells her that they should leave with Don Cesar, because she’s scared of staying in the hacienda. Felipe is leaving and they’ll have no one to protect them. Beatriz tells her to stop worrying because they’re not going to be alone. There’s going to be guards, and the workers of the hacienda. Beatriz tells Perpetua that she’s more worried about Felipe than themselves. Perpetua tells her that she’s worried about Don Cesar. She’s scared that the Sheriff of Spurtown will recognize Don Cesar. Perpetua says that she doubts the Sheriff is a murderer, since he looked harmless. She says that Doña Ramona can say whatever she wants but the Sheriff looks decent. Beatriz tells her that no one in the hacienda was capable of murdering Juan Canito so it must have been him. Perpetua tells her that she doesn’t think it was anyone from the hacienda either but it could have been some badit. She says that she saw a strange man a few days ago. Beatriz tells her that “that” man was the one who brought them news about the new law. Perpetua tells her that it could have been a bandit that was just passing by. Beatriz tells her that Juan wasn’t robbed. Perpetua asks Beatriz if something is wrong. Beatriz tells her that Felipe went to the Yahi camp first before going to Spurtown. Perpetua tells her that it looks like that headache named Ramona is back. Beatriz tells her that she doesn’t know why she (Perpetua) refers to it like that. He’s only going to go drop off the deed to the Yahi lands.

     Alejandro and Ramona are camping out. She’s lying on his legs as he caresses her hair. He thanks her for opening his eyes. He tells she had the right to get angry with him. His pride gets in the way all the time. Ramona tells him to not worry about it. Alejandro tells her that he was thinking about what she said. He’s the Yahi chief and her husband. He says that he should think of protecting the tribe first. He’s happy that Felipe can help them with the weapons. Ramona asks him if he means it. Alejandro tells her that he means it and asks her if she can forgive him. They kiss and she tells him that the kiss was proof that all has been forgotten. They’re about to kiss again when they hear a noise. They get upup as Alejandro says “Shhhhh!” that someone is watching them. Alejandro gets out his knife and walks towards the bushes and asks…”Who’s there?!”



45 серия

     We hear Nepo say he comes in peace. Alejandro tells him to come closer as he puts his knife towards Nepo’s throat and grabs his gun. He asks him “Who are you?” Nepo tells him he’s just a good Christina. He says his name is Nepomuceno Buenrostro at his service. Alejandro starts searching Nepo. He tells him that his friends call him Nepo. Ramona walks towards them. Nepo says he’s probably run into some bandits. Alejandro tells him that they’re not bandits. Nepo tells him that the young lady probably isn’t but he is. Ramona tells him that Alejandro is her husband. This startles Nepo.

     Felipe is in the living room walking around in circles (literally) when he runs into Marta who’s still doing her rounds. Felipe asks her what she’s still doing there. Marta tells him that she doesn’t want to go home. Felipe takes her hand and says he’s sorry for what happened to Juan, he owes him a lot. Marta tells him she remembers that and a lot of things. Felipe asks her about Margarita and how she’s holding up. Marta tells her that Margarita had to go home to put Delgadina to sleep. She says she’s worred about her because she hasn’t stopped crying. Felipe tells her that it’s normal because Juan was her father and she’ll miss him very much. Marta tells her that Juan was real good to them before going on those tragis rounds. He didn’t want to authorize the relationship between El Norteño and Mago but finally he said he approved. He said he wanted to see his grandchildren. Marta starts crying and says that now he’s never going to get to see them. Felipe tells her not to cry, that she has to be strong so that Margarita can be strong too. Felipe assures her that they will take care of Margarita and her. Marta asks Felipe if he wants to drink something. He tells her no thanks, but he does have something to ask her. He asks her who the remains buried under the tree belong to. Marta just looks at him shocked.

     Nepo is still talking to Alejandro and Ramona. Nepo tells them that he’s on his way to the hacienda and that maybe they should go with him. Ramona tells him that they’re staying where they are. Nepo asks “Alejandro?”. Alejandro asks him if he’s heard of him. Nepo tells him he’s heard stuff. Alejandro asks him what he’s heard. Nepo says he’ll talk if they have a drink. Ramona and Alejandro look at each other and smile. Nepo tells them he hasn’t drunk anything since the morning. Ramona tells him that they have dried meat and some coffee. Nepo says that will have to do. He asks Alejandro is he has any liquor. Alejandro tells him he doesn’t drink. Nepo tells them he feels sorry for them because Red Skins aren’t aloowed to drink. Alejandro tells him it’s better he leave. Ramona tells him to first tell them what he’s heard about Alejandro. Nepo tells them he’s on his way back from the Moreno Hacienda. He asks him if they know where it is. They tell him they do. Nepo tells them he forgot that they Indians worked for the Morenos during the season. Ramona hands Nepo a cup of coffee. He says thank you beautiful, but Ramona tells him that it’s better if he calls her by her name, Ramona. “Ramona?” says Nepo. Ramona asks him why it catches him by surprise. Nepo tells her because the lady at the Hacienda is named that and wonders if Ramona is her daughter. Alejandro tells him that he should tell them what he knows about him instead of interrogating them. Nepo tells him he heard people say he was dead. Alejandro asks him where he heard that. Nepo tells him he heard it from the people in the Hacienda. He didn’t believe them anyway. Alejandro asks him what else. Nepo tells him that he’ll talk more but the coffee isn’t enough. He tells Ramona that he’ll talk if he can get her gold medal. Ramona tells him she’ll never take it off, because her brother gave it to her. Nepo says he doesn’t know what they’re going to do then. Alejandro tells him it’s simple he points the gun at Nepo…he tells him that either he tells them what he knows or he dies.

     At the Hacienda Felipe is telling Marta that El Norteño isn’t lying because he saw the remains himself. Marta tells him she can’t tell him anything. Felipe asks her why and who the person is. Marta tells him that he shouldn’t ask her. She tells him that if he has some pity for her to just leave everything as it is. Marta tells him that Doña Ramona has enough problems already. Felipe asks her what Doña Ramona has to do in all of this. Marta tells him that she can’t say anything, and to forget about the remains. It’s the best for everyone. Felipe tells Marta he’s not going to pressure her to tell him, but when she’s feeling better he’ll have to tell her. For now he’s going to bed he’s leaving early with Don Cesar. Marta asks him if he’s leaving. Felipe tells her he’s going to Spurtown and to see Ramona. Marta gets really happy when she hears him say he’s going to see Ramona. He tells her not to say anything to his mother. Marta looks at him worried.

     Alejandro is still holding Nepo at gunpoint. Nepo tells him that the Sheriff from Spurtown went to look for him at the Moreno hacienda. He thinks they told him he was dead, that’s why he left them a little gift before he left. Alejandro asks him what he means. Nepo tells him that they left a dead person. Ramona gets scared and asks who was murdered. Nepo tells him that he doesn’t know that, he just saw them burying someone. Ramona gets up and tells Alejandro that they should get going then. She asks Nepo if he knows if it was Felipe Moreno. Alejandro asks him if he doesn’t remember or maybe it’s that he doesn’t want to tell them. Ramona tells Alejandro to let him go so they can leave. Alejandro tells him to leave NOW! Nepo tells him that no wonder people don’t like the Indians. Ramona tells him to let it go because he’s not worth it. She tells him not to waste time and to get back on their way.

     Felipe is reading his diary. He says that once again tragedy strikes at the Moreno household. Today Juan Canito left them forever. He asks himself if it’s possible that one day they’ll have to leave their lands forever. He takes a feather and asks himself about the remains under the tree. He starts writing about how everything around him is sadness. Only the hope of seeing Ramona once again keeps him alive.

     It’s daytime and Felile has just brought down Ramona’s virgin. He tells Margarita to wrap it. Mago tells him to tell Ramona what happened to her father. Felipe tells her that of course he will. Mago tells him that Ramona will be glad to see him, and that he please tell her that the house is not the same without her. Felipe tells Mago he’ll tell Ramona everything. Mago tells Felipe to take care and she hopes that nothing will happen to him. Felipe tells her not to worry about him, she should take care of Marta because she’s older than she is and she needs her. Mago starts to cry and tells Felipe she doesn’t think she’ll ever laugh again. She never thought the heart could hurt so badly. Felipe hugs her and tells her that Juan would have wanted her to be strong. Mago tells Felipe that she will be strong for her father. He wouldn’t want to see her crying.

     In the living room we see Doña Ramona and Don Cesar. She asks him to make sure Felipe doesn’t do anything foolish. Don Cesar tells her he’ll do whatever he can to protect Felipe. He apologizes because he didn’t call her Doña. She tells him it’s ok he can call her Ramona because they know each other better now. Cesar tells her that if it’s God’s will they’ll be family very soon. SO it wouldn’t be wrong if he called her Ramona. She agrees. She tells him that Felipe was a good son and very sensitive, but she doesn’t know what happened to him. She doesn’t know why he’s defying death.

     ok I divided into 3 parts. SInce I've been extra busy these past few days. Sorry toe all the delay. I'll have Fridays up as soon as possible too.



Capitulo 46


     Doña Ramona tells Ramona about her conversation with Angus many years ago, when he told her about his relationship with Tegua. She explains that it was then when she developed a hatred for Indians. An Indian took Angus away from me, so I hated you, too, for a time. You are living proof of the relationship between Angus and Tegua. Ramona cries and says it wasn't her fault; she was innocent. Doña Ramona recognizes that her blood isn't her fault, but her acts are. You betrayed me by leaving with Alejandro, just like Angus did with Tegua.

     Ramona replies that Angus left with Tegua to spite her. There is a flashback: Angus enters the room carying baby Ramona in his arms. Doña Ramona comes in with Marta. Doña Ramona asks Marta to leave, and Doña Ramona wants to know what he's doing there, Alonso will be there at any moment. Angus says he's saying goodbye to her. Tegua is dead, and he wants her to take the baby. Doña Ramona can't believe what he's asking, and she sees that Angus is injured. He tells her the baby's name is Ramona, in honor of her. He falls to his feet and tells her he loves her. Angus also thinks she forgot about him. Back in the present Doña Ramona says that when Angus died, her life stopped. Part of her died with him.

     Felipe and Don Cesar eat at the Mexican-owned roadside inn. Felipe is deep in thought about Ramona, and he wants to tell Don Cesar something important. What? asks Cesar. Felipe says that he needs to leave him and go to the Yahi village to see Ramona. I need to be with her, Felipe explains. Don Cesar seems to understand.

     Perpetua is asleep in a chair. Beatriz walks in, coughing, and Perpetua wakes up. She says she had a dream. Beatriz says she's been thinking about Cesar and Felipe on their trip. He is looking for Ramona. Perpetua is concerned about Felipe's devotion to his sister. Beatriz seems bothered by her aunt's remarks.

     Doña Ramona has taken Angus' objects out of the chest and lets Ramona hold the photo. Doña Ramona offers it to her, but Ramona tells her to keep it. Doña Ramona tells Ramona to take it, because it's her father. She says that Angus died right here, and she touches his gun. He practically died in my arms. A flashback: Angus is on the floor, dying, and Doña Ramona calls him her beloved. He asks her to take care of his daughter as if she was hers. Marta has Ramona in her arms. Juan is next to her. Doña Ramona agrees to take the baby. Angus wants her to be Catholic. He tells her "Te amo," then dies.

     Back in the present Doña Ramona admits she thought about killing herself. Ramona says she believed that Doña Ramona was incapable of feeling anything. Doña Ramona replies that the experience with Angus hardened her, but before she was a fragile woman. Back to a flashback: This time Alonso is in agony, lying in bed. He tells her he knows she never really loved him, she loved the Irishman. But she was a Christian, a loyal companion, and a good mother to Felipe. She asks him to forgive her. Back in the present Doña Ramona tells Ramona that Alonso died a little while later. She put the ring that said "Ramona" on Angus' finger and buried Angus under the tree.

     Ramona wants to know what happened with her. For a while Marta took care of her, because Margarita had recently been born. She, Doña Ramona, locked herself in the house for several months and later told everyone that Ramona was her daughter. No one doubted that Ramona was the biological daughter of Doña Ramona and Alonso. Only Juan, Marta, and Padre Salvatierra knew the truth. Margarita is eavesdropping, her ear to the door.

     It's almost dawn, and Ramona says it's time to go back to her village, but this time she will probably never return. She is proud to be a Yahi, and once the Yahis know she is Tegua's daughter they will probably accept her. Margarita is shocked upon hearing this. Doña Ramona admits she should have told her everything when she fell in love with Alejandro. Ramona says that Alejandro will be pleased about the news that she has Yahi blood. Doña Ramona says she will not forgive Alejandro, she did not forgive Tegua, they both stole something from her. Ramona hopes that some day she will change her mind, nobody stole anything. Doña Ramona wants Ramona to agree, however, to not tell Felipe the truth that she isn't his sister. Ramona doesn't understand but reluctantly agrees. Doña Ramona asks Ramona to forget them and to return to her village. Ramona doesn't want to believe that she might never see any of them again--she stands there, crying, wanting something more. Doña Ramona can't look at her--it's a very emotional moment and she asks Ramona to just leave. She quickly blesses her and Ramona leaves.

     Ramona goes back to the Canito's house. Alejandro wonders what happened. She briefly tells the story. Norteño says it's a good thing Doña Ramona doesn't know Alejandro is there at the hacienda. Alejandro says they should go. Norteño leaves with Alejandro to get the horses ready.

     Doña Ramona looks at the belongings of Angus and puts them back in the chest. Marta comes in. Doña Ramona tells her that she told Ramona everything, but somehow Ramona already knew the truth. Marta asserts that she and Juan said nothing. At this point, explains Doña Ramona, what's important is that Alejandro never return and that Felipe never know the truth. Marta wonders why, and Doña Ramona reminds her about the feelings that Felipe has for Ramona. Marta tries to convince her to talk to Ramona(?)

     Ramona and Margarita talk while the men get the horses. Margarita asks if she's an India, and Ramona says yes, but Doña Ramona doesn't want Felipe to know that she isn't related to him. Margarita swears to keep the secret. They cry and say goodbye to each other. Margarita says they'll see each other the next time she visits, but Ramona sadly explains there won't be a next time; she can't return to the hacienda. The men get back, and Margarita gives them food for their trip. Norteño offers Alejandro money and a gun, and Alejandro is grateful. It's time to leave.

     In the house Marta reminds Doña Ramona that there are big problems at the Yahi village. How will she be able to live with herself if something happens to Ramona? Doña Ramona relents and tells Marta to catch Ramona before she leaves.

     Ramona and Alejandro are on their horses. Ramona tells Margarita and Norteño to say goodbye to Felipe. She is crying and gives the hacienda one last look. They ride away. Marta comes out and yells that Doña Ramona wants to talk to Ramona, but Ramona and Alejandro have galloped away. Norteño is sent to catch up to them.

     Felipe arrives at the Yahi village with the Virgin statue and some gifts for Ramona. The Yahis wonder who is in the carriage, and Felipe calls to Antonio. Felipe soon learns that Ramona and Alejandro have gone to the hacienda, and Felipe is surprised. They went to the hacienda to retrieve the deed/title that was buried there. They should be there now, the Yahis tell Felipe. Felipe gives the title to the Antonio and Jesus. Manuela wants to know who the man is, and Yahale explains that it's Ramona's brother.

     Doña Ramona is waiting for news from Norteño. Marta comes in and says that Norteño couldn't catch up to Ramona. Doña Ramona thanks her and Marta leaves. Perpetua wants to know what happened. Ramona only came to get some Yahi papers, Doña Ramona explains. Perpetua wonders if Ramona came like the prodigal son, and Doña Ramona explains no, and this time she left for good. Perpetua asks that if Ramona wasn't returning, then why did she want her followed? Doña Ramona says that she wanted to tell Ramona something very important.

     Felipe is in the Yahi church and writes Ramona a letter. He says it's unortunate they missed each other. He finishes the letter. Antonio asks Padre Sarria what they should do with the title. Padre Sarria says they need to go to Spurtown to register the property, but ask Felipe; he's good with these things and would know. Felipe says the time limit may be up. No matter what, Alejandro cannot go to Spurtown, since he's a wanted man and the gringos have been told that he's dead. Felipe continues, saying that Green is the murderer--he killed Juan Canito. Padre Sarria can't believe it. Felipe tells Antonio that if he wants to go with him, he'll be leaving soon.

     Out in the country Alejandro shows Ramona the grave of Padre Salvatierra. He explains that he and Felipe came across his body and buried him here. Ramona comments that Padre Salvatierra and Juan knew her true origin. She is glad that Doña Ramona told her the truth, because Matea was right about her parentage. Ramona is about to cry, and says that something stronger attracted them, their united race. Alejandro says now the tribe will accept her. Alejandro kisses Ramona.

     At the Yahi village Padre Sarria tells Felipe what's been going on since Ramona's arrival. She's been insulted and it's been hard, but you should be proud of your sister. Padre Sarria is happy that Felipe is so devoted to her. Felipe prepares to leave, but asks that before he goes, he wants to see the house she shares with Alejandro.

     Ramona and Alejandro sit and rest. She tells him that Doña Ramona made her swear to never tell Felipe the truth about her parents. Alejandro finds that strange, and Ramona theorizes that perhaps it would upset Felipe to know that Doña Ramona had more feelings for Angus than for Alonso (his father). Alejandro says that perhaps Felipe would feel differently for her if he knew she wasn't his sister. Ramona replies that she's sad that she will probably never see him again.

     Felipe visits Ramona and Alejandro's house. He leaves the letter he wrote next to the Virgin statue. He looks around and says sadly, "Goodbye, Ramona."

     Cliffhanger: Ramona places some flowers on Padre Salvatierra's grave. Alejandro tells her, your mother said not to return to the hacienda, but she didn't say not to see Felipe. Ramona doesn't understand, and Alejandro says that if they ride really fast, they might make it and meet him in the village. They hurry, and before they leave Alejandro kisses her. He says whether she's white, Yahi, or Irish, she will always be his.



47 серия

     Cesar, in Spurtown, at Don Ruy's house talks about registering his property. How many people will lose their property because of this absurd law, asks Don Ruy? Ana Lupe goes into town with Polita. Fer says he doesn't dare leave the house because of the embarrassment. He'll never forgive Ramona.

     DR to Marta. Ramona's visit has opened the old wounds. Marta says now that R knows the truth she'll be happier at the Yahi village. DR agrees. Even though R is Tegua's daughter she's more mine than hers. I raised her like a Moreno-Gonzaga and no one can take that away from her. She'll never be a true Yahi. Marta says if we knew what was going to happen it would have been bettter to tell Felipe and maybe R and Fel could have married and they would have them both at the hacienda. DR kept quiet because of the promise she made to Angus. Now it's important that Fel not know the truth. DR says she did it all wrong, lied to R and to everyone. Lots of lies, pain and suffering for nothing. Angus shouldn't have asked me to keep the secret. It's cost us all so much.

     In town, Ana Lupe tells to Polita to go on ahead. She meets up with Billy. She asks him to help her sell some jewelry. She confesses that her family is financially ruined. He says he already knows, everybody knows. If we lose our property we'll have to leave Spurtown. Good idea says Billy. Ana Lupe smiles.

     Ramona and Alejandro are still in the desert, sitting by a fire. They're looking at Angus' picture. R says DR said that she's like her father. Alej doesn't see any similarities. Perhaps she meant temperament. I would have like to have known him and Tegua. When we get back to the village will look for her grave. Do you think it exists? Matea probably knows. R says she feels odd. All this time thinking you're one person and then all of a sudden you're someone else. It's like being reborn. Odd, isn't it? Yes he says, maybe they would have never met. (smooch) They were destined for each other. (smooch)

     Spurtown hotel. Fel wants a room for himself, one for Marcos and one for Antonio and Jesus. Clerk says that indians are not welcome anywhere in Spurtown. Fel is aghast. Antonio says it's ok and leaves the Yahi titles with Felipe. Davis overhears.

     Doris congratulates Prescott, the saloon owner, for taking down the sign forbidding entrance to Mexicans. Now the place is filled with "foresteros" (outsiders/strangers) who came to register their titles. Doc says now the place smells. He puts his hand on Doris and shoves it away. Prescott tells Doc that the Mexicans pay. He shows him a silver coin that Nepo paid with. Doc wonders where Nepo got it. Nepo is busy gambling with Billy at the poker table with the money Fel gave him.

     At the sheriff's office Davis tells Green that Fel is in town with the Yahis and they've come to register their titles. Obviously Nepo didn't do his job of hiding the notices. Davis should have been with him. Davis says we can fix the problem by stealing the titles tonight.

     Hotel room. Felipe can't find his diary. He and Marcos leave the room. Felipe to find a bath and Marcos to look for the diary in the coach. They lock the door behind them.

     Green tells Davis if he fails he's going to take away his badge. And, if he gets caught he takes the fall. Davis leaves. Doc comes to tell Green that Nepo is in town with lots of Mexican money. We should never have trusted Nepo. Green says, due to the traitor Nepo, Fel is in town to register his titles. He shouldn't be part of our gang. His services go to the highest bidder. Green is worried about Fel.

     At the hacienda Beatriz is skulking about in the dark in the office looking for Fel's diary and takes it out of the drawer. DR catches her and asks if there is something she needs. Bea says she was looking for paper and ink to write to Fel. DR shows her where they are in a drawer. DR picks up Fel's diary saying it's Fel's account book and she was going to review it. DR leaves. Bea sighs with relief.

     At the hotel Fel goes for a bath. Davis steals the room keys and goes up to Fel's room.

     Nepo, drunk, has lost his money to Billy. Betty, the "sporting gal", makes a play for Billy, but he pushes her away. Green wants to play poker with Billy, but he declines and leaves. Green shoves at a passed out Nepo.

     Davis finds the Yahi's titles and what he thinks are the Moreno's titles. At the front desk Marcos asks about Fel. Clerk says Marcos should take a bath too, he stinks. Marcos grabs him by the vest and tells him to shut up. Going up the staircase Marcos bumps into Davis. Davis drops the titles. Marcos helps him pick them up. Marcos remembers Davis.

     Doc and Green drag in an unconscious Nepo to jail and lock him in a cell. Davis arrives with the titles.

     DR decides not to read Fel's diary and puts it in her wardrobe.

     Fel, in bed, hopes no one finds his diary.

     Alej and Ramona arrive at the Yahi village. Padre Sarria tells them about Fel and the titles. R tells PS she's the daughter of Angus and Tegua.

     Manuela tells Matea that A and R have arrived. Too bad they didn't meet up with Fel, he could have taken her away. Matea gives her a shove and tells her to shut up. Matea's magic stones are revealing something important to her.

     DR tells Marta that she caught Bea with Fel's diary. DR gets out of bed, she's going to talk with Bea and try to find out if she knows anything.

     Padre Sarria can't believe what Ramona has told him. If you don't believe me you can ask my mother. It's not that, but do you have proof to show to the tribe. No, just words. Ramona is upset that she won't be believed.

     Tom, the lawyer, checks over the titles and declares them official. Green burns them. Tom warns him that if he's found out he'll be hanged. The gang is ecstatic that they're going to be rich once they claim both properties.

     At Don Ruy's house Fer leaves with Cesar to San Diego to look for work. Fer swears he'll be back in time to save the house.

     Alej says the tribe will have to believe them. They know he couldn't make this up. R remembers that Padre Salvatierra told her that he didn't baptize her. Could Angus have had her baptized at the village chapel? Padre Sarria says that it would have been before he arrived. Then, there was a fire....but wait, there are some papers. Let's look.

     Billy gives Ana Lupe the money he won from Nepo. She thinks he stole it. At first she doesn't want to accept it, but he convinces her. Why are you doing this, she asks? I don't want you to leave Spurtown. He kisses her.

     Fel discovers that the titles are missing. The Moreno titles were safely hidden in the false bottom of the chest. Fel goes to Don Ruy for help.

     Davis tries to awaken Nepo with no luck. They'll interrogate him later.

     Don Ruy doesn't want to receive Fel, but reluctantly lets him in.

     DR, Bea and Perpetua are embroidering. After Perp leaves to get something to eat DR asks Bea if she is excited about the wedding. Of course.

     In the kitchen Delgadina is crawling on the floor hunting for her pet frog Perpetua. (I thought she named her dog Perpetua.) Tia Perpetua sees the scene and is not amused.

     Don Ruy says if Fel can't prove who stole the titles it's a lost cause. The authorities (Green) can't be trusted. Soon someone will come along to claim the land. Fel is anguished because the Yahis trusted him with their titles. Ana Lupe comes bursting in and is rude to Fel.

     Alej and Ramona are going through the things that Fel left for her. She tries to give him the gun, but he says it's hers. He has the one El Norteño gave him. She hopes she doesn't have to use it. He leaves to check on things. She begins to read Fel's letter. Matea comes in unannounced. She tells Ramona that she should take care of herself because she's pregnant. Ramona puts her hands on her stomach and sits down with a smile on her face.



Episode 53

     Matea tells Ramona she’s pregnant. Her stones have told her that she carries Alejandro’s child. Since that child will be the son of the chief, she must take care of herself. She has a great responsibility now. Ramona is surprised and very happy.

     Analupe tells her father she can’t understand how her father talks to him. She can’t go out without being insulted. Felipe says he just came to ask Ruy a legal question. Analupe says they don’t need his help. She throws down a sack of coins, which spill all over the floor and leaves. Don Ruy wonders where she got they money. Felipe recognizes the coins and says he recently gave Nepo a large amount.

     As they’re eating cookies, Perpetua mentions that she’s got a complaint about the servants. Ramona wants to know what’s wrong? She says Delgadina has named her toad Perpetua and she finds it very insulting. Ramona and Beatriz barely disguise a laugh, finally Beatriz can’t hold it back and giggles out loud. Ramona says she’ll take care of it.

     Ramona tells Matea that she went to the hacienda and motivated by the hints she had gotten from Margarita and what she had told her she spoke with her mother. She finally told her the truth and admitted that her mother was Tegua and Angus her father. Now she wants to know more about her mother. She’s heard about her father. She asks for a light and smokes her pipe.

     Ruy tells Felipe that they are bankrupt but he never kept it from his mother. She knew everything. Felipe says he knows he’s hurt by Felipe’s actions to help Ramona, but he couldn’t help himself. He hopes that he’ll understand one day. Even though they have had this incident, he is willing and able to help him with a loan.

     There’s no way he could accept. Felipe says he could pay him back as soon as Fernando brings back the money. His children wouldn’t forgive him. They needn’t know.

     Matea says she was graceful and proud. She reminded her of Tegua from the day she saw her. She was good humored and had a sense of duty. She was so pretty all the women were jealous of her. Even Pablo de Assis courted her. Ramona is surprised at this news. Yes, if Pablo had married her, things would have been very different. Ramona wants to know how Tegwa met Angus.

     Years ago the men were shearing sheep at a near by farm, not the Moreno’s. The women of the tribe were bringing them food and drink. Tegwa stopped at the local bar run by Mexicans to pick up some liquor. The bartender was rude to her and tried to force himself on her. She took a bottle and broke it over his head. He wouldn’t let her leave. Angus was drinking nearby and came to her rescue. From that day forward Tegwa never had eyes for anyone else. How did she know this story, asks Ramona. Because she was there says Matea.

     Ruy says he will think over his offer. Felipe repeats that the money that Analupe had he had given to Nepo when he told him about the notice. Ruy is going to speak with her. He’s afraid of what she’s up to. Felipe says he’s got to go, to register his deeds and straighten things out with Sherrif Green (he exposes his gun).

     Hold on! Ruy says it would be suicide. He’s not going to let him. Green has a group of bandits helping him. Felipe says he’s got to pay him back for what he did to Juan Canito. Ruy says it seems as though he doesn’t value his life. Felipe says he’ll kill him. Hasn’t he thought about his mother? She’s already lost a daughter, now a son? Felipe says he doesn’t want to be a coward, but Ruy says sometimes it takes more courage to live, than to die. He’ll go with him to jail to reclaim the theft and register.

     Matea says Angus never made her happy because he loved another woman. Ramona says her mother—rather Dona Ramona Gonzaga. Yes.

     Felipe goes into the sheriff’s office. He files a complaint because of the death of Juan Canito. He says it happened the night the sheriff and his companion. Green wants to know what he’s insinuating? He’s just come to tell him. What else, Green asks, is there something else? The deeds of the Yahi’s were stolen from his room. Did they take anything else? No, they didn’t get his deeds because they took false deeds instead. He’s going to register them right now. The local prosecutor, Douglas, will take his information. Since the sheriff was there that night, he wants a higher authority to do the investigation.

     She left with Angus even though the whole tribe asked her to stay. Passion ruled over her. They heard from her when she came with her baby just born. They wanted to baptize the baby there. Was it Padre Sarria? No, someone else was here at the time, she says. They baptized her and left. They never knew if it was a girl or boy, or its name. They didn’t know anything about her again until Pablo brought her back, only this time, dead. Ramona wants to see where her mother is buried.

     Douglas says it’s obvious he suspects Sheriff Green and that’s very serious. Does he have any proof. No, he was killed by stabbing him in the back. Whoever did it, hid it. He pulls a gun on the sheriff. Douglas says to act like a gentlemen. Felipe says he won’t kill him because it’s not worth spending a lifetime in jail over a man like him.

     Beatriz leaves to get some thread and D Ramona notes she’s not coughing now. She tells Perpetua that she must tell her what Marta commented to her. Recently she found a hanky stained with blood. Blood!! Perpetua says it’s a sign of…Dona Ramona says tuberculosis. It’s best if she goes to see a specialist when Felipe returns. Perpetua starts crying. Beatriz comes in and they say they were telling a sad story.

     Ruy finished filing the complaint. Green is furious. Douglas says he should be careful. Moreno is no fool, look how he hid his deed in the false bottom. Green says how come he didn’t notice they were false? They were good copies. He calls Davis in and asks where he got the papers. He tells them. Green calls them imbeciles. Thanks to them the Moreno’s have kept their land.

     Ramona tells Alejandro everything Matea told her about Tegwa. He agrees to go with her the next day to the grave. She also gave her some more news. Something wonderful, can he guess. She tells him they are going to have a baby. He throws his head back and smiles. He’s so happy. They hug. Is she sure? Matea told her. He picks her up and says they are going to celebrate, she’s a Yahi and she’s carrying his child. They kiss passionately. She says she was happy just having him, but now her house is so full with a baby. They deserve to be happy. It’s the happiness everyone denied them says Alejandro. He thanks her.

     Ruy can’t believe Analupe has accepted money from an American. How could she take money from a gunslinger? A killer? She says she planned on giving him her mother’s jewelery so he could sell it. He doesn’t want dirty money in this house. He’ll return it and from now on she won’t go out again. Analupe says now he’s using Dona Ramona’s punishment, and he says now she’s as rebellious as Ramona. He’s very disappointed in her. Since when has she been friendly with him. He’s always been very courteous, he’s not like the others. The Sherrif brought him here as a hired gun. He prohibits her from having anything to do with them. Then he’ll lose the house.

     Felipe says he’s so sorry to have lost the deeds. The worse thing is that there are no clues as to who took them. Marco says he ran into someone when he came to the room. It was the same man they found stealing gold and they whipped. They’re going to look for him. The Indians say they can’t go. Felipe says not to worry, he and Marcos will go.

     Carmen wants to know what the good news is. Two things—at the hacienda they found out that she has Yahi blood, she’s Tegwa’s daughter. Tomorrow they will visit her grave and they hope to find her baptism records to prove her identity. The other thing is—they are going to have a baby. They are going to have a party, for the coming baby and the new Yahi.

     Felipe asks the man at the desk if he’s sure no one wen to his room. No! He says the Indian isn’t allowed in the hotel. He didn’t see him go upstairs, maybe that’s what happened last night. The man pulls out a rifle and says the Indian has to leave. Marcos said they have weapons too.

     Matea tells Manuela that Ramona has Yahi blood in her veins and Alejandro’s baby in her. Manuela can’t believe it. She’s cast a spell over everyone even her mother. Matea says she loves her but she cannot cast a bad spell over Ramona since she’s their blood and never done anything against her. IT would bring them bad luck. She swears to make her regret it.

     Billy is celebrating a big win and says drinks are on him. Green, Douglas and Davis are talking about Nepo and they want to find out where he got the money. They suspect that he told Felipe about the notice. Green says that at least the Yahi’s are going to lose their land. It’ll be called Greentown. Felipe and Marcos walk in and spot Davis. Felipe says he was caught on his land taking gold and was punished. Marcos says she ran across him at the hotel last night when he dropped some papers. Are they the Yahis’ deeds? It’s strange that the documents disappeared when he just left his room. Thomas says not to accuse them of something he’s not sure of he could be challenged. Felipe says he’d be happy to accept. Davis says he’s not in the mood to send a Mexican to the next world. Everyone laughs and recognizes he’s afraid. Felipe says he’s in the mood to face any coward. He turns to leave and Davis pulls a gun on his back, Billy pulls a gun to Davis head. He tells him he’ll kill him before he can get a shot off. Sheriff tells him to put the gun down. Felipe leaves and thanks Billy.

     Dona Ramona goes to see Delgadina holding a wooden rod (a thin branch). Delgadina is begging for mercy, she says she won’t do it again. Marta holds her down while DR gives her three swats. She has to do it because she was disrespectful and she’s got to remember not to do it again. Alone, Delgadina tells Marta she’ll change the name of her toad…to Dona Moreno. Marta stifles a laugh.

     Manuela is packing to leave. She says her mother betrayed her. Carmen tries to convince her to stay. She says she doesn’t have any future there. She’s been dishonored and she’s not going to stand around watching Alejandro and Ramona. She’ll go off on her own. Like Lince? He’s a man she can’t do it. Manuela says maybe she’ll be better off than Carmen. Even though their men haven’t treated them poorly, none of them have approached them romantically since her mother screamed their disgrace to the seven winds either. They will be compassionate, but they’ll never marry them. She should go too. Carmen says she won’t. Well then, she’ll have to stick around and have parties for the white girl. What should she tell her mother? Manuela says she shouldn’t look for her and she’ll never see her again.

     Matea takes Alejandro and Ramona to Tegwa’s grave. She’s the only one to visit her. The Yahi’s never forgave her for going off with the white man. Alejandro says one day the differences won’t be a source of discord. Ramona says her death wasn’t in vain. It serves to remind everyone to listen to their hearts. What a paradox. Angus never loved Tegwa her real mother, but he desired her other mother Ramona Gonzaga.

     Matea says she should ask Tegwa for strength to face the future. She’s given her good news about the baby, but the village will also struggle for survival. Now that she’s a Yahi, she should know that there is a black cloud over them. The future is uncertain and just as she told her about the baby, she will tell her that the rivers of red blood and pain will run through their village.



Episode 54

     Felipe is confronting the desk clerk in the hotel, asking him if he saw anyone enter his room. The clerk says no, and asks what Antonio is doing here. "He came in without you noticing... doesn't that prove that someone else could have entered?" asks Felipe.

     Yahale and Manuela are talking. Manuela feels like her mother has taken Ramona's side by saying that Ramona may be Tewa's daughter. She wants to go and live alone like Lince, surviving in the woods. Yahale tries to dissuade her but Manuela says a man will never look at either of them now that her mother has told everyone they were raped. She isn't even going to stop to say goodbye to Matea, and tells Yahale they will never see her again and not to look for her.

     Matea has taken Ramona and Alejandro to Tewa's humble grave, alone and marked only by a wooden cross. She tells them that only she has visited it because their people never forgave Tewa for loving a white man. Alejandro-Someday differences between the races won't be a motive of discord. Ramona-My mother's death wasn't useless... she reminds us that you have to be brave to follow the voice of your heart... What a paradox. Angus could never love my real mother... he was hopelessly in love with Ramona Gonzaga. Alej-My people will accept Ramona, now that we know she is a Yahí. Matea tells them that their happiness is blinding them to the difficulties: Ramona is just another Indian now, and will suffer with them. She sees tragedy coming to their people in the future. She had dreamed of the aldea destroyed, and rivers of blood running through it. Alejandro embraces Ramona, as if trying to protect her from this vision.

     En casa de los Coronado, Ruy and Felipe are talking. Felipe feels terrible about the robbery of the deeds to the Yahi land. He asks Ruy to help him... to be his lawyer. Ruy says his children will never approve, but Felipe asks him to lay aside their personal conflicts: "You need money, I need a lawyer."

     Doña Ramona sends for el Norteño. After getting him to admit that he let Alejandro and Ramona back into la hacienda against her will, she tells him that she should punish him, but she will not, because she appreciates his loyalty to her children.

     Ruy is reluctant to help Felipe, thinking of his children's reactions. But he recognizes that the threat of the landgrabbing gringos is a much bigger problem than his problems with los Moreno Gonzaga, and agrees. Then he asks Felipe to go with him to return the money Billy lent to Analupe.

     Ramona and Padre Salvatierra are digging through a trunk of old records. Carmen comes in and tells them that Manuela left the aldea because she couldn't cope with the knowledge that Ramona and Alejandro were married and that Ramona was going to have a child.

     Ruy and Felipe enter the saloon, and Ruy drops the bag of coins down on the table beside of Billy, telling him that he doesn't need the money, and he doesn't like Billy using it for an excuse to be around Analupe. Felipe interrupts this diatribe to tell Ruy that last night Billy kept him from being shot in the back. Ruy is surprised. Doris comes up and is flirting with Felipe, trying to convince him to stay for a drink. Prescott yells at her from behind the bar and she tells him she isn't his slave. Felipe looks tempted to stay, but Ruy smiles politely and turns for the door. Before they leave, Felipe finds out from Billy that the silver coins had been won from Nepo.

     In the hotel lobby, Ruy is boiling with rage. "I'd rather die than see my daughter married to a gringo." Other people are looking at them, and Felipe tells him that los Americanos aren't all bad. Ruy ignores him, and tells him he hopes he has a good trip. Felipe pays him a little in advance, and Ruy sends his greetings to DR. Felipe heads for his room.

     In Matea's house, Ramona tells Matea and Yahale that they can send Alejandro or one of the other men after Manuela. Matea tells her there's no point, they won't find her, she knows how to hide like the wild animals do. "Do you know where she went?" Ramona asks. Yahale snaps that she doesn't, and furthermore, it's Ramona's fault for taking Alejandro's love from Manuela. Matea tries to defend Ramona. Yahale says she should have left with Manuela, now that the pueblo knows their secret. Ramona tells her it's not her fault or Manuela's that they were raped. It's not a reason for shame, it's a reason for anger. "Maybe that's so among your people, but not here". Ramona-"Entre los blancos pasa lo mismo, pero todos están equivocados. Una mujer deshonrada es víctima de la brutalidad. No debería se repudiado sino comprendida y las mujeres debemos luchar para que eso suceda." Yahale tells her that she is only saying that because she is married and doesn't have to face what they do, and whatever happens to Manuela is Ramona's fault. Matea again intervenes, and says Manuela is responsible for herself.

     Back en casa de los Coronado, Analupe and her father are talking, and he tells her he gave Billy his money back because now he has a job. She trys to get him to admit that it is for working for Felipe. She also convinces Ruy to invite Billy to the house so that they can meet and talk.

     In the jail, Green is snarling at Nepo, telling him that he is sure Felipe Moreno paid him for telling them that they needed to register the deeds to their land. Nepo swears that he will be loyal, but Green tells him he will live on bread and water until he straightens out. He walks away and Nepo curses him. Green turns around and knocks him to the floor, telling Nepo "if you really knew me, you'd be even more afraid."

     Ramona is still in the church, struggling her way through piles of aged paper. She and el padre talk about Manuela... they are worried about her, and if she will be OK on her own. Ramona keeps shifting papers, and tells him that perhaps he's right... her baptism papers were lost in the fire years ago... but what is this? she pulls out a leather pouch and opens it. "They're the deed to the Yahi's lands... and they have the seals of the Mexican Government!"

     Doña Ramona tells Norteño that he will need a place to live when he and Margarita get married... so she will fix up the house where Don Pablo used to stay... it's small, but could be very nice for them. Norteño grins broadly and takes her hand and kisses it. DR informs him crisply that he doesn't need to thank her, she's not doing it for him, but for los Canito. Undaunted, he thanks her again and leaves.

     In the jail, Davies gets sadistic pleasure out of beating Nepo... he asks again where Nepo got the silver.

     Alejandro is back, and hasn't been able to find Manuela. He looks at the property titles Ramona found, and tells her he is surprised: these have the seal of the Mexican government... the ones his father had were much older, and had the seal of a Spanish king. He places the papers in the box with his father's violin, and asks Ramona if she found record of her baptism. When she says no, he tells her that there is still one truth... he places his hand on her stomach... she is carrying his child and that his reason enough for his people to believe in her.

     In the roadside inn, Felipe is having supper and Memphis has come in, trying to sell the owners the earrings that Ramona gave him. The owner remembers that Ramona had come in with them, and accuses Memphis of robbing them. Memphis protests his innocence. When Felipe hears the innkeeper describe Ramona, he is instantly alert. He asks Memphis where he got the earrings, and then buys them from him.

     The next morning, Felipe arrives at the aldea. When Ramona opens the door and sees him, he picks her up and holds her close. She asks him if it is strange to see her dressed "como una india" but he tells her it looks natural. She takes his hand and pulls him into the house, asking why he is there. He tells her he came to see her, and to take care of some business with Alejandro.

     DR and Perpetua are in the dining room. Perpetua is worried to the point of tears over Bea's illness, saying that Bea admitted the handkerchief with bloodstains was the result of her coughing. They plan to send for Dr. Oviedo as soon as they can.

     Felipe makes himself comfortable on the cabin floor while Ramona insists on fixing him something to eat. He asks if she knew about Juan Canito, and she tells him she had talked to Margarita and Marta. He tells her that Green was looking for Alejandro, but he told him that Alejandro was dead. "I thought that was your idea"-Ramona kisses him on the cheek. "Did mother know that you came?" Felipe asks, but before he can get an answer, Alejandro walks in. He and Felipe embrace, and Alejandro says that Antonio and Jesús told him Felipe was there, and explained what happened to the titulos de propiedad. But he reassures Felipe that all is not lost.. Ramona found the others.

     In the Sheriff's office, he and his henchman are discussing their relative gains and losses. Nepo is moaning, and Green tells Douglass that they plan to leave him to die in a cabin outside of town.

     Felipe is still looking at the papers.. they look OK to him. Ramona says let's forget about all of this for a while: they have news for him... they're going to be parents. Alejandro pulls Ramona close, and Felipe's surprise shows in his face.

     En casa de los Coronado, Ruy and Analupe are arguing. She finally gets him to admit that he is working for Felipe, and when does, she tells him he would have been better off to take the money from Billy, it would have been less humiliating. She makes him so angry that he almost strikes her, but he stops and asks her forgiveness: he's only trying to take care of her and save their house. They hug.

     Ramona tells Felipe that he will be the baby's godfather. Carmen comes in, and tells Alejandro that Memphis is looking for him, and has brought something. Felipe tells Ramona that he saw Memphis the night before, and he gives her back the earrings. She hugs him, places them below the picture of Angus, and he asks who it is. She starts, but tells him it's simply someone she met whose story appealed to her. He frowns. "We never had secrets before"... she reminds him that he has never told her the name of the woman he truly loves. And their mother has secrets too... Felipe agrees, and they talk about the dead man buried beneath the tree. Felipe wonders if it was an old lover of their mothers, and Ramona reproaches him sharply.

     En la hacienda, DR sends EN for the doctor, and Bea comes in. She admits to DR that she has been hiding her illness.

     Ramona and Felipe are still talking... she wants to know if he will ever be able to truly love Bea. "I hope so". She tells him she wants him to find the same happiness she finds with Alejandro... a love so strong that nothing matters if they are together. Felipe says sometimes he thinks he'll never know what that feels like.



**EPISODE 55**

     Felipe talks to Ramona about his feelings for Beatriz. He tells her that he told her before that he wasn’t in love with Beatriz, but that she told him that once they were married they’d fall in love. He tells her that’s the only hope he has. He feels nothing for her right now just friendship. Ramona tells him that it would make her happy to see him find his happiness just like she found it with Alejandro. She tells her that she and Alejandro have overcome so much, first at the hacienda and now here at the aldea. She tells him that going through all that makes her value having Alejandro at her side. Felipe tells her that he thinks he’ll never find his happiness. He looks at her with sadness.

     In the Hacienda Beatriz tells Doña Ramona that Felipe will be there soon and he’ll find her sick. Beatriz tells her that she was noticing Felipe getting close to her, and now that she’s sick that was all in vain. Doña Ramona tells her she’s talking like she’s going to die. She tells her to have some faith and that her illness can be cured. They have to wait for Dr. Oviedo’s opinion. She tells Beatriz that she already told Perpetua they have to go get a specialist. Beatriz thanks Doña Ramona and tells her she never thought she could be so generous. Doña Ramona looks at her surprised. Beatriz tells her that she always thought that she was a cold-hearted person. Beatriz tells her she’s glad to see she was wrong. She tells Doña Ramona that now she knows where Felipe learned to be so kind.

     At the Yahi aldea, Memphis goes into Alejandro’s house with some rifles in his hands. Behind Memphis are Alejandro and Marcos carrying in gunpowder barrels. Memphis sees Felipe and tells him that it’s a coincidence to find him there. He tells her that he never thought that he was Ramona’s brother. Felipe tells him that’s a coincidence that he sold him the earrings. Memphis tells him he couldn’t have sold them to someone better. Marcos tells Ramona to be careful with the barrel because it’s gunpowder. Ramona tells him she’ll be careful. Ramona and Alejandro thank Marcos. Alejandro asks Memphis how much he owes him. Memphis tells him it’s not much. The weapons are old, but the thing that’s expensive is the gunpowder. Alejandro gives Memphis some coins but Memphis tells him that’s not enough. Memphis tells him he’s sure he can pay him back later. Felipe tells Memphis to wait and asks how much more is needed. Alejandro starts protesting and tells Felipe that it’s better if he pay it. Felipe tells him to please let him pay for it. Ramona gets close to Alejandro and hugs him, he finally gives in and lets Felipe pay for the supplies. Felipe asks Memphis how much more they owe. Memphis tells him that 3 large bills will cover it. Felipe gives them to him and tells him that now they’re even. Memphis asks Alejandro if he can sell some things to the women of the aldea. Alejandro tells him to go ahead. Memphis thanks Alejandro and leaves the house. Alejandro tells Felipe that he’ll pay him back when he can. The Yahis will be always be grateful to him. Felipe tells them to let him know if they have any problems with registering the papers of the aldea, because he reported them as stolen. Alejandro tells him that he’ll send Antonio back to Spurtown and if they have any problems they’ll let him know. Marcos appears at the door and tells Felipe that his carriage is ready. He tells Marcos he’ll be right out. He tells Alejandro and Ramona that it’s time to say good-bye. Ramona tells him not to go so soon. Alejandro tells him that maybe he should stay the night. It’s not going to be often that he can visit them, and Ramona was anxious to see him. Felipe tells him he would if he could, but he’s been away from the hacienda too long and he’s worried because they don’t have Juan Canito anymore and Doña Ramona is alone. Felipe asks Ramona if she saw Doña Ramona when she was at the hacienda. Ramona tells him she did. Felipe tells her he imagines it wasn’t a warm encounter. Ramona tells him that actually it was. She tells him her and Doña Ramona talked and she was very affectionate with her. Felipe tells her that Doña Ramona is unpredictable. He tells her that once he found out she was on her way to the hacienda he was worried her and Doña Ramona we’re going to have a stand off. He tells her that it’s obvious Doña Ramona is getting softer because of her age. Ramona tells him that’s probably it. Felipe tells them it’s time for him to go. He grabs Ramona’s hands and tells her she looks great in those clothes. Alejandro smiles at him. Ramona laughs and hugs him. Ramona tells him she insists he stay. She didn’t see him much. Felipe tells her he can’t because Doña Ramona is by herself. Ramona apologizes and tells him she’s selfish she forgets that not only she can have him. She tells Felipe to tell Doña Ramona that she kept her promise. Felipe asks her what promise. She tells him to just say just tell Doña Ramona that. She’ll understand when she hears about it. Felipe tells Ramona to remember that she’s always in his heart. He says goodbye to Alejandro and tells him to take care of Ramona. Alejandro tells him that he’ll take care of her because she’s everything to him. Felipe tells Marcos they’re ready to go. Marcos says good-bye to Ramona and she says good-bye back. The carriage starts on it’s way

     In Spurtown, Billy and Ana Lupe are holding hands, they’re on their way to the Coronado household. Billy asks her if she’s sure about inviting him to her house. Ana Lupe tells him it’s quite all right she talked to her father and he prefers that they talk there instead of on the street. Ana Lupe tells him Don Ruy wants to get to know him better. Billy asks her if she doesn’t think it’s better they do it another day instead. Ana Lupe tells him it’s better that they do it now. He should if he has good intentions with her. Billy tells her he does. Ana Lupe tells him that they should go in then.

     In the aldea Matea has gone to visit Ramona. Ramona tells Matea that Felipe is her brother. Even though she knows they’re not blood related she still considers him a brother. Matea tells her that she was observing him. He loves a woman and isn’t loved back. Ramona tells her she knows that and that she’ll pray to the virgin so that Felipe can forget about that woman who makes him suffer so much. Matea tells her that it will not be possible. Some people can only love once. Ramona tells her that that’s the same thing that happened to her mother Doña Ramona. Matea tells Ramona she came to warn her to stay away from her brother. Ramona asks her why. Matea tells her that if she loves him she should stay away.

     Later Ramona is talking to Alejandro and is worried. She tells him she feels as if something had broken in between them. She’s angry that he left without knowing the truth. Alejandro tells her that he’ll know it one day. Things always come up. Ramona tells him that she doubts it because Marta Canito will take it with her to her tomb. Alejandro tells her that true. It mike take some time maybe years for the truth to come out. He tells her that one day she can tell him the truth without hurting anyone. Ramona tells him that at least she knows he’ll be back. Alejandro tells her that she has nothing to worry about then. He consoles her. She tells him she’s glad she’ll keep seeing him.



Capitulo 56


     Doña Ramona listens as Ramona tells her everything that's happened. She tells Ramona not to cry, she did the right thing. She says she came to take her away from all of this, and she swears upon the memory of Angus that she'll do it. She doesn't care if she has to give away the hacienda and everything she owns, she won't leave Ramona with those criminals. She embraces Ramona to comfort her.

     Beatriz is snooping around in the study and comes across Felipe's diary. She looks at it, deciding if she wants to read it, but Margarita interrupts her, saying that Perpetua is waiting to have dinner with her. Beatriz leaves the diary without reading it.

     At the sheriff's office Doña Ramona and Ramona continue their conversation. Ramona tells her that without Alejandro, she doesn't have the will to live. Doña Ramona explains that she, too, once wanted to die for the man she loved, but Felipe came along and she was able to bear the pain. Doña Ramona wants Ramona to consider the child she's carrying. Ramona cries and says how painful it all is, and Doña Ramona concedes that yes, it's painful, but we all have the resources to deal with it...inside you, Ramona, is a strong woman. Ramona thanks her for coming to see her.

     Perpetua and Beatriz are eating, and Beatriz keeps looking at the portrait of Alonso Moreno. She asks Perpetua about him. Perpetua explains that Alonso was a distinguished general, etc. Beatriz wonders if it's strange that Ramona doesn't look like either Doña Ramona or Alonso. She keeps staring at the portrait.

     In the saloon Thomas and Douglas are drinking beer. Douglas decides to only drink a little, since he has to be fresh for tomorrow's trial. Thomas is suspicious that Green was thinking about freeing Ramona, and Douglas says that what Green did was reasonable. Green is not without motive; he's not exacly a "white dove." The rumor is that Green is actually Rex, a famous murderer from Texas. Doris watches the two men attentively.

     Doña Ramona and Felipe are at the Coronado's house eating dinner. She thanks Don Ruy for all of his help, first with Felipe and now with Ramona. She admits that her family doesn't deserve such kindness from them. Don Ruy says he has a bad memory for grudges, but he warns them that things could get difficult in court, everything is manipulated by Green and the jury is stacked with the worst people in Spurtown. Analupe exclaims that it's a good thing Ramona isn't an Indian. Doña Ramona looks uncomfortable and squirms in her seat. Don Ruy agrees with Analupe, but they need credible witnesses against Green. Doña Ramona says she might have found one.

     Ramona sits in the jail cell and holds Alejandro's cross pendant. Green comes over to the cell and she gets up. He says he's come to free her, but she distrusts his motives. He explains that she doesn't have to pay the crimes of an Indian. Ramona replies that Alejandro was sent to the gallows unjustly, and that he, Green, is despicable, as well as murderous, racist, cowardly, etc. She wonders what he really wants. To free you, Green replies. So you can shoot me in the back and say I was trying to escape? Ramona asks. Green says that isn't his intention. He could first take her to a cabin, a safe place, then afterward return her home (hint, hint).

     At the Coronado's house they discuss Nepo. They agree that his testimony will help, but they need others. Felipe says that Padre Sarria will testify since he was at the Yahi village. The problem is that they need Americans to help out, who would be useful to help convince the American jury. Analupe mentions that it's too bad Billy escaped, he could have helped. Doña Ramona wonders if they could offer money in exchange for a statement against the sheriff, as bad as the thought of it sounds--in essence, buying testimony against Green. Don Ruy says it might not be a bad idea. Analupe agrees to help.

     Ramona is angry at Green's proposition and violently pushes him away. She says she is not capable of giving the murderer of her husband any favors. She yells that she is innocent. Green warns her that the court will condemn her, she will not escape the gallows. He says neither your mother, your money, your brother, the lawyer, etc. have what I have--the town of Spurtown on my side. If you're so sure of that, Ramona asks, then why do you want to free me? Green smiles and says he likes her. He says that nobody would know what we did, then you would be able to leave and be free. Ramona is disgusted and says if it's a choice between Green and the gallows, she would choose the gallows! Ramona spits in his face. Green grabs her hair and angrily informs her that she's lost her chance...no woman rejects me! He throws her against the bars of the cell.

     The next morning Marta helps Doña Ramona get ready for the day ahead. Marta can't help thinking that the authorities want to hang Ramona. Doña Ramona says she's nervous, too. She wants to go talk to Don Ruy. Felipe knocks and Marta lets him in. He tells Doña Ramona that he came to an agreement with Analupe regarding witnesses. She's quietly spreading the word that they, the Morenos, are offering money for testimony against Green. They discuss how grateful they are to have the Coronados' help, Analupe and Don Ruy have been generous. Getting ready to leave, Doña Ramona says she needs to speak with Don Ruy. She asks Marta for some papers, and they all leave. Felipe wonders what the papers are, but Doña Ramona won't let him see.

     At the sheriff's office Green is all dressed up. He asks Tom about Ramona, and Tom replies that she won't eat. Green's whisky is gone, and he sends Tom to get some more.

     Analupe talks to Doris. She offers Doris one thousand dollars to testify against Green, Ramona's life depends on it. Doris admits that the money would allow her to leave Spurtown for a better life. She says that Green doesn't have many friends left; Merryl and Davis are dead. But Green does have Prescott, as well as Thomas. Analupe hurries to leave and Doris sees Tom. She first warns Analupe that Tom should not see them together, then she realizes that Tom is broke and might be easily tempted. She greets him sweetly.

     Doña Ramona and Felipe are at the Coronado house. Doña Ramona wants to talk to Don Ruy in private, and Felipe says if it's about Ramona, he would like to listen. But Felipe agrees to leave and goes to the sheriff's office. Don Ruy wonders what Doña Ramona wants to tell him. She explains that Ramona is the daughter of Angus and Tegua. Don Ruy is forst shocked, but admits that some of what she's saying is not a secret to him, he knew about Angus' relationship with an India, but he didn't know about Angus' death at the hacienda, etc. Doña Ramona is concerned about the trial and the effect of having the truth come out in public. Ruy agrees, saying that Ramona would not have a lawyer or a fair trial if everyone knew she was an Indian, so he will be careful to keep Ramona quiet during the trial. Doña Ramona says that even though Ramona is not her real daughter, she has grown to love her as a daughter.

     There is a knock on the door and it's Padre Sarria. Don Ruy and Doña Ramona greet him. Padre Sarria wants to speak with Doña Ramona alone, but Doña Ramona says that she trusts Don Ruy and Padre Sarria can speak to him, too. Padre Sarria says that before he died, Alejandro had asked him to avoid telling everyone about Ramona's origin (to protect her). Don Ruy tells Padre Sarria they had just been discussing the matter. It's agreed that everyone will keep silent about Ramona's paternity. Padre Sarria then gives Doña Ramona the photo of Angus that he found in the wreckage of the Yahi village. Doña Ramona thanks him.

     Felipe visits Ramona in jail and tries to reassure her. Ramona pledges to be strong and not to give up, she will show everyone the dignity of her race. Felipe replies yes, you are a good Mexican and you will do honor to the Moreno-Gonzaga name. (FYI: Felipe still doesn't know that Ramona is not Doña Ramona's daughter. He still thinks she's Mexican.) Felipe then tells her that if she's not acquitted, he's assembled a group of men to use force if necessary. Ramona smiles through her tears. She says she will be freed; she is neither a criminal nor coward. And if she's not acquitted, she will die with dignity.

     At the hacienda Beatriz and Perpetua are eating. Beatriz wonders if Ramona will really be hanged. Perpetua replies that the Indian (Alejandro) would be, because redskins don't have the opportunity of a fair defense. But Ramona is a Moreno-Gonzaga and has her family behind her. So Ramona would be a widow and would return here, to the hacienda. Beatriz speculates that then Felipe would no longer be alone. Ramona has always been a friend and companion to him. Perpetua hopes that the "muchachita" will not come home.

     In the courtroom, the judge calls order and states the business of the trial: Ramona Moreno-Gonzaga is charged with murdering Zachariah Smith, aka Colorado. The judge then lets Douglas begin: The Mexican (Ramona) murdered in cold blood, robbed horses, and was an accomplice to the Yahis and obstructed justice (trying to protect Alejandro). Douglas says that like the fate of the redskin, he wants he law to fall upon her. (FYI: Betty, Prescott, and the smart-aleck hotel clerk are all on the jury.)

     Fernando has arrived home unexpectedly early and Polita is surprised to see him. He wants to know where Don Ruy and Analupe are, and Polita waffles. Fernando wants details but Polita is afraid to tell him about the recent events. Polita admits they went to court, and Fernando wants to know why. She just looks at him with a scared look on her face.

     Thomas gives his testimony to the court. He says he doesn't know what prompted Ramona to go off and live with the redskins, but she has learned to be as ferocious as them. He recounts seeing Ramona discharge all of her bullets into Colorado's body in the cave, and her face was painted like a savage. So the correct thing to do, he says, is to send her to the gallows...they have resisted the new laws of the American Union. (Murmurs in the courtroom...the judge calls order.) Don Ruy objects, saying that Thomas isn't giving a testimony, he's just trying to appeal to the jury. The judge agrees. Thomas is finished and leaves the stand.

     At the Coronado house Fernando is trying to pry information out of a scared Polita. Why are my father and Analupe in court? Polita asks why he doesn't just wait until they get back, and he can ask them directly. Fernando decides to go to the courthouse himself and Polita is terrified when he leaves in an angry huff.

     Green gives his testimony. He tells the citizens of Spurtown that he doesn't lie. He says that one of the Yahis (Pepe) stole a horse. So he pursued the thief to his village, and as is done with horse thieves, he was hung. Then Green tells about how Alejandro was on a roof and shot Merryl dead with an arrow and escaped. So he (Green) arrested the chief (Don Pablo) and put him in jail. (There is a flashback showing what happened.) Then Alejandro came to Spurtown to try to rescue him, and Green broke up the rescue attempt. Ramona stands up and wonders why Green doesn't tell everyone what also happened--that he, Green, killed Don Pablo in cold blood? (More murmurs, and the judge calls order.) Don Ruy advises Ramona to calm down, she'll get her turn. Green continues his testimony: So I put Alejandro in jail but he managed to escape. Ramona exclaims that Green is lying and says that Alejandro told her that some men were trying to lynch him. Don Ruy again asks her to calm down. Ramona says she can't; they are leaving out facts to have the testimony come out in their favor. What did you expect of these criminals? Don Ruy asks her.

     In the hacienda garden Beatriz consoles Delgadina about her lost frog; if it doesn't turn up she can adopt another one. Delgadina says it's wouldn't be the same. Perpetua impatiently tells Delgadina that they're all the same. Beatriz promises to help her find the frog later on. Beatriz gives her some candy and Perpetua tells her in an annoyed voice, "What do you say?" Delgadina timidly says thank you and leaves. Beatriz is upset that Perpetua is not very nice to Delgadina--the poor child is an orphan. Perpetua says that Marta treats Delgadina like her daughter but gives in and says that since it bothers her so much, she'll be nicer to Delgadina. Beatriz says she heard that Ramona is not Doña Ramona's daughter. Perpetua is shocked.

     In the courtroom Green continues his testimony: I heard reports that Alejandro had gone to the Moreno hacienda and the family was harboring the criminal. The Morenos led us to believe that Alejandro was dead, that they had killed him when he tried to steal the defendant (Ramona), the daughter of the hacienda owner. So, the Morenos are also accomplices. Don Ruy objects, saying that the trial is about Ramona, not about her family. This time the judge doesn't agree with Don Ruy and overrules the objection.

     Back at the hacienda, Perpetua cannot believe that Ramona is an Indian. She tells Beatriz the notion is absurd, and a maid like Margarita can't be trusted. Beatriz suggests that perhaps it's the secret so jealously kept around the hacienda. Perpetua concedes it could be true, but she still doesn't believe the gossip of servants. Beatriz replies, if Ramona really is a Yahi, she could be condemned to death. Perpetua thinks the situation through and says something about her brother (Felipe). Beatriz says, what about her brother? What? Nothing, Perpetua says. Beatriz still wonders what Perpetua was going to say about Ramona's brother, but Perpetua decides to stay silent.

     Green is still testifying: Later we knew that Alejandro wasn't dead but was at his village. I gathered together a group of volunteers. At this point Douglas decides to say something and says we (Americans, that is) know that the savages weren't going to hand over the fugutive and comply with the law, they began to kill our people. Padre Sarria yells, he's lying! The sheriff's men appeared in a surprise attack! The judge calls for silence and warns everyone to keep quiet or they'll be kicked out of the courtroom. All of a sudden Fernando is there, surprised to see Ramona sitting with Don Ruy. Green goes on and talks about the Yahis being like wild animals, etc. He says that his group was losing a lot of men to the Yahis, but at least he didn't kill Alejandro right there and instead brought him alive to Spurtown. We respected the laws, Green says.

     Fernando asks Analupe what's going on. She asks him to go outside with her so she can explain everything. Meanwhile Douglas tells the court that the Mexicans and redskins have not accepted that California is now owned by the United States. Green is an exemplary man and has earned the trust of Spurtown. He embodies the ideals of the American Union. We cannot doubt his testimony. (I think I'm going to throw up!)

     Cliffhanger: Ruy stands up and objects, saying that Douglas is simply trying to manipulate the jury. He shouldn't be giving speeches about the supposed goodness of Green. The judge agrees and sustains the objection. He tells Douglas to stick to the facts of the case. Finally Green is done testifying and gets down from the witness stand. As he walks back to sit down he gives her a threatening look. Then the judge calls Ramona to the witness stand. She stands up.



Episode 57

     After the recap:

     Outside the courtroom Analupe tells Fernando what happened to Alejandro. That the whole town enjoyed the hanging as if it were a circus. Fer is very upset that Don Ruy is defending Ramona. What of my dignity? You can't wish Ramona's death. No, of course not, even if she humiliated me. This was all a surprise. The Morenos barely made it in time. Papa was the only person Ramona could count on. Fine, but I'm not happy about it. You (Analupe) and Papa betrayed me.

     Ramona takes the witness stand. Don Ruy begins by calling her Srta. Moreno Gonzaga. Dooglas interrupts and says since she married the indian she should be called Ramona de Asis. Don Ruy says even though Ramona married an indian doesn't take away the "derecho de sangre" (how to tranlate this?) or her family names. Judge says our laws dictate that the woman takes her husband's name. The judge asks Ramona if she was legitimately married to Alejandro. Yes. From now on she will be called Ramona de Asis. Douglas begins questioning Ramona. How is it that you, being from a distinguished and powerful family, married an indian? He understood that the mexicans despised indians. Ruy wants Douglas to stick to what happened at the Yahi village. Judge says motion denied. I ran away with Alejandro. You had to run away because your family disapproved of the savage. My family did not accept our feelings, but not because he was a bad person or a savage, but because of our positions and customs were different. However, my brother came to accept our relationship. Green and Doc say to each other that Felipe is not much of a man, a coward. Green would have skinned Alejandro with his bare hands had he been Ramona's brother. Ramona continues, we were married by Padre Sarria at the Yahi village. At this point she became one of them and even became a killer like them says Douglas.

     Fer can't understand Ruy's behavior, but Analupe's even less. She put herself in Ramona's place. She's fallen in love with an american and she would leave with him, without thinking twice, if he asked her to. He doesn't care if she has no dowry. He's no angel, but wants to change. Fer can't believe what he's hearing and stomps off.

     Ramona says she shot Red/Colorado only to defend a woman whose only crime was to be an indian. She was reared in a convent, doesn't know how to use a gun. Ruy asks her to explain what happened at the Yahi village before Red was killed. She and Alejandro were in Spurtown to register the Yahi titles, Douglas can verify. He does. On the way back to the village they stopped at a shack where they found a mexican man gagged and tied up. He confessed to them that Green had tortured him. Green protests these accusations. Douglas asks if the mexican is in the courtroom. No. It's slander then. Memphis stands and backs up Ramona's story. Douglas says he's only a black man, next will have a horse as a witness. Gallery laughs. Judge doesn't think Douglas is funny. Judge says they may call on Memphis later. Ramona says they freed Nepo. Green cringes. Nepo told them that Green and his men were on their way to the Yahi village after Alejandro. With tears streaming down her face Ramona says they feared the worst. When they arrived at the Yahi village they found it devastated. Blood and death. It was a surprise attack on defenseless people. My people were destroyed. Her people?! She identifies herself with them and should be judged like them. She should hang like the indian. Doña Ramona stands in protest. She's mine and General Moreno's daughter and as such she has "derecho de sangre" in this trial. Judge agrees. Ramona continues. She pulled the trigger to defend a woman. See, she admits that she killed Red just to save an indian. What more do we need to hear to condemn her? Ramona says her (Matea) life was no less valuable than the man who wanted to kill her. What she just said is dangerous. One day us whites will be judged by inferior races. Ramona declines to argue about racial equality. She defended a person without regard to her race. That's your problem. If she betrayed her own race what won't she do? I don't believe a thing she says.

     Don Ruy calls Padre Sarria to the stand. PS demands justice. Green and his men exterminated the village; arresting Alejandro was just a pretext. Where are the real assassins? He points at Green. For God's sake stop the killing and let this poor woman go. She has suffered enough. She's a widow and her baby will not have a father. Douglas interrupts. He accuses PS of dramatizing. Enough of the sermons. She confessed to killing one of our men and deserves the maximum penalty.

     At the hacienda, Perpetua grabs Margarita by the arm and threatens that she'll lose her job if she doesn't tell all she knows. Beatriz comes in and breaks it up and tells Marg to go on with her work. Perp pleads old age and curiosity. It will never happen again. Of course it won't says Bea. She's embarrassed by Perp's behavior and walks away.

     The mexican man from the inn testifies against Ramona. She and the indian took his horses without paying for them. Judge asks his wife if this is true. It was, she says, but DR paid a lot of money for them later. Judge drops the horse stealing charges. Don Ruy calls Nepo to the stand and Green almost has a cow.

     Margarita, crying and on bended knees, begs Beatriz not say anything to DR. Bea says she'll try to convince Perpetua to keep quiet. Marg thanks her and kisses her hands. Yuck.

     Douglas doesn't want Nepo to testify. Judge says too bad. Felipe says to DR that he's not sure getting Nepo to testify was a good idea. Ruy asks Nepo what kind of work he did for Green. Nepo brings up the former sheriff, Villalba. Villalba went to see Green alone and never came back. Green protests that he never met Villalba and asks the judge to shut Nepo up. I'm just telling the truth says Nepo. Douglas wants Nepo's testimony invalidated. He was obviously bought by the mexicans to slander Green. We are here to condemn Ramona de Asis. Ruy wants Nepo to continue. Green tells Doc that Nepo won't leave Spurtown alive. Nepo tells how Green told him to hide the notices regarding the registering of land titles from the Morenos and the Yahis. Nepo says, being a good paisano and all, he went to the Morenos to tell them about registering their land titles. Green objects again. His honor is being called into question. You paid me Green, remember? You left me tied up to die like a dog in that shack because you found out that the mexicans and the indians had registered their titles. You always wanted that hacienda and the Yahi's land. Don't deny it. Green draws his gun. The judge adjourns the trial until the following day. Judge glares at Green.

     In her cell Ramona tells Felipe that a person would have to be blind not to see that Green is a monster. Felipe says justice has rules and if we can't prove Green is guilty we can't prove your innocence. Justice has only one rule says Ramona. The only thing that matters is your origin and position. That's why Alejandro is dead. I understand your indignation and I'm also sorry that Alejandro was a victim of all this says Fel. Also, I hate to see you suffer. Did you do the favor I asked? Yes, Marcos took Alejandro's body to the hacienda and he will be given a christian burial. Ramona crying, I loved him so much Felipe.

     At the saloon Douglas says to Green that Nepo is not his fault. You should have taken care of him earlier. He leaves. Doc agrees with Douglas. Green says they have to do something to impede the trial. Coronado has to have an accident. Doc will take care of it. Green seems desperate.

     At the hotel Ruy says he may have to call Doña Ramona to testify . We have to use whatever we can against Green. I'll do whatever I have to. DR is worried that someone will find out Ramona is an indian. Don't worry no one knows. If Ramona doesn't say anything about it we'll be fine. DR mentions seeing Fer at the trial. She owes Ruy so much.

     Fer drowning his sorrows at the saloon. Doris says he must be proud of his father. He's the only man in Spurtown with sufficient yahoos to stand up to Green. We all know Green is a criminal, but Coronado is the only one to say so in front of a judge. Doris holds his face and congratulates him on having such a fine father.

     DR gives Ruy some papers for safe keeping. He leaves.

     Felipe leaves some clothes for Ramona at the jail. After Fel leaves Doris asks Tom if he's thought about ratting on Green. No way. He's too young to die. He's not risking his neck for all the gold in the world. Not even for a $1000? How much? $1000.

     On his way home Ruy is robbed by 3 masked men. He's hit on the head and they go through his pockets. They try to take him away, but Felipe shows up and scares them off. They stole his watch, some money and DR's papers. What papers? I don't know what they were, just important.

     The 3 men are at the jail with the loot. Green is upset because they didn't finish the job. He's surrounded by idiots. He gives them Ruy's watch as payment. The only one who hasn't failed him is Doc. Doc looks over DR's papers and discovers Ramona's baptism papers. Green smiles.



Capitulo 58


     Thomas shows Green the papers they stole from Don Ruy. They are happy when they see it is Ramona's baptism certificate, showing her to be the daughter of an India.

     Felipe tells Dona Ramona about Don Ruy being mugged. She's devastated upon learning that the papers were stolen. Felipe, of course, doesn't understand and Dona Ramona covers up: I brought her baptism certificate to prove she's not an Indian (a lie), she may get judged as such since she was married to Alejandro.

     At home Don Ruy is in pain. Fernando is shocked to see him this way and they discuss Ramona. Don Ruy is all ready to defend his actions as being Ramona's attorney, but Fernando says it's okay, I understand. At first I was upset but I'm very proud of you, Dad.

     Ramona is in her jail cell. She talks to her baby, promising that he/she will have the opportunity to be born and grow up.

     The next morning, Don Ruy and Dona Ramona talk before court reconvenes. He tells her about the mugging, and Dona Ramona is worried sick that whoever stole the papers, the truth will come out that Ramona is an Indian.

     The trial continues but Don Ruy doesn't get very far: Douglas says that Ramona committed perjury. She said she was Mexican but we now have her baptism records, which show her to be the daughter of an Irishman and an India.

     In the audience Felipe is confused but Dona Ramona says it's the truth. Padre Sarria recalls Ramona looking for the documents in his office but she couldn't find them. That's because I had them, Dona Ramona says. Ramona asks Don Ruy how they got the documents, and Don Ruy tells her that he was mugged the previous night, they must have been stolen from him. Meanwhile Green and Thomas are happy at this turn of events.

     The judge reads the documents and asks Ramona if it's true, and Ramona admits yes, I'm the daughter of Angus O'Phail and Tegua the India. Felipe is still confused and wants an explanation, but at this point Dona Ramona says nothing.

     At the hacienda Norteno is looking for Margarita. Perpetua explains that she is helping Beatriz take a bath, is it important? Norteno says that the peones who went to Spurtown with Felipe have arrived back at the hacienda and they've brought something--Alejandro's body. Perpetua is shocked.

     Ramona is explaining about her real parents: I promised my husband (Alejandro) that I would maintain my identity as a Mexican to save our baby. But I am proud of who I am, etc. Felipe doesn't know what to do or say. He again asks Dona Ramona what's going on, but she says, now is not the time or place for explanations.

     Douglas then says, Ramona has lied to the court, she's a farce, let's throw the book at her, and also begin proceedings against the Morenos. All of these Mexicans are liars, and they want to make fun of the law.

     Don Ruy explains that Ramona may have been born from an India, but her true mother is Dona Ramona. He asks that Dona Ramona be able to testify and tell the court the story of how Ramona came to live with her, etc. Douglas doesn't agree and feels that Ramona has lied, so why should her side be able to explain anything? In the end the judge decides that Dona Ramona can testify. As she's being sworn in, Felipe says, "Then Ramona is not my sister."

     Dona Ramona begins to tell the story of the dark and stormy night when Angus O'Phail arrived at the hacienda. It was the year 1847. Douglas cuts in and informs the court about Irish-Americans who fought in the Mexican-American War, but some of the Irish switched sides. Douglas says he's surprised Angus even survived, because almost all of the Irish deserters were executed as traitors. He goes on and says, Ramona is the daughter of a traitor! Don Ruy objects, saying that now we're going to judge her father? The judge agrees with Don Ruy and sustains the objection.

     Felipe asks Marta if she knew all of this and she says yes. Don Ruy was only recently informed. Felipe is furious that he was never told anything. Marta calms him down.

     Beatriz is taking her bath and Margarita is helping her. Perpetua comes in and tells them that Alejandro's body has arrived at the hacienda.

     Dona Ramona continues her testimony: After giving me his daughter, Angus died and he was buried on my property. I raised Ramona as my daughter, with my faith and customs, just like her father had asked of me. I was the only mother she knew.

     Margarita is crying in the kitchen. She tells Norteno that she just knows it was the malvados who killed Alejandro, just like they killed her father.

     Dona Ramona says that Marta Canito, who is here in court today, witnessed everything that night. No other witnesses are alive. The judge asks Ramona if she agrees with her mother's testimony and Ramona says yes. She saw Angus' skeleton herself, and Matea told her about Tegua.

     Dona Ramona goes on and Douglas makes a point of telling the court that she, such a respectable lady, had a lover. She says that Angus was never her lover. I never cheated on Felipe's father! She raised Ramona as her own, as she promised Angus. Then Dona Ramona tells the court that in the beginning she was disgusted that Angus had an Indian daughter, but now she loves Ramona as if she were her real daughter, and she doesn't want Ramona to be condemned unjustly.

     In Beatriz' room Perpetua is none too happy to have Alejandro's corpse on the property. She won't be able to sleep! Beatriz can's stand her aunt anymore and lets Perpetua have it: Don't you understand how serious this situation is? Ramona might die! She loved Alejandro with all of her heart. Can't you have some compassion? A frustrated Perpetua acts in agreement and suggests they pray the rosary for her (Ramona).

     In court, Douglas asks that the trial be suspended right now: Ramona killed an American, she's the daughter of an India, the Mexicans have lied...this is a circus, and Ramona should be sentenced right now. The judge tells Douglas not to order him around, I'm the judge here. Douglas apologizes but asks that Ramona be punished.



Capitulo 61


     FYI: I was watching the episode today, taking notes, and I had a copy of Sandra's Spanish summary with me. So I wrote my summary from my English notes, and then checked my version against what Sandra has. It appears there were two missing scenes in today's show, when it is compared scene-by-scene with the Spanish version. I have marked the two paragraphs when they come up. The first one is Margarita greeting Ramona in her bedroom, and Ramona telling her about the Yahi massacre. The other is the first part of the argument between Doña Ramona and Perpetua, while Felipe and Beatriz are there. It's too bad this second scene was missing, because it sounds like Felipe gives a good verbal jab to Perpetua. So I translated them using the dictionary and AltaVista (?) I make no guarantees. Sandra's Spanish summaries are at http://www.quovadis.com.ar/telenovelas/ … monar.html


     Beatriz tells Perpetua that she dreamed her mother was calling to her.

     Manuela stirs in her sleep, then wakes up yelling for her mother. Delgadina is afraid and Margarita gets up to check on Manuela. She wonders what's going on. My mother visited me, Manuela says. There was a lot of blood. Delgadina is scared to hear this and Margarita encourages Manuela to go back to sleep.

     The next morning Delgadina tells Margarita that Ramona has arrived, as well as Marta and Doña Ramona and Felipe. Margarita runs out of the kitchen to greet them.

     Beatriz is reading in her room, coughing. Perpetua walks in, clearly disturbed about something. Has my father arrived? asks Beatriz. No, Perprtua answers, it's the Morenos, the whole family. Beatriz is happy that Felipe is home and gets up to greet them. Perpetua stops her: First, because Beatriz is sick. Then, she tells her it's time to know if Ramona is an Apache, a Comanche, or whatever. More importantly, we need to know if Ramona is Felipe's sister or not. Beatriz doesn't like Perpetua's tone, and wonders if her aunt is suggesting that Ramona is her rival. Well, Perprtua says, if she isn't his sister then I guess you might actually be her rival. Haven't you thought about that? Beatriz says nothing but has an angry look on her face.

     The Morenos walk into the sala and Felipe leaves to deal with the luggage. Ramona opens a window and looks outside. (She is wearing her black mourning dress.) She cries and closes the window. Doña Ramona wonders what's wrong. Ramona tells her that everything here at the hacienda reminds her of Alejandro--the arroyo, the tree, the chapel. Doña Ramona assures her that in time she'll feel better. She reminds Ramona that the Echagües are still there, and she doesn't want them seeing her this way (especially Perpetua). Right then Beatriz and Perpetua come in and greet them. Ramona and Beatriz embrace. Beatriz tells Ramona she's glad that she's okay and healthy. Ramona wonders how Beatriz is doing and Perpetua interrupts, saying her niece is much better. Doña Ramona decides that Ramona needs to rest, and accompanies her to her room.

     Beatriz and Perpetua are then alone in the sala and Beatriz exclaims, poor Ramona! Perpetua doesn't have any sympathy for Ramona and begins to make a comment, but right then Felipe comes in. He asks Beatriz how she's been and Perpetua again speaks for Beariz and says, better. Felipe says he would have sent a letter but he couldn't do it, the situation with Ramona was very serious and the town wanted her to be put to death. Perpetua makes a point of commenting to Felipe how HAPPY he must be that Ramoncita is back at home. Felipe agrees, yes, he's very happy, but he looks at her strangely. Beatriz looks sideways at her aunt, clearly annoyed at her game-playing.

     In the kitchen Delgadina wonders if Marta got her anything in Spurtown. Marta tells her no. Marta tells Margarita that they killed Alejandro and Margarita says she knows, the peones brought his body to the hacienda. Marta asks about what went on while she was away. Delgadina tells her, while you were gone an India came to stay with us. Marta is shocked.

     In Ramona's room Ramona takes down the candle from the shelf that used to hold the Virgin statue. Doña Ramona tells Ramona they will bring her another Virgin. Then she suggests that Ramona get some rest. Ramona begins to cry and says that she owes her mother so much. Doña Ramona says she owes her, too, and Ramona says why? I've only brought you problems. Doña Ramona explains that until now, she's been like a dead person, always living in the past. But now she's really living again. She kisses Ramona and leaves. Ramona says, Alejandro, Alejandro. There is a flashback to the awful moment of Alejandro's hanging, when they shared a final kiss and Green separated them. Then Alejandro was put to death.

     Felipe is still talking to Beatriz and Perpetua. He tells them that Alejandro was already hung by the time they got to Spurtown. Of course, Ramona was very upset. He says that Doña Ramona forgave her and stood by her. Without Doña Ramona's testimony, Ramona might not be alive. Beatriz thinks it will not be easy for Ramona to replace the feelings she had for Alejandro. Perpetua asks Felipe about the trials: Alejandro was a redskin, so he was at a disadvantage. But what about Ramona--how was her trial? Felipe doesn't understand what she's asking, and Perpetua explains, if Ramona was married to an Indian, how did they conduct the trial so that she would not be judged as a redskin? Right then Doña Ramona comes in. Felipe says that what happened with Ramona was different. Yes, very different, says Doña Ramona. She tells Perpetua and Beatriz that Ramona isn't her daughter. So Ramona isn't Felipe's sister? Exactly, says Doña Ramona.



Episode #62

     Perp tells Bea if she weren't ill she'd take her away from the hacienda immediately. The Morenos have too many secrets. Bea has told Perp that Ramona killed a man. Perp doesn't quite believe it was in her own defense. They are going to forgive Ramona everything. What kind of relationship could DR have had with Angus O'Phaill for her to take his daughter? I knew she was hiding something sinful from her past. You can feel satan breathing from every corner of this house. Finally Bea has had enough. She tells Perp that her health is ruined, why doesn't she let her live her last days in peace? Perp stares with her mouth open.

     While stabbing a watermelon with a knife, Manuela says she regrets running away. She should have died with her people. Now she's alone. Ramona says she can stay at the hacienda. She promises to protect her. Let's forget our grudges. Destiny has decided that only we survived. Us and Alej's baby that I'm carrying. Alej's baby repeats Manuela while looking at Ramona's stomach. At least we'll have Alej's memory in my baby. Felipe enters and is introduced to Manuela.

     Marg with DR. DR wants to know how she found out that Ramona was not Gen. Moreno's daughter. Did Marta or Felipe tell you? No. She finally tells her that she accidentally overheard DR talking with Padre Salvatierra. She wasn't eavesdropping, you understand. Of course you immediately ran to tell Ramona. Oh no, I waited quite a long time. You should thank God that I'm old and tired and that that info no longer has any importance. Otherwise, in another time.... You would have had my tongue. Exactly, plus you would have prejudiced your parents. I would have had to fire them. I know what I did was wrong, but it was easy for me to tell Ramona when I found out that she was going to run away with Alej. I didn't think she would return. DR decides not to do anything to Marg. She appreciates those who value her children. Marg sighs with relief and thanks DR.

     Felipe says that DR agrees to have Manuela stay. Manuela agrees, but only temporarily. Felipe asks after her burns. If you need anything ask Marg or EN. Ramona says she can ask her too. Remember I'm a Yahi like you. Ramona and Felipe leave. Manuela picks up and throws the watermelon she was stabbing earlier. She calls Ramona a "maldita lechusa blanca". She picks up the knife and starts stabbing a log by the fire.

     At the Coronado's house Ruy tells Fernando and Analupe that he's certain that Green will be convicted. He might not be hanged because he's an American, but probably will get a life sentence. Possibly he'll be sent to the prison in Sacramento. Analupe says the murder of that little girl not even God would forgive. After Mr. McQueen's (father) testimony the last of Green's supporters changed their minds. Remember that the testimony is thanks to Billy. Enough already, it's Billy this, Billy that. Papa what does Billy have to do for you to accept him? He's trying to be a good person. Forget it says Fer. I made enough money in San Diego for your dowry and now you can marry well. You don't have to marry a killer. Billy and I love each other. She leaves. Fer wants to marry her off soon. Ruy thinks it wouldn't be so bad if Analupe and Billy were novios. A gringo?! He seems like a good guy. If DR can accept an indian baby, why can't we accept someone who's trying to prove himself. Fer is surprised.

     Ramona goes to DR's bedroom to thank her for letting Manuela stay. DR wants to know about Manuela. She's Matea's daughter. The one who knew your real mother? You're my real mother and I thank divine providence for bringing me to this house otherwise I might not have survived. They get back to Manuela. Even though Matea was a witch she had many good qualities. And Manuela? She was a bit jealous of me. You're rival? Not really because Alej never loved her. Fine, she can stay, but we should keep an eye on her. DR doesn't want anything to aggravate Ramona. Her baby needs to be born healthy. She's already been through enough. They hug.

     In bed, Felipe is writing in his diary. I know Ramona can never be mine, but that's not important. Finally I've understood that true love is wishing the best for the one you love. Thanks to God for saving her.

     At the fire, Manuela is wearing face paint and is calling on the spirits for Ramona's death.

     Next morning at the breakfast table Bea wonders where the Moreno's are. Perp snidely says that they were apparently up early and now are out. They don't pay us any attention. Bea says that they just got back and naturally have lots to do. Everything here is anti-natural. Perp says she knows Bea will recover and she doesn't want her to marry Felipe. Enough with the insinuations. If you know something tell me. What has Felipe done to you? Maybe if you tell me your reasons I won't go through with the marriage. She begins to cough so Perp backs off. You know something and the reason you won't tell me is because I'm going to die. Bea storms off with Perp trailing her.

     DR takes flowers to Angus at the tree. She's at peace now. She doesn't have to hide that he was the love of her life. Also, she's over the hate she had for Ramona's indian blood.

     Ramona takes flowers to Alej's grave. "Alejandro, my love, it's a blessing that you're here and I can visit you." I've been thinking of you all the time. She remembers all the times they were together. I'll never forget you. She weeps as Manuela watches from behind a bush.

     Bea tells Perp that the only thing that can separate them is if Perp tries to come between her and Felipe. She loves Felipe and that's reason enough for Perp to stop insinuating things about him. DR interrupts to say that Cesar's carriage is close by.

     Ruy makes his closing statement at Green's trial. They've heard testimony from Nepo, Tom and Abraham McQueen and Dooglas turned himself in and accepted his part in the crimes. Green is a terrible and bloodthirsty criminal. Do you think he can be rehabilitated? He has no soul. He can't feel any remorse. Do you feel remorse Mr. Green? I told you to leave me alone is Green's reply. He stands and says I know you expect me to beg for forgiveness to save my skin, but I won't. I'm not a coward nor a hypocrite. He wanted to get rid of the indians, mexicans, chinese, etc. He criticizes them for not supporting him in his dream of keeping the country white, anglo-saxon and protestant.

     Ramona at the arroyo with Marg. She remembers the night when she and Alej were supposed to meet and run away together. La luna llena. I thought he didn't love me. Little did I know then that he would love me until his death. Marg asks her not to remember. Ramona asks Marg to leave. Ramona sits and Alej's spirit (?) comes up from behind Ramona. They kiss. He says he'll always love her. And she he. He's gone. She asks God why he had to take Alej.

     Cesar explains to DR that at first the doctor didn't want to come, but then changed his mind. You know what's it's like to see your children suffer. Hopefully God will have pity on us like he did with Ramona. The doctor was not encouraged when heard of Bea's symptoms. Cesar is quite anguished. DR hands him some tea. She wants to tell him some news.

     The doctor is checking over Bea.

     Cesar thinks DR wants to break the engagement because of Bea's illness. She starts to tell him about Ramona.

     Back at the arroyo Ramona tells Marg maybe it wasn't a such a good idea to come here. It's filled with so many memories that make her sad. Marg tells her to try to think of other things. Ramona says she saw Alej. When you miss the person you love you see them everywhere. You're capable of imagining that they're with you body and soul.

     The verdict is in and Green is found guilty of first degree murder, rape of a minor, being an impostor, abuse of power, illicit association with the "klan", massacre of the Yahi indians and hiding the gov't notices for the registration of the land titles. He's sentenced to life in prison at Sacramento. Green protests, I'm an american! I'll appeal! Dr. Thomas is declared an accomplice and there's an award offered for his capture. Dooglas is left free because he turned himself in. Prescott has to pay a fine. Court is adjourned. Green yells that Dooglas and Prescott are as guilty as he is. He swears revenge on the town. Doris congratulates Ruy. Ruy invites Doris and Billy to dinner at his house.

     DR wanted to tell Cesar about Ramona so he could break the engagement if he wanted. Perp bursts in crying, with the doctor, Ramona and Felipe after her. Bea's dying cries Perp. The doc believes it's TB and wants to leave for Colorado in the morning. Felipe runs to Bea's room, but the doc warns him not to say anything to her. Is there any chance of recovery? TB is almost always incurable. Ramona tells Cesar how sorry she is, he thanks her. Perp wants to know why God is punishing them and not those who deserve it. She looks straight at Ramona.

     Bea tells Felipe that she knows she's dying. Your face says it all. You're mistaken, I'm just scared. In Colorado they can cure you. Thanks, but all my symptoms are indications of what killed my mother. You'll get well and if you have to stay a long while in Colorado I'll come visit you. Thanks for being so sweet and tender, but it's time for us to say good-bye. Fel kisses her hand and calls her "mi querida Beatriz" and weeps with his head on her lap.

     Perp asks the doc why this is happening to Bea. She's always been good, a saint. Cesar tells her to be quiet. She's making him nervous. DR asks Ramona to take the doc to the dining room for refreshments. After they leave Perp continues. DR tells Perp she's not helping the situation with her crying. Is it better to keep secrets, spits out Perp? Cesar tells her to shut up again, that DR is right. Perp calls DR a liar. Ramona comes back into the room. She's lied to us, Ramona is not her daughter. She's an indian. DR is a hypocrite. She has a shameful past. She was the lover of an irishman. "Sepulcro blanqueado" (this is what the cc says, but I don't know what it means.) DR slaps her. Ramona has a pained look on her face.



Episode 63

     Felipe is crying with Beatriz because of her illness. She says she hates to make those around her sad. He says she shouldn't give up hope. She asks if there is hope for her? Think carefully. He thinks she shouldn't give in to death, but fight to the end. He doesn't want her to give up.

     Don Cesar is sorry that Ramona heard Dona Perpetua's words. She's not offended but says her mother has nothing to be ashamed of. She had no lovers. She could have left with her father but didn't. She received her in her house even though she was prejudice against Indians. That shows how good she was.

     Cesar says that Dona Ramona was telling him about the past when he was interrupted from commenting. He says some do not learn with age (Perpetua) he says he doesn't want to judge anyone. He embraces her. He's happy she was saved. No matter her origins, for him she is a Moreno Gonzaga. Dona Ramona goes to apologize to Perpetua. Cesar goes to Beatriz.

     Perpetua is crying and holding her cheek. Dona Ramona apologizes for treating her this way. She says it's time for them to make peace. Perpetua says there is something she cannot forgive. The truth which is clear. Felipe is a hypocrite. He pretends to be so concerned for Beatriz when he doesn't love her. DR answers that even though he might not be in love, he's very concerned about her. She's tired of her criticizing her children. Perpetua wants to know if maybe Felipe isn't her child either. DR regrets opening her doors to her, she's a snake.

     Felipe leaves Beatriz and her father to talk. She collapses into his arms. She's worried about going to Colorado. He'll accompany her. She says she's worried about their marriage. He's too good. Even though he would wait, she wants to break the engagement now. Her father convinces her to make that decision when she gets to Colorado.

     In Spurtown… The Coronado's are dining. Ruy says that they have a custom of a long courtship and a dowry. After they get to know him, they'll set a date. Billy says not to worry because he's willing to work. Doris says with those customs she'll be a spinster, she hasn't got a penny. Analupe says maybe she should become a nun. Felipe's surprised by the comment.

     Ruy says he wants his grandchildren to be raised in his religion. Billy says since he's French background, he too is Catholic. Then there is no impediment. He'll try to gain their confidence. They toast, although Felipe is a little reluctant.

     Dona Ramona tells Felipe that Perpetua once again insulted Ramona. Her intuition tells her he's not in love with Beatriz. He gave his word to marry her and he'll live up to it. Ramona says since he doesn't love her, maybe he should reconsider. Maybe he'll never love her, but he'll marry her. He wants to make someone happy. If she's going to die, he wants to give her a few moments of happiness.

     Billy goes to the jail and tells Tom that the deputies from Sacramento are arriving to take Green. Tom will accompany them. He's excited since he's never been away from the area.

     Felipe and Ramona talk about Beatriz leaving that day. He may never see her again. Ramona says they should be hopeful. If she dies he's going to feel guilty. Because he never loved her the way he should. Ramona says you can't rule your heart, and he's been so good to her. Yes, but he never gave her the most important thing,his love. Ramona says he's punishing himself, he's so good. Does he think someone else would have kept the engagement after he illness. Isn't that worth more than love? She doesn't know.

     Ramona and Cesar discuss Beatriz disease. He's angry that God permitted this. First the woman he loved most in life died, then when he put all his affections to his daughter now she is being taken too. It's as though he's taken a grudge against him. Ramona hands him a drink and says if he gives up. She understands, but if he loses faith in a miracle what hope will he have?

     Perpetua scolds Margarita because she says her canaries are hungry. She says she fed them in the morning. One of the canaries flies away and Margarita throws a bucket of water to stop him, instead she soaks Perpetua..

     Felipe gives Beatriz an engagement ring. He wants her to take it to Colorado. She says she can't because she may not be able to comply with her promise. When she's cured, she'll accept it. He wants her to take it and forces it on her finger. He goes to kiss her and she turns her head. When she's cured she'll get all the kisses she's owed.

     The townspeople are jeering as Green is being put into the jailcart. Nepo says a few days ago they were cheering him, people are fickle. Billy says if he were the judge he would have sent him to the gallows.

     Beatriz is crying and looking at her ring. Ramona comes in to wish her a good trip. Beatriz says she's a little down because she just said goodbye to Felipe. Ramona says not goodbye, they'll see each other soon. Beatriz makes her promise if she doesn't return that she'll take care of Felipe. He loves her so much, do not abandon him. She promises. She only loved one man, she'll never love another. Beatriz says as long as she's by Felipe's side, she should give him all her affections. She doesn't have to ask. If there's someone she loves in this world it's Felipe. Ramona says she will return, and they will be married.

     Two men are placing a log across the road at the instructions of Thomas. The cart carrying Green approaches. Tom and the driver get down to move it when they are shot at by Thomas and the men. One rider escapes and the driver is still alive. Green is released. He's surprised that the came for him. He shoots the driver in cold blood. One of the men who helped Thomas calls for help. The other accomplice who is his brother is injured. He wants them to help him. They refuse and kill both men. Tom gets up and shoots Thomas in the back.. He falls back and Green shoots him again. Thomas says to leave him there. Green insists on taking him. They start to ride away when tom gets up. He's wounded in the shoulder.

     Don Cesar is preparing to leave. Perpetua is looking for her canary. They are all very sad. Cesar thanks Ramona for her hospitality. She says their doors will always be open to them.

     Perpetua is complaining to Marta that Margarita let her bird go. Mago and Delgadina come in with the canary. They managed to catch it. She says goodbye and Marta says maybe they'll see each other soon with the wedding. Perpetua says she doubts it.

     Beatriz says she's sorry to go she's become so fond of them. She starts to cry. Ramona says she'll miss her too. Perpetua tries to hurry them. Beatriz says she'll be waiting for Felipe's letters. He says he hopes to se her soon. Ramona says goodbye and Beatriz reminds her of her promise. Ramona wishes Perpetua a good trip. Felipe says take care of Beatriz. She leaves Felipe with his hand in the air. Ramona feels sorry that they are suffering these offenses because of her. Ramona says she's a bitter old maid. Now they'll have some peace.

     The two Ramona's sit down to eat. Felipe's catching up with work around the Haicienda. The house feels so lonely without Beatriz and Perpetua. Beatriz was lovely, but the aunt….. Her mother tells Ramona that she has to prepare herself for people's reaction to her true origin. She knows, she felt it in Spurtown. Dona Ramona wonders w

     What's happening with Manuela?

     In the kitchen, Manuela comes in when Delgadina is there. She takes her doll away from her. Delgadina says she'll tell Marta. Manuela threatens to throw her in the well, where it's very dark and no one will find her.

     Ramona says that Manuela is strange, but since she has no place to go. Her mother wants to meet her. Felipe comes in and says they have so much work to do now. Especially since next year they won't have the Yahis to help them with the shearing. He apologizes to Ramona. She gets a sharp pain in her stomach. Manuela is sticking a pin in the doll and wishing her to get what she had.

     Felipe is helping Ramona into bed. She says it was nothing. He says she's had too much excitement. She's cold because it's getting to be autumn now. Is the pain going away? It'll never go away says Ramona. He says her stomach pain, she says it's better.

     Felipe and Ruy are playing checkers when Billy comes to the door. He tells them that Green escaped. He killed the deputies from Sacramento and Tom is badly injured. He's going to look for them. Felipe says they're lives are all in danger, including the Moreno's.



Capitulo 64


     Billy is at the Coronado's house and has just told them that Jack Green escaped. Fernando mentions that he might go after the Morenos.

     Green has taken Thomas to an abandoned cabin. Green wonders if he shouldn't try to remove the bullet, but Thomas reminds him that he's not a doctor and he feels that the bullet is close to his heart. Thomas wants Green to shoot him and put him out of his misery.

     Manuela continues to stab the makeshift voodoo doll with thorns, and has to hide her activity when Doña Ramona visits her. Doña Ramona is suspicious and asks Manuela about the fire. Manuela explains that she was speaking with the spirits (she doesn't tell her what she's speaking to them about, of course!) and Doña Ramona explains that on her property there's only one spirit, the Holy Spirit. Manuela says she and her mother were not Christians. Doña Ramona lets her know that if she wants to stay she will have to adopt their customs. She will also have to assist Margarita and Marta in their tasks. After she leaves, Doña Ramona tells Marta that she doesn't trust Manuela.

     In the cabin Thomas begs Green to just shoot him and get it over with. I don't want to finish my life in the hands of Billy, the traitor. Green takes a gun in his hand and points towards his friend Thomas.

     In Ramona's room Felipe and Ramona are talking. She has noticed that he is sad over Beatriz' departure, but there's something else--like he's without hope. He sort of admits it, and she wants to know who it is--this lost love of his. He wonders if she can't already guess, but of course Ramona has no clue.

     Green tells Thomas he can't shoot him, let's find a doctor. Thomas warns him that it's not practical; they've already left traces of blood that can be followed.

     Felipe sits on Ramona's bed. She wants him to reveal his secret, and tells him the only reason she didn't tell him about her paternity before was because she made a promise to Doña Ramona. She pressures him to tell her. He says that he never knew what love was until "she" arrived. He closes his eyes and there's a flashback: Ramona is getting out of the carriage when she arrived at the hacienda after leaving the convent. Back in the present Felipe explains that "she" fell in love with another man. That happened here, at the hacienda? Ramona asks. Yes, Felipe says. Who was it? Right then Doña Ramona comes into the room.

     Thomas still wants Green to shoot him, but first makes Green promise to seek vengenace on Billy and the Morenos. Green agrees, but says he'll lay low in Oregon for a while until everyone has forgotten about him. He ends up shooting Thomas, and embraces his dead friend's body, crying.

     In Ramona's room Ramona asks Doña Ramona about her visit with Manuela. Doña Ramona says she needs an activity. Ramona agrees, and tells her that she also knows a lot about native remedies. Doña Ramona and Felipe decide to let her rest, but Ramona wants Felipe to stay so they can finish their "conversation." Felipe declines and says he's probably said too much already.

     Billy and his men have made it to the cabin and find Thomas' body. Billy tells the men to hurry, Green can't be too far away.

     Months later...

     Margarita and Norteño get married. Green has returned to the area. Analupe and Billy continue their courtship. Ramona is far along in her pregnancy.

     Manuela is still at the hacienda and continues her stabbing of the doll. While she's stabbing and calling to the spirits, Ramona and Felipe are visiting Alejandro's tomb and she feels pain.

     In Colorado Beatriz writes a letter to Felipe, saying how much she misses him. The letter arrives at the hacienda and Felipe reads it. He explains to Ramona and Doña Ramona that Beatriz needs him. He leaves the next morning for Colorado.

     Felipe arrives in Colorado and tells Beatriz that she's looking a lot better. He explains what's been going on: the esquila, a drought, Ramona's health, the uncertainty of Green's whereabouts. Beatriz tells him how important he is to his mother and especially Ramona. Right then Perpetua comes in with roses and is not pleased to see Felipe there. She coldly says she doesn't want to interrupt; she just wanted to leave these roses that the doctor has sent her (hint, hint).

     At the hacienda Ramona and Doña Ramona are in the kitchen. Ramona uses the opportunity to say that in a way, she's almost envious of Beatriz (because Felipe is there). Doña Ramona wonders if he didn't go up there to say goodbye to her, because they haven't heard really any news about her health.

     In Colorado Don Cesar is glad that Beatriz seems to be getting better. He looks forward to going back to the finca. The conversation turns to Dr. Brown, who Beatriz credits for her ongoing recovery. Felipe wonders if it's the same doctor who came to the hacienda, and Beatriz says yes. Don Cesar says how he sends her flowers. Beatriz is uncomfortable with her dad saying this. Felipe says that perhaps he can now go home and make wedding preparations. Beatriz seems pleased.

     At the hacienda Doña Ramona and Ramona are sewing. Doña Ramona suggests that Ramona should think about remarrying. Ramona says it won't happen, because she doesn't want to, and also, who would want an India? Doña Ramona hadn't thought of this and is quiet. Ramona says it's enough to have her child, and her and Felipe. Ramona asks Doña Ramona if Felipe had another girlfriend besides Beatriz. Doña Ramona looks surprised. Doña Ramona says that she does know, but she promised Felipe she would never tell. Ramona puts her hand into the sewing basket and pulls it out suddenly, saying she's been stung by something. Doña Ramona empties the basket and it's a scorpion. She calls for the servants.

     Meanwhile, in her room Manuela takes a scorpion and lets it crawl around on her hand, asking the spirits to poison Ramona's blood.

     Marta tries to suck the venom out of Ramona's hand. Doña Ramona runs out and has Margarita send Norteño or Marcos to go get Dr. Oviedo. Inside, Ramona says her hand is going numb. Then Doña Ramona decides to ask Manuela for a native remedy. She goes outside and bangs on Manuela's door. When Manuela answers, Doña Ramona is suspicious about her being all closed up like that, but there's no time for questions, Ramona has been stung by a scorpion. She asks Manuela about an herbal remedy. Manuela says she does know, although the venom can be fatal. She goes to get some herbs together and Doña Ramona runs back to the house. Manuela looks happy.

     In Colorado Beatriz is in bed and Perpetua is there. Felipe and Don Cesar left to go eat. Perpetua is glad that Felipe is not there and Beatriz says to get used to it, we confirmed our engagement. Perpetua prefers Dr. Brown and wonders why Beatriz wants Felipe when Dr. Brown is so good to her. Right then Dr. Brown comes in.

     Ramona is in bed, breathing with difficulty. Manuela and Margarita come in. Manuela says that with the potion she has, her mother used it to cure Yahis in the village. Ramona says she can't drink it, but Manuela says she'll die if she doesn't drink it. Ramona sips a tiny bit.

     In Colorado Perpetua is kissing up to Dr. Brown and comments on the roses he sends to Beatriz. Dr. Brown says she's his best patient, and collects his things to continue his rounds. When he leaves Beatriz is annoyed because Perrpetua is making her motives so obvious. Beatriz reminds her that she's engaged to Felipe, and Perpetua reminds her yes, but you're not married.

     In the study Doña Ramona is furious. Dr. Oviedo has arrived but he doesn't want to treat Ramona. He says, I was in Rosarito and they are saying there that Ramona is not your daughter, she's a redskin. Doña Ramona reminds him that Ramona is a human being! Her life is in danger and she's pregnant. Shame on you for not helping her. He says he's sorry and gets ready to leave. Doña Ramona stops him and says that if he doesn't help her daughter, he won't leave the hacienda alive! Dr. Oviedo agrees to help, this one time. He's already there, anyway.

     Ramona is having a bad time of it, and Marta wonders if the potion she's using is correct for a scorpion sting. Manuela says yes. Dr. Oviedo walks in with Doña Ramona. He wonders what the potion is, and it turns out that the plant she used isn't for a scorpion sting, it will instead make a person delirious. Manuela acts innocent and says her mother always used it, etc. Doña Ramona asks her to leave so the doctor can treat Ramona. He says he'll have to bleed her, and Doña Ramona is concerned if bleeding will harm the baby. Perhaps, says Dr. Oviedo, but we have to get the poison out.

     Margarita and Manuela go into the kitchen. Delgadina is there and Manuela says something to her (?) Manuela says if she had been allowed to continue with the herbal potion, she would have been able to save Ramona and her child. Delgadina continues to be frightened of Manuela. She thinks Manuela is bad.

     Cliffhanger: In Ramona's room Margarita is trying to give Ramona spoonfuls of Western-style medicine prescribed by Dr. Oviedo, but Ramona is having a hard time taking it and says she's worried about her baby. Margarita tells her that Manuela says her remedy will work. Ramona cries and laments the fact that Felipe is so far away.



Capitulo 66


     Doña Ramona and Felipe are in Ramona's room. She is unconscious. Felipe talks to her but Ramona doesn't respond. Doña Ramona has the baby in her arms.

     In the kitchen Margarita hugs Norteño and cries over Ramona. Norteño says that at least the baby is healthy. During the conversation Manuela enters the kitchen and says she wants to see the baby. They explain that Doña Ramona is the one to decide, and Manuela says she has a right to see the baby because it's a Yahi. She has to perform a Yahi ceremony so the gods and spirits will protect it.

     In Colorado Dr. Brown listens to Beatriz' cough. She's had a relapse, and he's trying to figure out how it happened. Did you receive bad news? he asks. Beatriz gives Perpetua a look. Beatriz mentions leaving a window open, and assures everyone that she'll feel better tomorrow.

     Felipe confesses his feelings for Ramona to Padre Sarria. He says he no longer knows what's good and evil. Padre Sarria thinks there's nothing shameful, because he and Ramona aren't really brother and sister. Felipe admits that from the beginning he tried to forget his attraction, but the passion still follows and torments him. He doesn't know what to do about Beatriz, and Padre Sarria advises that he let his conscience guide him.

     Beatriz writes Felipe a letter to break off the engagement. She can't finish the letter, however, and begins to cry. She rips up the letter.

     Felipe decides that Beatriz has suffered enough. He will keep quiet and hope that God understands his decision. (In other words, he will go through with the marriage to Beatriz even though he doesn't love her.)

     The next day, Delgadina is playing with her doll in the barn and Manuela finds her. Manuela warns that if Ramona dies, it will be her fault since she spilled the potion. Delgadina accuses her of wanting bad things to happen to Ramona. And, if Manuela does anything bad she will tell Doña Ramona that she threatened to throw her into the well and that she stole her doll. Manuela replies that if she says anything to Doña Ramona, she guarantees she'll throw her in the well! Right then Margarita walks in and Delgadina runs off. Margarita wonders what she did to scare Delgadina off and Manuela says, nothing. Then she says that white people distrust the Indians.

     Fernando tells Felipe that he couldn't find a doctor, but he did find a redskin who might be able to help--Lince Solitario.

     At the Coronado house in Spurtown, Analupe models her wedding dress for Polita and Don Ruy. They wonder when Fernando is coming home, and speculate that he might have visited the Moreno hacienda, which would delay his arrival a few more days. Don Ruy says that no matter how much Fernando wants it, he and Ramona won't be together.

     Felipe tells Fernando that Dr. Oviedo couldn't do any more, so he doubts that Lince Solitario can be of any help. Padre Sarria says they must try everything until they exhaust all of their options.

     Doña Ramona is in the kitchen with Marta and feels uncomfortable with the Indians' native remedies, because they are considered to be a sin. They should pray to God instead. Marta tells her that Padre Sarria has seen the remedies work wonders in the Yahi village. Doña Ramona doesn't seem convinced.

     Lince is in Ramona's room tapping a drum. Felipe and Fernando watch him work his magic on her. Lince then takes a pipe and begins to absorb the evil from Ramona's body.

     In Colorado, Perpetua continues to bash the Moreno family. She says that Felipe doesn't deserve her (Beatriz), and she wants to break off the engagement right away. Beatriz doesn't want to say anything to her father, he has already suffered because of her illness. She wants to tell Don Cesar on her own terms.

     In the study Doña Ramona closes the windows to drown out the drum music and has a discussion with Padre Sarria. Marta enters the room and says that Manuela wants to see Doña Ramona. Padre Sarria is shocked--he had no idea she was still alive! Doña Ramona says she arrived when they were in Spurtown, she's been here for months. What does Manuela want? Marta says she wants to see Ramona's baby. Doña Ramona is uneasy and asks Padre Sarria for advice. Padre Sarria tells it like it is: Manuela isn't very nice and after what happened at her village, she's probably more hostile than ever. So the answer is no (?) Padre Sarria leaves to break the bad news to Manuela.

     Lince continues the healing process. He shakes some rattles over her, and Ramona moans. He tells Felipe that Ramona needs the breath of someone to help her, otherwise she will have eternal sleep. Fernando doesn't understand and Lince explains somehow that love is the fountain of life, and someone's breath will cure her (?) He asks Felipe to approach Ramona and transmit his breath to her. Fernando looks uncomortable and says, but Felipe is her brother. Felipe says, no, I'm not. Lince lights a pipe so that Felipe can inhale the magic smoke to pass on to Ramona. Felipe says he can't, and Lince tries to convince him to do it.

     Padre Sarria has a chat with Manuela. He tells her that she should be grateful to the Morenos for taking her in and letting her stay at the hacienda. Manuela says that they won't even let her see Alejandro's son, he and she are the only Yahis left on the face of the Earth. Padre Sarria corrects her and says that Ramona is a Yahi too. Manuela doesn't answer, but says the child should have been hers. Padre Sarria explains that Alejandro and Ramona loved each other, can't you let it go already and accept it? Manuela says how much she has suffered.... Padre Sarria says yes, I've suffered too, the Yahis were like my children. Manuela, for once in your life can't you do something good for someone? How? asks Manuela. I can't even see the baby! She becomes nice and convinces Padre Sarria to get Doña Ramona's permission to see the child.

     Felipe asks whether he is supposed to kiss Ramona. He says he can't do it, but Lince tells him that Ramona needs him, so do it before it's too late! Felipe bends over and lightly places his lips over hers, then straightens up. Lince takes some herbs and passes them over Ramona's body. Ramona begins to regain consciousness. Fernando doesn't like what he's just witnessed and leaves the room. Right then Doña Ramona comes in to see how everything is progressing. She asks Fernando where he's going, and he says he needs to take a walk.

     Lince tells Doña Ramona that the gods were benevolent with Ramona, she's regaining consciousness now. She opens her eyes and says softly, "Felipe."

     The chapel bells are ringing and everyone at the hacienda gathers around to see what's going on. Doña Ramona has the baby in her arms and tells everyone to stop working for today, consider it a holiday because of the birth of Ramona's baby, as well as Ramona's improved health. She says that the Yahis and Mexicans are already brothers, and asks Norteño to slaughter some lambs for a feast. She publicly thanks Lince for his help, and she thanks Fernando, but Fernando defers to Felipe. (Upon hearing this Doña Ramona gives Marta a look.) Everyone is happy except Fernando, who has a sad look on his face. Manuela looks on from a distance, standing behind a tree.

     Ramona is in bed having some soup. Felipe is with her and says it's great to see her smile again. Ramona says she had a strange dream that he kissed her. Felipe doesn't know what to say, but right then Doña Ramona walks in with the baby. Ramona asks Felipe if he's already seen it, and he says yes, he's as beautiful as you are, Ramona.

     In Colorado Dr. Brown is with Beatriz. He's concerned about her sadness and wants her to be able to trust him to tell him what's wrong. Beatriz admits that she's sad because Felipe, her promised, loves another woman. He's always loved her.

     Doña Ramona gives the baby to Ramona and Fernando comes in. Doña Ramona is grateful that he brought Lince to the hacienda to cure Ramona. Ramona wonders if Fernando still distrusts Indians, and he says he's surprised, it was like magic. Fernando says he came to say goodbye, the family is expecting him. Ramona says it's a pity she can't attend Analupe's wedding, but Spurtown has bad memories for her. Fernando kisses Ramona's hand and she bids him goodbye. After he leaves Ramona decides to name her son Alejandro.

     Fernando is gathering his luggage in the sala, and Felipe tells him to wait. He wants to discuss what happened the previous night in Ramona's room; Ramona doesn't know that he has feelings for her. Fernando replies that some day she'll know. They shake hands and Fernando leaves. Doña Ramona enters the sala and wonders about Fernando, he left so quickly, etc. Felipe explains that the previous night, when Lince was helping to heal Ramona, I gave Ramona a kiss on the lips. Fernando assumed that I was her lover.

     In Colorado Dr. Brown is trying to make Beatriz feel better, he says she's brave and courageous for having recovered from her sickness. She thanks him for talking to her, and he kisses her hand.

     Doña Ramona tells Felipe that she's afraid he's making the same mistake she made, in going through with the marriage to Beatriz. I gave her my word, he says. She explains yes, you gave your word, but that's not a sacred bond like marriage itself. She speculates that Beatriz would most likely leave him as a widower, given her propensity for illness. She may have good health, though, replies Felipe. He says that perhaps he was born to dream of love, not to live it.

     Perpetua is nosy and asks Beatriz about her chat with Dr. Brown. Beatriz says she has to return to the hacienda to clear everything up with Felipe and break off the engagement. Perpetua doesn't understand why she has to physically go there to do it, send a telegram! Beatriz insists, however, on meeting face-to-face with Felipe. Perpetua says that for her, that man is a Satan!

     Cliffhanger: Doña Ramona talks with Padre Sarria. She wants to have a baptism get-together for Ramona's baby, but she admits no one would probably come. They lost a lot of friends when the truth came out that Ramona is an Indian. Well, they aren't you're friends, then, replies Padre Sarria. The discussion turns to Indians, and Padre Sarria uses the opportunity to convince Doña Ramona to allow Manuela to see Ramona's baby. She's all alone, her tribe is gone, etc. Doña Ramona realizes this and listens as he explains why Manuela should be able to see the baby.



Episode 67

     Padre Sarria asks DR for permission for Manuela to see Ramona's baby. DR agrees because if things (racism) are to change one must lead by example.

     Jack Green has caught up with Fernando's carriage. The driver is tied up and on the ground. He's tied Fer to a carriage wheel. He goes though his pockets and takes his watch and money. He finds one of Analupe's wedding announcements. He doesn't know why Billy would want to marry Analupe and not someone of his own race. Fer tells Green he disgusts him and for his trouble gets whacked in the head with a pistol. Green says the Mexicans are inferior and one day will have to leave California. Green points the pistol at Fer's head and intends to shoot. However, from out of nowhere a shot rings out and Green is wounded in the leg. He runs to his horse and rides away; out of the trees comes Nepo with gun (just one) blazing. Green gets away. Nepo says you got a away this time, but you won't get far. There went my $5000 reward.

     DR tells Ramona that Manuela is waiting to see the baby. Ramona agrees and DR is surprised. Manuela has a right to see they baby, after all she loved Alejandro too. (so?!) Ramona thinks maybe the baby will help Manuela let go of her grudge. DR doesn't look too convinced. DR lets Manuela into the bedroom and gives her a look that says don't pull any crap and leaves the bedroom. The baby looks like Alejandro, hopefully he will inherit his bravery says Manuela. At this Ramona has a worried or perplexed look on her face.

     Nepo can't believe that the $5000 has just slipped through his hands. Fer says that he doesn't have that much money, but when Nepo goes to Spurtown again he should stop at the house so he can repay him for saving his life. He'll be sure to do it. Nepo not only wants the reward money, but he wants revenge. Fer says that Green doesn't deserve to live. They go their separate ways.

     Felipe writes in his diary that only God knows how he felt when he kissed Ramona. He remembers it day and night and will remember it for the rest of his life. The memory of that kiss will be his happiness.

     Don Cesar doesn't know what the rush is in returning to the Moreno's hacienda. If Felipe has waited this long what's one more day. Perpetua agrees with him. Dr. Brown has said that Beatriz can leave and she wants to see Felipe as soon as possible. Cesar says it must be true love and agrees to leave.

     It's night now. As Ramona sleeps Manuela holds the baby and tells him his name is Alejandro de Asis and he will grow up to avenge the Yahis' deaths. She's going to teach him many things and will ask the spirits to give him powers. Ramona awakens and wants to know what she said. She asks Manuela for the baby, but Manuela doesn't give him to her. Felipe comes in and takes the baby from Manuela. He says the baby looks like an angel and as a baptism present is going to give him a foal and when he's old enough he'll teach him to ride. Generally, Felipe is drooling over the baby. Manuela clears her throat as if to say that Felipe is interrupting. He apologizes to her and tells her she can leave that Marta is going to stay with Ramona. Manuela says she can do it, but Felipe says that DR has decided otherwise. He leaves to get Marta. Ramona says that her brother will be a good father to Alejandrito. Manuela says he's not your brother. It's as if we were. No, he's in love with you. Ramona is shocked. She's seen the passion in his eyes. Ramona is upset and Manuela likes it. She leaves with a smile on her face. Ramona wonders if the woman who Felipe has been suffering over is herself.

     Marta asks why Ramona is preoccupied. Ramona says someone has told her something that has upset her. It must've been Manuela she can't be trusted. Delgadina is afraid of her and will run away as soon as she sees her. Ramona asks Marta if she, Ramona, is the woman that Felipe fell in love with. Marta says she knows nothing and she should ask Felipe. She's asked him many times and he won't ever tell her. Sorry then you're just going to have to wonder.

     Alej jr. is baptized. Ramona hopes he does honor to his father's memory. DR hopes he inherits the many good qualities that Angus had and gives him a St. Patrick medal, the patron saint of Ireland, to protect him. Felipe announces that they will have company, the Echagues. Ramona says that Bea will be excited to see him. We'll have two things to celebrate today the baby's baptism and my engagement to Bea.

     At home Fer has told the Coronado's about Green. Fer is such a good brother that after he was assaulted by Green he continued on to San Diego to bring Analupe her wedding shoes. Don Ruy is surprised that Nepo is the one who saved Fer. Ruy leaves to tell Billy about Green. Analupe asks how it went with Ramona. She had a baby boy. Fer is not the one for Ramona. Analupe says she'll never get over Alejandro. Who knows, says Fer, but it won't be me.

     At the sheriff's office Ruy warns Billy about Green. They all have to be careful. Ruy is going to send the Moreno's a telegram. Billy hopes he finds him first so he can kill him. Ruy says that isn't very christian of him, but agrees. Billy is going to track him. Ruy tells him to be careful there's a wedding pending.

     Out somewhere Green removes the bullet from his leg and then passes out.

     Back at the hacienda Ramona leaves the living room to put the baby to bed. DR asks Marta to take care of the kitchen. They have to take care of the Echauges. Even though Perp is not my favorite it looks like we're gonna be related. Marta is surprised that Bea is cured. She thought TB was incurable. Apparently she didn't have TB, they'll tell us all about it. Marta thinks that Felipe shouldn't marry. DR agrees, but if he doesn't marry Bea he'll end up alone. Marta says Ramona thinks she may be the one who Felipe fell in love with. How did she find out? Manuela told her.

     In Ramona's bedroom Manuela is wearing face paint and wants to perform a ceremony to thank the spirits for Ramona's good fortune and to protect the baby. Ramona doesn't think it's a good idea, she looks nervous and Manuela is pleased by this.

     Looking out the window Marta announces that the Echauges have arrived. How did Manuela figure it out? It's obvious, but Ramona just didn't see it. This could cause trouble between my children. They live under the same roof and Ramona is not going to feel comfortable living with Felipe if she finds out about his feelings. Bea and Perp arrive, but Cesar took the train to Santa Barbara. Felipe is taking care of the baptism festivities. Perp starts in with her snide remarks. He must be so happy with the arrival of his nephew even though he isn't really his nephew.

     Manuela is performing a ceremony with the baby. She wraps a amulet around his wrist. Ramona isn't comfortable with it. Manuela puts blue paint on the the baby's face, chest, feet and hands. Finally, Ramona pushes her away and says she doesn't believe in Manuela's spirits. The baby has been baptized and that's enough. Manuela says Ramona acts like a white person and not a Yahi. Ramona and her baby will come to misfortune. Manuela leaves. Ramona wipes off the paint and tells Alej jr that his father and St. Patrick will take care of him. She leaves him in his bed, makes the sign of the cross over him and leaves him alone. After she leaves Manuela sneaks back into the bedroom. She tells him that she'll protect him and turn him into a real Yahi. His weapons will be the bow and arrow and his clothes will be made of skin/hide and he'll avenge the Yahis. She leaves with him.

     Ramona and Bea are pleased to see each other. We have God to thank. Not only God, in Bea's case. Dr. Brown was very attentive to Bea says Perp. Padre Sarria enters with Felipe. Fel kisses Bea's hand.

     Manuela leaves her room running with the baby. Delgadina sees her.

     In the kitchen the preparations are in full swing for the dinner. Norteño is getting in the way. Three old ladies (Sofia, Marta, Marg) are too much he says so he grabs some food and leaves. Delgadina rushes in to tell Marg what she saw. Marg won't let her speak she assumes she wants to tell her that Perp has arrived. She says they're too busy and to go hide.

     Felipe tells Bea that they're going to celebrate the baptism and their engagement today. First Bea would like to talk with him, alone. They leave. Perp wants to know if the baby looks like Ramona or the indian, Alejandro. She wants to see him. DR says he looks like both of them. He's asleep. It's all right I just want to see his face. It's obvious Ramona would rather not, but she doesn't have much choice. They leave. DR wants Padre Sarria's help in stopping the wedding. Felipe doesn't love Bea.

     Fel wants to know what's wrong with Bea. Is it her health? Not her body, but her soul. She wants to know if Fel is really in love with her.

     Ramona discovers the baby's gone. Perp says the servants must have him. No way. Ramona runs out calling out for DR and Felipe.

     Delgadina finds EN and tells him that she saw Manuela with the baby. She stole him like she stole my doll. EN runs out.

Felipe says why the question. If he doesn't love her then what she has to tell him won't hurt him. In runs Ramona and DR. The baby is gone, do something. EN comes in and says that Delgadina saw Manuela run off with the baby.

     Manuela runs with the baby. She trips and he cries. Once they cross the river they'll be safe and no one will find them.

     Felipe and EN go after Manuela. Felipe promises not to return without the baby. Perp pipes up, we just got here and already there's a disaster. I told you that that indian shouldn't stay, but no one listened to me. Ramona says to DR that she's already suffered so much, but if they don't find her baby she won't be able to handle the pain. The Padre says the baby's in God's hands.

     Felipe asks Delgadina if she is sure what she saw. Marg says why didn't you tell us. I tried, but you wouldn't let me. Felipe sends Marcos and some others in one direction while he and EN go towards the river.

     Manuela still running with the baby. (man, that girl must have some lung capacity)

     Ramona is very upset and wants to go after her son. They all don't want to her to get on a horse she just gave birth. She goes anyway. Perp says to DR you're going to let her go? It's obvious you don't have kids. You'd die for your children. And furthermore when Ramona gets an idea into her head there's no stopping her.

     Manuela still running.

     Green hears horses and hides in the bushes. Marcos and the men ride by.

     Manuela is climbing up hill and remarks that they'll never find them. Felipe and EN split up. Felipe up toward the river and EN downhill.

     Marg and Marta try to keep Ramona from leaving; she takes off on a horse. DR says Ramona has Angus' character. But, she's weak says Marta. She'll come back dead before coming back without her son. In her place I'd do the same.



Финальные серии

     The final episode begins with yesterday's cliff hanger. Ramona searches and finds Felipe's diary and takes it to her mother. Outside, Felipe finds a trail of blood leading to the barn and tells Norteño that he will face Green alone. Green is waiting for him.

     Padre Saria gives Dona Ramona her final reconciliation. Ramona enters with the diary which her mother asks her to read after her death because the passages in that book belong to her.

     Felipe enters the barn with his gun drawn and an oil lamp in the other. He shouts at Green to come out and face him if he isn't too much of a coward.

     Marta enters Doña Ramona's bedroom and informs Ramona that Felipe has gone to face Green alone. Ramona becomes terrified and leaves to go outside. Doña Ramona asks Marta what is wrong but she only tells her that they are hunting or Green. Doña Ramona feels her time drawing near and asks Marta to look after her children. She tells Marta that she sees the spirit of Angus O'Phail looking at her. She says that he is waiting for her.

     Outside all anyone can do is wait helplessly as shots are fired. Ramona tries to go into the barn but Norteño does not let her, saying that it was a question of honor and that she could not interfere between Green and her brother. Beatriz also tries to stop Ramona from doing something rash and she yells, "Don't you understand that he is what I love most in this world?" Green fires again and as Felipe dodges the bullet, he falls to the floor and his lamp hits the ground, igniting the hay. Quickly the barn catches fire.

     Perpetua is worried when she sees the barn burning because Beatriz has also gone outside. Padre Saria tells her that they must pray, but she cattily retorts that if God were listening to her prayers she would have been married by now. She goes on to say that the whole house is full of demons.

     Back at the barn, Green is strangling Felipe. He mangaes to break free and pushes Green back. Green loses his balance and falls. At that moment a burning log crashes down on his leg, pinning him to the ground. Green asks Felipe to shoot him because he does not want to die burned. Felipe says that a slow and painful death is just what he deserves. He leaves Green to a slow, sure end and walks out into the night.

     Ramona sees Felipe emerging from the flames. She runs and throws herself at him and they almost kiss. They pull away just in time, but Beatriz has seen them. She runs back to the house sure as ever that she has done the right thing in breaking their engagement.

     Nepo can think of nothing but his five thousand dollars going up in flames. He runs into the burning barn like a madman and Norteño says "What a crazy man to risk death for five thousand dollars."

     Beatriz finds Perpetua packing their bags. She says that now that the engagement has been broken, nothing detains them. Beatriz reminds them that they must stay until they know what will happen to Doña Ramona. Perpetua changes the subject and mentions her hopes that Beatriz told off Felipe. Beatriz only says, "I said whatever needed to be said."

     Margarita comes into Doña Ramona's room to tell her that Green is finally dead, immediately putting her at ease. All are united at her bedside now and Ramona is ready to die in peace since her children are safe. She asks them to take care of each other and to never forget the love they have for one another, else she would have failed in being a good mother. She asks them to forgive her for making them suffer. The children listen on in grief.

     In the kitchen the mood is also somber. There is not a dry eye and Delgadina asks if maybe Juan Canito can work a miracle and save Doña Ramona. Marta tells her that Juan has already done all he can.

     Ramona and Felipe express their love for Doña Ramona. She asks them to please bury her under the tree next to Angus O'Phail. She also asks them to sell the hacienda and go to Mexico, but they cannot bring themselves to promise her that. She knows that it is a hard promise for them to make, but she reminds them that the land belongs to those that shed the most blood for it. Felipe does not want to leave her body there, but Ramona says that their mother will always live in their hearts. They finally promise her to leave and she says, "Angus, you certainly took your time in coming for me." With that, she breathes her last.

     Doña Ramona is buried under the tree, as promised. Padre Saria officiates the funeral with all standing by including Billy and Tom who, unfortunately, made it to the hacienda too late. All are grieving as flowers are thrown onto her grave and a wooden headstone is placed under the tree.

     After the funeral, Beatriz and Perpetua make their final farewells. Perpetua hurries Beatriz along--they don't want to miss their train. Beatriz and Felipe wish each other well. Perpetua looks on in shock at the respectable way Beatriz treats Felipe. She was sure Beatriz would leave having told him a thing or two and mentions this later at the train station.

     Felipe, Tom and Billy look over Greens burnt body in disgust. He shows them the letter from Don Ruy telling him that Green was lurking about, received too late. He asks them to take Green's carcass back to Spurtown. They throw a blanket over it and Nepo dances a jig, thinking of the five thousand dollar bounty. Felipe mentions to Billy his abandonment of the hacienda. Nepo expresses interest, but Billy immediately quells it by telling him that he could never afford the place. Nepo quietly accepts this. All look over Green's body in disgust, a foreboding presence even in death under those sheets, giving the sensation that he will most certainly start to move under them--his death being almost an uncertainty and one difficult to believe after all the harm he has done. Nepo looks at it one last time, bends over Green and says "You must be feeling those flames of hell right now, old boss."

     Ramona is in her mother's room, crying over her belongings. Her eyes fall over Felipe's diary and she opens it, remembering her mother's words. Ramona now learns of Felipe's deepest passions for her and it is nothing she could have ever imagined. She is in shock that her brother loved her so from the moment she set foot on the hacienda.

     At the train station, Perpetua demands to know why Beatriz lied to Felipe about her health. She thinks Beatriz should have left Felipe with harsh words over his behavior, but Beatriz tells her that when you love someone, you wish them happiness. Perpetua snorts and tells her that those are foolish, modern ideas. She harkens that in her day when one was humiliated it was sensible to seek revenge--an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Truly a hateful lady who knows nothing of love or humanity.

     Back at the hacienda, Ramona goes in search of Felipe and finds him in the living room. She tells him that she will not miss their ancestral home because her true happiness lies in him. He is ecstatic to hear her say those words and looks upon her with all the love and passion reflected in his heart.

     Weeks later we see Margarita helping her mother close up the house. Sheets are hung over the furniture and Margarita is crying, sad to leave the only home she has ever known. Norteño comforts her telling her that soon they will meet up with the patrones in Mexico.

     Ramona is sitting outside with her son, looking at her surroundings sadly. Felipe comes up on her and tells her that it is time to leave. They get into the carriage that takes them to a new life and its wheels pull up the dust from the road as if shaking the dust of the past from their feet.

     We hear the voice of Ramona narrate as if this has been a story she has been telling: "And so we left California, leaving behind the ones we loved most. Your grandmother Ramona Moreno Gonzaga; your grandfather, Angus; and your dear, father, Alejandro. When we arrived in Mexico, Felipe and I were married."

     There we see the now grown Alejandro, aged seven, asking about all the people his mother had known. Ramona is now older, elegantly coiffed, and telling her story with a calm acceptance. Her small children Alejandro and Ramona listen to her story eagerly as she continues: "Beatriz's health improved and she married Doctor Brown, but we never heard from Fernando again."

     We see Fernando getting into a buggy with his new wife, Doris. Both are very happy and Doris promises Fernando that he will never regret his having married her. The Coronado Family bid them farewell, including a very pregnant Lupe who is with Billy and her other six children. Suddenly, Lupe feels the first pangs of labor and tells Billy that their seventh child is on his way. Billy looks at Tom ruefully. Yes, he has been busy and the exhaustion is seen in his face.

     Ramona is finished with her story just as Felipe enters the room and Marta comes to cart the kids off to bed. Felipe asks to know what story she was telling and if it had a happy ending. Ramona simply answers him by giving him a kiss. He picks her up and takes her off to bed Gone With the Wind style.