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"Генеральный госпиталь" (США) - резюме серий на английском языке

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Ep. #7925

As Laura fakes abdominal pains to her kidnappers, Luke and Foster rescue her. Luke & Laura meet with Cusack and threaten him to set up a meeting with Frank. Sonny asks Brenda the direction of their relationship and she assures him she's not playing games. They go back to Sonny's place and begin to make love, but some hoods bust in, dragging Sonny away. Simone tests an ailing Maxie, as Kevin comforts Felicia to Mac's dismay. Simone reveals Maxie's developed congestive heart failure. Steve & Audrey discuss Bradley Ward's disappearance years ago, a hot button issue, as Edward's distracted by the subject on Lila's birthday.



Ep. #7649

Dominique tries convincing Scott that Lucy would make a good surrogate mother for them. Scott blasts Lucy, thinking it was her idea, and Lucy says she won't carry their baby. Sean and a drunk Tiffany get into an argument when she accuses him of sleeping with Jessica and he tells her to get over losing Lucas. After, Sean accepts Jessica's invitation to join him for a nightcap. With Jason as the tie-breaking vote, the review board finds Karen guilty of cheating. An angry Karen slaps Brenda and then confronts Jason, who doesn't believe she's innocent. Karen tells Jagger she's not giving up her dreams of going to college.

Ep. #7650

On his 30th anniversary at the hospital, Steve feels he hasn't contributed to the hospital lately because he's now an administrator, not a doctor. Secretly, the staff plans a surprise party to show him their appreciation. Steve runs into Angie Costello, his very first patient at G.H. They reminisce (via flashbacks) to when he treated her as a teenager following a car accident that left her face horribly disfigured. Angie thanks Steve for his support years ago. Scott interviews potential surrogate mothers, but none meet his expectations. Lucy gets upset when Scott flippitantly asks Amy if she would consider the job. Bobbie breaks into Ryan's office to copy his address book. Steve catches Bobbie in the act but covers for her when Ryan comes by. G.H. staff and P.C. residents surprise Steve with the party, where he feels appreciated. Fugitives Mac and Felicia watch news coverage of the party, wishing they were home.



Ep. #7651

Jenny tells a stunned Ned she wants a divorce- but no alimony. Suspecting Ned still loves Jenny, Julia accepts a date with him. Persuaded by Dominique, Lee convinces Scott to accept Lucy as their surrogate mother and Lucy agrees to carry their child. Tracy shocks Paul with a restraining order against him, but he vows to see his son. Mac, Felicia and Sean find a list of Ryan's victims in his address book. Gail tells Sean that Ryan's fixated on blondes because of his mother and Sean uses the info to rattle Ryan. Using old tapes, Mac plans to give Ryan a telephone call from beyond the grave from his last victim Michelle.

Ep. #7825

Kevin visits Ryan and gets him to remember some happy childhood moments. Ryan tells Kevin that after their father left with Kevin, his mother made his life miserable. Felicia tells Kevin he'll never heal Ryan, but Kevin disagrees and considers permanently moving to town. Laura's worried about Luke's mission for Frank but he asks her to trust him. Sean asks Luke to forget their troubles in Mexico years ago and offers his help with Frank, which Luke declines. Laura asks Ruby about the previous owners of the house they're buying. Ruby doesn't know them but tells her to ask around town. Lois convinces Ned to join her band for at least 3 weeks to see if he works out and she later lines up a gig. Jenny agrees to sell Felicia her share of The Outback as a surprise wedding present for Mac. Katherine gives Damian permission to vote her .5% of ELQ stock, but then learns from Ned that even .5% can be crucial in deciding a



Ep. #7826

A.J. confesses to Alan about trying to frame Jagger with his gym key.Alan blows his stack and he and A.J. exchange hard and bitter words.Then A-J invites Karen to lunch at the PC Grill, to apologize.Tony offers Laura the pick of the furniture in his attic. Laura eagerly explores the bean-bag chairs, lava lamps, etc that make up Tony's past. Later, Simone promises to introduce Laura to May-May Ward, who formerly lived in the new Spencer manse.Scott decides to give Lucy his 3.5% of ELQ; Lucy is thrilled. Scott decides to take 'Princess Baldwin' to GH so the chief of staff can change her diapers.But Outside the brownstone, he's accosted by a couple of thugs who kidnap him and baby.Paul brainstorms with Jag and Karen about the murder allegations. Karen insists Jag would never put anyone's lights out permanently. Edward's tensed up before the ELQ board of directors meeting. Ned tries to tease him about the meeting, but Edward turns nasty and tells Ned that Tracy gave him her proxy. Ned is upset and Edward savors this bit of news.Rubbing Ned nose in the fact that Tracy is angry at him for selling her 2% to Damian.



Ep. #7827

Bobbie returns to the Brownstone and finds Scott's baby's car seat and diaper bag lying on the ground. She shows them to Felicia. Felicia is too concerned to think about why Scott might have left the baby's things lying on the ground. Scott is tied up in a seedy hotel room being taunted by the kidnappers. The Thugs want 100 million dollars in ransom and work for someone who is "expanding operations in Port Charles". Felicia meets with a bank loan officer trying to get a loan to buy 30% of the Outback, but she has no collateral. Bobby alerts Lucy of the missing pair. Alan explains to Monica how AJ set Jagger up. Monica is outraged, but Alan seems to be touched that AJ would try to protect his dad. Both agree Jagger can't go down for Alan's mistake. The Spencers are moving in and Laura is mad at Luke for some unknown reason. Laura blows out the candles on her cake and makes her wish, she stares intently at Luke, commenting that it's a wish for all of them. The Banker turns Felicia down for the loan as do two other bankers. Laura opens her birthday presents from Luke and Lucky. Felicia pitches a fit at the third loan officer. Edward asks for Monica and Alan's support against Damien's toxic waste incinerator scheme. Monica and Alan give him their support, reservedly. A package is delivered to Lucy from the kidnappers, with a sweater and ransom note inside. Lila, Damien and Ned arrive for the ELQ Board of Directors meeting.Edward gets his obligatory rudeness to Damien out of the way, then they notice that Scott is late. Meanwhile, Scott uses a diversion to escape with the baby.



Ep. #7828

Luke & Laura argue about his dangerous mission for Frank and she fears he'll either lose his life or lose his soul. Luke insists it's the only way to get them out of danger & asks her to trust him. At the ELQ board meeting, Damian's incinerator proposal is voted down and Ned & Damian realize they need a missing Scott's votes to win. After Lucy gives Sean the ransom note, Bobbie reassures her she did the right thing. Lucy later gets a call from Scott to meet her at Dominique's grave. There, he tells her he's leaving the country with the baby, named Serena Lee Baldwin, but she can't go with them or know where they're going.

Ep. #7829

Sonny, Luke and Marco plan how to illegally bring in Frank Smith's hit man into the country. A worried Laura's upset that Luke will miss Christmas with her and Lucky, but he promises he'll be back by then. Brenda, Ruby and Karen suspect Sonny as the person who framed Jagger for Ray's murder. Brenda questions Sonny, but concludes he didn't do it. Brenda, Ruby and Karen all come to the conclusion A.J. is the most likely culprit. Monica and Alan argue about A.J.'s involvement with Ray's murder. Monica want him to confess to the police, but Alan disagrees. They hurl accusations over who's to blame.



Ep. #7830

Mac tells Katherine the lab report reveals she's Dominique's half-sister. Katherine learns from Lucy that Scott left the country with the baby. Damian's pleased to learn Lucy now controls Scott's ELQ shares. Lucy gets a call from Scott & learns he & Serena are safe. Luke, Sonny & Marco bring Frank's hit man into the country. Laura worries about Luke, who returns in time to celebrate Christmas with her & Lucky as promised. Kevin visits Ryan, who fakes progress, but Kevin sees through him. They realize they share identical scars on their wrists. Ryan's enraged when Kevin mentions he met Felicia, who's now engaged to Mac. Ryan tries to convince a guard he's really Kevin. Steve tells the Christmas story to the children at the hospital, then holds an orphaned baby who may have AIDS.

Ep. #8740

Lucky visits Nikolas and asks him to find out what drugs Stefan gave Lesley. Stefan overhears and tells Nikolas the Spencers are lying to him. Nikolas asks Stefan to hand over Lesley's medical files to prove his innocence. Laura remembers her past affair with Stefan and telling him she was pregnant. Luke & Laura are surprised by Lesley's miraculous signs of recovery. Tom asks Felicia for another chance, but she's tired of playing second to his vendetta against Stefan. Then Luke comes by and tells Tom about Lesley and Tom leaves Felicia again. Lucy's worried when Kevin meets with Alexis to discuss his contract with Stefan. Kevin tells her she'll have to accept the fact he's working for the Cassadines. Lucy goes to Felicia and asks for her help. Tony tells Katherine she's going to be released from the hospital. Katherine subtley asks Tony about Stefan's marriage to Bobbie. Tony rebuffs Carly's offer to accompany him to pick up Lucas. Stefan threatens Laura to leave town with Lesley or he'll spill her secret to Luke. Stefan visits Katherine before she's released. Luke comes home to find Laura packing.



Ep. #8820

Carly talks to AJ at the gym and tries to get him back together with Keesha. AJ acts protective when Carly picks up some weights, because of her condition. AJ mentions that night he can't remember because it was his last night of drinking. She is nervous. Tony comes in so they cover what they were talking about. Later, she phones Keesha to ask her to meet her at GH. She tells Keesha that AJ is still smitten with her. Keesha is not enthusiastic because she doesn't feel that way about him anymore. She realizes she was on the rebound from Jason. Carly keeps pushing, saying AJ's lonely, but she doesn't convince Keesha. Again Tony comes in and wonders what's up. They don't tell him the truth but he warns Carly not to "play matchmaker". He grows sad when he sees a toy elephant that was once BJ's. Carly is sympathetic but he tells her he's happy to be having the new baby. Audrey confronts Bobbie about taking the drugs. Bobbie's lie to her but asks her to trust her for now. She says no one got hurt and asks her to wait a little while before she tells anyone. Audrey agrees to wait. Later, Audrey is mum when Alexis questions her about how the investigation is going. Luke goes to an orthodox priest to have him translate the message. Despite the late hour, the priest agrees and translates it. Luke is shocked at the what the message reads. Stefan assures Katherine that she had nothing to do with his marriage breaking up. They start to kiss when Bobbie shows up. Katherine leaves. Stefan and Bobbie argue about their situation and then she goes. Katherine tries to cozy up to Alexis. Carly watches while Keesha and AJ chat at the gym. She thinks they're getting friendly again but really they're just putting a close to their relationship. He tells Carly that he's not ready for a relationship. She invites him over for dinner, then she phones Keesha and invites her, too. Luke talks to Laura on the phone, smoking his cigar. He tells her that the message says "final activation on June 28th at 20:00". He is bummed that they are too late to stop Stefan.



Ep. #8821

Mike chats with Luke about his new bar. Luke is upset about Stefan. Mike suggests he forget about Stefan. When Mike happens to mention the Julian calendar, Luke gets excited and kisses him. He realizes it means he has more time to stop Stefan. He goes home and figures out on his computer that it's really July 11th that is the final date. The man with the ponytail still watches Sonny and Brenda in their hideaway. They wait and worry, feeling edgy. Jax hires Mac to help Brenda. Later, Robin visits and hugs Mac and Jax. Robin wants details, especially about Jason, but Mac wants to keep her from worrying. She wonders why Trooper V is hanging around Jax but he has no answer. Mac and Robin find out Jason's in jail so they go to get him out. Taggert harasses Jason in his cell for information about Brenda and Sonny but he doesn't get any. Taggert gets a call about her location so he rushes off to nab her. Robin and Jason touch through the jail cell bars. Mac and Valentine spring Jason. Jason fills Robin in on helping Brenda escape. They talk about their summer plans. Later, Mac and Jason discuss the evidence, including the gum wrapper origami that Jason found when he saw the drug dealer guy threatening Dorman. Lucky and Nikolas bicker some more at GH and start to fight so Sarah has to break them up. Nikolas ends up storming out and she chews Lucky out. He is defensive but asks her to share dinner later at Kelly's. They chat about Steve, reminiscing. Later, when Sarah's car breaks down, Nikolas is driving by so he stops to help her. Jax chats with Trooper V about whether Brenda killed Dorman. Rebecca, who hears their conversation, says that Brenda is guilty. They argue and Rebecca leaves in a huff. The trooper notes that Rebecca is missing a button off her sweater and notes that she could have killed him. The cops surround the safehouse and use teargas but Sonny and Brenda don't come out. The ponytailed guy awaits their capture eagerly. Meanwhile, the duo escape to Luke's thanks to the tunnel that Jason told Brenda about. Taggert is furious about losing them again.



Ep. #8822

Luke helps Brenda and Sonny get out of town. He lends them some of his old disguises. Nikolas helps Sarah with her car. She doesn't want his help but is forced to take it when she almost burns her hand trying to do it herself. They get into another argument and he storms off again. Mac and Jason wonder if Dorman's drug suppliers set up Brenda to get back at Sonny. Jason describes the ponytail man to Kevin so he can sketch him. Later, AJ recognizes the man in the sketch from a "shady bar" he used to frequent. Jason insists on going there, despite AJ's concerns. Jason makes plans with Robin for dinner later. She has a "bad feeling" about the bar but he shrugs it off. Carly has a fantasy about AJ and Keesha visiting her, Tony, and the baby. But in real life, Tony disapproves of her matchmaking. Keesha gets annoyed by Carly's ambushing her with dinner with AJ. While Trooper V gets called back to the police station, Jax investigates the murder. He probes Amy about Rebecca and she reveals that she thinks Rebecca and Dorman were having an affair. Audrey chides her for gossiping about a coworker. Jax finds Rebecca and pours on the charm. She confides that she was in love with Pierce but had doubts about him. He asks her about the missing button.



Ep. #8823

Stefan and Bobbie argue again. He says he wants a quick divorce. She asks Luke's advice but he has no answers. Luke plans to make his move that night against Stefan.Stefan and Alexis grow confident that the fruition of their plan is growing near. They share a toast.Robin worries about Jason. Mac wishes she's date someone at college and warns her that Jason is even more involved with Sonny than he was before. Katherine drops by and chats with Robin. Jason looks for the ponytail man who makes origami, now dubbed The Tin Man. He calls Sonny on the cell phone to tell him he found a matchbook from Tigre Key, Florida. The Tin Man aims his gun at Jason.Rebecca finally tells Jax that she saw Pierce after he was stabbed and she didn't help him. That was when he pulled off her button. She says she passed a man with a ponytail in the hall. Jax tells Mac what he found out and Mac wonders if it was the Tin Man. Luke and Sonny say goodbye as Sonny leaves town on the run with Brenda. He puts them in a boat with champagne and gives Brenda a special present. She is touched because she didn't think Luke liked her. He and Sonny share a touching goodbye. Sonny promises to keep in touch.Carly, faced with the wrath of her dinner guests, claims she was just having friends over, not fixing them up. Tony has to go back to work so Keesha leaves, too. AJ chews Carly out for her plan. Carly remembers the night with AJ again and rubs her stomach.



Ep. #8824

Sarah visits Emily at home. Emily introduces her to the family. Alan keeps bugging Monica about why she seems so concerned about Emily and he tells Monica he thinks Sarah might be good for her. Ned and Monica still argue about whether they should go to the police to help out Brenda. Alan eavesdrops on Emily and Sarah. He hears Emily tells her that she's worried she'll lose Monica so he confronts Emily about it. She almost blurts out the reason. Jason meets Robin for dinner. He brings her flowers. They don't know that the Tin Man is waiting outside with a gun. They dance, kiss, tell each other they love each other. They don't go to dinner because he's so late they lost their reservation. The Tin Man shoots and hits the vase, which shatters. This gives Jason time to throw Robin to the floor, but then the Tin Man shoots Jason. Bobbie tries to get Nikolas to like her again but he asks her to prove it by telling him why she drugged Stefan. She can't. Bobbie tells him Stefan "is not what he seems". Later, Bobbie asks Luke what he told Nickolas. He won't tell her but says she should go back to GH so the Spencers won't be blamed for what's about to happen. Luke shows Lucky how he can tap right into Stefan's computer with the help of the WSB software. Lucky is miffed that he has been out of the loop. Luke tells him he has started a fire in the Windemere stables by short-circuiting everything. Luke gets annoyed at Lucky's petulant attitude. As he is about to go outside, he tells his son, "This adolescent thing is a drag. Drop it!" Alexis drinks champagne while Stefan waits for the final countdown on his computer. They reminisce about their childhood and discuss Stavros and Helena. He tells her he had Helena moved off the island and that he plans to take Katherine and Nikolas back there. Alexis notices the barn is on fire. Stefan can't leave his computer at this crucial time so he tells her to call security and then go out there to supervise. She goes. Nikolas rushes in and tells Stefan the barn is on fire. Stefan seems a bit unconcerned. Nikolas gets angry and rushes toward the computer so Stefan pushes him off. Nikolas falls and hits his head. Stefan runs over to him, concerned, his plan forgotten. He holds Nikolas' bleeding head in his hands but then the computer beeps asking for him to enter his "equation".



Ep. #8825

Alexis and Stefan bring Nikolas into ER, his head and neck immobilized. Stefan tells the doctor that Nikolas has been unconscious for awhile. Alexis fills Bobbie in on the fire. Nikolas wakes up and the doctor orders tests. Stefan tries to reassure Nikolas, who tells him to go away. The doctor tells Stefan he must wait outside with other non-medical personnel. Stefan goes outside and tells Alexis that Nikolas is awake. She asks what happened and he fills her in, although he never actually says he pushed Nikolas. He tells her he had no choice but to rush Nikolas to GH rather than finish the virus countdown. She tells him, "of course" he made the right choice. She also tells him they saved Nikolas' favorite horse from the fire. Stefan says the program is "gone" but she says they can "develope another one". He doesn't think it will be so easy. Later, Alexis runs into Ned and they exchange stories about why they're there. The doc tells Stefan and Alexis that Nickolas has a concussion but he'll fine, but he has to spend the night. Stefan tells her to go home, so she does. He goes in and stands by Nikolas' bedside. He says, "I can lose anything, Nikolas... except you". The next morning, Rebecca tells Nikolas where he is and says they're moving him to a private room. He doesn't want to see Stefan, even though he hears he's been waiting there all night. Monica tells Alan that Emily is afraid of losing her because so many people she's loved have died. Emily listens in on their conversation. Alan still thinks Emily's hiding something important. They argue and Ned helps defend Emily. Alan feels like Ned and Monica are in cahoots against him. Monica pleads for them to give Emily room but Alan's not sure. Ned answers the phone. A hysterical Robin tells him that Jason's been shot. Emily yells "No!" in the other room. Sarah tells Lucky about Nikolas stopping to help her when the car overheated. They joke about him. Lucky tells her he's not going to be gone all summer so they make plans, then they say goodnight. Bobbie visits Luke and chews him out for Nickolas getting hurt. He convinces her that it's no big deal. Luke tells her that he and Lucky are going to Switzerland for the summer. She thanks him for saving her from Stefan and they hug and exult over beating Stefan's plan. At General Hospital, Jax asks Mac if the sketch of Tin Man has helped any. Mac says no. Jax worries about Brenda and says he's going to talk to Rebecca again. Mike rushes in and fills Mac in on Jason. He's shocked. Robin comes in with Jason, who's on the stretcher. She's hysterical and upset about Jason's bleeding so much. She says she couldn't touch him for fear of getting her blood on him (she has a small cut on her arm). Mac and Jax comfort her. She is sort of in shock still but fills them in. Mike shares his sympathy and experience of waiting around in the ER for Sonny. Mac tells Jax that the Tin Man shot Jason. The Quartermaines rush in to find out about Jason. Mac tells them Jason was shot in his living room. Jax tells Ned he's there to help Mac clear Brenda. The doctor says they need to operate on Jason. No major organs were injured but they have to stop the bleeding. Alan goes into a tirade about how it's all Sonny's fault, causing Mike to defend his son. They argue so Robin yells at them to stop. Then she defends Sonny to Alan and everyone else, saying Jason chose his lifestyle. Later, Ned tells Monica that he though she did a great job lying to Alan about Emily. Alan takes more pills. Meanwhile, Jax tells Rebecca that the same man that she saw after Dorman's murder might have shot Jason. He shows her the sketch and she recognizes him as the same man.



Ep. #8826

Sonny and Brenda discuss how awful it is to be on the run. She asks if they'll be running forever and he explains why it would be too difficult. He says they must find the Tin Man. They have breakfast and she is glad to be alone with him. They make love. Later, Sonny worries why Jason's hasn't called. Nikolas refuses to see anyone, even Stefan. Sarah visits anyway but he's glad to see her. He is very vulnerable, which attracts her. They talk about his life and after awhile she leaves because he's tired. She runs into Stefan in the hall and they exchange greetings. He goes into Nikolas' room and finds his bed empty and his clothes gone. Lucky is still angry at Luke, who defends his actions. He tells Lucky they can go to Switzerland now, but Lucky insists on staying. He gives Luke all sorts of reasons for wanting to be "independent" and stay but Luke suspects that Sarah is the real reason. Lucky gets indignant when Luke suggests that. it is an interesting scene because Lucky tries to manipulate Luke by using his own past words on him. Lucky storms out and Luke follows. Everyone finds out about Nikolas and Jason being at GH from Amy. Alexis tells Katherine that no one but family can visit Nikolas. Stefan pulls Katherine aside, ignoring Alexis, which makes her leave in a huff. Later, Alexis wonders why no one is allowed to see Nikolas, not even family, thinking it's the doctor's orders. Katherine questions Stefan about Nikolas' fall. He feels guilty but won't admit he pushed him. She urges Stefan to talk to Nikolas and be honest with him. He assures her they'll be together soon. Jason's doctor tells his family, Mac, Robin, and Jax that Jason survived the operation. Robin goes to visit him. AJ rushes in to find out what happened and runs into Carly. They hug when they find out Jason's okay. Ned and he exchange heated words. AJ greets his parents. Monica hugs him. Carly looks in on Jason and has an awkward conversation with Robin. Mac tells Jax that the police are coming there so Rebecca can identify the sketch officially and so they can question Robin. Mac warns them to be careful with her. She greets Garcia warmly and meets Taggert. She tells them everything that happened. Taggert presses her about Sonny and Brenda's whereabouts but she tells him he'll have to ask Jason. AJ is surprised to find out how well Carly seems to know Jason. Monica thanks Carly for visiting and Carly leaves them alone. Mike brings Robin's medicine to her from the house. They talk about Sonny. Robin asks him to keep his distance from Jason because of Alan. He understands and tells her to tell Jason he's praying for him. The doctor only will allow one visitor at a time so Robin goes in. Monica tells AJ how much she loves him. Robin runs her fingers through Jason's hair and he wakes up and looks at her.



Ep. #8827

Audrey gets stressed out getting ready for work when Sarah tells her she's not working today. Audrey beats herself up for being clumsy and forgetful until Sarah reminds her it's the one year anniversary of Steve's death. They reminisce; Audrey talks about their wedding and how nervous she was. Later, Audrey looks at photo albums and we see a montage of clips of them together. Bobbie asks Alan and Monica about Jason so they fill her in. Monica admits that Robin is Jason's "family now". Luke comes by and gives his support. Luke and Bobbie chat about what the Quartermaines are going through. He reminds her he's leaving tomorrow and invites her to see him off at Ruby's. He tells her Lucky is coming back for the summer. Mac comes by and fills Luke in on who shot Jason and why. Later, Luke asks Bobbie if she can handle Stefan while he's gone. Stefan walks by looking for Nikolas. He looks out of sorts because he's so upset and hasn't had a lot of sleep. Bobbie asks about Nikolas but he is hostile. Stefan walks away and makes a call so Luke makes rude loud comments. Bobbie goes back to work so Luke walks over and asks Stefan, "How does it feel to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?" Stefan snaps at him about making such remarks about Nikolas but Luke claims he was talking about the breakup of his marriage to Bobbie. Luke visits Jason to tell him Sonny and Brenda are fine and that he got them out of town. He also tells Jason he's leaving town for awhile. Robin fills Jason in on what happened after he wakes up. He's a bit disoriented and concerned about her. He tries to get up but she tells him to let them take care of him. He wonders if she's mad at him but she denies it and talks about how concerned she is. She vows, "I'm not going to let this happen to you again". She asks if Alan and Monica can visit but he doesn't want to see anyone but her. While he sleeps, she tells him she *is* mad at him and worried. She says she learned how to act by watching Anna with Duke. She feels helpless and begs him not to live this way anymore. He wakes up abruptly and wants to call Sonny. She assures him she'll go get his cell phone. She goes out of the room and tries to get rid of Mac and everyone so she can slip off to get the phone by herself. Katherine comes in and can tell something is wrong. They hug and Robin fills her in. Katherine offers her sympathy and support. Robin tells Kath where she's going. Monica and Alan visit Jason while he sleeps. Monica blames herself for what happened. Kath tells Mac where Robin went so he rushes off to help her. Stefan searches for Nikolas, giving Amy a hard time. He runs into Katherine and fills her in. She keeps asking him what really happened but he won't tell her. Stefan keeps calling around to look for Nikolas. Nikolas shows up at Katherine's door and asks if he can stay with her.



Ep. #8828

Sonny worries about Jason. Brenda and he prepare to pull into port. She shows him her disguise, a blond pony-tail wig, baseball cap and dowdy clothes. He also wears a cap and dresses down. They wonder why Laura had a blond wig when she is a blond. Sonny phones Robin so she fills him in. He tells Robin to tell Jason "the Tin Man job is no longer his". He fills Brenda in on what happened. Sonny is determined more than ever to get the Tin Man. They hide while the ship docks. Someone comes in and takes their cell phone, not knowing it's theirs. Sonny and Brenda have lunch on the shore. Sonny thinks that the "Tiger Key" clue is a setup but says they must follow it anyway. He sees a moving truck headed toward Florida so they plan to jump in the back. One of the truckers goes into the restroom so Brenda goes to distract the other one. She dumps a shake on him so he has to go to the restroom to clean off. They head toward the truck but two men with guns stop them, saying they are cops. Mac helps Robin change her dressing on her arm. She's concerned about Jason waking up wondering where she is. Jax drops by and Mac tells him Taggert isn't getting any answers with the sketch because he thinks Taggert only wants to pin the murder on Sonny or one of Sonny's friends. The cell phone rings so Robin answers. Sonny asks what's wrong. Mac and Jax agree to pressure Jason for more information. Ruby, Lucas, and Bobbie have a little going away party for Luke and Lucky. Lucas asks silly questions. They tell Ruby about Lucky's returning. Sarah walks in and Lucky rushes over to her like a dog in heat. Luke tells Bobbie what the rules are concerning how she should treat Lucky. Mike comes in and asks Luke how Sonny is doing. Luke reassures him and asks him to look in on Lucky for him. Sarah's glad Lucky's staying. Lucas takes their order and flirts with Sarah. Luke asks Bobbie again if she can handle Stefan. She replies that if Stefan gives her a hard time at work she'll threaten to sue for a lot of his money. She realizes that Laura and Lesley can come home now. Lucky and Sarah hug goodbye. Lucy rushes in, babbling, and gives Luke a present for Lulu. They all hug Luke and Lucky. Carly visits Jason. He starts coughing so she rushes outside for a nurse. AJ and Keesha are there. Keesha gives her a quizzical look. The nurse chews her out for giving Jason water instead of ice chips and for visiting when she's not family. AJ goes to see Jason so Carly chats with Keesha. Keesha asks her about her relationship with Jason. Carly apologizes again for setting her up with AJ the other night and they make plans to get together again. Jax shows up but Carly tells him he can't visit Jason. He sits down and Ardnowski shows up. He is surprised to see her out of uniform. She glumly tells him she has been suspended and blames him for it. He denies having anything to do with it. Robin visits Jason and tells him what Sonny said. They have a little tiff but he makes up with her. He tries to phone Sonny but can't get to him. Mac comes in and asks Jason for information. He also tells Jason that he doesn't like Robin being in so much danger. Mac passes on to Jax what Jason told him about Tiger Key. Mac goes to fax something so Jax gives him the slip and rushes off to use his plane to go down there. Ardnowski follows.



Ep. #8829

Ardnowski reminds Jax that he can't leave the area since he's on parole. She gets in his way. He claims he's not leaving, only taking his plane up to check some things out. She doesn't believe him and they continue to argue. He tells her to watch him if she doesn't believe it. She follows, suspicious. Later, she overhears him tell his secretary on the phone that he's leaving town and how he gave her the slip. Jax flies his plane but she pops out, a stowaway. She insists he turn the plane around. Alexis and Stefan continue to search for Nikolas. He blames himself and she reminds him it was "an accident". He tells her he's got an interview with Veronica Bowles to talk about Bobbie stealing the drugs. He says he might just threaten Bobbie with it. Bobbie comes by and asks him how Nikolas is. He berates her and tells her about the interview.He hands her a document that he wants her to sign. It says that she'll give back the $6 million he gave her when they got married. She refuses to sign without a lawyer so he reminds her about the interview. He also threatens to go to court and dredge up her past, and he reminds her that it wouldn't be good for Lucas. Veronica walks up for the interview. His bluff didn't work with Bobbie, so he tells them that their family will be donating $6 million to the hospital. Afterwards, Bobbie agrees to sign his document if he makes a memo to Audrey saying that the drugs were missing due to clerical error and that the investigation is closed. He agrees to her stipulations. Katherine leaves a message for Stefan. Nikolas returns so Katherine nags him again. He talks about how awful Stefan is. She doesn't want to keep the news from Stefan that he's okay. She tells him she phoned and left a message for Stefan. Finally she gives up. He picks up the phone and starts to dial, then changes his mind. He goes to Kelly's and starts to use the pay phone outside, when he spies Sarah sitting down to eat a sandwich. He greets and when he goes to get it, their fingers touch. Later, he is at Katherine's when Stefan drops by to see what she wanted. Meanwhile, Alexis runs into Sarah and asks if she's seen Nikolas. Emily is nervous. The orderly that helped Monica search for Emily and Dorman the night of his murder stops by and says hi, mentioning that that night was the last time he saw Monica. He expresses sympathy about Jason and then leaves. Emily quizzes Monica about Dorman that night but she's evasive. Monica claims she wasn't looking for Dorman. Emily accuses her of trying to hid something about that night but Monica claims she's not. Emily yells at her. Alexis interrupts them, looking for Nikolas. Ned and Lila come out. Emily goes into Jason's room. Monica takes Lila down to the car. Alexis and Ned flirt. Katherine comes by for a moment and asks about Nikolas and Jason. Inside his room, Jason asks Emily to help him escape. He gets dressed while Emily watches the door. Then he falls down and it looks like his wound has reopened. She runs to him and, seeing the blood, has a traumatic flashback to the fateful night and seeing blood on Monica's clothes. Alexis and Bobbie exchange sharp words. Bobbie tells Katherine it's time they had a "chat". Bobbie says Katherine doesn't really know Stefan.



Ep. #8839

Sarah sees Nickolas looking at her and gets flustered. Lucky notices that Emily's upset. Lucky tries to help her but she doesn't make much sense. Keesha says she feels too old to be at the party so she offers to take Emily home. Lucky tells Sarah he has to go with Emily because she's upset. Amy chats with Nickolas. He accidentally bumps into Sarah. She tells him Lucky had to leave and asks him to stay. He is walking away when she asks him to dance. He agrees and they dance romantically. Some of Sarah's friends invite them over to Kelly's for another party but Nickolas declines and leaves when Lucky's name is mentioned. Jason chews out Robin for asking Sonny to fire him. He tells her she's ruined his life, not in those exact words. Robin says she doesn't understand him and why he thinks his job is his identity. He accuses her of being overprotective of him because of his brain damage. She denies it. He talks about how he learned from her and Sonny when he first woke up from his accident. They realize they can't reconcile their differences. He says he'll wait for Sonny to return so he can make him take him back. Robin says she can't stick around for that. They hold hands. Robin apologizes for wanting to change him. Jason says, "Promise me you'll never get sick." They kiss tenderly. Jax and V. get rescued. He asks if she's mad at him but she denies it. He says their time there was pretty fun so he asks her to be friends. She says she still plans to arrest him. He tells her he has to protect Brenda because he knows what the Tin Man looks like. He promises that if V. lets him go, he'll come back to Port Charles after he helps Brenda. A cop, their rescuer, walks through the brush to greet them. Another police officer joins him. They question them about why they ended up there. Sonny and Brenda go to the address to which they were invited. He knocks and the door opens. They go in and it's a spooky-looking mansion. They find an origami animal and a live tarantula, which scares Brenda. They open a note they find, which says, "Your turn to wait, why don't you put on some music?" Sonny plays a record, the opera Rigoletto. The Tin Man greets them. He tells them that he killed Pierce Dorman. Sonny guesses that he also framed Brenda. Tin Man tells them that Dorman "was not an honorable man" and that Sonny would have killed him or had someone do it. Sonny asks who he works for. Tin Man admits revenge is involved. He makes an origami animal and shows it to them. He seems to enjoy playing mind games. Tin Man introduces them to his "boss" by opening the door. They walk in and look stunned. Monica wants to go retrieve Emily from the barbecue. Alan chews her out for the way she's acting and for lying to him. Just then, Emily, Keesha and Lucky walk in. Keesha and Lucky take off. Alan tells Monica to stay away from Emily and says, "She knows what you did, Monica...and so do I!" Monica wonders what he's talking about. He tells her that he knows her secret about Dorman.



Ep. #8368

Kevin & Lucy plan a Paris vacation. After reading in the paper about Damian's ties to organized crime, Lucy gets a visit from Damian. She asks him to leave and notes something final in his goodbye. Garcia tells Mac and Katherine that she should enter the witness protection program as Damian's gunning for the leak. Jason lies to Robin about how Jason's accident occured, then confides the truth in Kevin, but rejects his suggestion to enter rehab. Damian follows Robin as she collects Katherine's clothes. Tom and Felicia make plans to go sledding with their kids. Ned implores Jason to live, but Jason's monitor goes off.



Ep. #8369

Tony tells Ned that Jason went into neurogenic shock & there's a slim chance he'll make a full recovery. Ned berates AJ for confiding in Kevin about the accident. Jason finally opens his eyes. Robin tells Brenda about Jason's accident & also that she knows about Sonny's engagement. Brenda tells Robin that Sonny still loves her & must have made a deal with Lily's dad. Sonny gives Lily an engagement ring & they make love. Damian surveys Dorman's lakehouse. Mac plans to go to Miami with Karen. Katherine goes to the Outback after a noise frightens her. Lucy sees her arrive, but doesn't see Damian chloroform & abduct her.

Ep. #8374

Jason opens his eyes again in front of AJ & has an involuntary movement. Brenda unknowingly makes a guilty AJ feel even worse when she talks about Ned's guilt over causing the accident. Encouraged by Jason's recovery, Lila plans a party to celebrate Justus & Simone's wedding & Emily's birthday. Lucky tells Luke he needs money because he lost it gambling, but loses even more money while gambling on credit. Justus tells Luke the city council asked for his resignation. Ned learns Lois's plane went down in Brazil. Garcia arrives at G.H. with a warrant for Damian's blood, then later arrests Katherine for his murder.


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