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"Подростки с улицы Деграсси" (Канада) - резюме серий на английском

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«Дегра́сси» — собирательное название цикла канадских молодежных сериалов, рассказывающих о повседневной жизни группы детей и подростков, живущих в районе улицы Де Грасси в Торонто.

1 сезон 01 - Mother and Child Reunion

After months of flirting via e-mail, 12-year-old Emma's new love interest, Jordan, is going to be in town. Coincidentally, it's the same night as her mother's high school reunion. After much consideration and some advice fromher mom's friend Caitlin, Emma decides to go for it without telling a soul, even her friends.

102 - Family Politics

Ashley has set her sights on becoming Degrassi's School President. Toby, spurred on by their awkward new situation as step-siblings, is frustrated by her unchallenged status and convinces J.T. to run against her. The conflict follows them home.

103 - Eye of the Beholder

Terri's sure that no guy will ever want her and she wants to skip the school dance. Spinner seems interested in her though, and Ashley and Paige convince her to let them make her over. Paige secretly wants Spinner for herself and plays on Terri's insecurities - ultimately getting Terri drunk and into some overly sexy clothes.

1 сезон 04 - Parents Day

Toby can't stand the idea of Parents' Night - the last time his divorced parents were in the same room they had a huge embarrassing fight. Toby cooks up a scheme to convince his parents that the night is cancelled, but it backfires on him



05 - The Mating Game

Ashley and Jimmy's eight-month anniversary is coming up - and so is the question of whether or not to have sex. Paige is playing Juliet opposite Jimmy's English-class Romeo and she's planting doubts in Ashley's mind. If Ash doesn't "put out" soon, will Jimmy move on? Credits

06 - Basketball Diaries

Jimmy desperately wants to make the basketball team. But, surprisingly, it looks like Sean is surpassing him as a possible star player. Adding to Jimmy's pressure is his academic status - he's been given a few warnings since he can't seem to balance school and sports. When he convinces hyperactive Spinner to skip a Ritalin pill and give it to him instead, he plays a great game - but not as a team player, and at the cost of injuring Sean. Spinner, meanwhile, wired without his meds, moons the audience and receives a stiff sentence from Principal Raditch. Although Jimmy's nailed his assignment and played a strong game, the coach sees him as an uncontrollable rebel and he doesn't make the team.

07 - Secrets and Lies

After a long absence overseas, Ashley's dad is back in town. She's enjoying his company and attention, but something tells her there's a piece of his life that's being kept from her. Under pressure, her mother reveals a long-kept secret - Ashley's dad left them because he was gay. Ashley is furious that she's been kept in the dark for so long. Although she accepts his choice eventually, she can't deal with learning that he left to be with his lover. Terri, who lost her mother just a year ago, urges Ashley to reconsider. Credits



08 - Coming of Age

Lacking real family time at home, Jimmy has been spending more and more time at Ashley's house. He and Toby are like brothers and Kate's begun referring to him as her "third kid". When Ashley asks him to stay away for a night and he turns up anyway with Toby, she's had it and decides to break up with him. After the birthday celebration his parents are throwing the next evening. But the next night, his parents are away again and there's just a message on the machine. He breaks down - Ashley's family is all he's got. She decides she has to stay with him. Credits

09 - Rumours and Reputations

Recently diagnosed with a learning disorder, an embarrassed Liberty is ashamed to tell her friends about her tutoring sessions. Emma sees one of Liberty's private sessions and, putting two-and-two together with Liberty's suspicious behaviour, asks J.T. if he thinks something could be going on with Liberty and Mr. Armstrong the math teacher. Terri overhears and it takes no time for the rumour to spread throughout the school, and Liberty is incredibly upset. When she tries to get to the root of the rumour, Emma is horrified to discover that it was actually her. When the principal begins to investigate the rumour, Emma has to confess. Credits

10 - Friday Night

When Sean asks Emma what she's doing tonight, Emma's thrilled - that's a date, right? But nervous Sean is unable to muster the courage to arrange the details and Emma misunderstands his hesitancy as rejection. When they finally do cut through their misunderstanding and go out, the date is fundamentally a disaster with catastrophe after catastrophe. Emma's sure she's blown it, but when Monday comes she finds that Sean asks her out again - and much more directly, thank goodness. Credits



11 - Wannabe

When Paige decides to start a Spirit Squad at Degrassi, Emma can't believe that the "sexist" sport of cheerleading is being revived. But Manny, who's had years of gymnastics training and is desperate for something to help make her "cool", wants to try out. The disagreement which ensues leaves Manny vulnerable to Paige's in-crowd manipulations. After Paige convinces Manny to destroy the anti- cheerleading article Emma wrote for the school newspaper, Manny comes to her senses. Apologizes to Emma. And realizes who her real friends are. Credits

12 - Cabaret

Ashley's convinced that she and Terri are going to be the stars of the school talent show, singing her new (and incredibly earnest) ballad. Terri would rather add Paige -- and some fun sparkle -- to the act, but she's not sure how to tell Ashley that. Terri's new project on Tarot cards provides her with a convenient excuse. When she predicts Manny's fall, Ashley begins to believe in Terri's mystical power and Terri finds a way to get what she wants without having to confront Ashley. But this "problem-solving" becomes an issue when Terri lies about an interpretation and Ashley finds out. Terri and Paige have to go on alone, but Terri finds the courage to face up to Ash and gains her respect. Credits

13 - Under Pressure

Faced with the pressure of passing Grade 7 on his second time around and his mother's newest threat to take him back to his unhappy life up north, Sean is beginning to slip into old, angry patterns. Although Emma's helped him study for Mr. Simpson's exam, he runs out of time to finish and is positive he's failed. As an outlet, he picks a fight with Jimmy. When Emma tries to stop him, he pushes her to the ground, shocking everyone. Although he's passed the exam, he's lost her. Credits



14 - Jagged Little Pill

"Perfect" Ashley is beginning to bore even herself. With their parents away for the weekend, Ashley decides to join Toby in breaking the "one-guest-each" rule and invites Paige and Hazel to join her and Terri. Sean comes to her when he confiscates Toby and J.T.'s Ecstasy, expecting her to do the responsible thing. Instead, Ashley takes it. When Jimmy arrives, he's furious with her. A strung-out Ashley becomes convinced that Sean is the only one who understands her. After some private time in her room with him, Ashley publicly dumps Jimmy, humiliates Paige and alienates most of her other friends. A messy house and broken vase when their parents get back the next morning are the least of Ash's worries.

2 сезон 01 - When Doves Cry

Summer's over and the kids are back. Degrassi alumni Joey Jeremiah and his small daughter Angela are the objects of someone's attention...it turns out to be Joey's charming and mysterious stepson, Craig. Although Craig's father has forbidden him to make contact with Joey and Angela, Craig can't seem to stop himself. Even when his father's unpredictable rages leave him black and blue. Although Craig is good at covering up both his physical and his emotional bruises, his new friends, Sean and Emma, suspect something's up.

02 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

When Spike reveals the identity of the mystery man she's been dating, Emma is shocked. Mr. Simpson - her teacher! Emma claims she's okay with it, but if that's true, why is she suddenly being so rude to Mr. Simpson? When her mother cancels out on girls' night to go out with Mr. Simpson, Emma decides it's time to rebel.

203 - Karma Chameleon

Ashley feels like an outcast. Nobody's willing to forget how she treated them at her party last year. When she swallows her pride and apologizes to everyone it's like last year never happened. But then Ash finds out what it really feels like to be an outcast when rumours make her the victim of an orchestrated, school-wide shunning.



04 - Weird Science

Emma's a serious contender for first prize at the Science Fair-until the results of her experiment don't fall in line with her hypothesis. Mr. Simpson, one of the judges, provides Emma with advice but the fact that he's dating her mom makes her feel uncomfortable with his attention. At least nobody at school knows Mr. Simpson and her mom are dating...until Manny accidentally spills the beans in an email to the entire Media Immersion class.

05 - Drive

Joey is going away for the weekend with his latest girlfriend, and Craig is surprised when Joey tells him he can stay on his own - and even have the guys over! After a lame afternoon they're raring to let loose, and what better way than by taking a drive in one of the cars from Joey's lot?

06 - Shout

After Degrassi trounces Bardell on the soccer field, it's a smitten Paige who celebrates when the losing team's defensive back, the gorgeous Dean, invites her to a house party. Paige belated remembers she had plans with Spinner and cancels at the last minute. At the party, things are going great with Dean - until Spinner shows up. Paige takes off upstairs with Dean and when things start to go farther than Paige is ready for, Dean won't take no for an answer...



07 - Shout 2

Haunted by memories of her recent sexual assault, Paige is desperately trying to appear normal. A girl band contest sounds like a great distraction. But it doesn't last for long when Ash shows up with a new song - inspired by rape. Paige can't bear listening to it and walks out during rehearsal. When Ashley confronts her, Paige reveals her secret.

08 - Mirror In The Bathroom

Toby is tired of being an invisible computer geek, so he decides to join the wrestling team. Toby starts sneaking laxatives and running endless training sessions. He's feeling terrible, but it's all worth it when he drops a weight class. Now, he'll be wrestling a scrawny Grade 7-- no contest! Too bad he hasn't noticed that his friends don't seem to like the new Toby. It's not until he takes to the mat for his big match that Toby sees the harm he's done to himself.

09 - Take My Breath Away

Manny's crush on Craig has reached huge proportions and everyone's urging her to ask him out already! She's ecstatic when he accepts. The next day, Manny gives her friends all the details of her incredible night. She and Craig are a couple! But Craig has an entirely different version of the date. Now he faces the impossible mission of letting an overly enthusiastic Manny down easy.



10 - Don't Believe The Hype

It's International Day and Hazel's display on Jamaica is a hit, but she isn't acting like herself. She's moody, mean and openly antagonistic to Fareeza, a Muslim girl. Even still, everyone's shocked when Hazel is called to Raditich's office after Fareeza's display on Iraq is destroyed and anti-Muslim slogans are scrawled on it. When the real culprits are caught, Hazel tries to make amends for her behaviour by helping Fareeza remount her display. In the process, Hazel confesses to Fareeza that she's not Jamaican but Somali and Muslim. After hiding it for so long, can Hazel reveal her true identity to everyone else?

11 - White Wedding

Spike and Mr. Simpson's wedding is only days away and Emma is wedding planner extraordinaire- it's going to be perfect! But when Spike discovers she's pregnant, it changes everything. Spike can't figure out how or even if she'll tell Snake. And Emma's beside herself when she finds out her mom is thinking about abortion. Emma takes matters into her own hands, going to Snake's stag party to tell him what's going on. When Snake doesn't take the news as well as she hoped, Emma's convinced she's ruined everything. JT and Toby catch wind that Mr. Simpson is having a stag party at Joey Jeremiah's. And what stag is complete without a stripper? When Joey miraculously agrees, they think they've got it made-until Joey bars them from the party. So the boys come up with a more creative way to watch the show...

12 - Careless Whisper

Marco and Ellie are the best of friends and Ellie is starting to want more. But Marco can't seem to respond in kind. He's more and more confused about his feelings for Ellie -or any girl for that matter. When rumours start to circulate about him and the teasing and questions won't stop, Marco freaks. He's not gay and he'll prove it - by asking Ellie to be his girlfriend. But when Marco and Ellie find themselves alone in Ashley's bedroom, he realizes that while he wishes he liked Ellie in that way, he doesn't. Toby thinks his girlfriend Kendra is the greatest. He wants them to spend all their time together. But it seems like Kendra might not feel the same way about all this togetherness.



13 - Hot For Teacher

When class clown JT acts up in Science class, his teacher Ms. Hatzilakos gives him a serious detention - assisting her with the guinea pigs all week. Alone time with Ms. Hot Sauce-if only all punishment was this good! JT quickly discovers he enjoys hanging out with Ms. H but he still can't resist a joke and gets caught making her the brunt of one in front of the class. Bu when a guinea pig goes missing, JT and Ms. H have the chance to clear the air. Honesty's the best policy. Or so Jimmy and Spinner believe. Soon their pact to be honest with each other gets out of hand, and it has them at each other's throats.

14 - Message In A Bottle

Things are finally looking up for Sean, but when his brother quits his job, Sean becomes very aware of the insecurity of his home life. And now he has to face a dinner with Emma and her parents. Sean sneaks some wine in a misguided attempt to "relax." And as the pressure mounts, he over-reacts to something Emma's mom says and storms out. Sean continues his destructive behaviour at Jimmy's house, stealing alcohol from Jimmy's parents. When Emma comes looking for him, Sean causes a scene. Afterwards, he's convinced he's lost everything yet again. It looks like sparks are being rekindled between Ashley and Jimmy, but with everything that's happened, will one of them be brave enough to make the first move?

15 - Relax

Liberty can't believe it when she doesn't make the Girls Floor Hockey team - she's never failed at anything. So when Coach Hatzilakos asks her to be the Team Manager, Liberty throws all her energy into it. She ends up challenging the boys' to a floor hockey game with the winner getting new uniforms from Jeremiah Motors. During the big game, Liberty's thirst for victory becomes too much and the team quits. It's up to Liberty to act like a real coach and get the girls back into the game. After reading Paige's palm, Terri is spooked. Paige has no life-line. Her days are numbered! But when Paige and Hazel discover that Terri's made a mistake, they decide to have a little fun at her expense.



16 - Dressed In Black

Ashley and Jimmy are back together! Ash may not look the same as last year, but Jimmy's sure she's still the same golden girl inside. For her part, Ash is convinced that this time around, Jimmy and she have a more meaningful relationship - their souls connect. Don't they? So why does Craig, her drama partner for a scene from "Taming of the Shrew", seems to understand her better? After Mr. Armstrong's lecture on sexual responsibility and birth control in health class, JT convinces Toby that they should to buy condoms. But when Spinner discovers the condoms in JT and Toby's locker, JT learns more about condoms than he wants to.

17 - Fight For Your Right

Emma's latest crusade involves "Food for Thought," a student group that wants to ban genetically modified (GM) foods from the cafeteria. But Raditch turns down their requests due to budget constraints and besides, the jury's still out on GM foods. Emma is determined to fight his decision. When a food fight erupts as she tries to convince students to boycott the cafeteria, Emma gets suspended. An angry Emma pickets the school. Raditch demands that she apologize for her actions or face an even longer suspension. Emma faces the school and stands by her beliefs - accepting the consequences. Spinner has his heart set on a brand new designer shirt - but it's way out of his price range. It doesn't help that his best friend, Jimmy, doesn't have to worry about money. So when Jimmy teases him about his old clothes, Spinner takes action.

18 - How Soon Is Now

After counseling, Paige is positive she's recovered from her date rape-- her life is back to normal. But when she finds out that Dean, her rapist, is coming to Degrassi for a basketball tournament, Paige goes into a tailspin. When she confronts Dean, she finds out he's been spreading rumours about her and Paige feels helpless. And when both JT and Spinner find out that Dean raped her, they rush to defend Paige with violence. However, it's up to Paige to find the courage to take control and make sure Dean knows he'll have to pay-- he better watch out - because she's pressing charges. Ellie and Marco decide to co-direct a commercial for Mr. Simpson's class. But their collaboration devolves with hilarious results as they each fight to get their own way - and in the end learn a lesson about cooperation.



19 - Tears Are Not Enough (Part 1)

It's exam time and everyone's stressed - especially Craig. In a surprise visit from his father, Craig learns that his dad is very eager to have him back in his life. Despite some concerns, Craig decides to go to his dad for help with his science exam. He doesn't tell his guardian Joey what's going on. He can't - especially when Albert decides that Craig should move back home. But old patterns re-emerge and Albert strikes Craig. This time, Craig's had enough and vows to get Albert out of his life for good. Desperate to pass his exams, JT asks Liberty to be his tutor. Liberty agrees on one condition - JT will have to be her date for the year-end dance!

20 - Seasion Finale: Tears Are Not Enough (Part 2)

After his father's death, Craig wants to get on with life as usual. He insists on going back to school immediately, but he doesn't know how to respond when friends keep asking him how he is - because, he's not feeling much of anything. Ashley's surprised when Craig insists on going to the year- end dance despite his loss, and even more surprised when he enters them in the King and Queen competition. But circumstances at the dance force Craig to confront what he's really feeling. Finally able to grieve, Craig heads in for one last dance... Paige and Spinner are determined to win the Luau King and Queen titles. But Spinner's ex-best friend Jimmy doesn't want to see that happen...

3 сезон

01 - Father Figure (Part I)

The pending birth of her new sibling sends Emma on a search for her birth father. Spinner hunts for the perfect anniversary present for Paige.

02 - Father Figure (Part II)

The pending birth of her new sibling sends Emma on a search for her birth father. Spinner hunts for the perfect anniversary present for Paige.

03 - U Got The Look

Manny's riding high on her newfound popularity, causing friction with best friend, Emma. Joey's thrilled when Craig and the guys form a band.



04 - Pride (Part I)

Meeting Paige's brother is an eye-opener for Marco and Spinner. Snake crashes with Joey when he comes down with a cold.

05 - Pride (Part II)

Spinner shuns Marco because he's gay. Snake goes to unusual lengths to raise money for the school.

06 - Gangsta Gangsta
Sean falls in with a gang. Toby spills an embarrassing secret about JT.

307 - Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Craig and Ashley have a big fight. Wheels stops by to cheer up Snake

08 - Whisper To A Scream

Ellie discovers a new outlet for her pain. Terri's secret admirer strikes again.

09 - Against All Odds

Manny inspires Emma to hook up with Chris. Spinner thinks Marco has a crush on him.



10 - Never Gonna Give You Up

Hazel doesn't like Terri's new boyfriend. Spinner and JT start a prank war.

11 - This Charming Man

Emma's sets out to get Sean in trouble. Spinner and Paige hit some bumps during their driving lessons.

13 - Holiday

Joey and Sydney's holiday cheer leaves Caitlin feeling like Scrooge. Manny wants Craig to break up with Ashley.

14 - Accidents Will Happen (Part I)

Manny fears she's pregnant. Toby sets out to prove he's cool enough to hang with Jimmy.

15 - Accidents Will Happen (Part II)

Manny faces some tough choices about her pregnancy. Liberty develops a crush on someone new.

16 - Take On Me

Ellie and Sean become close during Saturday detention.



17 - Don't Dream It's Over

Paige and Terri fight about Rick. Marco comes between Ellie and Sean.

18 - Rock and Roll High

It's all out war when Craig and Ashley compete in a battle of the bands. Caitlin spoils Angela.

19 - It's Raining Men

Spinner helps Marco prepare for his date with Dylan. JT's teased for being in a lame commercial.

20 - I Want Candy

Paige, Spinner and Ashley to skip school. Emma discovers Mr. Simpson's will and fears the worst.

21 - Our House

Sean moves out on his own. JT tries to ask Manny to a dance.

22 - The Power Of Love

It's an evening full of mishaps as students celebrate at the year-end dance.



4 сезон

01 - The Ghost in the Machine

Paige is on top of the world as the new school year approaches. Her boyfriend Spinner finally has wheels of his own, her brother's off at university (hello dorm parties!) and she's even finally going to get justice in her rape case. But when Paige bumps into her accused rapist, Dean, she discovers he's contrite, mature and hoping to put the past behind them. With everything going so well, is it worth reopening old wounds

02 - The Ghost in the Machine

It's Craig's 16th birthday and he gets more than he bargained with a generous gift from his dead father when it ends up causing friction with Joey.

03 - King of Pain

Marco faces some unexpected competition for Student Council President when resident rebel Alex joins the race. Her provocative campaign creates some unwanted complications when she threatens to out him to the entire school at the election assembly--which his parents are planning to attend. Marco's left reeling--fulfil his dreams of becoming Student Council prez and get outed in the process or maintain the status quo at home? Liberty and Emma clash when Liberty starts spending time with Emma's ex, Chris.



04 - Mercy Street

Do-gooder Emma's popularity grows with her latest protest-- to keep alleged abuser Rick out of Degrassi. But when Rick takes the high road, refusing to be provoked by the increasingly hostile protest, Emma wonders if the price of popularity is too steep. JT's concerned that he doesn't quite measure up to Manny's previous boyfriends, so Danny suggests an unusual method of enhancement

05 - Anywhere I lay My Head

Ellie's torn when Sean asked her to move in with him--after all, she spends so much time there as it is, she might as well call it home. But with her dad still stationed overseas and her mom doing better with her alcoholism, Ellie thinks she should stay where she is. Until her mom reverts back to old patterns, this time endangering both their lives. Things get a little steamy when Manny begs Spinner to convince Craig and the band to play for the Spirit Squad car wash fundraiser.

06 - Islands in the Stream

Still in debt to Spinner for repairs to his car, Paige gets a job at the local movie theatre, where she's forced to wear polyester and work with Alex (which is worse?!). Paige is happy to make the sacrifice, even if Spinner is handling the shift of power in the relationship less than gracefully- until she discovers that Spinner's been playing by a different set of rules... Academic team-mates, Toby and Rick enter into a contest to see who can garner the most kisses, but their competition draws some unwanted attention from Jay.



07 - Time Stands Still (Part I)

When Jimmy becomes a member of the "Whack Your Brain" team, he and Rick form a truce and Jimmy begins to see that he and his friends have taken the anti-Rick campaign too far. He tells Spinner, Jay and Alex to call an end to hostilities. For the first time in months, Rick can breathe easily. But Spinner, Jay and Alex aren't convinced. This isn't over. Not by a long shot. Joey's financial troubles have left him with few options so he's decided to sell the house. Only problem is, his real estate agent isn't exactly a go- getter which is why Craig calls in Sydney to help...

08 - Time Stands Still (Part II)

Rick returns to Degrassi after the humiliation of "Whack Your Brain" intent on confronting his tormentors. Toby and Mr. Raditch try to convince him to take the afternoon off, to go home and cool off, but an oddly calm Rick chooses to stay. And when Rick overhears Jay and Spinner talking about him, nothing will ever be the same at Degrassi. Caitlin returns from Africa to discover Joey is selling the house. Having just returned home, Caitlin's not willing to give it up so soon.



09 - Back in Black

Since the shooting, Sean's become a local hero, but while he may be basking a little in his hero status, it doesn't mean he wants to be on TV. But his mother does and a reporter's got the tape. Upset, Sean decides to confront his past so he and his friends take off on a road trip to Wasaga Beach. But no one's really prepared for what they discover, least of all Sean. Things at school are particularly awkward for Toby--while everything with violence touching the school, he's trying to deal with the death of his best friend.

10 - Neutron Dance

Craig has a problem - the recording deal he and his band won last year is about to expire, but "Downtown Sasquatch" is nowhere near ready to record. Especially with a growing rift between Craig, Spinner and Marco over the inclusion of Ashley in the band, the only answer is for Craig to fire Ashley, but he's desperate to avoid hurting her again... Paige discovers a love of yoga when she meets the cute new teaching assistant who teaches the class.

11 - Voices Carry (Part I)

Craig's back with Ashley and he's determined not to screw it up this time. So while Ashley is consumed with preparations for her father's wedding, Craig kicks into full-on Romeo mode, creating a romantic hideaway for them at a motel. And Ashley's reaction makes "borrowing" Joey's credit card to pay for it totally worth it. With everything with Ashley going so well, and inspired by the wedding festivities, Craig pulls Ashley aside for a private conversation: will she marry him? A stunned Ashley doesn't know what to do... Liberty and JT are heading up a new play to bring some spirit back to Degrassi. But their retelling of Dracula is too dark for Raditch. Will Liberty and JT compromise their vision so the show can go on?



12 - Voices Carry (Part II)

Distraught when Ashley's refuses his proposal, Craig falls into a deep depression.

13 - Bark at the Moon

Manny's got her eye on a new "hottie" at Degrassi. Her "boyfriend" Spinner can't even be bothered to take a night off work to come to the Cupid Dance she's organized. But she soon realizes she's the one who isn't committed to her relationship with Spinner, afraid he'll break her heart, just like Craig did last year. At the dance, Paige schemes to be partnered with Mr. Oleander with surprising results.

14 - Secret (Part I)

Something's wrong with Emma. Since the school shooting, she just keeps going on, numbly reassuring everyone that she's fine so they'll leave her alone. Emma finds herself drawn into a new world Jay shows her.

15 - Secret (Part II)

When a number of students--including Jay's girlfriend Alex-- have been diagnosed with gonorrhea, a public health nurse is called in to discuss symptoms and methods of transmission. Emma is really worried...



16 - Eye of the Tiger

Spinner hasn't talked to Jimmy since the shooting, and his part in it leaves him wracked with guilt. The more time Spinner spends with Jimmy, the more guilty Spinner feels - until he confesses to the part he played.... Spinner feels better, but only for a moment.

17 - Queen of Hearts

Ellie is finding it hard to make ends meet but when she learns to play cards, she discovers that she can make money doing so. Playing with Dylan's hockey team, the stakes get high, and Ellie's not sure she can really gamble on her future anymore. Paige and Matt's secret relationship is also progressing nicely. But Paige isn't so fine when she suspects Matt of still seeing his ex-girlfriend Charlie.

18 - Modern Love

Paige and Matt are totally in love, so what if they have to keep it secret? It's worth all the extra effort. But when Manny reveals the secret during a heated fight with Paige, she learns that Matt might not be as comfortable with their relationship once it becomes public knowledge -- and jeopardizes his teaching career.

19 - Moonlight Desires

Marco is making huge plans for his summer with Dylan - and their future. So it comes as a shock when Marco discovers that Dylan's been seeing guys on the side.


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