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APRIL 1956
Police lieutenant Mike Karr and his girlfriend Sara Lane planned a happy future together. Sara and mother Mattie worried about Sara's brother Jack, who has fallen into a bad crowd. Thug Walt Johnson reminded Jack that Jack still owes him, and suggested that Jack can repay his debt by purchasing marijuana for Walt. Later, Jack became embroiled in uncle Harry Lane's shady deals. Harry, who owns a trucking company, battled with his dipsomanical wife Cora, and daydreamed about Louise Grimsley, the daughter of financier Winston Grimsley. Winston's secretary Grace O'Keefe admitted to friend Sara Lane that she's in love with Mike's partner Sgt. Charley Brooks. Martin Spode, general manager for Lane Trucking, realized that Harry is receiving stolen merchandise.

MAY 1956
Using information gleaned from Jack, Walt plotted the hijacking of one of Harry's trucks. Harry received stolen mink coats, then planned to meet with criminal Larry White, who can help Harry fence them. After Harry's truck was hijacked, Mike was assigned to the case. Grace accepted a date with Charley. Harry grew more disgusted with Cora, who continued to drink heavily. Jack and Walt conspired against Mike. Mattie worried about Jack's involvement with Harry. Sara was disturbed by Cora's erratic behavior.

JUNE 1956
Sara and Mike went house hunting. Martin planned to move the stolen furs in boxes marked "hams". Jack agreed to drive the truck carrying the stolen merchandise. Sara feared that Harry is attempting to drive Cora insane, while Harry's secretary Marilyn Bollon threatened Cora's life. Jack was beaten and left for dead by criminals Bill Smith and Larry White, who hijacked Harry's truck after Walt told them about Martin's plan. Mattie and Sara held vigil at the hospital for Jack. Mike suspected that Walt was involved in the hijacking. Martin and Marilyn made a desperate pact about the stolen minks and Harry. Jack survived but refused to discuss his assault.



JULY 1956
Walt disappeared after the police sought him for questioning in the Lane hijacking case. Jack recognized Larry White in the rogue's gallery, but didn't tell Mike. Mike's suspicion turned to Martin Spode. Grace and Charley dated but couldn't seem to make their relationship work. Jack and girlfriend Betty-Jean quarreled about Jack's choice of friends and business associates. Martin worried about his wife Hester, who desperately needs an expensive operation. Mike and Charley received information which led them to Bill Smith and Larry White.

Mike and Charley attempted to capture Smith and White, but Larry White got away. Mike blamed himself for Larry's escape. Harry panicked when the police found his crates with the stolen minks on Smith and White. Mike brought Martin in for questioning, but Martin kept quiet about his and Harry's involvement. Bill Smith was released on bail and later turned up murdered. Walt resurfaced to threaten Jack, but was killed in a shootout with police. Martin was caught with one of the stolen minks and ended up in jail. Harry schemed to make Martin take the fall for the stolen merchandise. Mike and Sara planned a Christmas wedding.

Martin told Hester and daughter Bebe that he has to go to prison, but he assured them that he'll get the money for Hester's operation. Harry blackmailed Martin into signing a confession and waiving a jury trial. Martin agreed not to implicate Harry, if Harry agrees to pay for Hester's operation. Harry promised Martin that he'll take care of Martin's family. Martin's confession closed the case, but Mike was still suspicious of Harry. After Martin was sentenced to prison, Cora consoled Hester and Bebe. Mattie begged Jack to stay away from Uncle Harry. Winston offered Jack a job at Grimsley, then Harry and Winston sparred over Jack. Cora's drinking worsened.



As Hester prepared to enter the hospital, Cora agreed to look after Bebe. Later, Cora grew dangerously attached to Bebe. Larry White resurfaced and vowed to kill Mike. Mike and Charley closed in on Larry, who once again managed to elude capture. Hester's surgery was successful. Fearing she'll have to soon give Bebe back, Cora took Bebe and went into hiding. Mike received a call from Rose LaTour, Larry White's girlfriend, who warned Mike that Larry wants to kill him. Mike searched for Cora and Bebe.

Mike found Cora and Bebe, who was returned unharmed to Hester. No charges were filed against Cora, who is desperate for a child of her own. Larry shot and killed a liquor store owner in a robbery attempt. The police intensified their search for Larry. Rose learned that Larry committed murder, but Larry claimed he was forced to do it. With help from Jack, Harry cheated Winston in a business deal. Louise met with Harry, who professed his love for her. Cora visited Hester and Bebe, who forgave Cora. Larry planned another "big job". Mike was ordered to capture Larry at all costs.

Mike and Charley finally arrested Larry, but he managed to trick his way to freedom with the help of Rose. Rose realized that Larry is cold-blooded killer, but it was too late. Larry shot Mike, who was rushed to the hospital near death. Sara held a vigil at the hospital as Mike hovered between life and death. Charley called for tear gas and closed in on Larry, who was killed in a shootout with the police. Marilyn plotted against Cora, who took Bebe Christmas shopping. Mike survived surgery, but later took a turn for the worse. Dr. Wylly told Sara that Mike might not live.



Sara waited at Mike's bedside and was relieved when he finally rallied from his injuries. Mike and Sara met young patient Billy Harper at the hospital. Cora pressured Harry to adopt a child. Harry visited Martin in prison and offered to adopt Bebe. Marilyn blackmailed Harry over his criminal activities. Weary of his wife and secretary, Harry devised a plan to get rid of both Marilyn and Cora and have Louise all to himself. As Cora grew more despondent over being childless, Harry goaded her into drinking more heavily. Mike wants to marry Sara as soon as he's discharged from the hospital.

Jack sparred with Betty-Jean's parents Wyn and Ella Battle, who prohibited him from visiting the Battle home. Jack decided to move out of Mattie's house. Harry sent Martin Spode an anonymous letter stating that Cora is a drunk and danger to Bebe's safety. After taking Bebe away from Cora, Hester took Bebe and moved to Florida. A despondent Cora decided to divorce Harry and went on a drinking binge. Marilyn tightened the screws on Harry, demanding more money. Mike and Sara were married in a long-awaited ceremony. Harry called Marilyn and instructed her to meet him at the Lane home at 8pm for the payoff money. Jack overheard the call but thought Marilyn was speaking to Cora. Harry substituted sleeping pills for Cora's vitamins, then told the maid to make sure that Cora took them. Later, Harry arranged to have Louise pick him up outside the City Auditorium, where he'll be seeing a film on slum clearance techniques.

MARCH 1, 1957 (Episode #240)
With the promise of a payoff, Harry instructed Marilyn to arrive at the Lane home at 7 and pick a fight with Cora. Duke became angry when Marilyn said she didn't feel well and tried to back out of the meeting with Harry. Mike and Sara planned to stop by Cora's on the way out of town for their honeymoon, but they were delayed. Marilyn arrived at the Lane home just as Marie, the maid, was leaving. Marilyn told Marie that Cora had insisted on meeting with her. On the pretext of forgetting the speech he wrote, Harry asked Louise to accompany him to the Lane home. Louise found it suspicious when Harry insisted on taking a cab rather than using his own car. Marilyn taunted a drunken Cora, who passed out during the argument. Harry's sudden appearance shocked Marilyn. With murder in his eyes, Harry told Marilyn she was finally going to get her payoff.



MARCH 4, 1957 (Episode #241)
Harry viciously explained to Marilyn that intended to murder her, frame Cora for the crime, then have Louise Grimsley all to himself. Marilyn pleaded for her life as Harry bludgeoned her to death with a whiskey bottle. After setting the time on Marilyn's watch to 7:33, Harry smashed the crystal with a wooden coat hanger from Cora's closet. Cora awoke in a drugged stupor and couldn't remember what happened. Sara and Mike dropped by the Lane house to check on Cora, then Cora and Sara discovered Marilyn's murdered body, which was stuffed in Cora's bedroom closet. Mike called Charley Brooks to send for the homicide squad and have Harry Lane picked up at the City Auditorium. Mike and Sara begged Cora to recall the events leading up to Marilyn's murder. Cora became hysterical and insisted she couldn't remember anything.

Marilyn: (terrified, struggling) Don't, Harry! Don't look at me like that! Let me go...let me go!
Harry: (cold, determined) Look at this room... It's the last room you'll ever see... And my voice is the last voice you'll ever hear...

MARCH 5, 1957 (Episode #242)
Cora was the prime suspect in Marilyn's murder and faced questioning. Mike ordered Charlie to find Jack, who may or may not corroborate Cora's claim that she didn't ask Marilyn to come by the Lane home. Cora admitted that she and Marilyn didn't get along, but failed to tell Mike that she had threatened Marilyn on two different occasions. Jack and Betty-Jean made a date to meet one another at the river bank, even though the Battle's have warned the two against seeing one another.

MARCH 6, 1957 (Episode #243)
Charlie tried to find Jack at the Battle home, tipping off a furious Wyn that Jack and Betty-Jean are still involved. Jack met Betty-Jean at the river bank and told her that they should run away together. Mike told Sara that Marilyn's death looks like premeditated murder. Sara gave her deposition about the crime scene to Captain Marceau. Mike caught up with Jack, who said that he overheard Cora's call to Marilyn and revealed that Cora had previously threatened Marilyn with a letter spindle.

Jack:(about Mike) You know why he wants me?
Betty:Something about your drunken aunt.
Jack:Aunt Cora?



MARCH 7, 1957 (Episode #244)
Phil Capice, Louise's ex-husband, arrived from Houston with the intention of rekindling their relationship. Later, Louise met Harry at the "usual place". Louise panicked and told Harry that they should tell the police about being at the Lane home the night Marilyn was murdered. Harry instructed Louise to keep quiet, otherwise he'll tell the police that Louise was responsible for a hit-and-run death back in Nevada. Mike met with Assistant District Attorney Ed Parmalee, who was convinced that Cora's guilty. Charlie informed Mike that Marilyn was involved with a shady gambler named Duke Manson.

Note: Monticello Daily Newspaper headline: "PVT SECRETARY SLAIN IN BOSS' HOME--Blonde Marilyn Bollon Clubbed Under Mysterious Circumstances"

MARCH 8, 1957 (Episode #245)
Duke called Harry, but Harry hung up on him. Mike suggested that Cora feign illness to keep away from Assistant DA Parmalee, who was ready to charge Cora with murder. Later, Mike met with Duke, and Duke claimed that no one would have wanted to harm Marilyn. Mike tried to stall Cora's arrest by telling Parmalee that someone, maybe Marilyn, told offered to tell Winston how Harry Lane cheated him out of a real estate deal. Duke forced his way into Harry's and threatened to tell the police that Harry murdered Marilyn and framed Cora.

Duke:I got you by the neck, Sweetheart. And, Harry... I'm not going to let go!



MARCH 11, 1957 (Episode #246)
In order to maintain silence about Marilyn's murder, Duke demanded blackmail money from Harry. Fred, Mike's police tail, told Mike that Duke visited Harry. Charlie kissed Grace passionately after seeing Grace's engagement ring from Paul Roberts. Mike speculated that Marilyn's killer might have set her watch back to hide the actual time of the murder. Duke went to see Mike and altered his previous statement by saying that Cora was Marilyn's enemy. Mike suspected that Harry paid Duke to change his story. Sara and Grace talked about marriage, and Grace admitted that she prefers Charlie over Paul. Harry was shaken after giving his alibi to Mike.

MARCH 12, 1957 (Episode #247)
Winston admitted to Mike that he saw Harry at the City Auditorium before Marilyn's murder but remembered that Harry left for a period of time. Fearing arrest and shame, Cora doubted her own innocence and wanted to skip out of Monticello. Sara assured Cora that Mike will find the real killer. Mike questioned Grace about Harry's relationship with Marilyn. Grace recalled a strange incident between Harry and Marilyn but couldn't remember the details.



MARCH 13, 1957 (Episode #248)
Winston told Parmalee about the mysterious female phone caller who offered to tell him how Harry cheated him out of the real estate deal, but Winston admitted that he couldn't be sure whether or not it was Marilyn. Parmalee wondered if Winston was biased because of his dislike for Harry. Paul Roberts pressed Grace for answer to his marriage proposal. Jack informed Mike that Marilyn bossed everyone around at Lane Trucking, including Harry. Grace recalled an incident in which Marilyn made Harry jealous, and told Mike that the look on Harry's face indicated that they had a relationship. Mike gave Grace's information to Parmalee and theorized that Marilyn was holding something over Harry's head, giving him a motive for murder. Parmalee shot down Mike's theory and gave him one day to find a solid clue that Cora wasn't the killer.

MARCH 14, 1957 (Episode #249)
A furious Harry chastised Jack for telling Mike that Marilyn overstepped her authority at Lane Trucking. Sgt. Helen Kilbourn questioned Johnny "Bud" Doble, a cab driver who was parked outside the City Auditorium the night Marilyn was murdered. Doble maintained that no one entered or exited the auditorium between 7:30 and 8:30 pm, but Helen suspected that he's lying. A nervous Harry confessed to Mike that his relationship with Marilyn went beyond business. Mike decided to see if he could break Bud Doble's story.

MARCH 15, 1957 (Episode #250)
Under Mike's scrutiny, Bud Doble confessed that he saw a man enter the auditorium about 8:15, but Bud didn't recognize Harry's photo. Phil told Winston that Louise won't consider remarrying him because she's in love with a mystery man. Phil and Winston agreed to work together to find out what Louise is hiding. After Winston informed Louise that Harry's alibi is suspect, Louise feared that Harry might have murdered Marilyn and the police will find out that she drove him to the murder scene. Phil tried unsuccessfully to learn the name of the man Louise is seeing. Mike told Charlie that Harry is getting very nervous, and Mike intends to pursue him until he cracks.



MARCH 18, 1957 (Episode #251)
Sara was furious over an article by reporter Al Ford, who wrote that the Monticello PD is bungling the Bollon investigation and Mike is protecting Cora. Cora vowed to never drink again. Upset about Ford's story, Parmalee pressed Mike to close the Bollon case. Mike was disappointed that Duke Manson's alibi checked-out. Mattie plead Jack's case to Ella Battle, who admitted that she and her husband like Jack, but they're afraid Jack and Betty-Jean will marry too young. Sara visited young Billy Harper in the hospital. Mike and Charlie brought Harry in for questioning and and scared him with talk of having eyewitnesses who saw Harry leave the auditorium.

Ella:(about Cora) From what I hear, she complicates everybody's life.

MARCH 19, 1957 (Episode #252)
Phil learned that Harry is Louise's secret love. Fearing implication in the Bollon murder, Louise begged Winston to accompany her on a cruise around the world. Mike and Charlie performed psychological warfare on Harry with innuendos, suspicious glances, and whispered conversations. Later, Helen Kilbourn and Sgt. Fitzsimmons pretended to be eyewitnesses and claimed that they saw Harry leave the auditorium. Under pressure, Harry finally broke and admitted that he left the auditorium to meet another woman. Mike demanded the name of his alibi, but Harry stalled, telephoned Louise, and instructed her to meet him at his lodge in the woods.

MARCH 20, 1957 (Episode #253)
Al Ford dropped by the Karr home unannounced and tried to trick Sara into making an incriminating statement against Cora, but Sara wasn't fooled. Mike convinced Parmalee that Harry might be guilty of murder, and had Harry followed to the lodge. Louise met with Harry and wouldn't agree to his suggestion that she give false testimony by saying they never went to the Lane house the night of the murder. Harry threatened to expose Louise's hit-and-run past and name her as an accomplice in Marilyn's murder.



MARCH 21, 1957 (Episode #254)
Louise made her statement to the police, and fearing Harry's threats, lied about Harry's whereabouts the night of the murder. Mike forced Louise to admit that she was the one who gave Harry the information that allowed him to cheat Winston out of the Brodie and Clarke real estate deal. Winston read Louise's deposition and was shocked to learn that he'd been betrayed by his own daughter.

MARCH 22, 1957 (Episode #255)
Winston confronted Louise who was forced to admit the truth. Louise wanted to tell Winston about the Nevada hit-and-run, but she couldn't. Parmalee informed Mike that District Attorney Thompson will put Cora's case before the grand jury on Monday and ordered Mike to cease the investigation into Harry Lane. Mike vowed to Sara that he'll continue investigating and promised to find the real killer.



MARCH 25, 1957 (Episode #256)
Cora met with attorney Bernard J. Ehlers, who was hired by Harry. Mike asked Phil if Harry and Louise are lovers. Phil insisted that Louise hates Harry. Mike wondered why Louise would betray her father for a man she hates. Grace told Mike that she gave the letter about the Brodie and Clarke real estate deal to Louise in October, but Phil told Mike that Louise was seeing Harry as early as August.

MARCH 26, 1957 (Episode #257)
After Mike called to confirm the date Harry and Louise start ed seeing one another, Harry complained to Parmalee that Mike is still investigating the case. Parmalee chastised Mike for disobeying orders and suggested that Mike resign from the Monticello PD if he intends to play detective. Winston threatened to have Mike's badge after Mike seemed to insinuate that Louise was involved in Marilyn's murder. Billy Harper returned the hero medal that Mike gave him in the hospital, but Mike said that Billy earned it by his courageousness in the face of a serious operation.

MARCH 27, 1957 (Episode #258)
Parmalee admitted to his wife Mildred that he respects Mike's determination in the Bollon case. Mildred realized that she knew Sara in junior high school. Sara admitted to Mike that she witnessed an altercation between Cora and Marilyn in which Cora threatened to strike Marilyn with a vase, but Marilyn just laughed at her. Mike informed Parmalee and DA Bruce Thompson that Marilyn wasn't afraid of Cora, but Marilyn was afraid of the person who killed her, because she was hiding in Cora's closet when the killer struck. Mike suggested a pre-trial hearing rather than a trial. Parmalee agreed but warned Mike that if Cora is brought to trial, it might ruin Mike's future as an attorney. Mildred Parmalee visited Sara and suggested that the Karrs and Parmalee's become friends.

MARCH 28, 1957 (Episode #259)
Bernard Ehlers, Cora's attorney, questioned Grace about Cora's drinking and involvement with the Spode family. Later, Ehlers learned from Sara that someone sent Martin Spode an anonymous letter, which exposed Cora's drinking and prompted Hester to take Bebe away. Ehlers phoned Hester in Florida, but Hester didn't know who sent the letter. After learning she's about to be indicted for murder, Cora vowed to never be locked up in a cell and planned to skip town.



MARCH 29, 1957 (Episode #260)
Helen followed Cora to the train station where Cora bought a ticket to Springfield. Cora told Helen that Mike is trying to get her sent to prison. Helen arrested Cora and took her to Mike. Mike wanted to release Cora, but Parmalee had Cora followed too and ordered Mike to book her. Mike pleaded Cora's case at the bail hearing, but the judge ruled that Cora be remanded into custody until the murder trial. As Cora was being locked up, Mike suggested that she face her fears for once and use her confinement as a strengthening experience. Cora collapsed in her cell and begged God to her help her.

Cora:(To Ehlers) They won't lock me up will they?
Ehlers:Don't expect me to work miracles!
Cora:I wish I could die.

APRIL 1, 1957 (Episode #261)
Mattie feared that Cora's arrest will bring shame on the family and began to doubt Cora's innocence. Ella Battle told husband Wyn that she'll allow Betty-Jean and Jack to see each other again, but a furious Wyn informed Ella that Jack's drunken aunt was arrested under suspicion of murder. Despite protests from Ella and Betty-Jean, Wyn warned Betty-Jean against ever seeing Jack again. Betty-Jean chose her parents when Jack forced her to decide between them. Sara tried to take Cora a vanity kit, but the matron wouldn't let Cora have it, because it contained a glass mirror.



APRIL 2, 1957 (Episode #262)
Mike told Captain Marceau that the lab found an uncommon sedative in Cora's blood the night of the murder, and theorized that Harry had drugged Cora, murdered Marilyn, and framed his wife. At the jail, Cora admitted to Mike that her maid Marie had given her vitamin capsules shortly before Marilyn's murder. Mike questioned Marie who told him that Cora once mistook a sedative for her vitamins and was comatose for over an hour. Mike called Harry in for routine questioning, then showed Harry how easy it would be to grind up tablet and place it in an empty capsule. Harry started to unravel.

APRIL 3, 1957 (Episode #263)
Seeing Harry's panic, Marceau gave Mike a free hand to continue the investigation. Later, Mike learned that Louise has a history of speeding and reckless driving. Sara counseled Betty-Jean on how to win back Jack. Betty-Jean took Sara's advice and made time with a boy named Allen to make Jack jealous. After a furious Jack saw Betty-Jean and Allen together at the soda shop, the two reconciled. Sara mentioned to Mike that the feud between Harry and Winston dates back to Harry's love for Winston's late wife, also named Louise.



APRIL 4, 1957 (Episode #264)
Mike instructed Charlie to find out why Louise's personal habits changed suddenly a year ago. Sara visited Cora in jail and was unnerved to hear that Cora has accepted her fate and wants to give up. Cora admitted that she's considering a confession just to put an end to the trial and all the publicity. Phil informed Mike that Louise suddenly changed last year after a trip to Reno to get their divorce. Mike hustled to stop Cora's confession, warning that if Cora confesses, her only alternative to jail is permanent confinement to an asylum. Phil lied to Harry that he's going to re-marry Louise. Mike was delighted by Harry's jealous reaction to the news, since it gives Harry a motive for framing Cora.

APRIL 5, 1957 (Episode #265)
Mike speculated to Winston that Harry killed two birds with one stone by killing Marilyn and framing Cora, then suggested that Winston weaken Harry's confidence via financial pressure. Later, Winston approved a merger with Amalgamated Trucking and forced them to cancel all contracts with Harry's company. Harry gave Duke the blackmail money, but warned that he can't afford much more because of heat from the cops and unexpected financial problems. Duke advised Harry to stay cool, because the cops are using the squeeze-play technique to crack him. Mike watched Harry leave his meeting with Duke at Club Rendezvous.



APRIL 8, 1957 (Episode #266)
Mike insinuated to Louise that he knows what happened in Reno, but before Louise could confess, Harry arrived and interrupted them. Harry managed to convince Louise that Mike was bluffing and knows nothing, then he asked her to betray Winston again. Louise refused to leak any more business information to Harry, who is suffering financially. After learning that another company canceled its contracts with Lane Trucking, Harry went into a megalomaniac rage, insisting that no one could destroy him.

Louise:(To Harry about Mike) He's nice... like my father and Phil...not like us.

Harry:(Manic) I'm strong, Jack! Strong enough to fight back and destroy anyone who's fool enough to attack me! No one can defeat me! No one can destroy me!

APRIL 9, 1957 (Episode #267)
Mary Harper admitted to her husband Roger that she's overdrawn at the bank again and needs money to balance the account. After giving Mary more money, Roger suggested that they meet Mike and Sara Karr, who befriended their son Billy. Later, Mary visited Sara and made ominous statements about not wanting to live if she should ever lose her son. When Sara casually mentioned the date, April 9th, Mary panicked and fled the Karr home. Mike met with Roger and learned that Marilyn wasn't insured at the time of her death. Mary kept an appointment with the mysterious Clayton Pike, who is blackmailing her. Pike revealed that he must raise his fee for "standing as a protective factor" between Mary and "unpleasant circumstances". When Mary insisted that she can't pay any more money, Pike suggested telling Roger the truth. Later, Mary lied to Roger that the money he gave her to cover the bank overdraft had been stolen from her purse. Sara told Mike about the strange incident with Mary and said that she saw "terror" in Mary's eyes.



APRIL 10, 1957 (Episode #268)
Sara was upset after Mike told her that Judge Ralph Neuman will preside over Cora's pretrial, and reminded Mike that hardboiled Neuman was the one who sent Martin Spode up-the-river. Neuman's wife Frieda told him that she knew Cora twenty years ago and made him promise to be nice. Neuman asked to see Mike before court and told Mike that he'll make a fine attorney one day. Mike told the judge that they'll have to wait until Mike's bar exam score comes back in a couple of weeks. Cora's pretrial hearing began.

APRIL 11, 1957 (Episode #269)
Mike testified that Marilyn was physically afraid of her killer and professed his belief in Cora's innocence. During the pretrial, Cora became hysterical, forcing Neuman to call for a recess. Later, Sgt. Fisk testified that Cora's prints were found on the neck of the whiskey bottle, which suggests that Cora picked the bottle up as weapon rather than to simply pour a drink. Cora became unhinged.



APRIL 12, 1957 (Episode #270)
Mike insisted to Sara that they must calm Cora down. With no defense, Cora's unstable outbursts made her look even more capable of spontaneous violence. Sara was unable to reason with Cora. Phil revealed to Mike that he saw Louise having a serious conversation with Duke Manson in Louise's Reno hotel when Louise went there for the divorce. Mike speculated that Duke helped Louise out of trouble, told Harry about it, and now Harry's blackmailing Louise into a relationship. Mike went to see Duke, who denied that he's ever met Louise.

Cora:(Defeated, to Sara) ... what difference does it make? There's always tomorrow-- and tomorrow--and then another trial. A long, long string of tomorrows, each one worse...and then...I know what they do to murderers. (Beat) Death...

APRIL 15 - MAY 2, 1957 (Episodes #271 - 284)
Mike sent private detective Willie Bryan to Reno, where Willie uncovered Louise's alleged hit-and-run manslaughter. Confronted with the truth, Louise confessed her story to Mike. A lie detector test indicated that Louise was not an accomplice in Marilyn's murder.



MAY 7 - 13, 1957 (Episodes #287 - 291)
Harry, now completely insane, envisioned Louise as her late mother and was later confined to a prison psychiatric hospital. A despondent Cora decided to return to her childhood home in New England. With Uncle Harry out of the way, Jack hoped to assume the manager's position at Lane Trucking. After Mike passed his bar exams, DA Bruce Thompson and Assistant DA Ed Parmalee offered Mike a job in the district attorney's office. As Winston Grimsley vowed to stop the black-market baby business in Monticello, Mary Harper feared that Clayton Pike would reveal her secret to husband Roger.

MAY 14, 1957 (Episode #292)
After receiving a job offer from private practice attorney's Connolly, Connolly, Benson, McGowan, and Smith, Mike informed Sara that he turned down DA Bruce Thompson's offer. Sara told Mike that she doesn't want him to be chained to desk all of his life and urged him to reconsider Thompson's offer. Mike and Sara's disagreement escalated into an argument. Seeing Sara's tears, Billy Harper offered Mike sage marital advice... "apologize whether you're sorry or not". Later, Mike brought Sara candy and flowers, along with an apology. Mary was distressed when Clayton Pike called her at home and spoke with Roger.



MAY 15, 1957 (Episode #293)
Roger admitted to Mary that the doctor has him on a new exercise regime which will place some strain on his heart, so Roger needs complete emotional tranquility. Alarmed about Roger's health, Mary confronted Pike and begged for more time to pay the "protection money". A reluctant Pike agreed to Mary's demands when his wife Liz arrived unexpectedly. Liz correctly sensed that Clayton is involved in another shady deal. Sara wanted to help Mary, but Mary insisted that no one can help her now. Later, Mary wondered how she'd ever be able to tell Roger that Billy isn't really his son.

Liz: (about Pike's toupee) Clayton, take that silly thing off. Whenever you wear it, you're up to no good.
Pike: (stroking toupee) It makes me look younger.
Liz: That's what I mean. I don't like it. Take it off!

MAY 16, 1957 (Episode #294)
Mike tendered his resignation to Captain Marceau then accepted Parmalee's job offer. Later, Mike learned that his first case will be the prosecution of black-market baby trafficking. Mary read an article in the Monticello Daily News about Winston's fight to smash the illegal traffic of babies. Roger saw Mary reading the article and pooh-poohed Mary's suggestion that they have sympathy for the victims. Roger told a stunned Mary that if the "victims" didn't pay, there would be no illegal business. Mary fantasized about telling Roger that she bought Billy on the black market after their infant son died in the hospital while Roger was undergoing risky heart surgery. In Mary's fantasy, Roger died from a heart attack after hearing Mary's confession.



MAY 17, 1957 (Episode #295)
Mike and Charlie said warm goodbyes to one another as partners. Jack pressed Betty-Jean for a decision about his marriage proposal. Charlie visited Jack to tie-up some loose ends in the Lane case and learned that Jack saw Grace buy a one-way ticket to San Francisco. Jack told a stunned Charlie that Grace got a new job in California. Later, Charlie questioned Sara, who admitted that Grace has left Monticello permanently. Sara admitted that she received a letter from Grace postmarked San Francisco, but there was no return address since Grace doesn't want Charlie or Paul Roberts to find her. Charlie vowed to go to San Francisco and find Grace. Winston received a visit from Rose Marie Bremen, a young victim of the black market baby ring. Rose Marie reluctantly agreed to give Winston information.

MAY 20, 1957 (Episode #296)
Rose Marie told Winston that she sold her baby to a man named Thomas McMahon after her young husband died of polio and left her penniless. Rose Marie had met McMahon at a charity clinic, and he offered to pay her expenses if she'd give him the baby after it was born. Rose Marie had written a le tter to her husband's parents asking f or help, but McMahon promised to mail the letter and apparently didn't. When her in-laws didn't respond, Rose Marie agreed to McMahon's plan. Jack told Winston that he wants to assume Harry's position at Lane Trucking, but Winston informed Jack that the company is being liquidated to pay Harry's debts. Winston offered Jack a job at Grimsley, but a belligerent Jack refused. Winston convinced Jack to accept a temporary two-week job over the state line in Hillsdale. Later, Jack told Betty-Jean that the Hillsdale job is a perfect opportunity for them to elope. Betty-Jean was reticent about running away. Jack warned Betty-Jean that if she didn't meet him after graduation to runaway, she'd never see him again.